Friendly Neighbour

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The middle classes are a curious breed. Determined to be seen to do ‘the right thing’ and eternally aspirational, there seems to be little of more importance on their horizons than wearing the right clothes, sending their beautiful, talented children to the right schools and living in that area which is ‘super’.

The truth is, they are human, just like you and me. I’m probably middle class if you wanted to unpack my background, more comfortable in the polite sitting rooms of the educated rather than the bawdier denizens of those who worked with their hands.

Now forgive me if you feel I’m generalizing furiously – I don’t mean to and I certainly don’t mean to cause offence. I am merely trying to set the scene rapidly and in a way that you can hopefully relate to.

I lived in such an area, much sought after, in fact my wife and I had a very large house and, in some ways that made us the envy of many. God knows why because the gardening alone was three hours a weekend and that was just to keep on top of it.

I have always been a restless soul and my life has seen many countries, cultures and customs. Yet I always seem to return to these safe enclaves, until I tire of them.

I had tired of this one and, despite multiple requests for more enjoyment in our lives, my wife seemed to think that settling down (whatever that meant) was a good thing and just being so-called normal was an achievement. Little did we know how bored people were in our neighbourhood. I mean, you couldn’t buy a house with more than two bedrooms for less than a million and a quarter, most folks seemed to have two cars and everyone, I mean everyone, sent their children to the private schools nearby.

However, just like the serenity of swans, it wasn’t the whole picture. A lot of the folk around us were up to their eyeballs in debt, the wives, having snagged the eligible and successful husband, were pretty bored with parenting and their youth wasn’t that far behind them for them not to yearn for, shall we say, a little more interest in their lives.

My marriage had collapsed and I had moved away, the wife keeping the large house. Occasionally I would return and the odd nod of recognition would be offered my way by my ex-neighbours but since I wasn’t in the same circles anymore, I didn’t count.

And so it was, one fine day, that I happened to be in the neighbourhood, dropping off some legal missive to my wife when I espied my old neighbor across the road.

Julie was in her mid thirties with dirty blonde hair and a trim figure. I knew she still swam and she was keen to maintain that youthful shine which had drawn a few lustful eyes her way when she was younger. Pretty, she dressed quite often to impress and it would be a happy day for me when I would see her off to walk her children to school, wearing the tightest jeans and heels. To this day, I don’t know why she would but that didn’t stop me enjoying it.

Today was a sweltering day, though, and she was dressed in a sleeveless top and a denim skirt, ending above her knees and helping to show off her well shaped calves. I remembered the shape of her tight arse in her jeans and tried not to let it show when she waved at me.

“Hello stranger,” she said, smiling, her hand shielding her eyes from the sun, “how have you been?”

I walked across the road and smiled hello back. We chatted for a while and I was lucky enough to kaçak iddaa be wearing sunglasses so I could thoroughly check out her slim frame, perky breasts encased in a white bra, the edge of which I could see under her armpit.

“It’s lucky I bumped into you,” she said. It turned out that there was a problem with her garage door, inasmuch as it wasn’t closing properly and she wondered if I would take a look at it. Her husband was away for a few days and the usual neighbor who she would ask was on a family holiday, with the children, in term time of all times, none of which was really of interest to me.

“Of course, why don’t I see you round there?” I replied, not wanting to be seen walking into the front of her house. Our neighbourhood loved a good gossip, you see.

Their garage was at the back of the property, backing on to a laneway and I walked round, down the cobbled surface, until I came to a clearly broken garage door. I could hear her from the other side.

“Jeepers, this is a bit done in, isn’t it?” I said, laughing a bit.

After about half an hour, I had found the problem, fixed it and tested the door so that it was working fine. Julie had been chatting away whilst I was working so it hadn’t been too tough, especially when she was passing me tools as I was up the ladder, her stretching upwards outlining those firm looking breasts.

“Do you want a drink? You’re quite sweaty and it’s really hot.” I thanked her and said it would be lovely, I wouldn’t be staying long and would like to wash my hands anyway. She said that I didn’t need to worry as the kids were at school for about three more hours anyway and she wasn’t doing a lot anyway.

I enjoyed following her up the path because I could make out the shape of her arse under her skirt. Thankfully I had my shades down because I caught her looking at me in the glass of the door and I was glad she hadn’t seen me ogling her. I mean, she was a neighbor and that sort of thing just didn’t happen, even if you had moved.

She made up a jug of iced fruit drink and we sat either end of the sofa at the back of her house. She kicked off her shoes and pulled her legs up under her and we chatted a bit. I could see out over their small garden through the floor to ceiling glass doors but no one seemed able to look in on us.

We started to giggle a bit about some of the behaviour that went on in the neighborhood and then I tried my luck.

“Well, you were a disturbance,” I said.

“What do you mean?” she replied, looking slightly confused.

“You walking down the road in those jeans, I’m sure a few fathers nearly crashed their cars checking you out.” I was smiling as I said this, looking into her eyes, trying to gauge her reaction.

“What was wrong with those jeans? And which jeans?” she pretended to look offended and act as if it meant nothing but I could tell she liked the backhanded compliment.

“Anyway, you clearly were looking so you wouldn’t have seen any other men.” She looked at me as she said this, clearly challenging me.

“Oh, sure, I was curious how the hell you could get into them. They looked monster tight.” I replied, still smiling.

“I don’t know which ones you mean,” she said, her eyes betraying her, “but if you mean the white ones, they are easy to get into, just like a normal pair.”

Her cute jaw was jutting out and her eyes a mix of mischief and defiance.

