Friendly Encounter

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I stepped into the shower, letting the hot water pound my tired body. I let the stress from my horrible day at work pour out of me, resting my head against the tile wall with the water at my back. I forgot about the bad ideas that had been tossed around and the amount of paperwork that I would have to deal with in the morning.

Turning around, I let the water sweep over my breasts, travel down my stomach and caress my thighs. It seemed like it had been weeks since anything but water had touched me. No masculine hands had stroked my curves, no tongue had lapped at my nipples before making its way down to my pussy. Maybe that’s what was wrong with me, I needed sex.

I let my hands roam down between my legs. Yep, my pussy was slick. I teased my clit, rubbing my fingers across it, hoping an orgasm would completely eradicate the tension I was feeling. I started to caress my breasts with one hand. Squeezing and pulling my nipples, feeling my body warm to the attention. I scooted down, grabbing my hand held shower head on the way to laying out in the tub. Switching it to pulse, I let my knees fall apart, letting the water pulse against my inner thigh, slowly moving it closer to my pussy.

My eyes closed, my breathing ragged, I let the water vibrate against my clit, pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I let my mind wander, let a faceless man walk into my mind and imagined him uncovering his body for my pleasure. His chest was lean and molded, his nipples perfect round accents. A small line of hair on his stomach pointed the way to what I had been craving. His fingers went to the waistband of his pants, fingers unsnapping and unzipping until they uncovered his beautifully shaped cock.

My hips jumped against the pulsing of the water, I was so close! My nipples pointed towards the sky, begging for a tongue to soothe their ache. My pussy was engorged and sensitive, needing to be pounded by a dick. My imagination continued to play out the striptease.

He brought his naked body closer, his hand stroking his dick up and down, presenting it to me. I wanted it in my mouth and let my lips fall apart in offering. He brought it closer, ready to put it to my lips. My fingers replaced the shower head, rubbing my clit furiously, bringing me closer and closer to the end. He continued to bring his dick closer, and yet it seemed like it was miles away. I needed it in my mouth.

I could feel my orgasm just out of reach so I rubbed faster, harder, my other hand squeezing my breasts repeatedly. My hips bounced up and down faster and faster. I needed to be fucked and hard. I felt the tension continuing to build. My muscles tensing as my pussy got wetter and wetter, my nipples harder and harder. I was so close to cumming, I was so close. Here it comes, here it comes…and I lost it. I couldn’t finish. My body knew it was missing the touch of a man, the feel of his hands, his tongue, the feel of his dick in my mouth.

I turned the water off, stepping out and wrapping a towel around my body. I looked toward the mirror as I toweled off my body and noticed the flush of my skin and the hard nipples. My lips were swollen and red and my eyes were dark with passion. Without giving myself a chance to change my mind, I threw on a summer dress without panties and jumped in the car with my favorite adult store as my destination. I was going to get me a toy that would help with the tension.


I made my way in, flashing a smile towards the clerk behind the counter and made my way towards the toy section. The place had very few canlı bahis people out front, which was normal, since most of the patrons went for the private viewing booths in the back. I noticed a few new movie titles and decided I would pick up a video to help with my problem.

Crouching down to see some of the more interesting titles involving threesomes and girl on girl action I didn’t notice a guy moving in my direction.

“See anything interesting?”

I came up from my crouching position with a scathing retort ready.

“Wait, before you shoot me down, cause I see that look in your eyes, I’m not hitting on you or anything, I’m just trying to be nice. Please don’t get offended.” He seemed to be genuine in his apology so I smiled at him.

“Sorry, it’s just that I’m not here to make friends, and I’ve had a pretty rough day at work. I just came here for some new stuff to take home.”

“Hey I get it. A beautiful woman like you comes in here and I’m sure guys are falling all over themselves to get to you. And I know that sounded like a line, but it’s not. I’m pretty much in here for the same thing as you, but I guess pretty much everyone in here is here for the same reason huh.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I guess this guy wasn’t that bad.

