Gift for Brenda Ch. 3

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Brenda has just called Suzie, immediately after she and Bill finished their second round of sex. Bill is lying quietly on the bed listening to Brenda’s end of the conversation. Special Note: I’ve slightly re-written the last two paragraphs of Chapter 2.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,” Brenda practically yelled into the phone. Then listened to Suzie talk for a few seconds before adding, “Eight times! Well eight times for me that is… only twice for Bill. By the way… how long does it take him to recuperate anyway? Right now he’s just lying here on the bed staring off at the ceiling… every once in a while he moans incoherently.”

More giggling… the bed gently shook from her movements. I started to stir some and turned my head to look over at her. Brenda was reclining at the head of the bed… still nude of course. Her elbow propping her body up off the bed… the other hand holding the phone to her ear. Brenda’s dark hair was hanging sexily across her face. The leg on top crossed over the one below hiding her sex from my view.

“Oh… the magnificent warrior returns… Bill actually moved his head a little… he still hasn’t spoken an intelligible word… but he has at least moved his head a little,” Brenda joked into the phone.

“Hey Suz, I’ve discovered something… I think I’m addicted to oral sex,” Brenda laughed into the phone. Then adding after a short pause to listen to Suzie, “Both kinds, actually. Bill’s tongue is wonderful, but then you told me that before you left here this morning.” Then she teasingly added, “I think he sort of likes my tongue on him as well.”

Brenda’s expression then turned serious as she spoke into the phone, “Suzie, I know this is just a gift from you and Bill for this weekend – and this weekend only. You know how much I love you,” and then looking down at me, added, ” how much I love both of you. I respect you and I respect your marriage. I would never do anything to put your marriage in danger. I understand that this weekend is a one time and one time only occurrence.”

Then another period of silence as Brenda listened quietly on the phone. Brenda’s eyes started becoming moist and I could see a small tear slide down her cheek. “Yeah, I sure will… hold on a minute…. Hey, Suz… I love you.” Brenda then leaned over and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. Speaking to me she whispered, “That’s from Suzie,” before she handed me the phone and headed off for the bathroom.

“Hey, Sweetheart,” I spoke into the phone.

“Hey Honey,” Suzie responded. “I just wanted to tell you that I love you sooo much,” Suzie’s voice was somewhat shaky over the phone.

A little alarmed I sat up on the bed, “Suzie, are you okay? Are you sure you’re okay with this?” I was concerned that now that Brenda and I had actually had sex that Suzie might be having second thoughts. As great as the sex we had just shared had been, the truth was… is… that I love my wife very, very much and would never have agreed to this scenario if I thought it might cause us problems.

“No. No. That’s not it at all. I’m fine with this… I mean after all it was my idea, remember? It’s just that Brenda sounded so happy and excited… I told her I hadn’t heard her sound that cheerful in over five years… I got… well we both got a little choked up, that’s all,” Suzie explained, her voice then sounding a little better.

“Bill,” Suzie added. “Do you have any idea how much I love you right now? I know this is really going to sound crazy, but… knowing the two most important people in my life have just been together… just had sex together… I can’t really explain it… but… it just makes me happy.

“I know you love me… and I know Suzie loves me… I’m very secure in our marriage… maybe even more secure right now than I was before. I’ve learned that I can share you with Brenda and not be the least bit jealous… well maybe a little jealous,” she paused. “Eight times?! You’ve already made Brenda come eight times? Boy have I got some catching up to do when you get home,” Suzie kidded me, the glee in her voice apparent.

Then more seriously, Suzie continued, “Did Brenda give you my kiss?”

“Yeah, she sure did. I wish you were here to deliver that kiss in person though,” I whispered back. “I love you so much Suzie….”

“Well just save that thought… and some of your energy for tomorrow night. No, on second thought, I did promise Brenda your ‘full services’ this weekend… so don’t hold anything back… I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands tonight… after all I’ve got some catching up to do,” Suzie spoke sexily into the phone.

“Mmmm… thinking about you lying there touching yourself might just be the ticket to get me started again. Why don’t you tell me what you’re doing right now?” I asked.

“Mmmm… tempting. But nothing doing. I’ll lie here imagining what you and Brenda are doing… you go make that fantasy a reality,” Brenda joked. “And oh, by the way Bill… don’t forget… I have a very wild imagination. ankara escort Now get up off that bed and go do your duty.”

