Freedom to Feel

Aralık 10, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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I walk in the door with a sigh, tired from the day.

Relieved to be alone, I slip out of my shoes.

The air is still, a calm amidst the chaos of the everyday noise.

I drop my keys, and bend down to pick them up.

From behind me your hands grab my body.

The panic of the moment makes my heart race.

The power of your arms calms me, even as my mind races.

I feel your hardness as your press my ass against you.

I push up on my toes and rub my body against your pressure.

You kiss my neck, and I can feel your breath on my skin.

I hear your pants unzip and drop to the floor.

Take me, please?

Your legs wedge between mine as I bend forward.

My ass lifts as your hands pull me closer.

You unzip my pants as your hands reach between my legs.

A soft laugh as you find me wet and ready.

Your fingers explore as you rub your cock along the line of my ass.

I groan in desire, and you pull me around to face you.

Our eyes meet, and the question is answered.

I trace your body with my nails.

I bakırköy escort reach out for you and my body is swept up in your arms.

The warmth of being close and the smell of your skin surround me.

My hips start to undulate as I grind against your cock.

I feel the spark of our energy as a flame glows in your eyes.

Your fingers pull my shirt away as your skin touches mine.

There is a trust between you and I that frees me as I go down on my knees.

Control me, show me your desire.

I take you in my mouth, as your hands reach around my throat.

Please, squeeze tighter?

My throat strains, my head is light, and I feel filled as I start to gag.

Feeling every inch of your cock as you pulse deep in my throat,

I want you.

You pulse inside my mouth, my tits rub against your leg, my pussy drips.

You reach your hand down to lift my chin as you push on the back of my neck.

I feel intense desire as my mouth glides along your shaft, my hands holding the base.

I press my tongue against beşiktaş escort the long, hard cock in front of me, and salivate.

Air fills my lungs and I use both hands to massage the length of your cock.

You sit against the bed as I suck in long strokes, slowly building.

You grab my tits and squeeze so hard I begin to moan with your cock in my throat.

The pressure builds and I can feel you respond, muscle contracting.

Your hands move to my throat and tighten as I gasp around your shaft.

You pull me to my feet and your lips are on mine, tongue deep inside.

I breathe you in, as your tongue presses mine.

I pull your head closer to mine, your kiss lights me on fire.

You push me back on the bed, I open my legs wide.

On your knees, your tongue presses against my clit perfectly.

You have a rhythm with your tongue as you taste my juices.

You dip your fingers deeper inside as your mouth closes around me, sucking.

My legs wrap around your head as I press my hips towards your touch.

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I feel the tingling release as you curl your fingers in and up.

Your tongue doesn’t stop and I thrust into your warmth.

My body vibrates at your touch and melts into your mouth.

You press in with your fingers, and as I begin to shake you pull me around.

Spreading my legs I stand on the floor, leaning over the bed.

Bent over, exposed, I feel you pull your fingers from my dripping pussy.

Without warning you plunge your cock deep inside of me.

The pleasure in my body writhes through every part of me.

Your fingers press into my mouth, and I suck on my own juices.

With each thrust my body shakes, you pull my hips back as my body strains.

My back arches and I beg for you to finger my ass as I offer it up.

Your cock presses further inside of me as your finger finds my hole.

As it slides in, I feel you thrust and my pussy squirts.

How will you give me your cum?

You grab my throat and bring me to my knees.

I pop my jaw open and look in your eyes.

Your warm cum squirts in my mouth and slides down my tits.

I slide a finger across the liquid and suck your cum.

You pull my ass high and slap so hard I strain to breathe.

We smile at the wild release.

Thank you for this freedom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32