Friends Ch. 03

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Steve reached behind and grabbed the glass of water from the nightstand, letting Amy take a quick drink before finishing the rest of it. He didn’t like letting go of her, but he knew the night was far from over.

He quickly followed Amy under the covers, suddenly remembering the cold. She moved over just enough to let him in the bed before they both cuddled together closely. They didn’t talk for a long time, both just staring at each other and grinning uncontrollably. Hands moved over bodies, but it was more admiring than arousing.

“You know I’ve dreamed about this for years, but it’s hard for me to believe,” Steve finally said.

“Why?” she asked him, genuinely intrigued.

“Well, for starters I thought we pretty much covered the “more than friends” thing awhile ago,” he explained, referencing his tentative advances from years before.

“In my defense, that was before I felt your hard-on pressing into my ass,” she said, still feeling excited and hoping Steve wasn’t done yet.

“Then either you never paid attention or I did a better job of hiding them than I had thought.”

“Really?” she said, surprised by this new information.

“You’ve had me hard so many times….Just about every time we slept in the same bed, all I could ever think about was avoiding thinking about you doing what you just did. Which of course made me think about it.”

“So what would you do?” Amy was getting turned on again while she listened to Steve tell her how much he used to fantasize about her.

“Well, it was the worst when you’d want to spoon,” he started.

“Like tonight,” she said, giggling.

“Exactly. I thought there were at least a few times when you would’ve felt me. I just tried to keep my hips away from you, but then you’d shift or something. Every time I thought I was busted I’d wait for you to say something and my heart would just be pumping because I was so on edge.”

“So then what, you’d just wait for me to fall asleep and then roll away?”

“Well, actually…” Steve started, blushing a little. “Most of the time I’d have to do more than that.” This was a little embarrassing for him, but he knew Amy would get a kick out of it more than anything.

“What do you mean?” she asked giddily, already suspecting what he was going to say.

“Well, I’d wait for you to fall asleep, and made sure you were really asleep. Then I’d have to sneak off to the bathroom and jerk off.”

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed laughingly.

“What, I had to! Otherwise I never would’ve gotten any sleep.” They both laughed about it as each thought back to the times they had shared a bed.

“Well, if I had only known then what I know now, I could’ve saved you the trouble,” Amy told him, her tone changing subtly.

“And if I had known then what I know now, I would’ve had to jerk off at least twice to fall asleep.”

“So my blowjob lived up to expectations?” she said, that sexual playfulness returning.

“Way beyond expectations. You really sucked the life out of me.”

“You certainly bets10 had a lot of life in you,” Amy said into his chest, smiling. One hand was lightly roaming over his chest, while the other admired his back.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Steve said, blushing a little.

“Oh that’s ok, I don’t mind,” she answered casually.

“So I noticed. But next time I expect a little more from you,” Steve teased. He was already looking forward to the next time like he head never done for anything in his life. Just thinking about it made him want to speed up his “recovery.”

Amy had noticed the “next time” reference and immediately decided there was going to be a next time. Many “next times”. She leaned up to look at Steve, roughly using his chest for support. He grunted and smiled playfully, his smile wide on his face.

“And what the hell does that mean? It seemed to me you were enjoying yourself.”

“Oh, I certainly did. I just noticed that you didn’t quite catch all of the “life” you were so earnestly sucking out of me.” Steve smiled at her, obviously goading her. He could feel himself getting closer to ready again, but not quite there. But he had a plan for that.

“First of all, I didn’t know you were such a neat freak,” Amy started. “Second, I didn’t know you were gonna cum so hard. Third, and most important, I didn’t know there was going to be so much of it. That was seriously a big load, so I thought I handled it pretty damn well.” Amy was getting aroused all over again, and she hoped Steve would be up for more. “Maybe next time I’ll let even more out.”

“I thought jerking me off with my own cum was a nice touch,” Steve said quietly. He didn’t give her a chance to respond and pulled her head down to his. His heart was beating faster again, the excitement not even close to wearing off. Steve kissed her slowly at first, letting the kiss build its own momentum.

Amy told herself she should have known Steve wasn’t done. He had always told her he’d fuck her all night long, and now maybe he would. Thinking about that, and Steve’s tongue mischievously toying with her own was making Amy wet. Amy moved her arm down Steve’s naked torso, moaning appreciatively as she felt his toned body. She started playing with Steve’s package, wanting his flaccid member to hurry up and get hard again.

Steve knew he could just let Amy fondle and play with him until he got hard again, but he had better ideas. He rolled over, Amy letting go of him so that Steve was half on top of Amy. Steve pulled away momentarily, looking intently into Amy’s eyes as he climbed on top of her. Without hesitation Amy opened her legs for him, letting Steve settle onto her.

Steve stroked her face for a moment, neither saying a word. Amy had never looked at him the way she was, and Steve was sure it was more than just the sex. But for now, there would at least be more sex. He slowly leaned down and began kissing her. He built momentum slowly, feeling her hands running over his body. Soon enough they were kissing hotly again, and bets10 giriş Steve knew he could get hard now.

But he knew that would have to wait. Steve moved his mouth to Amy’s neck, which he knew she loved. That was confirmed by Amy’s instantaneous moans, and she started squirming underneath him. He moved closer to her ear, flicking his tongue along the edge.

