Forgotten Memories Ch. 01

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The _______

Why oh why did he yearn to be with her so. He had not known Virginia long, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Whether he was just running his machine or doing chores around the house, he could see her when he shut his eyes. Every time he closed his eyes, he could see her long dark hair, those pouty lips that just cried out to be kissed, but the one thing he always noticed were her dark green eyes. Eyes, which seemed to be familiar to him, almost as if they called out to him every time he saw them.

When Friday rolled around, Fred decided to ask her out. Pacing back and forth at his machine, he looked up to see her stroll by. She was wearing a black business type suit, but instead of pants she was wearing a skirt with nylons. Her heels clicked as she walked on the floor, she glanced back at him and flashed a knowing grin as she walked away. After work, Fred walked out to where Virginia was.

“Hey Virginia, how would you like to go out Saturday, I know this great club we could go.”

Looking up at him, their eyes met. “Oh, umm sure,” she said while trying to hide her blushing face. “What time are you going to pick me up?”

“I will pick you up around 9.”

Passing him a piece of paper she unlocked her car door and got in.

“That’s my address, see you at 9.”

Rolling canlı bahis up the window she left the parking lot and headed home.

All she felt driving home was a feeling of warmth and desire. His eyes seemed to peer into her soul and made her feel safe. She had to calm her breathing down more than once on the way home. Looking around she pulled out onto her street and then parked her car.

When she got in the door, she made sure it was locked and then walked to the bedroom. Sitting down on the bed, she took off her shoes and rubbed her feet. Moving her toes back and forth she wondered how wearing nylons could get a guy hot and bothered. Shrugging her shoulders, she reached around and undid the zipper and her bottom and then took her top off. Letting her top fall onto the bed, undoing the clasp on her black bra she let her 36c breast feel the cool air. She could feel her nipples getting hard and rolled them between her fingers. A small moan escaped her lips as she played with them. Letting her hand slide down to her panties she started rubbing herself.

“No, not until I get in the tub,” she scolded herself.

Reaching down she pushed her panties to the floor. Picking them up she, she sat down on the bed setting them beside her. She reached her hands down the tops of her nylons, she slowly slid them down. bahis siteleri When she finished getting undressed, she went into the bathroom and got the water running in the tub.

When it got was full, she put a little bit of Vanilla Oil in the bath. She slowly stepped in the tub letting the warm water encompass her. She let out a sigh as she got settled in. Closing her eyes, she saw him. But this time his hair looked wet and the expression on his face was the look of pleasure. She moved one hand down to her breast letting her hands rub her nipples, biting her lower lip she moved her other hand to her other breast. She closed her eyes once again, and this time she saw him standing in the shower.

Looking over him, she could make out his large muscle, his broad shoulder were muscled as well but also had a nice tan over them. She could feel her pussy starting to ache at the site of him.

Opening her eyes she turned on the jets that went around the tub. She moved so that the jets would be right at her breast level and closed her eyes. There he was again but this time she could see exactly what he was doing. With his hand pressed against the wall, the other hand held his cock. Licking her lips she watched as he moved his hand up and down, not fast but just a nice slow rhythm. Taking one hand off her breast she bahis şirketleri slowly moved it down, to her now aching pussy. Taking in the site of his manhood was breathtaking, she could make out that it was larger then any she had see before. She slowly started rubbing herself, every now and then allowing a finger to slip into her mound. She could see him take up the soap in his hand and lather up the hand his cock hadd been in. Slowly taking it back in his hand his rhythm started to speed up. Matching stroke for stroke she slowly inserted a second finger. Letting out a deep moan she took her free hand and started playing with her nipples, flicking them and rolling them between her fingers.

She could see the pleasure on his face and knew it wasn’t going to be long before he would be finished. Still keeping herself matched with him, she put her leg on the tub. She wanted this to last all night, but she knew that it would only last for a little longer. Looking at his face she could tell that he was about to cum. Speeding up to match her rhythm she could tell that she was going to cum as well. As he climaxed so did she, her back arching and her feet rose up. She felt her body became numb, and could only feel the pleasure that was sweeping through her. It was something she had never felt before, but was glad that it happened. Getting out of the tub she wiped herself dry and got into bed. Getting into bed she felt as if tomorrow would never come. Reaching under the covers she fingered herself one last time before turning off the lights and going to bed.

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