Friend’s Fiancee Bonked Pt. 01

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Hey guys, it’s Shoaib again to tell you guys about my illicit encounter with my friend’s Iranian fiancée.

As stated in my previous stories I am a Muslim guy from a town near Mumbai. Last year my friend got engaged with a girl named Sally who is a beautiful babe with silky white skin. She is a medium built curvy babe having measurements of 34B-26-38. I was so happy for both of them as they were looking excellent together.

I was passing by from the celebration stage wishing them a good-luck when I first time shook her silky soft hands and looked into her dark-brown eyes. I was mesmerized by her beauty, something did happen between us but I didn’t know what. I took dinner and went home.

Almost six months passed by, occasionally she used to come in my mind and sometimes in my dreams but I used to ignore them. During the period my friend went to Australia as it was planned before their engagement and Sally would stay in Mumbai only until they get married together after a year & a half. At the same time, I left my old job in Mumbai and started to work in a high-profile IT company in Bangalore. My wife was still living with my family in Mumbai. Every second Saturday/Sunday I visit my family regularly. I have a very handsome pay and a very peaceful job.

Before I left for Bangalore I used to hang out with Sally and my friend now and then and we became very good friends. We used to chat on FB or Whatsapp.

During the last six months, my other friends in the town, as well as some mutual friends, used to tell me that she is not a good girl and she had multiple affairs. Even I started thinking the same was after knowing her properly after few gatherings as she would always be chatting with her male friends, hanging out with them, drinking and smoking hookah with them, being awake till late night on chatting media while my friend was asleep. On top of that, I always used to think that she has agreed upon marrying him because of her chance to go to Australia.

I rented a finely furnished flat in a very porch area of Bangalore. One fine day after a week I was sitting in my gallery on the 20th-floor sighting a beautiful view of nature in the evening and suddenly my phone rang. I picked up the phone and saw Sally calling. I picked up the phone.

“Hello, stranger,” she said.

“Stranger? How am I a stranger to you, Sally?”

“Cause you forgot me after going to Bangalore.”

I never wanted to hit on my friend’s Fiancée but as people around me started about her character and that remembrance of our first meeting where I dived in her beautiful eyes and the pleasure of her touch forced me to flirt with her.

“There is no living human being that can forget a beautiful babe like you Sally.”

“Awww, then why didn’t you call or message me? Liar.”

“I was busy with the work dear, you know its new job and settling down in this new city is a bit tedious work, and always remember, Shoaib never lies.”

“Awww, so that does make me beautiful right? Because you said it and you don’t lie, right?”

I laughed a bit and said, “Of course Sal, any doubts?”

We kept on talking for about half an hour that day with a lot of flirts here and there. The night passed and I woke up in the morning with a much more hardwood inside my trunks than ever before. Sally was on mind through-out the night. I was feeling attracted to her. I opened her Instagram and took a look at the raunchy photo before going for a bath and jerked off thinking of her before going to the office.

Even in the office, I was unable to concentrate on work. Sally and her flawless beauty were always on my mind. Her Curvy body, Thick thighs, and big ass were exploding my mind.

We started chatting every day and we were getting close and naughty day by day. We occasionally video called too. The chats were getting longer and the sleep? Well, shorter.

After a month I made my mind that I just want to fuck her and I was sure that she was interested in me too. I picked up the phone and called her, She immediately picked up my call.

“Hey, gorgeous,” I said in a romantic voice.

“What happened to you, why is your voice so romantic?” She asked.

“I’ve finally learned how to talk with you I guess.”

“Hmmm, okay okay, why did u call Mr. Romantic?” She said.

I could feel her smile behind her voice while she said that. Now, as I knew from a lot of sources and my gut feeling that she was a kind of a gold-digger and used to get used around by rich boys I planned to take her out of India to the Maldives. I had a day off a week after Monday, so I had three days of spare.

“Would you like to come on a trip with me to the Maldives? Tickets on me,” I said.

“Don’t you think my future hubby and your wife won’t like it?”

“Are you going to tell them? Because I won’t.”

“Don’t you think it’s cheating? And what would I say at my home?”