With that the phone clicked dead. Suzie was right. It might sound crazy, but right then I felt more in love with my wife than ever before. Sure the sex with Brenda had been great… but at the same time I couldn’t wait to get home and hold my lovely wife in my arms.

I sat there for a few more minutes staring at the phone before the sounds of the shower running interrupted my thoughts. Getting up, I walked over to the open bathroom door. Through the steamy mist I could clearly see Brenda’s image through the shower door. Instead of being frosted, the doors to Brenda’s huge shower were made of clear glass. Even with the rising steam I could still clearly see every curve and dimple of her wet body.

Brenda was standing with her back to me under the warm spray, joyfully soaping her chest and legs with a large lather filled sponge. Oblivious to the rest of the world she was singing lightly as she washed… I couldn’t quite make out the song… but she was joyfully singing and humming along as she cleaned her sexy body.

“I hope you haven’t washed your hair yet,” I interrupted.

Turning around Brenda looked directly at me as she stood for several seconds, allowing my gaze to drink in her entire body. She then slowly lowered her own eyes to the little tuft of hair sitting high over her pussy, “Well, I just finished washing and rinsing it… but you can always wash it again if you want.”

“Oh I want… but actually I was talking about the hair on your head,” I answered as I opened the door to the shower and stepped inside.

“Mmmmm… I would love for you to wash my hair. I can’t think of anything more luxurious than having someone else wash your hair… especially a handsome man like yourself,” she grinned.

“Well, you’re in luck. I just love to wash and dry Suzie’s hair for her,” I said as I reached for the shampoo.

Grabbing my hand and the shampoo Brenda looked up at me, a soft expression on her face, “Bill. Do you think Suzie is okay with this… I mean… here you are starting to wash my hair for me… something you normally do only for your wife. Do you think Suzie is really okay with this?”

“Well…” I answered seriously. “I can’t be absolutely positive… but based on what she just told me… right about now she’s at home… lying naked on our bed… fantasizing about what the two of us are doing…. and bringing herself to the first of several orgasms while she watches us in her mind…. So, yeah… I think she’s okay with this.”

Releasing my hand Suzie turned her back to me and responded, “In that case… my hair is yours, my dear.”

Brenda’s husband Peter may have short-changed her with sex… but he built a really nice house for them – Brenda got the house in the settlement. The shower stall is huge – at least by my standards – each wall is about five feet long. The shower head is on a long hose that attaches to a vertical rod. The rod allows you to raise and lower the shower head from about two feet off the floor to a height of somewhere over six feet. A long bench runs along the entire length of the wall opposite the shower head. As I mentioned, the shower door is clear glass. The shower stall is completed in white ceramic tile with polished chrome fixtures and the shower’s ceramic surfaces, along with the floor of the bathroom, are all heated. The bathroom also sports a huge sunken Jacuzzi that just cries out for two people to jump in to relax.

Removing the shower head from the wall I carefully soaked Brenda’s hair. Her hair, which becomes jet black when wet, is perfectly straight and reaches almost to her shoulders. Replacing the shower head I poured out a generous amount of shampoo into my hands and begin lathering her hair… the rich fragrance of the shampoo permeating the room.

“Mmmm…. that feels sooo good,” Brenda murmured. “I’ll give you an hour to stop that.”

“Well… by the time I shampoo it twice, put on conditioner and then dry and brush it for you, it may take an hour,” I whispered into her ear.

“Wow… first class treatment. And what do I have to do for you in return,” she asked looking back over her shoulder at me.

“Enjoy the experience. Don’t you remember? This is your weekend for pleasure,” I responded.

“Well so far your doing your job very well… this feels wonderful, Bill”, Brenda softly answered.

Once again taking the shower head I carefully rinsed the shampoo suds from her hair… before reaching for the tube to repeat – just like the label says. “Mmmmm,” Brenda moaned. “Do you know what a turn on it is for me to have someone wash my hair? Even at the Beauty Parlor I sometimes get excited when the girl there washes my hair… I don’t really have a desire to have sex with her… it’s just sooo sexy for someone to run their hands though my hair… massaging my scalp,” Brenda continued dreamily. “Sometimes… after I get back from escort ankara getting my hair fixed… I find myself so excited that I come back home and… well, I masturbate,” Brenda quietly confessed.

