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This is the third story about Jeff and Megan. Please read “Their Best Valentines Day Ever” and “Wednesday” first for a background on the two. All feedback is welcomed and any suggestions. Thanks and enjoy.


The day Jeff and Megan had been counting down to had finally come, Friday.

Jeff’s day at work had flown by surprisingly, but Megan’s had been a day from hell.

Her back was killing her, and several co-workers being absent had stressed her to the max.

Jeff sped home as fast as he could to change and for a fresh shave. Knowing his face would be in close contact with some sensitive skin tonight. Megan on the other hand drove home slowly and went straight to bed upon her arrival.

When Jeff arrived at Megan’s he found her still in the bed. After talking shortly they decided to still go to dinner, but skip the movie. Dinner went well, quick too. The waiter put their main course in to soon after the appetizer. They were done eating and home within an hour.

Megan wasn’t complaining. She was glad to be home and able to lay down flat in her bed. Her back was still killing her despite several glasses of wine. She finally decided to take some pain killers hoping to relieve some tension.

Jeff felt bad that after all week talking up tonight that Megan was in such bad shape. He walked into the bathroom and retrieved the massage oil Megan had gotten for Christmas.

Next he helped Megan remove her clothes till she was down to her silk thong. Damn she was beautiful!

He then lit several of their scented candles and dimmed the lights to set a relaxing mood. As she was laying out on her stomach Jeff removed his pants and shirt as it was hot upstairs, and to have more body contact with Megan. He then poured a good amount of oil in his hand and warmed it up by rubbing his hands together.

When his hands touched Megan she jerked slightly as it wasn’t quite warm enough yet.

She quickly started to relax as his talented and firm hands started massaging away the knot in her back. The massage went on for nearly an hour, with Megan feeling better and better and almost falling asleep.

After Jeff had gotten up and washed his hands he went downstairs to retrieve the ice pack. Megan never was one to ice anything, but Jeff didn’t give her a choice and laid the pack on her back. She asked what it was and he told her to just relax and wait. Seconds later she felt the cold hitting her warm skin.

Megan’s first reaction was to shake it off, but right before she did it started feeling good. Jeff then lay down next to her and started stroking her hair and running his hands up and down her arms. After about twenty minutes he removed the pack and she rolled over onto her back.

Jeff was rewarded with a relaxed look on Megan’s face and her perfectly shaped breasts staring back up at him. His eyes took in all of Megan’s beauty as his eyes traveled down her body. Taking in her flat stomach, her panty covered sex, and down her shapely firm legs. He propped up on his side close to her, and started running his hands all over her body.

Starting with her legs, gently massaging her calves and thighs. Next moving higher as his hands traced her sexy stomach in small circles cumulating at her belly button. Megan was enjoying Jeff’s touches and caress’s as she felt her body coming back to normal.

Megan scooted in closer to Jeff as a little chill went through her body. Thinking it was cold in the bedroom, but then quickly knowing it wasn’t that at all. Their eyes met in an instant followed by their heads moving towards each other. A long passionate kiss started as they both knew what they wanted.

Megan wanting it badly, but not sure how her body would be able to take it due to her back. Jeff read her thoughts immediately as he was usually good at. He softly whispered into her ear “don’t worry about doing anything, let me take all your stresses away.”

Megan nodded her head gently as Jeff’s hand worked its way down her chest and inside her panties. As his finger passed between her slit he immediately found out Megan was already istanbul escort wet.

He leaned down to her once again and told her she had sprung a leak and he would fix that for her. Both laughing lightly as Jeff rolled over onto his stomach starting to kiss her neck. Taking his time he planted small kisses all over her neck and upper chest.

Megan’s body was responding and her hands were roaming all over his back. After nearly ten minutes he finally started making his way further south. Gently he began tracing his tongue all over her breasts. Starting at the outer most edges and working inwards toward her now hardening nipples. Making sure not to touch the peaks yet.

Jeff then took each nipple into his mouth separately. Rolling it around with his tongue, gently sucking on it, bringing it to its max hardness then nibbling slightly. Moving on now to his ultimate goal, Megan’s hands pushing him lower, he stopped briefly to lick around her navel.

Jeff was prepared to take his time, settling into a comfortable position between Megan’s now open legs. Starting at her feet, kissing and tracing his tongue up her legs, behind her knees, and finally to her inner thighs. Planting kisses all along both sides of her inner thighs till her hands coaxed him further inwards.

He had his goal in sight. He had dreamed about making passionate love with his tongue and fingers to her waiting pussy all week. He started kissing her sex through her panties. Feeling her mound with his tongue, sampling what little juices had penetrated her panties.

