Friday Fun

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Work. We all know the boredom and drudgery of a workday that seems to drag on and on… and on. Even worse, today was a Friday. Like all men everywhere, I looked forward to Friday night for a beer, relaxing with the wife, a lazy weekend and maybe catching the football game on ESPN with the guys, if I can get out of doing housework. But for me, Friday was exceptionally special. On Friday, my wife pleasures me.

See, my relationship isn’t a normal one. It is to me, as normal as it is wonderful, but it isn’t normal. On the surface, nothing appears amiss. I’m happily married to my wife of two years, who was my high school sweetheart and girlfriend through university. You could find us doing yard work around the house, shopping at the grocery store or at the movies. But somewhere in our relationship, we changed into something different, something better. My wife Sarah is truly the love of my life. Somewhere while we were living together, I began to give myself completely to her. I try to always give her the complete respect and devotion she deserves. I am not perfect – you will also sometimes see us squabbling over what to do with the yard, what groceries to buy or what movie to see – after all, I am a man still. But in general, I’m always deferential and follow her lead. She is my wife, not my mistress, and I am her husband, not her slave, but I try to devote myself to her entirely.

So it was that in our sex life, I found myself more and more trying to pleasure her, at the expense of my own. Somehow, this made the sex better for me – nothing made me happier than seeing her face after an orgasm I gave her, her chest heaving, her skin glistening with a light sheen of sweat. As I began to be more and more deferential, she has taken over the role of the dominant one in the bedroom, which I am more than happy with. Every day I pleasure her, and on Friday, when a week’s worth of accumulated tension is making me throb with anticipation, she gives me sweet release.

So here I am at the office, with an hour left on the clock. Looking at me on the surface, I’m just an average worker waiting to hit the bar. But underneath, I am different. Beneath my Moores denizli escort business suit, I wear a frilly white lace thong and matching bra, in which rests my hard cock, which has been stiff all day with anticipation. At lunch, as I do every Friday, I shuffled to the bathroom (trying to hide my too-obvious erection) and would jerk off wildly in the stall, and as I do every Friday, would stop just before I came, not wishing to disappoint my beloved wife. I pull out the pictures of her I keep in my wallet, of her posing in her panties and nightie, and fantasize about her… this does nothing to help reduce my stiff cock.

Finally the hands of the clock wind their way to 5:30pm, and like a shot I throw on my overcoat and the wool scarf my wife made me, grab my briefcase, run out the door and into my car. It is a brisk April night, but despite the chill I am still hard as I get into my car. The drive home is not long, and with each block I grow stiffer with anticipation. I know Sarah will be home, as her job as a secondary school teacher lets her be home at 4pm almost every day. As I pull into the driveway, I see her face poke through the curtains for a moment – knowing she has been waiting for me makes me even more wild with desire.

I throw open the car door and get out, using my briefcase to cover my erection – it’s not easy, as the neighbour’s kids are drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. Awkwardly I shuffle to the door. It opens just as I reach for the handle – and she’s there.

My wife wears a lacy pink nightie with no panties. Her auburn hair frames her face, adorned only with a little lipstick. As always, my heart bursts with love.

She says no words, only draws me to her for a deep, passionate kiss. My briefcase and car keys drop to the ground from my trembling hands. Her hands quickly push off my coat and scarf, and slide down to my pants. My cock is rigid as she undoes my belt, button and zipper. My pants slide to my ankles, leaving me standing in my lacy white thong. With one hand she begins to knead and squeeze my ass, as with the other she rubs my cock through the panties. When I feel like I can take no dikimevi escort more, she stops – I haven’t said a word. I always wondered how she could tell. She grabs my scarf and wraps it around her like a boa, kisses my forehead and says, “Meet me in the bedroom,” and then walks away. Like a shot, I kick off my pants, shoes and socks. Struggling with my tie, I manage to get it and my shirt off in record time, and I follow her in.

She is sitting on our four post bed, with candles burning on the dresser and soft music on the stereo. As I walk up to her, she rises and we begin to kiss again. She reaches around me to undo my bra, which I dutifully shake off. A moment later, with soft pressure on my shoulders, she makes me fall to my knees in front of her. I look up at her with adulation, as she lifts her nightie, gently holds my head and guides it toward her wet pussy. My cock throbs uncontrollably as I taste her intoxicating juices. I lap and kiss her for what seems like hours, until she shudders and shakes in climax. Steadying herself, she smiles at me, and I know I have done well.

“Lie down on the bed, baby,” she tells me softly – I gladly comply. I lay face down on the bed, face buried in the sheets, my panty-wearing ass up in the air, as I know she likes. I hear the sound of a drawer being opened. A moment later, I can feel her wrap my wrists in silk scarves. She ties them gently but firmly to the bedpost, and then pulls them gently to ensure they cannot move – neither can I. A moment later, a pair of what feels like manacles are attached around my ankles, and my legs are spread wider apart. The spreader bar exposes my ass and cock even more, though it is not uncomfortable.

I hear a plastic snap, and a moment later a cool sensation begins to spread around my back – some kind of massage oil, I guess. I sigh and begin to relax, enjoying her ministrations. Her touch is amazingly soothing, as she finds every tense muscle and makes me sink deep into an almost meditative peace. After what seems like an eternity, her touch lifts for a moment, and I know what will come next – my cock throbs in anticipation.

Smack! dikmen escort The first spank lands squarely on my left cheek. A moment later, she begins to rub it gently, smoothing away the pain. Smack! The second she gives me on the right cheek, and again she soothes away the pain with her touch. This sweet torture continues until my cock is liberally leaking precum.

Finally, the spanking stops, and I can imagine my ass glowing red. I fear the snap of plastic again, and a second later the wonderful feeling of the cool oil being spread over my stinging cheeks. She pulls down my thong to my ankles, and I can feel her beginning to massage my entire ass. A moment later, I can feel her breath at my ear.

“Are you ready for your reward, baby,” she whispers.

Cock rigid and coated in precum, my mind whirling with the anticipation of cumming after 7 days of sexual tension, I can only gasp, “Yes, please baby, please!”

She says nothing but walks away from the bed. I hear the sound of metal clanking – a moment later, something is gently thrust into my mouth – a ball gag. She tightens the gag around my mouth, as I gasp in desire.

A moment later, I can feel the oil being spread on my ass, more so than before. Her fingers begin to slide up and down my ass, circling my anus. Her finger comes as a surprise, sliding easily into my ass and swiftly massaging my prostate. The gag reduces my gasp of pleasure to a deep moan, as she skillfully fingers me again and again.

Next, I feel something soft slide across my back – my wool scarf. A moment later, she wraps it around my stiff cock and begins to slowly slide it up and down. The sensation is indescribable, and I feel my orgasm begin to mount. Suddenly, I realize that she has inserted a second finger into my ass, and that throws me over the edge. My cock stiffens and my breath stops, and a moment later I shudder and moan wildly as I pump thick streams of cum into her waiting hand. My orgasm seems to go on forever, until I am left lying limp on the bed, Sarah still slowly massaging my ass.

She unbuckles the gag and pulls it off of me, pulls the thong back up onto my hips and offers me the cum on her hand. Still strapped to the bed, I lap it up like the finest champagne, worshipping her hand until it is clean.

Sitting down in front of me, she raises my face and deeply kisses my lips, until with her sweet smile she asks me, “So how was your day?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32