“Mmmm… I’d love to see that,” I replied, once again rinsing the rich lather from her hair. Switching to the conditioner I began a soothing massage of Brenda’s scalp. Turning her slowly I had her face me and place her head on my shoulder so I could continue the gentle rubbing of her head.

“Mmmm…. that is soo nice… your fingers in my hair… rubbing my scalp… it almost seems like they are connected straight to my… to my pussy,” Brenda sighed.

I couldn’t believe it.. Brenda had actually said the word pussy! This was a first for her today. Leaning down I whispered softly into her ear, “Brenda… I want you to take your hand and touch yourself… touch your pussy like you do when you’re by yourself… just pretend I’m not here,” I encouraged.

Brenda stood very still for a few moments without saying anything. “I’m.. I’m not sure I can,” she replied shakily, contemplating my suggestion. For several more seconds we stood there… the warm water washing over our bodies… me gently massaging her hair. Then slowly… very slowly Brenda moved her hands to her pussy. Delicately she began lightly touching herself. “Mm,” she quickly breathed out in a shallow gasp.

Brenda’s body melted into my own as she surrendered to her self pleasuring. “Mm. Mm,” she continued her short moans every time she exhaled. Sensing that Brenda was not very comfortable I rinsed her hair and gently helped her sit down on the bench. As we moved Brenda’s hands slipped from her sex… and looking up at me Brenda appeared almost helpless… there was still a look of lust on her face… but it was mixed with embarrassment and a seeming uncertainty over what to do next.

“Close your eyes, Brenda… just forget that I’m here,” I whispered as I knelt down at her feet. Taking her hands in mine I moved them back to the wet folds of her pussy. As her fingers came in contact with the folds of her sex, Brenda tightly closed her eyes and leaned back against the walls of the shower. Skillfully she used the fingers of her left hand to spread her outer lips while she stroked the inner lips with her right. Brenda adjusted her hips on the bench into a more comfortable position… wedging her body into the shower corner… she then raised her right hand to her mouth… wetting her fingertips with her saliva… and quickly returned them to her pussy.

Bolstered by her own longing, Brenda began a more vigorous stimulation of her inner lips… occasionally slipping her finger tips lightly inside her pussy… she raised her right leg up on the bench and rested it against the shower wall… a move that caused her pussy to gape open to my view. I remained quietly kneeling on the shower floor as her fingers continued their mission.

Brenda slipped two fingers of her left hand inside her gaping pussy… her breathing became more and more labored. Her right hand began drifting upwards… rising closer to her clit… zeroing in on the distended nub. From my position on the floor I had a ringside seat to Brenda’s show… folding the fingers of her left hand together she plunged all four fingers deep into her wet juicy pussy… this action caused involuntarily movements of her hips as she rocked her body in an effort to get more stimulation from her two hands.

The fingers of her right hand had now found her clit… they moved furiously back and forth across it as her left hand continued plunging in and out… From my vantage point I could clearly see the moist pink insides…. I could see the lips and her clit become redder as she continued her stimulation.

Brenda began noisily taking short breaths through her mouth… “Unh…Unh,” she would moan as she exhaled in quick, short gasps. “Unh… Unh… Unh,” she continued grunting as she thrust her body roughly against her two hands. I began to be concerned that she was going to hyperventilate as she continued her short, stabbing breaths… feverishly rubbing her clit while she plunged her other hand deeper into the gaping hole of her pussy.

“Unh… Unh… Unh… Unh… Unh… Unh… Unh… Unh,” Brenda continued her intense pace… beads of perspiration started forming on her brow and on her chest between her breasts… her nipples became so hard it seemed as if her entire tit had become one huge pointed nipple… “Unh… Unh… Unh… Unhhhhh… Unhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” her entire body went rigid as her orgasm finally overtook her

Brenda’s hand fell limply to her sides as she melted into the corner of the shower… her breathing was still coming in unsteady gulps…. clumsily she let her leg slip off the bench back to the floor. After a few moments of rest, Brenda blinked her eyes open and rolled them in her head as she attempted to focus. Her focus finally settled on me as she smiled lightly and then started flexing her hands… “My fingers are tingling,” ankara escort bayan she smiled, weakly opening and closing her hands… trying to get the blood back into circulation.