“As if you care, Look, it’s up to you Sally whether you want to join kadıköy escort or not, and if you want to join, I know you are an intelligent babe and it’s a child’s play for you to manage it,” I said with romantic aggression.

“Ewwww, somebody is getting angry it seems.”

“Nah, not ang…,” as I was about to finish my sentence she cut in between and said, “Shut-up you angry teddy-bear, give me a day or two to think.”

I said, “Okay.”

We wished each other a good night and I went to the bed with Sally sitting all over my soul. I woke up in the morning and saw her message stating, “No, I can’t.”

I got angry and stopped talking with her and ignored her messages for three days but noticed that she didn’t call me once, only messages. I thought she is not interested and got offended. It was Friday around 4 pm and the office was about to be closed after two hours. A peon came to me and said, “Someone has come to visit you, should I allow them?”

I thought it might be someone from our business client. I was looking inside of one of my paper folder when a lady arrived, as I was busy looking for a paper in a folder without looking at her I said, “Have a seat madam” after about half a minute passed and I was still searching a paper she cleared her throat and I finally looked at her and saw a lady wearing blue reflectors with a black top who was none other than Sally.

“So, would you like to ignore me now? Like you did to my texts?” She said in a low pitch voice so that no one else can hear it.

“I am so sorry Sally; I was angry and thought you got offended.”

“You know, I like to play games,” She said removing her glasses.”

I took her to the client room so we can talk properly. We sat on the round table.

“Don’t play this kind of games with me; I will make you pay for it later.”

“Oh!! I am afraid of you now,” She said sarcastically.

After a moment of silence and a wild stare between us she lifts her left leg and puts it on her other leg while staring in my eyes as if she was saying, “you can’t do shit, you are clean bowled by my beauty.”

“So, Sally is going to the Maldives to visit a fashion designing workshop leaving Bangalore at 7.30 pm, would an angry teddy-bear join Sally or not?” She said.

With a wild smile on my face I said, “Harami saali (you fucking bitch), Sho is going for a business meeting to the Maldives in the evening.”

After a little stare we both burst out with a huge laugh but luckily none of collogue saw us. I told Sally to go down and wait in the foyer of the office apartment, Meanwhile, I went to my reception desk and told them that I am going for a client visit, took my bag and jumped all the stairs at a lightning speed because we had a flight to catch.

I asked Sally to follow me to the parking. The moment we reached the basement area I just grabbed her hand and made her run with me to my rented BMW. We sat in it and started to go towards my home.

“Everything aside, how did you find my office?”

“You know facebook Mr. Teddy-bear?” She said.

My face got grin as I felt a little dumb but then told her to sit back and enjoy the wild BMW ride as we were short of time.

When we reached the apartment, we rushed to my flat. I unlocked my house, took her in, closed the door and suddenly pushed on the sidewall and planted a hard French kiss and just ran away in the room, packed my bag, took my passport and came out in the hall in 2 minutes while Sally was still standing stuck on the wall as if she was ghosted.

I grabbed her hand and opened the door, took her out and locked the house. Sally was not speaking anything but I can see she was not angry. I called the elevator, called an ola and reached the airport. We got our tickets done and were on the plane at 7.30. Sally was still not saying a word and neither do I as everything was going perfect.

I kept rubbing her palm with my fingers, sometimes poked her palm with my nails informing her about the storm about to come when we reach our hotel I booked when we were on the road to the airport. When we were about halfway to reach the Maldives, she put her head on my shoulder and stared at me eye to eye before closing it as if surrendering her-self to me but never spoke a single word.

At around 9.30 landed in the Maldives and by 10.30 we were at our hotel still holding each other’s hands we went to the reception table. I urged them to give us a room on the highest floor as possible. They handed us the keys and asked us to put our luggage so that they can transfer it to the room but I didn’t want anyone to interrupt our moment so I said, “No, it’s fine I will take it.”

We were given a room on the 18th floor. I opened the room still holding hands pulled her inside and rammed the door and before any one of us can explore the room and the view she just jumped on me wrapping her legs around my waist. üsküdar escort I was not ready for it and we almost fell but without a fear of falling down she started kissing me madly and her tongue was exploring my mouth with unbelievable eagerness.

