Fuck My Wife

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“Are you SERIOUS?” Kate asked, incredulous.

“Very,” I answered, my cock tingling, heart pounding.

“You really want to watch while another man fucks me? Or MEN???” she continued.

“It would just be sport fucking, Kate. Nothing more. Just something incredibly exciting for us to do together.”

“And then what? You would want to fuck some other slut? Is that it?” she continued.

“Why would anyone married to you EVER want to fuck another woman, my love? You are the kind of woman I’ve dreamed of living with for my entire life, and now that I have you, do you really think I’d want sex with any other woman?” I asked, meaning it.

I stared at her for a moment, taking in her beautiful, snappy brown eyes, incredible tits… 36C, perky, firm, upright… and then let my gaze sweep over the rest of her petite frame. At 5’2″ tall and 125 pounds, with the most perfect legs I’ve ever seen, my wife is a walking centerfold, and it was exactly because of this that I wanted to see her with other men. I love pornography… masturbate to it every chance I get… and to see my very own wife being fucked by another man, or sucking him, or watching as he comes on her face, as I do each time we have sex… well… that would be an enormous thrill for me. And one more thing… I’ve been known to enjoy the sexual pleasure that can only be derived from sex with another man. Mutual masturbation, oral sex… facials. I’ve often said that had I been born a woman I would have become one of the biggest sluts in history, and it is precisely because I’ve enjoyed the kind of nasty, deviate sex one can experience by sucking another man’s balls while he comes on my face that I also wanted to bring another man into our bed with us.

“I don’t understand you?” Kate said. “I thought what we’d fantasized about when we’re fucking was just that… fantasies. Now you tell me you want to turn them into reality?”

“Yes. I do. And why not? The kids are all out of the house, living on their own. We both love nasty sex… and porno… what’s stopping us, darling? What’s preventing us from merely taking that next step… what’s preventing us from sharing our bed… and bodies… with another man?” I asked, reaching down to fondle myself now.

We were in the bedroom. Kate had just come home from work, and had removed her blouse and skirt. Standing in front of me attired in only a pair of her sexy Victoria’s Secret panties, with those magnificent naked tits on display for me, firm belly accentuating them, tight ass begging to be licked and kissed… I wanted her, and I wanted other men to have her as well, to envy me for what I get to fuck whenever I want her.

“You’ve had threesomes before, Kate. You told me how much you loved them. Why not with me? Why not do it again?” I asked.

“You’re really serious,” she said, staring at me intently.

“Yes,” I said quietly. “Why not?” I added, moving into her arms, hugging her, feeling her breasts pressing into my chest.

“I don’t know about this….” she said, wavering. “I suppose it could be fun, under the right conditions. If you’re sure you could handle it.”

“Does this look like I could handle it?” I asked, placing her hand on my hardening cock.

“Hmm… meaty cock… just the way I love it,” she said, her brown eyes shining with growing excitement.

“Sit down, darling,” I said, leading her to the edge of the bed. Dropping to my knees I tugged on her panties. “Lift up,” I said.

“I’m dirty. I’ve been sweating all day,” she said, but did as I asked.

I edged her panties down over her knees, then off. As I spread her legs her incredibly erotic essence filled my nostrils, and I leaned between her thighs, inhaling deeply. “God I love your scent,” I breathed.

“You’re sick,” she grinned, lying back onto the bed, feeling my breath on her thighs.

“Yes. As are you, my slut wife. And soon another man will be doing this to you,” I said, leaning into her, my tongue sliding through her wet pussy, tasting her salty sweet-sour flavor. I buried my face in her there then, wallowing in cunt, tongue fucking her as her moans began.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” she moaned.

She was very wet, and when I slid two fingers into her cunt I removed my mouth from her for a moment and said, “He’s fucking you now, baby. Another man has his cock into you. Tell him. Tell him to fuck you,” I coaxed.

“Fuck me. FUCK ME!” she groaned.

halkalı escort “There are more of them waiting to fuck you, too, my slut. More cocks. Do you want them?”