Brenda took in a deep swallow of air as she steadily forced her breathing back under control. “Wow!” she exclaimed. Then looking up at me with a huge smile, “I’ll let you wash my hair anytime.”

I took Brenda by the hand and helped her stand up, “Come back over here under the shower and let me wash you off again… then let’s go dry your hair.”

“You’re on,” Brenda sang out cheerfully as she stepped under the shower spray. Her time of self pleasuring seemed to have given her an instant energy boost. Brenda picked up the soap and was starting to lather up the sponge when I took them both from her hands.

“Nope. Bathing you is my job,” I smiled at her. Then I began soaping her glistening body. Rubbing the sponge vigorously across her shoulders, chest, abdomen and legs. I then laid the sponge down, soaped up may hands and began a light washing of her pussy.

“Mmm… I can’t believe I’m not sore there… that it’s not so sensitive that I can’t stand for you to touch it… but your touch is so soft… it feels nice,” Brenda spoke softly.

Reluctantly pulling my hands away from Brenda’s sweet pussy, I placed them on her hips, “Turn around and I’ll do your back.”

“Oh, you do backs as well as hair? Aren’t you nice?” Brenda smiled, twirling around in the shower.

I simply stood there for a minute watching the water run down Brenda’s back. She was absolutely spectacular… her hair jet back hung straight down from her head… her tiny hourglass figure… lightly tanned, with no tan lines… the water ran evenly in sheets down her back before it came together to form a small river at the top of her ass cheeks… there it sensually ran lower… disappearing in her crack.

As I mentioned earlier, Brenda is very petite, she has small, but well-proportioned tits… but her ass… well that’s the only part of her that’s out of proportion… Brenda certainly doesn’t have a large ass… it just the way her cheeks stick out from her body… round and fleshy… they would be small on a normal sized woman… but on Brenda’s tiny figure, they would automatically draw your attention to them when she stood with her back to you… in a word: scrumptious.

“Well… are you going to just look at my ass or wash it?” Brenda joked. She knew that her ass had been the object of desire for many men.

“Oh, I’m going to wash it…. I was just getting to know it first,” I replied smacking her right cheek lightly.

Shaking her ass saucily back at me Brenda growled, “Oooohhhh. Careful there, Bill. Or your going to get me turned on again.”

Reaching down I took both cheeks firmly in my hands and gave them a hard squeeze. “Oh, you like that do you?” I asked.

“Well I didn’t know that I did… but it felt kind of… kinky,” she replied looking back over her shoulder at me.

A gave her ass one more hard squeeze before releasing them to reach for the soap. Brenda whimpered lightly when my hands left her body. I lathered my hands well with the soap and began soothingly massaging her neck and shoulders. Brenda moaned in approval as I rinsed, lathered and massaged several more times as I worked my way down her body.

When I reached Brenda’s ass I maneuvered her around in the shower so she was standing just out of the spray… with her hands braced against the wall… her ass extended slightly. Making sure my hands were well lathered I firmly rubbed and massaged her twin globes… sometimes firmly squeezing them… sometimes lifting and separating them… occasionally I would let my finger trace the line between the top of her thighs and the bottom of her ass.

As I continued my very personal treatment of Brenda’s ass cheeks she would intermittently arch her back and push back against my hands… especially when my finger tips would start to tease the arch at the top of her crack. Understanding her unspoken request I began sliding my finger up and down at the top of her crack… Like a cat when you scratch their back, Brenda rocked her hips up and down… which allowed my fingers to slip sexily all the way down her crack… my fingers advanced further and further down her crack… until they just barely teased the rosy bud of her ass.

Lathering my hands once again I placed the index finger of my right hand at the top of her crack and began slowly, but with determination, sliding it down her crack… as the tip of my finger slowly circled her bud, Brenda once again arched her back and pressed her ass back against my hand.

This time Brenda’s movement caused the first joint of my index finger to easily slide into her slippery hole. “Ahhhhh,” she moaned as a long slow breath was exhaled. Slowly… tantalizingly I moved my finger in small circles inside her ass… massaging the muscles of her puckered rim. Brenda must have enjoyed my actions… because she actually purred as she strongly pushed her ass back against my finger… forcing my finger to slip past the second knuckle. “Mmmmmmmmm,” Brenda slowly pushed every bit of oxygen from her lungs as her body seemed to melt around my finger.

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