Geek Sex Ch. 05

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I decided that even if Amy was away, I should still go shopping for some toys, Amy wouldn’t want me to mope around. But I had no idea where to go. I knew where some porn shops were, but was one better than the others? Were there any that were just awful? I thought about it and realized that the only person that I knew who would know these things was Renee. I also realized that I should talk to Renee about me and Amy, not that I didn’t think it would be cool with her, she had suggested that I have sex with her, but just to be open about it. Renee had a little efficiency apartment right off of campus so I walked over to see her.

“Hey,” She said, “I didn’t expect you, come on in,” she said. We sat down on the only two chairs in the place.

“It’s a shame about Amy’s sister,” I said.

“Yeah, her health has always been shaky though. Amy is such a saint for just dropping everything to help her out.”

“Yeah, that’s Amy though. Listen, um… there’s something I want to tell you…um…well…last night me and…”

“You and Amy fucked, didn’t you, I knew it, I knew it,” and she laughed, “What took you so long? I told you to jump her, God, how could you resist a piece of ass like that for a whole month.”

“Yeah, we fucked,” I felt both dirty and uninhibited even saying it, “You were sooo right, it was incredible.”

“God, that girl can eat pussy, sometimes I think she’s trying to make my head explode, you two are going to have a lot of fun together, so tell me how it happened, I want details.”

“Well, Amy has been letting me use some of her toys. So we’ve been masturbating in the same room just about every night for the past three weeks, well, you saw me that one time”

“Yes, I know, she told me all about it. She told me that she could barely stand not fucking you, and one day soon she was going to put on the strap on and fuck your brains out.”

“She said that? That kaynarca escort slut.” I joked, “Well yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore so I just walked in and told her I wanted her.”

“Cool…and then?”

“And then we fucked, she ate me, I ate her, we both came a lot. Then we did it again in the shower this morning, and we had a nooner, and now she’s gone.”

“Just when things were getting interesting, eh? I’ll guess we’ll both miss her,” she leaned in closer and put her hand on my knee, “Maybe we could miss her together?”

Amy had opened my mind up to a lot of things, and I did find Renee very attractive, and I was curious about what Amy and Nick had told me about how wild she was, but the timing wasn’t right at all. I had just had sex with a girl for the first time the day before, and had to say Goodbye to her three hours ago. “Hmmm, Renee, umm, I think you may be on to something, I think it’s inevitable that we’ll fuck, and probably all three of us together. But I’ve been through too much in the past day to do this now.”

“Yeah, I guess your right, you will eat my pussy soon though,” we both laughed a little, “Can I at least get a good smooch though?” She leaned in, put her forehead to mine and looked at me with those big blue-green lustful eyes. I put my hands on either side of her neck and brought her face to mine. My, what a kiss, I slipped the tip of my tongue between her lips and she sucked it in gently and flicked it with her tongue as if it were my clit. I almost changed my mind and disrobed her right then.

“Um…I have a question though,”

“Yeah” she said.

“I was supposed to go toy shopping with Amy today, and I still want to go, but I have no idea what the best sex shop is around here.”

“And what makes you think I would know?”

“Uh ’cause you’re a slut,” I said with a laugh.

“Oh yeah, right, OK let’s go.”

We ran out orhanlı escort to Renee’s car (a 1975 purple Cadillac, what else would Renee drive?) and drove about a half hour to a shop I had never seen before. It just said “Adult Store” on the sign, and all the windows were painted over so you couldn’t see inside. The inside was bigger than I thought it would be. All the sex toys were in the front part of the store and the back was all videos. I walked through the racks of toys in a daze, I had no idea there was such variety. Vibrators of all sizes, twenty different styles of dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, harnesses, handcuffs.

I picked out a couple things: a medium size vibrator, a rabbit type of thing similar to Amy’s but thinner and longer, and an anal toy, it was glass about eight inches long with a small butt plug at one end and a larger one at the other, it was slightly curved. The butt plugs were more tapered than Amy’s and looked like they would be more comfortable. I also got some lube. Renee bought a vibrating dildo that would fit into her strap-on harness, a bottle of lube and a couple DVDs. She looked at my purchases as I put them on the counter. “This looks like it might be fun,” she said, picking up the rabbit. Then examined the anal toy and lube, and said with false naiveté, “but what are these for?” The cashier was a red haired woman in her early forties, she gave us a knowing smile.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” I said, smartly. We were on our way out the door.

“Yes, yes I would.” Renee said.

We got into her car, “Well I’ve been, umm…experimenting.”

“Experimenting with what?

I felt a fleeting sense of embarrassment. “I was watching some pornos, and everyone was having anal sex, I was wondering what it felt like.”

“What have you tried so far?”

“Just my finger…and a little butt plug I borrowed from Amy.”

Renee smiled and raised tepeören escort an eyebrow, “You’re my kind of girl,” she leaned in closer, “So you enjoyed it?”

“Mmmm, Hmmm!”

“You know what feels even better than a finger in your ass?”

“What?” I whispered.

“My tongue.”

“Oh I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet,” I gave her a quick peck on the lips, but I didn’t want this to go too far. I sat back in my seat, “Now Drive.”

Renee dropped me off at my dorm, “You have fun with all that,” she said nodding toward my bag of toys.

“You know I will,” I said and kissed her, “What are you doing next Saturday night,” I said on a whim.

“Oh, I’m going to be very busy…there’s this cute little co-ed I know, I’m going to be in her dorm tonguing her pussy.”

I laughed, “It’s a date then.”

After everything that had happened that day I was exhausted. I didn’t get a chance to open my toys until Monday evening. It wasn’t nearly as much fun without Amy in the next bed doing the same thing. I used the vibrator on my pussy for awhile, I wanted to get really wet but not quite come. Then I got out the anal toy. I got on my knees and elbows and lubed my asshole. Then I slid in the small end of the toy. This was not new for me, the toy was only slightly bigger than Amy’s small butt plug. I frigged myself with that, then used the larger end. This was more of a challenge. I had to ease it in slowly, put it in half way, pull it out and then push it in a little further. Slowly I worked up to it. Soon I had the widest part in my ass and the vibrator on my clit.

I couldn’t quite cum though, there was something else I wanted to try. I pulled out the plug and put the vibrator in my ass. This was a new sensation and I liked it. I felt the tremors from it half way up my spine. Soon I was fucking myself with long stokes while I played with my clit with the other hand. It seemed like waves of warmth hit my body, with the sensation centered on my anus. I had my first true anal orgasm. My asshole gripped and spasmed with pleasure which spread through my whole body. I wondered if I’d ever share this pleasure with Amy, and Renee.

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