“Yes! God yes. More… more cocks… I want more cocks,” she gasped, pumping her wet cunt against my fingers, my mouth on her clit, licking, sucking.

I was hard then, and moved up to her pussy, sliding into her with no resistance. “Taste yourself,” I said, wiping my fingers across her lips. “Suck it… suck your cunt juice,” I commanded, knowing this was something she didn’t enjoy… unless she was hot, and she was hot now… very hot.

Opening her mouth she took my slick fingers inside, her tongue licking her juice from them, tasting herself. “God you’re a slut,” I groaned, fucking her slowly. “Letting all those other men fuck you. You love it, don’t you, slut? You love cock.”

“YESSS!” she hissed. “God yes! I love fucking… anyone… more cock. I want more cock. Anybody. Bring them to me. Make them fuck your slut wife,” she moaned, close to coming now.

“I’m going to come,” I said. “Where do you want it?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“On my face!!! Give it to me. Drench me!” she gasped.

Quickly I crawled up to her face, straddling her neck. Immediately she began to lick my balls as I masturbated. “Yeah, slut. Lick my balls. Suck them. Lower. GO LOWER!” I shouted, moving forward, feeling her tongue washing over that sensitive spot just behind my balls, between them and my asshole. God it felt good, but I wanted more.

“Do you want my cum?” I gurgled, my fingers sliding up and down my cock.

“Yethhh!” she mumbled.

“Earn it,” I said, sliding further over her face, feeling her tongue between my ass cheeks… feeling it sliding over my asshole, then probing me there. Heaven. Paradise. The best.

“Oh FUCK here it comes,” I screamed, quickly sliding back over her face so I could coat it with my sperm. I erupted then, shooting gob after gob of hot cum all over her beautiful face. A huge spurt landed across her nose and cheek, then another coated her lips. She stuck out her tongue then, moaning, giving me a clear target for the next blast which landed where she wanted it… inside her mouth. She chewed the cum then, before swallowing it, then moaned, turning her head back and forth under my cock as I rested it on her face, spewing cum on both cheeks, pushing it all over her.

Finally I stopped coming. Her face was a mess. Cum everywhere, running down her cheeks… messy… sloppy… slutty. Just the way I loved her, and just the way she loved to be as well. God how I love my slut wife.

“When they fuck you there will be more cum, baby,” I said softly.

“Hmmm… lucky me,” she sighed, wiping some of the cum from her cheeks into her mouth, smacking her lips as she ate it.

She had not come yet, so I moved her further up on the bed, then lay between her legs, fingering and eating her until her orgasm finally rocked her body. She lay there, exhausted, as I went into the bathroom to get a hot washcloth to clean her.

Returning to her, I washed her face for her, kissed her, then lay on the bed, exhausted myself.

Kate got up and went to the bathroom. Listening to her peeing I lay there thinking how much I love this slut wife of mine… how she understands my perverse desire to see her fucked by other men.

Later, after rising from a nap, I told her I was serious about sharing her. We discussed it, and when she realized I was sincere, she told me she would do it. That night I began my quest to find another man for us, posting my wife’s photos on several web sites, and even before I’d signed off to go to bed responses began coming in.

We decided to begin our foray into group sex by selecting a stranger, not anyone we knew. My posts had indicated we were seeking a bisexual man for a threesome, and it was surprisingly easy to find any number of eager participants willing to join us. Since it really didn’t matter much to me who we selected, I asked Kate to make the final decision. The man she chose was much younger than we were. Both Kate and I are in our late-50’s, although both of us are in great shape. She still wears a size 6 dress, and her full, 36C tits sit proudly on her petite, 120 pound body. I’m taller at 6’1″ and carry a little more weight, at 208, than I should, but I’m olgun escort still in pretty good shape so I was sure our new sexual partner wouldn’t be disappointed.

As it turned out, he wasn’t. His name was Tyler, although he asked us to call him Ty. Kate selected him, she said, because he was young… only 26… and single. She didn’t want to have to potentially deal with a jealous wife, and she didn’t want anyone near our age. Her reasoning was that a young stud would be more than willing to simply fuck us rather than seeking a “relationship” with us, and I agreed with her.

