Fuck Me Time

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I laid back on the bed, running my hands across my body. Sliding them down my boobs, only to pinch those hard peaks of mine. I inhaled a sharp breath at pleasure that ran through me.

‘Fuck’ I moaned to myself. Pinching down on my left nipple, pulling it away from my body. I groaned once it made that slight transition into pain.

My other hand running down my body, to play with hem of the white lace thong I was wearing. I wanted to tease myself, I had all the time in the world, Tim wouldn’t be back for at least another hour.

Taking in a deep breath, I closed my eyes and let my fantasy take over. Seeing images or raw sex flash through my mind made my pussy throb with need. I ran my fingers over my hips, feeling the soft chocolate skin glide under them.

I opened my legs wide, with my knees up and my feet flat again the bed. This position always made me horny, it’s like I was getting ready to be fucked senseless. I could feel my clit twitch at the thought.

I laid both of my minds across my breasts, massaging the soft flesh, pinching the hard tips. I could feel the wetness seep through my thin thong and start to trickle down my ass.

Grabbing a pillow besides me, I shoved it between my legs trying to ease the ache. My legs wrapped tightly around it as my hips furiously rocked back and forth, looking for some satisfaction. My fingers pinched down on my nipples as hard as I could, drawing out a sharp yell from my lips.

The pillow had worked on easing the ache but came no where near to sating my hunger. Deciding to be a little dirty today, I got up from the bed, and made my way to the chest in the closet.

Opening it up, I was greeted by the array of sex toys I owned. I love sex toys, and I’ve never been shy when it came to using them.

I sank down onto the floor and leaned again a wall. Grabbing the anal beads an a bottle of lube, I sat up in squatting position and pushed my thong aside. Slowly I lubed up my rose bud. I rubbed the lube into the small hole, using my fingers to warm me up.

I groaned loudly as I slipped a finger deep into my ass. I took canlı bahis a deep breath as I started to push the beads into me.

One, two, three, four beads now sat deep in my ass.

I moaned as the last bead slipped into my asshole. ‘Oh fuck. All 5’ I bit my lip clenching myself around the beads. I pushed my thong back into place and sunk down against the wall.

I reached my hands up to my nipples, and gave them a quick squeeze. ‘Yes baby, squeeze my nipples! Pull on them! Make them sore.’ I heard my voice echo back at me threw the room and it only worked to excite me even further.

My pussy throbbed with need, it needed release. With a moan, I reached down with my right hand, keeping the left on my nipple, and ran my fingers up and down my slit through the panties.

My hips rose and a moan escaped my lips the second my finger came into contact with my clit, even through the lace panties, it was still so sensitive.

I ignored its throbs and continued on to run my fingers up and down my slit. I refused to take of my panties. I wanted to fill them with cream for later.

Reaching back into the toy chest, I pulled out a bullet vibrator. Glancing at the clock I saw I only had 10 minutes left. ‘Shit’ I mumbled under my breath.

I pulled my panties aside so I could place the vib right over my clit. Setting it on high, I pushed it against my clit as I pulled my panties over it.

My hips started moving widely as the vibs rocked through my body.

‘Yes! Yes! Oh fuck. Yessss. That’s it baby, right there. Oohh. Lick that pussy, suck on that clit. Make me cum! Make me cum’ I pulled and twisted at my nipples until the vibs just became too much and I came straight into my panties. I shook and screamed as the orgasm rocked my body. As soon as the first one ended, another one started. The vibrator was sending my clit into over drive. I screamed and screamed as I came. It was amazing. The way my body arched into the air. The light sheen of sweat that covered my body.

I sat against that wall and came til I couldn’t take anymore, with shaky hands, I pulled the vib bahis siteleri out of my panties and turned it off.

Deciding to leave my anal beads in, I stood up on shaky legs and grinned to myself. Now that is what I call jilling off.

Pulling off my panties, I wiped myself clean and brought them up to my nose. I took a quick sniff of my own girl cum and smiled to myself. Oh he’s going to love this.

Hearing the front door of the flat open, I quickly throw on one of his old t-shirts and went to greet him.

‘Hey you’ I smiled up at him, the air around me reeking of pure sex.

He pulled me in for a kiss and a quick slap of my ass, taking the opportunity, I wrapped my hands around him and slipped the panties into the back pocket of his jeans.

Releasing me, he reached back into his pocket and pulled out my lace thong.

I bit my lip as he brought it up to his nose. He took a deep breath of my girly cum and groaned. “Fuck baby, why are they full of cum?” He asked as he flicked his tongue out to give it a quick lick.

“I just came in those”

He looked me in the eye and groaned at my words. Throwing the panties down he pulled me to him.

“Oh yeah? Bet you had fun doing that?” His hand trailed down from my cheek to the neck of the shirt.

“A fuck lot of fun” he grabbed my ass in his hands and gave a hard squeeze, pulling me up so my legs where wrapped around him. I could feel his member through his jeans.

He walked us over to the living room and sat down on the love seat. Pulling me onto his lap.

Without wasting anytime. He reached down, and started to play with my pussy, running his fingers over my clit and fingering me for a little bit. I grabbed onto him as a moan escaped my lips. ‘Oh fuck Tim’

He grinned at me and slid his hand to my ass, trying to push in a finger he felt the beads.

“Now what is it we have here?” He asked as he pulled them out one by one. Making me moan even more.

“Looks like you’ve been a naughty girl baby. Fucking yourself with anal beads deep in your ass. I bet you left then in on purpose, bahis şirketleri wanting me to do where you ass has been”

I groaned at his words, he always knew that dirty talk turned me on, and he was a master of it.

When he pulled out the beads, he threw them across the room.

“Now here what we’re going to do Amber. You’re going to unzip my jeans, pull out my cock and ride me” with a shudder I followed his instructions. Reaching in between us I pulled him out of his jeans and stroked him a few times, before sinking down onto him and riding him for all I was worth.

“Good girl” I smiled at him as a I moaned and groaned. Riding him like a bitch in heat. I rode and rode as he continued to whistpear dirty things into my ear

“Maybe I should fuck you in the ass, bet you’d love that. Or maybe I should leave you to ride me until you come another time today. Pinch your nipples Amber” giving them a light squeeze through the shirt I shuddered on his cock. I was so close, so fucking close to cumming once again.

He sensed this, and started to move his hips in time with mind. “When you’re ready, I want you to come all over my cock. I want you to cover my cock with your sweet juice” one more comment like that and I was going to explode.

“That’s a good girl. Take all of me baby. Fuck yourself on my hard cock. Bet this is what you where thinking of when you fucked yourself earlier. I wonder, did you use any toys besides the beads?” “Yess” I moaned


“The..the..bull…bullet” I moaned out being so close to my climax.

“Fuck that’s hot baby, bet you had it on high and just left it against your clit as you came again and again” each again he said was highlighted by hard thrusts into my pussy. I groaned, one more thrust, one more baby, one more was all I needed.

“Bet you came again and again and again” I shook with my orgasm ans screamed out his name. Thrashing my head side to side I could feel his cock come undone in me as he came. Setting me off into another orgasm.

“Yes! Yes! Yes TIM!! Fuck me baby, fuck your bad girl. Ooohh oooh. AAAaaHhhH”. I came hard and fast, right along with him.

As soon as we had come down from the high. He grinned at me “so tell me about this great cumming session of yours”

With a smile, I started to retell my story..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32