I started responding by biting her lip till her lower lip got burst and blood was coming out of it. I drank her blood like a vampire. I grabbed her neck with both of my hands and pressured it with a little push to talk.

“Told you; you will have to pay for playing a game with me.”

“Wait & watch asshole, I am not your wife or one of your weakling bitches.”


Before I complete a sentence she bit the fuck out of my neck. I was in pain and don’t know what to do, after a few seconds I drubbed her in the wall ruthlessly. She felt the pain still kept the bite like a blood-hungry vampire. I was left with no choice but to drub her in the bed. “Thadd…” The bed sounded as we landed on it.

I grabbed her neck again with both hands and kept her down while chocking her with my left hand and unbuttoned her jeans with my right hand while she was rambling in the bed to get out of my grip, she even tried to hit my balls but I locked her legs. I unzipped her jeans just rushed my right hand inside her panty and rubbed her vagina. She was still out of control until I entered my two fingers deep inside her cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! OH GOD…FUCK Yaaaaaaahhhhh,” The scream came out of her mouth.

I jumped on the side in a single hop gripping her vagina intensely. She was in control now. I gave her the side of my palm to bite. She bit it but now softly. I lowered down her pant a little more having a fine view of her completely clean vagina she cleaned for me. I started hitting her G-spot harder, with my side palm in her mouth she was moaning out of pleasure and my cock was throbbing inside my bottom.

I kept on fingering more intensely while she removed my palm from her mouth as I took my palm to taste her saliva with hot eye contact to show her how much I am into her. She rubs her hand on my dick before slowly unbuttoning my pants. She lowered my underwear with both her hands while I was still fingering her softly and my long 8″ cock rammed into her face rock hard.

“Are you afraid of a fat Muslim cock? You definitely are not one of my weakling babes but I’m also not a small dick like your future hubby or your little inky-winky boyfriends, Got it?” I said with a smile.

She took my dick inside her mouth and bitten my dick softly to show her dominance and said, “You want me to bite it harder?”

I pinched her vagina hard and said, “You want me to pinch it harder?”

She finally obeyed like a controlled bitch. After a few moments, I removed her pants keeping her panties on we got into 69 and Sally’s experience was felt with her Blow-job skills whilst I was enjoying drinking her sour pussy juice. Suddenly my pre-cum came out and I thought she would need a cloth to remove it but at the drop of a dime, she licked it all up and swallowed it. “My friend is a lucky guy,” I said as we kept doing our work.

After a few minutes of penetration of her rosy tunnel with my tongue, she did cum all over the bed with a soul-satisfying moan. She was calm now. I stepped down the bed and stood up on the floor, grabbed her in my arms while kissing her soft lips I took her near the French window with a view of cool blue sea.

I put her down on her feet. I removed all my clothes while watching her standing near the French window than proceed to remove all her clothes. Standing now my body bare against her, I feel the warmth of her skin and inhale that sweet body scent of hers as I touch her neck with my lips. These are needed kisses that I plant up her neck while my hand naturally starts to feel over the smooth shape of her arse. Just feeling the curve of her satin skin makes my cock twitch. This body so made for pleasure, just drives me crazy. I keep stroking her, caressing the flowing skin under my hand before I feel the urge build and my hand quickly moves away and returns with more pace. I know the spank will send a sexy shudder through her. I caress and rub her slightly reddened skin, warming her beneath my fingers before repeating the chastisement that I know she loves. Seeing her respond to my control fuels my horn levels further, my mind so locked in this singular moment of raw sexual desire. I don’t know why but suddenly she was in total control.

“Where are all your aggression, Strongwoman?”

“I am sorry Shoaib, please be gentle with me.”

“You see this mark on my neck? you had your fun, now it’s my time Sally, get down on your knees and start brushing your lips around the thing that is going to impale the fuck out of you,”

My shaft hardens and stiffens as she tastes me anointing her with my pre-cum, quivering with my heartbeat. Her tongue makes long, languorous strokes over my length before circling my cockhead, tuzla escort the wet heat of her flesh a scorching ecstasy. I let it go gentle for a few minutes before grabbing her head and thrusting my dick balls deep till she went out of breath and repeated it several times.