We met Ty at a motel bar midway between his town and ours. He was nice looking… 5’9″ or so, rather slightly built, and attractive enough. He said he’d lost his virginity years earlier, and said he’d been fairly unlucky finding women. Rather shy, I sensed it probably had been hard for him to find women.

“Well you’re in luck tonight, my young friend,” I said as we finished our drink. “Did you get us a room?” He said he had, and quickly agreed when I suggested we pay our bill and go to the room and fuck.

On the elevator I unbuttoned Kate’s blouse. She was wearing a black lace bra, and when all the buttons were unfastened I pulled the blouse out of the waist of her skirt and turned her body toward Ty.

“You like?” I asked him.

“HELL yes!” he grinned, his cheeks flushed as he gazed at my wife’s beautiful breasts.

“Touch them,” I said, and he did, his eyes filled with lust. Standing behind Kate, I whispered into her ear… “Are you wet?”

“Yes!” she hissed just as the elevator stopped at our floor. The doors opened and another couple was waiting there as we exited the car. The man stared at Kate’s brazen appearance and I noticed her trembling with excitement.

“It’s okay. She’s my wife and he’s a good friend. We’re going to his room for a threesome. Exciting, huh?” I said casually.

“Well I never….” the woman huffed, as her husband just stood there starting at Kate with an envious expression on his face, watching as we walked down the hall toward Ty’s room until the guy’s wife jerked his arm, pulling him into the elevator with her.

In the room Ty put out the Do Not Disturb sign, came inside, and locked the door. He was clearly excited, and I told him to undress. Charmingly, his face turned red, but he did as I asked as Kate and I watched. When he was naked, I told him to fondle himself while I undressed my wife and myself. I removed Kate’s blouse, then her bra, exhibiting her magnificent naked breasts to Ty. His cock immediately grew rock hard, and when I took off her skirt, revealing a black lace garter belt, black stockings, and black see-through panties, revealing her nearly naked and very wet pussy I thought Ty might come.

“Okay, stop playing with it, Ty,” I said, quickly undressing myself. Then I removed Kate’s panties and led her to the bed. I turned down the covers and blankets, then crawled onto the bed, sitting up, my back against the headboard, legs spread.

“Crawl between my legs, darling. Suck me,” I told Kate and of course she did it.

“Look at these, Ty,” I said, reaching down, cupping my slut wife’s tits in my hands. Do you like them?”

“God yes!” he said, his voice cracking.

“And look at her cunt, Ty. She shaved it for you. See how wet she it?”

“Oh yes!” he moaned, almost crying he was so excited.

“Bring her your cock, Ty… rub it over her clit… rub it across her wetness… then PUSH IT INTO HER.”

Of course he did as I’d asked, and when his cock slid inside my gorgeous slut wife’s cunt she raised up and looked up, her eyes filled with lust.

“Oh God!” she moaned, leaning down, guiding my cock into her mouth again.

“Fuck her, Ty. Slide your young, hard cock inside her pussy and fuck her until you come in her,” I encourage, my voice revealing my obvious excitement.

“Ohhh… she’s so beautiful!” the young man moaned as he moved in and out of my slut wife’s perfect, spread cunt lips. Kate lifted her pussy to meet him, and in one long, slow motion Ty pushed as deeply as he could into my wife’s cunt. I felt my own cock twinge as I watched him fucking Kate, my hands covering her breasts, fondling her, kissing her neck.

“He’s fucking you, darling… my beautiful, nasty slut wife. And you are şişli escort a slut, aren’t you, Kate. Look at you… lying here like a cheap whore, letting another man fuck you while you suck your husband cock. Shame on you,” I teased.

“Yes, I am a slut… I’m your whore, Robert. Is this what you wanted… to see your slut wife getting FUCKED by another man?”

“Yes!” I hissed. “And when he comes in your pussy I’m going to come in our mouth, Kate,” I said, my cock hard now, her lips sliding back down my shaft, spit drooling out of the corners of her mouth and onto my balls.