“I’m going to eat your pussy,” he whispered matter-of-factly.

“Yes Steve,” was all she could whisper.

Steve immediately began to move down her body, kissing and licking as he went. Amy held his head in her hands, but let him move at his own pace. No matter where he kissed her, it felt wonderful, so there was no hurry. When he finally reached the tops of her breasts, she let her hands fall from his head. She had always been a big fan of having her tits played with, and she knew Steve certainly would be.

She cupped both breasts in her hands, pushing them together. Steve took the cue and began to kiss and lick them slowly. Amy closed her eyes, focusing on Steve’s hot mouth against her skin. She felt him run his tongue down her cleavage, and she arched her back, pushing herself into him.

Steve opened his mouth wide and engulfed Amy’s left nipple. Amy moaned loudly at the sudden sensation, and then again when Steve started flicking her erect nipple with his tongue. He sucked in for a second before releasing her, but then moved to her other breast and repeated it. He’d always thought that women didn’t really like having their breasts the focus of attention, and Amy was the first woman he’d been with to obviously disagree with that theory.

“How long have you wanted to do that?” Amy quietly asked.

“You mean suck on your gorgeous tits?” Steve pretended to think for a moment, mouthing calculations to himself. “As long as I’ve known you.” Amy laughed lightly, but enough that the flesh in her hands jostled noticeably. “Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s something else I’ve been wanting to do.” And with that, Steve resumed kissing his way down her torso.

Amy was not the biggest fan of having guys go down on her, but she thought Steve might be different. Most guys think of it as a necessary obligation, doing it as often and with as much enthusiasm as needed to keep a decent supply of blowjobs coming. But when Steve had whispered in her ear, it sounded like he wanted to. Either way, this was one of the few times Amy really wanted to be eaten out.

Steve moved past her stomach, although he would have liked to be able to appreciate it more. Whenever Amy flexed for anything, like to laugh or moan, there was just a hint of a six-pack, which Steve found incredibly sexy. He paused briefly at her bellybutton, licking around the edge before poking his tongue into it. Amy took a deep breath, apparently appreciating the hint of what was to come.

As Steve moved farther down, he grabbed the thin strap of Amy’s panties by her hips. She immediately brought her hips up off of the bed, letting Steve slide the thin fabric down her legs. bets10 güvenilir mi As Steve leaned back down to the bed, Amy spread her legs apart, keeping them bent at the knees.

Amy watched Steve intently, waiting to feel his mouth. She quickly felt it, but not where she wanted to. Not that having Steve kiss her inner thighs wasn’t a great sensation, but she wanted more. She found herself playing with her nipples in her hands, kneading her own breasts in excitement.

Steve noticed how excited Amy was without even looking at her pussy. Her scent was light in the air, a tangy odor that got Steve’s heart racing. He massaged Amy’s thighs with his hands before leaning his head forward. He ran the hard tip of his tongue up the length of her slit, amazed at how wet she already was. And it was the best pussy he’d ever tasted.

Amy arched her back, her chest rising right along with Steve’s tongue. She squeezed her tits together and moaned, needing more. She closed her eyes as Steve began to lightly kiss her lips, just like he was kissing her mouth. The sensation was incredibly relaxing, and Amy was in bliss.

Amy groaned suddenly, feeling Steve dart his tongue in and out of her hole. The groan turned into a long moan when his tongue licked up to her clit, massaging the sensitive bundle of nerves. Amy lost track of time as Steve worked, his tongue and mouth seemingly everywhere.

She could feel an orgasm building as Steve methodically ate her pussy. His tongue swirled and curled, probed and licked her until she was pushing her hips up towards his mouth. While Steve was making patterns on her clit with his tongue, Amy felt him insert a long finger into her aching hole.

Even having just that little bit of him inside her was amazing. She unconsciously brought her knees up towards her chest, opening herself to Steve even more. Her hands moved down to hold Steve’s head, pulling his head towards her sex. Suddenly she felt another finger slide into her wet pussy while Steve licked her clit with more force.

The orgasm finally hit her, like a train. She knew words were coming out of her mouth, or at least she thought they might have been words. Lights flashed in front of her eyes as her body was racked with wave after wave of ecstasy. Her body convulsed beyond her control until her climax began to slowly recede.

Seemingly an eternity later, Amy opened her eyes, one hand gripping Steve’s hair, the other clutching her breast. She realized that she was now lying diagonally across the bed, having bucked and squirmed so heavily. She looked down at Steve, who was looking back at her while he continued to lightly kiss her slit.

“Steve, that was…unbelievable.”

“Thank you. I know you’re not a big fan, but I thought I’d give it a try.”

“Well, I’m a big fan now,” Amy said, her hands splaying out to the side as she caught her breath. She felt Steve start kissing his way back up her torso, and she just laid back enjoying how good this all felt. She moaned when he reached her neck, his kisses sending goosebumps over her body.

Steve waited for Amy to turn her head slightly before seeking out her mouth. He kissed her lightly at first, but he was still quite turned on from Amy’s vocal climax. He wondered if she realized what she had been saying.

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