“I’m Lisa, and yeah, we’re all pretty much here for the same reason.”

“Brian, nice to meet you. I would ask if you come here often but that sounds too much like I’m trying to hook up and get to know you so I guess I’ll just drop it and say it was nice to meet you, and maybe I’ll see you some other time. I’m going to take this video home and see if it’s any good. You know these things can be hit or miss.”

I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was the sexy brown eyes he was looking at me with, or maybe the friendly stance. He was an overall good-looking guy, and that could be why I let the words come out of my mouth.

“You know, they may have that title in the viewing booths, and that way you know if you really want to get it. It’s only a few bucks to see it here.”

“I’ve never been in one of those viewing booths, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to take that step.”

“Well, it’s not as bad as I’m sure you’ve heard. These are pretty clean and it’s very private. The ones on the end have glory holes if you’re into that, but the first four booths don’t.”

“I’m not really into the whole glory hole thing so I’d do one without, but I still don’t know…”

“I’ll come with you…I mean, since it’s your first time maybe having a friend with you may make it easier. And it will save you from having a movie you don’t like in your collection.” Had I just offered to watch porn with him in a private viewing booth? The idea didn’t seem so bad, and I felt a pleasant tingle start between my legs.

“OK, since you’re offering to make my first time in a booth less scary, I guess I’ll go for it. But still not ready for a glory hole.” We went to the counter and paid for our booth. We then awkwardly made our way to the booth area in the back, finding our booth and going in.

There was a screen with a bench across from it. I hung my purse from one of the hooks up on the wall and sat down on the bench. He sat down next to me, leaving a bit of space. I hit the button in the booth to start the movie and watched as a black woman and a white woman began to kiss on a couch. As the actresses made out I sneaked a peek at Brian. He was glancing in my direction out of the corner of his eye.

I started getting wet thinking that I was watching porn with a sexy guy sitting bahis siteleri next to me. I noticed he was sitting very rigidly next to me. His back off the back of the seat and his legs bent in front of him as if he was ready to jump up and leave at any moment. When I noticed how awkward we were making the situation I giggled.

“Hey look, we’re both adults and this movie is kind of exciting. I need to get off and I’d like to start playing with myself. Please let me know if that makes you uncomfortable. If you’d like to pull your dick out and start stroking it, I don’t have a problem with it.”

He let out a deep breath ending in a laugh.

“Wow, this is probably the first time this has ever happened to me. I’m ok with you playing with yourself. Like you said, we’re both adults and I’m glad you kind of laid it out there. It was starting to get kind of weird for me. I guess we’ll just relax, watch the movie and try to get off.”

He visibly relaxed, stretching his long legs in front of him and releasing the tension in his body. I decided to push the limit and see how far this whole thing would go. Remembering that I had left the house without panties or a bra I let one of the straps from my summer dress slide down my shoulder baring the top of my breast and propped a leg up on the bench, giving me better access to my pussy.

I let my hand run up and down my inner thigh, letting the skirt of my dress slide down to my hips and creating shivers down my spine. I kept my eyes glued to the screen as one of the girls knelt in front of the other and tongued her pussy down.

A moan escaped my lips as I let fingers run across my clit. I set my head back onto the wall and let my eyes slip closed. I heard a zipper open as I continued to play with my clit. Some rustling followed and then only the sound of our breathing could be heard. I imagined him with his dick in his hand and my hand moved faster, stroking the opening of my pussy and then back up to my clit.

I opened my eyes to see Brian shirtless and with his dick in his hand. His eyes were focused between my legs as he let his hand glide up and down his beautiful dick. The swollen head seemed to beg for me to wrap my tongue around it. I continued caressing my pussy, loving the way he watched me. I wanted more.

I saw his head come closer, as if he couldn’t see well. Suddenly his breath fluttered across my inner thighs and his eyes locked on mine. His were questioning, afraid that I would tell him no. I nodded my head slowly, praying he would put his tongue on me. Then he did, wrapping his lips around my pussy lips and running his tongue between them, all the way from my clit to my opening.