“Ohhh! I… I’m going to… to COMEEEEEEEEEEE!” Ty suddenly grunted, thrusting forward, burying his cock in Kate’s pussy as his cock unloaded his hot sperm inside my wife.

“Oh God Robert… he’s coming in meeeeee!” Kate groaned, reaching down to rub her clit, masturbating furiously just in time to come along with our young fucker.

“Hmmm, you fucking whore… you nasty slut… letting another man come in your cunt. God you’re a slut, Kate,” I gasped. “AND I LOVE IT!!!” And then I was unloading my own sperm, splashing it all over her face, coating her with my cum, exciting her further, intensifying her orgasm.

“Yesssssssss… I ammmmmmm… I’m your slut… your whore!” she cried out as Ty saw what I was doing, pumping a few more gobs of cum into her cunt, finally collapsing on her back.

“God that was exciting to watch, darling,” I said, my heart pounding in my chest. “I loved it, Kate. “

“You’re so fucking bad, my love,” she grinned up at me, the excitement still there in her eyes.

“Hmmm,” I moaned, leaning down, kissing her messy face. Nasty. Hot. Exciting. I was in Heaven, and as the thought of what we were doing washed over me amazingly I felt my cock swelling again.

“HMMM FUCKKKKKK!” I moaned. Ty had let his cock slid out of Kate’s pussy, and I rolled her over onto her back then immediately went down on her. Her fragrance was rank, and somehow that only added to my excitement.

I at my slut wife’s wet cunt for a few moments, until my cock was hard enough to slide inside her. Then I moved up and slid it into her sloppy pussy. Ty was masturbating as he watched us, and I told him to feed her his cock, which of course he did immediately.

Kate was close to coming again now, and I told her to rub her clit while I fucked her and she sucked Ty’s cock. Of course she did that right away and I could feel her fingers down there, between us, moving in a steady up and down motion over her wet clit.

“Oh FUCK yes! Fuck me… Fuck my cunt… FUCK MY MOUTHHHHHH!” she screamed. Then, as she often does when extremely excited, I felt her release a small squirt of her cum over my cock driving us both crazy.

“On my face!” Kate said then, gazing up at Ty, her eyes wild, filled with sexual hunger. Ty moaning that he was going to come then, and as I watched the first spurt landed on Kate’s lips, then more cum rained down on my wife as I continued to fuck her, leaning down across her back, watching from close range as spurts of Ty’s cum landed on my hot wife’s face. Kate took his cock then and pulled it closer to us until it was pressed against her lips. She fondled his balls then, and another huge gob of cum shot out of Ty’s cock and all over her lips. Finally Kate drained him, and he gasped, forcing her to release him, laughing, telling us we were killing him.

We showered together then, and before Ty left I asked him if he had any friends like himself… nice guys who weren’t aggressive… young men who just wanted to have a good time with a hot couple. He said he knew of two other men like himself… men who would love to fuck a woman like Kate. I looked at my wife, smiled, and said, “When can you arrange it. I think my wife is ready for a gang bang, don’t you, darling?”

Kate merely stared at me for a moment, a sexy twinkle in her eyes, and a smirk on her face. Finally, still looking at me, she said, “Yes, Ty. I think fucking a group of men would be delightful. Arrange it and call us and tell us where and when to meet you and this slut wife will be more than happy to allow you and your friends to use me any way you please.” Ty was giddy with delight, promising us he’d do just that as we bid him good night.

On the way home I asked Kate if she was serious. “Would you really let a group of men fuck you, darling?”

“Would you go along with it?” she replied.

“I’d love it,” I said, meaning it, feeling a tingling in my cock.

“Then yes, I’d go along with it, and I’d love it, too. What woman wouldn’t want to lie on a bed like a greedy bitch while a group of men pleasured her. Of course I’d love that, darling. Anytime… anywhere.”

And so began our journey into perversion. We love sex, and if you’re reading this story, so do you. Wonderful, isn’t it.

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