As Jeff backed away from Megan he grabbed both sides of her panties and slowly pulled them down her legs keeping eye contact the whole time. Settling back down between her legs he stayed back admiring her beautiful and sexy pussy. Moving in he started tracing his tongue up and down the entire length of her outer lips. Sucking and lightly nibbling them as he went. He wanted so badly to dive right in, but knowing it would be much more pleasurable to both if he took his time.

After thoroughly wetting her outer lips Jeff’s tongue came out full length and formed a little spear. Taking his spear he barely parted her slit. Running his tongue up and down, getting a small taste of her sweet juices. Megan’s body was really starting to respond, her hips were undulating upwards to meet his tongue’s advances. Trying to get more of it inside her. Jeff would have none of that though, quickly pulling his tongue back, teasing her so badly.

Finally he let his tongue penetrate fully. Both letting out long moans, both getting what they wanted so badly. Megan, his talented tongue deep in her soaked pussy, Jeff the sweet juices that had collected at her opening. Jeff took his time devouring all the juices he could find without making his way up towards her now prominent clit.

Jeff then took each of her inner lips separately into his mouth. Sucking gently but hard enough to extend them fully in his mouth. Stripping them of any juices that had collected on them. Next moving back to her outer puffy lips and repeating the same process. Megan’s moans becoming stronger and stronger. After he was satisfied and to Megan’s satisfaction he took her throbbing clit into his mouth.

Swirling it around, sucking gently, Megan let out a long moan.


Jeff then used his talented tongue to massage and lick all over her now soaked pussy. Running his tongue flat against her mound up and down its entire length. Taking several minutes at a time to suck her clit and run his tongue over it.

Bringing her body closer and closer to climax, but right before her peak he would move his tongue away to her outer lips or back to her inner thighs. Megan’s hips trying to move his mouth back to her aching clit each time, but to no avail.

Jeff then inserted a finger into her drenched pussy taking Megan’s breath away. Her pussy clamping down on his finger, not daring to let it go. Moving his finger in and out as he continued flicking his tongue over her now super sensitive clit.

Taking his time to loosen her tight cunt avcılar escort muscles up, he started applying a little pressure by adding another finger to her tight pussy.

“Ahhh yessssss that feels sooooo good” Megan almost screamed.

Her hips taking over fucking his fingers with her pussy. Aching for release. Jeff had never had two fingers inside his lover as she had always been too tight. But not tonight, her pussy sucked them back in repeatedly relaxing more and more. Drawing his fingers further and further inside.

Having both fingers buried so deeply inside of her it was almost to hard to bring his tongue in contact with Megan’s clit. To Jeff’s surprise and delight he saw Megan’s hand growing closer and closer to her pussy.

“Would she” he thought. He had always wanted to watch her masturbate, and now he was getting his wish. He watched as her fingers methodically manipulated her clit as only she knew how to do best. Jeff taking it all in, one for future use and two for his most pleasurable enjoyment.

His cock jerked beneath him as he took in the sight. His own two fingers fucking her pussy for all they were worth as hers took care of her clit. Every once in awhile one of Megan’s fingers would come down and run along his and the outside of her lips.

The sight was so erotic to Jeff.

With all this attention to her pussy Megan was quickly approaching orgasm. Megan’s other hand quickly brought Jeff’s mouth back to her clit. His tongue and lips immediately sucking her back into his mouth.

Her legs slowly began to close onto his head. Jeff new what was about to happen and loved every minute of it. It turned him on so much to have his head clamped down onto by her powerful thighs.

Then out of nowhere her thighs clamped down hard along with her inner pussy muscles on his fingers.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan’s body began jerking violently as Jeff hung on for the ride. Keeping his mouth firmly attached to her clit and his fingers trying to move what little they could inside her spasming pussy. Her orgasm was like no other Jeff had witnessed in some time.

As her orgasm subsided he slowed his ministrations. As Megan’s body started relaxing, first with her thighs loosing, Jeff’s head finally becoming free. Jeff removed his mouth from her clit. Seeing it standing straight up and jerking ever so slightly.

Jeff though wanted this one to last. He kept his fingers buried insider her moving them slightly every ten seconds or so, sending another jolt through Megan’s body as he did. His tongue lightly flicking her clit as he moved his fingers in her tight pussy. This caused Megan’s body to spasm and her thighs to resume their hold on Jeff’s head.

Continuing like this for several minutes Megan had one of the longest and most powerful orgasms of her life.

Finally begging Jeff “no more, no more, please, I’m going to pass out from the pleasure.”