“Prove kaçak bahis it.” I let the challenge hang in the air, not breaking from the staring competition that was going on.

After about ten seconds, she said, defiantly, “Fine,” and got up from the sofa to go to change. As she almost flounced, I shouted after her, “And don’t forget the heels.”

I didn’t hear anything and thought I might have blown my chances so finished my glass and started to think about what else I had to do that day.

“Are these the ones you meant?” I heard her and turned from looking at the garden.

She still had the sleeveless top on but she had put on the white jeans that hugged all her contours, firm against her thighs, only slightly yielding their grasp below the knees before continuing down to encase her calves, ending above some black, patent leather high heels.

Trying to remain cool, I calmly said, “Not sure,” and twirled my finger, signaling her to spin round.

She rolled her eyes, but put her hands on her hips and spun round, not too quickly either. Her pert little bottom seemed to be like a well formed peach, helped by her slender hips and the denim left little to the imagination.

I swallowed and she saw it. There was a gleam in her eye and I knew I had to play this one carefully.

“Easy to get on?” I said, trying to remain cool.

She cocked her head and didn’t answer, just raising an eyebrow. I stood up and walked over to her, she remained motionless with her hands on her hips and stared at me, not breaking her gaze.

I got to about arms’ length away and decided to tease her. I slowly looked down her body with a half smile on my face and proceeded to walk around her, as if inspecting her, which I was. I stopped behind her and let out an “Hmmm” in a more thoughtful than lustful tone.

“What?” she said, throwing her gaze over her shoulder at me but not moving.

“Well they certainly are tight, that much I can see clearly.” I had a bit of a lump in my throat and could feel my cock stiffening. I didn’t want to walk out in front of her tenting madly. At least not yet.

I came closer, behind her left shoulder. I could see a few strands of hair moving under my breath.

“Your arse does look fantastic in them.” Her eyes looked into mine and I leaned forward. Her head arched back gently and my lips met hers at the exact same time I gripped her arse with my right hand.

She started slightly because I was squeezing and using it to pull her left buttock into my groin as well as pushing my tongue into her mouth. Her lips parted and she started to meet my tongue with hers. Her left hand dropped down and felt for my now fully stiff cock in my shorts and I reached up with my left hand and held her throat, forcing her head back as I dove into her mouth.

She moaned slightly so I trailed my hand down her front, between her breasts, feeling her lift her chest to meet it but I continued down her stomach until I was at the bottom of her top. Under it my hand snaked and felt her flat stomach before reaching up to cup her left breast through her bra. This wasn’t enough for me so I yanked the front edge down, freeing her breast and a taut nipple. I rolled that nipple between my fingers, alternating the pressure, all the while cupping her breast. Still my other hand was on her arse but I slid it down until I could form a blade with it illegal bahis and lift it into her centre.

She was whimpering and when she tried to turn to be against me, I held her back, pulling my left hand down to her jeans when I popped the button.

She gasped and forced herself round, breaking my grasp. I reached for her but she knocked my hands away, then both her hands reached for my waistband, her head lowered and she was on her knees. By then she had undone my shorts and literally tugged them down my legs.

My cock sprang forward and she placed her hands on my thighs before putting her mouth over the end and forcibly lowering her head. Before I knew it her nose was nuzzling against my groin and then she withdrew, looked up at me and buried my cock deep in her throat again.

This was exquisite, the feeling of fucking her throat, so much so that I held her hair away so I could see her working my shaft. She tilted her head so I could see her clearly and bounced her head up and down on my cock.

This was getting too much for me and I had other plans.

I pulled her head off my cock, reached down and pulled her sharply to her feet. Her lips were swollen as well as a lot of saliva dripped from her mouth. I kissed her roughly, gripped her hips and spun her around. My hands encircled her waist and pulled her zipper down before forcing her jeans down to mid thigh. My right hand held her left shoulder and forced her into a ninety degree angle with her hands on the kitchen counter.

I wanted to relish this moment, this sweet pause in proceedings. I looked down and could see her little arse, pale from never being suntanned, round and cute, split by a cleft which trailed down past her puckered ring to what looked like a glistening slit.

I gripped her left hip and took my cock in the other hand and slowly trailed it up and down her slit. She threw her head back and I could see her right hand snake underneath her.

When the head of my cock was covered thoroughly in her juices, I just jammed it. Her whole body spasmed and I heard an animalistic groan fill the room. My cock was buried in her and she was there, bent over and it was time to fuck her.

I slid my cock back and then slammed it forward. This continued for a while, slowly out, hard in, she freezing in anticipation at each thrust, then seeming to almost collapse before preparing for the other.

My right thumb started to circle her arsehole and, with her taking a pounding and me driving hard at her, it didn’t take long to pop in. The first knuckle was in her hole, my cock was keeping up its momentum and this felt great.

I forced my thumb into her deeper and her back arched. Her hand had been furiously working at her clitoris, I could feel it as my balls swung against it on the in stroke. Clearly this was something that worked well because I saw and felt the orgasm ride over her. She was moaning and spasming in equal measures, almost bucking back against me as I fucked her.

This looked great from my angle and I could feel my nuts start to tingle in that delicious way. Pretty soon I was pumping spurt after spurt into her and grunting in time with my hardest thrusts. My thumb still buried in her, my cock spent, I stayed still, catching my breath.

She was panting but not moving so I wiggled my thumb.

She squealed softly and jerked a bit. This caused my softening cock to pop out so I giggled and pulled my thumb out. She stood up and looked over her shoulder at me, her eyes trying to look reproachful but clouded with post orgasmic bliss.

“Good to see you again,” she said.

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