My head fell back as I let out a moan. He gripped my hips, laying me as best he could on the bench, his head still between my thighs, his mouth drinking in my juices. His tongue darted in and out of my pussy driving me crazy.

His head came up, his hands grabbing the straps of my dress and bringing them down, baring my breasts. His mouth instantly latched onto my hardened nipple, going back and forth between each breasts, his hand rubbing against my pussy, making me wetter and wetter.

I reached my hand down, trying to grab his dick and it felt like hot silk in my hand. He groaned around my nipple, coming up to give me better access. I gently pulled on him, trying to tell him wordlessly that I wanted it in my mouth. He stood up, bringing his dick level with my mouth. I instantly put in in my mouth as he continued to play with my pussy.

He tasted like pure masculinity. bahis şirketleri The salty taste of his skin was like a drug to me and I couldn’t get enough. He brought his other hand up to help hold my head up as I took him as deep into my mouth as I could. I grabbed his ass, pushing his hips forward, making him fuck my mouth with his delicious dick.

He inserted a finger into my awaiting pussy, making my hips buck. I let him finger fuck me as he fucked my mouth. I could feel the pressure building, more and more as he put in another finger, stretching my pussy. My hips were going crazy, bouncing off the seat to give him better access. Suddenly I felt it, the orgasm blew through me making me suck wildly at his dick. My whole body convulsed and he removed his fingers from inside me, making me groan my disappointment.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and picked me up as he sat down on the bench. He pulled me down, making me straddle his hips and pushed his dick deep inside me. I felt another orgasm start to build. The size of his dick made my pussy stretch further as he gripped my hips and forced me to bounce on it. His lips went back to my breasts, sucking at them as I rode him, letting my second orgasm take over my body, my pussy squeezing his dick as it drenched him in my nectar.

His lips came up to my mouth and his tongue swept over mine, the taste of my pussy still clinging to him. I let him seduce my mouth while his dick continued to pound me. His bucking became faster, his rhythm increasing. I knew he was close. I released his lips and whispered in his ear, “Let me swallow it.”

He laid me back down on the bench, his dick abandoning my needy pussy. He put it back in my mouth and I lapped my juices off with my tongue until all I could taste was him. His fingers plunged back into my pussy, tapping my g-spot and making my orgasm once again build.

I felt so sexy, riding his dick with my mouth, squeezing the head with my tongue. My third orgasm caught me by surprise, coming on suddenly and making my back arch off the bench, my hips pushing my pussy onto his fingers over and over again. Immediately I felt his dick swell before he began to shoot his load in my mouth. I swallowed the wonderful sweet taste of his cum over and over, continuing to suck while my own orgasm rocked me.

As we both came down from our high I continued to slowly tongue down his dick, licking it clean. He slid his fingers from my pussy, bringing them to his mouth to lick them clean, a huge smile on his face.

I slowly sat up, fixing my straps and letting the skirt come down over my thighs. He finished fixing his clothes and reached a hand out to me. I stood up and was instantly in his arms. His lips once again latched onto mine and I let him wind me down with his kiss.

Releasing my lips, he guided me out of the booth and out of the store. I pulled him toward my car, unlocking it on the way. He opened the door for me and watched as I sat in the driver’s seat.

“I’ll be back tomorrow, right around this time. It won’t be my first time in a booth anymore but having a friend may make me less anxious.”

“I may be stopping by again tomorrow, right around this time. If we happen to bump into each other, I may be persuaded to help you with your booth anxiety.” I smiled as he closed the door. He popped his head into my open window and captured my lips again.

“Bye beautiful. Hope I was able to help you as much as you helped me.” And with that he walked away towards his car.

Turning the key in my ignition I realized that all my tension was definitely gone and realized with a start that I was actually looking forward to tomorrow. I guess helping people wasn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe I’d start helping more friends in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32