Only then did Jeff slowly withdraw his fingers as Megan’s body betrayed her thoughts and did all it could to keep his fingers buried inside her pussy. With one final lick up her now soaking wet slit Jeff’s tongue continued upwards, over her belly, between her breasts, and up to her neck. Cuddling up next to her, just holding her body as she recovered.

Jeff had no intention of making love to her now. Not only because her body was now drained from her massive orgasm, but because he was afraid her back would begin hurting again. Megan had other plans though.

“Jeff, roll over onto your back” Megan said.

Jeff complied, telling her she didn’t have to do this though. Still not knowing what she had in mind. “Was she going to suck him into her hot mouth, or what he really loved, ride him” Jeff thought.

He quickly got his answer as she swung her leg over his body and slowly started inching forward over him. Jeff’s mind went crazy knowing what was coming. This was a special treat for him as Megan had just recovered from knee surgery when they met just eight months ago.

Their eyes met in a deep stare, the kind that goes straight şirinevler escort to your heart. Megan slowly lowering her body down onto his. Not taking his cock insider her yet. Megan decided to tease him a little. The pain medicine dulling the pains not only in her back, but her knees too.

Megan reached back and took Jeff’s hard throbbing cock in her soft hands. Rubbing his head slowly over her drenched pussy. Massaging her now sensitive lips and clit with his fuck tool.

Ahhhhhh, it felt so good to the both of them.

Jeff’s hands had now crept up her body and was massaging her hanging tits. He loved the way her breasts looked hanging away from her body. “They’re so sexy” he thought.

Megan felt what he was doing and lowered her body so he could suck them into his mouth.

She felt Jeff’s cock jerk in her hands as his mouth came in contact with her breasts. His hands coming up underneath them to support their weight as his mouth moved from nipple to nipple sucking them into his greedy mouth. God he wanted to be inside her.

Megan was ready too. She slowly sat back up watching his eyes express disappointment as her breasts were taken from him. That quickly disappeared as he felt the tip of his cock come back into contact with her pussy.

Megan slowly eased her body down onto Jeff’s cock. Feeling him part her lips like petals on a rose. Slowly easing more and more of her body down onto his hard cock. Feeling it jerk and throb inside her as her muscles adjusted to his large size. Jeff almost passed out as a mini orgasm ripped though his body.

His hands reached up to Megan’s hips. Helping her steady her weight as the remainder of his cock penetrated deep insider her hot wet pussy. Settling down on Jeff fully Megan waited a moment to accommodate his size in her tight pussy.

After feeling comfortable being filled so fully Megan started rocking her hips back and forth. Jeff’s hands came to rest on her beautiful rounded ass. Taking her flesh into his hands, he loved her ass so much. Feeling it glide across his skin. Running his hands around her waist leaving her ass momentarily. Bringing them up her smooth stomach and finally to her ample breasts. Squeezing them lightly, and pinching her nipples softly.

A small moan escaped Megan’s lips as Jeff massaged her nipples. She liked her nipples teased and pinched when she rode him. Then Megan’s body started to rise and fall on his hard cock. Feeling empty as her pussy muscles released him only to slam back down on his cock filling the void.

Jeff’s hands quickly returned to her ass. Feeling it jiggling slightly, ahhhhh he loved the way it felt. After about twenty or so minutes of Megan’s pussy clinching his cock, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Megan too was approaching yet another orgasm for the night.

Bringing his arms up around Megan’s back Jeff pulled her body down onto his. Feeling her breasts crush into his chest and their bodies pressed together. Then arching his back and bringing his hips off the bed Jeff began a rapid fucking motion. Grabbing onto both ass cheeks firmly. The sounds of their bodies slapping together filled the room. His cock pounding away at Megan’s wet pussy. The slurping sound as his cock met her pussy were clearly audible and very erotic to the both of them.

Megan’s body broke into orgasm. Her pussy clamping down and releasing his cock rapidly. Jeff feeling the juices that escaped her pussy running down his thighs, and the intense pressure being applied to his cock brought him very close to the edge.

His body kicked into overdrive, pounding away at Megan’s pussy for all he was worth. Driving his cock home he felt the cum boiling up from his balls and passing through his shaft.


His cock shooting his thick cum deep inside Megan’s hot pussy. Her body releasing yet another orgasm. Their moans filled the room, quickly overpowering the sounds of their bodies slapping together. Her sweet pussy juices gushing out of her body. Soaking Jeff’s balls and thighs, just as his cum was coating the inside of her pussy.

Both their bodies gave out not only from their intense orgasms, but from the hours of lovemaking they had just completed. Megan laying on top of Jeff for what seemed like an eternity. Their last thoughts were of the rolling to their sides still somewhat connected. Jeff’s cock still embedded in Megan’s pussy as they drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32