Fun for Emily

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Frankly, it wasn’t planned. My roommate, Anna, and I were on opposite sides of the world on our summer vacations talking about how excited we were to move in to our new apartment when she asked me what I did on that particular day. She had just woken up and I was getting ready to go to bed so at this particular moment I was a little weak and quite frankly, horny. I had been about to start watching some porn when she called and I was a little bit frustrated but it was my only time to talk to her so I gave in.

Anna is obsessed with sex. Her first college boyfriend had taken her virginity and was horny all the time, so they had sex as often as they could. Me on the other hand, am still a virgin. She always thought I hated talking about her sex life, even though that never stopped her from going into every last detail about all the guys she’s slept with. But I’m actually always horny, all the time. I just masturbate. It’s my saving grace, and it has been since I was about 14 years old. Of course then, I didn’t know what it was. I’d just do things and it’d feel good. But by the time I moved out of the house and into the dorms, I was ready to take my masturbating to the next level. I bought my first vibrator. Thankfully I didn’t have a roommate my first year because every chance I got I’d fuck myself. I’d literally just shut my blinds, lock my door, and fuck myself senseless. Long weekend? Guess that meant a new pack of batteries. Got an A on a midterm? Time to celebrate. I found a new way to fuck myself in that small dorm room whether it was grinding up on a chair with all my clothes on or riding my vibrator naked with the blinds open. It was my guilty pleasure that no one knew about. I was a slut to myself, I dreamed of the day I’d finally lose my virginity so I could be a slut for someone else but for now I guess fucking myself is plenty.

Fast forward to this video call and as soon as she asked me what I had done that day, I smiled. I was already horny and my parents had been gone for the weekend for the first time since I got back from college. As soon as they left the almanbahis giriş house about an hour before I had a quickie with myself before I had to go out and pick up dinner and it was the first one I had since I’d gotten back. I was ready to just fuck the living hell out of myself all weekend.

Thinking back to my quickie, I smiled and she kept pressing me on what I did. So I told her in one form another. And she was shocked, not disgusted that I masturbate but genuinely in disbelief that I’m not some sort of sexless saint. And this is where our story starts.

I remember telling her that I bought a vibrator while we were back in school but I had to get rid of it before my parents found it and so she went on to ask me,

“So you used a toy? Go on, tell me about it.”

Maybe it was my judgement at this point because of the time, maybe it was because I was horny, or maybe it was because I could tell she was getting a little bit turned on by hearing me talk about it; but I told her.

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you, I didn’t just use it, I fucked it. Every chance I got I’d shove it so deep into my pussy until I was practically shaking. A couple times you even called me while I was using it, I picked up once while I was cumming. Is that what you want to hear?” I told her, starting to rub myself slowly underneath my desk.

“Fuck, that’s so hot. So you fucked yourself today?” she asked, obviously extremely frustrated as she was fidgeting around on the other side of the screen.

“Kind of, I just had a quickie. I was watching some porn before you called, I haven’t done this in nearly 2 months because my parents really haven’t left me alone. Thank god they’re out this weekend.”

“2 months is so long, I literally fingered myself last night, how the fuck have you survived this long?!” She exclaimed, almost laughing at my lack of relief.

“I don’t know but I really need to get this going tonight.” I sighed, thinking of ways to have the best masturbation session of my life.

“Well you have to do something so good, almanbahis güvenilirmi something that’s fucking hot or else even I’ll be so disappointed. Now that I’m finally proud you’re secretly naughty, you better not let me down.” She laughed, shaking her head. I smirked at her, trying to think of any ideas.

“Well, what did you have in mind.” I asked.

She thought for a moment, while I kept rubbing at my throbbing pussy vigorously over my shorts. Then she smirked.

“Let me plan your night. I’ll make an agenda for you and you fuck yourself the way I tell you to fuck yourself.” She said, leaving my jaw open and my pussy dripping. Any other time I’d probably say she was crazy, but I was horny as hell and the thought of her telling me what to do turned me on.

“Fuck that’s so hot, yes. I’ll do it.” I moaned as I rubbed my pussy faster, watching her think. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I took my pants off, followed by my panties right in front of her.

“Look at you, fuck you’re making me horny first thing in the morning.” She said, shaking her head and licking her lips as I thrusted my pussy towards my fingers.

After thinking for a few more moments, she looked me through the screen and yelled “STOP!”

So I did.

“Don’t cum yet, I know what I want you to do. You need to be ready though.” She said, and I nodded.

“Fuck, go on.”

“Go in your parents bed and fuck yourself senseless.” My jaw dropped.


“Imagine them having their perfect daughter shoving her fingers into her cunt, screaming and moaning like a slut, in the bed that they sleep every night.” She smirked, and I did too because the thought of that turned me on, I was squirming in my seat.

“Fuck, I’ll do it.”

“Leave the blinds open. Sleep there too, no clothes.” She demanded and I nodded, being more turned on and on by her suggestion.

“Okay now that I gave you the idea, will you do me a favour?” She asked me, and I nodded curiously.

“Film it.”


An hour later, I hadn’t let myself almanbahis yeni giriş off just yet. I teased myself and watched porn til I physically couldn’t take it anymore. So I stripped down whatever was left and walked into my parents room completely naked. Their king sized bed stood in the middle of the room, their bed made perfectly, and a video camera that I had set up earlier aimed towards it. I went and turned it on as I fell backwards on the bed, looking right into the window across from my parents. The light was on and our neighbour; a middle aged divorce man, was sitting at his desk doing his work. I never thought anyone would watch me before. I had a video camera aiming right at me about to fuck myself, my neighbour was minutes away from realizing the little girl who had grown up next to him was no longer a child and an 18 year old woman, and I was in my parents bed like a slut. My fingers flew towards my pussy, jamming themselves in their as I fucked it furiously. I was moaning and screaming after feeling my fingers for the first time in so long. Feeling watched turned me on and the idea that I was shoving my cunt in my parents bed made me lose it.

“I’m such a fucking slut, fuck Anna why does this feel so fucking good?!” I moaned as I got closer and closer. I moaned Anna’s name over and over again for her video as I was squirming in the bed.

“FUCK ANNA, this feels so good, next time though I’m bringing you here so you could be the one to eat this slutty cunt in my parents bed!!” I screamed.

I don’t know what came over me but as soon as I said it, and as soon as I imagined it, I started to bounce up and down on my fingers at the thought of it, moaning like mad woman, tits flying everywhere; until I came. It washed over me and the orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks as I started screaming and moaning to no end.

I collapsed back onto the bed as I looked out the window to my neighbour, his hand running furiously up and down his cock and just in time to see the cum shoot out of him.

I reached over for my phone, and called Anna, completely out of breath.

“How was it??” She answered on the first ring.

“Fuck, it was the hottest thing I’ve ever done.” I exclaimed.

“I can’t wait to watch it,”

“I’ll send it first thing in the morning, I even left you a little message” I said, smirking to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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