“Now lick my balls,” I said.

She slowly took my dick out of her mouth and went on to lick and suck my bass while her hands were around my ass at the same time I was making my cock ready by stroking it right in front of her eyes. My balls were all covered with her hot saliva and my dick was ready to plunge inside her sweet cunt.

“Its time Sally, the time you show me how strong you are.”

“What do you want Shoaib?” she asked.

“Get up, and turn that ass towards me, I want to impale my boy inside you.”

“But, you are not wearing a condom.”

“Just turn around, I don’t give a fuck about the condom.”

She hesitated to turn around so I grabbed her hand and turned her around. I spat on my right hand and lubed her already wet pussy. I bent my body a bit while stroking my slightly upward curved throbbing cock like it was finding a perfect target to its new victim. I grabbed her hair with my left hand and pulled them ruthlessly and planted my whole cock inside her hot vagina through her soft resisting flesh. She screamed like a little slut, she stood up on her toes because of pain, her body was shaking. She expected me to take a little time before I bang her full fledge but I did it the other way.

I kept my dick inside and didn’t stroke it, just hold it there, pulled her hairs a little more and bitten her shoulder to make her realize what she did with my neck. I pinched her nipples and stretched them to their maximum. She was screaming like a slut being fucked for the first time I deep-down knew she is liking it.

After a few, I pulled my dick out but before it is completely out I again stroked it to her core with even more harshness which made her scream even louder, I put my right-hand fingers in her mouth and started fucking her with long hard shots. She bites my fingers with lust I slowly took them out of her mouth and took a hold on her neck choking her and kept fucking her like that till she got almost out of energy and dropped her head on my left shoulder. I slowed down the pace and slowly released the chock. my hand was now traveling toward her clit, caressing her nipples midway before playing with her navel for a while slowly I started rubbing her clits which eventually took her to the climax. I took my cock out and threw her on the bed, widespread and in total control of mine.

I jumped on the bed between her nice toned chubby legs and slowly crawled towards her thick thighs, placing my cock on top of her navel and said, “Do you now understand who’s in charge here?” she nodded her head with an acceptance of defeat in her eyes. I spat on her pussy lips and slowly put my cock inside her and started fucking her in romantic missionary while kissing very gently.

“Do you like it this way, slow and romantic or the hardcore like we did earlier,” I asked.

“I’ve always liked it hardcore until you banged me on that glass window, I’ve always had somewhat 5 inches who lasts for five minutes. It was more like I fucked them kind of sex. But you, you are different. Your giant dick, when slow, feels better than them fucking at their maximum speed.”

“You mean better than your fiancee too?”

“You are making me feel bad, but ya you are much better.”

Hearing it my dick got even harder as I picked up a little bit pace but still keeping it very much softcore. Her low pitch moans were an absolute cherry on the cake for me to enjoy the situation. My cock was going in and out whilst my mouth was playing with her ears and my hands were enjoying her firm big ass. I was about to reach my climax so I slowly removed my cock out of her sweet pink pussy.

“Hey Sally, come here and blow me,” As I set on my knees and my ass on my feet stroking my giant dick with the right hand.

Sally crawled with a hunger of a slut in her eyes. She licked my left thighs starting from my knee and reached my cum filled balls, she played with them for a little while very gently then slowly moving her tongue from the bottom of my dick and reaches the top of my shaft.

She slowly rubbed her teeth on the top portion of my dick making me say, “Ohh! baby, that feels out of this world” as she smiled at me. She then ran her tongue around my shaft before started stroking in with the lips encircling it.

As my moans got stronger I asked her to stroke it harder with her hands. She took her mouth off of it and started stroking it harder while keeping her tongue working on my dick skin like a pornstar.

“I’m coming babe, ahh! Aaaahhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” and spilled all the load on her beautiful face and neck as well as some of it on her breast. She took my dick inside her mouth to clean the remaining cum and swallowed it. She kissed my dick as I fell on the bed completely exhausted.

She went to the bathroom, cleaned herself self and came out. She then turned off the lights of the room, put air-conditioner on a little lower temperature and jumped on the bed beside me as we cuddled and slept with each other like “two-body one-soul” for the whole night.

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