Forbidden Pleasures Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This chapter was inspired by the Literotica story ‘My First and Only Affair’, by bonnietaylor.


Steve and Katie worked in the same office building, and they shared a car pool along with another guy Matt, and a young girl called Christie. Christie didn’t have a car, and so the other three would take it in turns to drive. But this week, Matt was working in another town, and Christie was on vacation, so as Steve waited for Katie to pick him up on Monday morning, he knew that it would just be the two of them together that week.

On hearing the familiar ‘honk’ of Katie’s car horn, Steve kissed his wife Jane goodbye and hurried out to the street. Katie greeted him with a cherry ‘good morning’ as he climbed in next to her. When the four of them travelled together, the two men would sit in the front and the women in the back, or vice versa depending on who was driving, as they found that this arrangement made conversation easier. So sitting in the front seat next to Katie was a new experience for Steve. Conversation was a little slow at first, but they soon found things to talk about.

As they chatted, Steve came to realise that there was a definite advantage to sitting in the front seat with Katie, because as she drove, her skirt worked its way slowly up her legs, until quite a lot of her shapely nylon-clad legs were on show. It was about then that Steve started to have a little difficulty in keeping up his end of the conversation, as he tried not to stare at Katie’s legs as she drove. But she didn’t seem to notice, and soon they arrived at work.

The day at work passed as normal for Steve, but as he waited for Katie next to her car after work, he remembered the morning’s trip, and in particular the part about Katie’s legs. “Sorry I’m a bit late,” he heard Katie say from behind him. “No problem,” said Steve, jolted back to reality.

On the trip home Steve found himself once again glancing at Katie’s legs as she drove, but something was different. He was certain that she had been wearing pale-coloured nylons that morning, but now they were black. And as she drove, and her skirt slipped further and further up her leg, eventually Steve could see stocking tops, and even just a little bit of a black suspender. Without thinking too much, suddenly Steve said, “So, do you always wear stockings and suspenders to work?”

Katie looked embarrassed. She reached down and pulled down her dress. “Well, since you obviously noticed, no, I don’t.” she said, “I bought these today at lunchtime. It’s a special treat for my husband Richard.”

“Lucky Richard,” murmured Steve.

Katie said nothing, but her mind was busy. She and Richard had been married for almost three years, and lately things were lagging a bit in the bedroom department. She had decided to try to spice up their sex life, and so she had bought a pair of black stockings, with a matching suspender belt, black panties, and a black lace bra, all of which she was wearing. She planned to attack her husband just as soon as she got home. But as she drove, she thought of what Steve had just said. She became aware of his furtive glances at her legs, and the idea that she was turning on another man, a man who was not her husband, made her get a little wet between her legs. And as her skirt crept up her legs again, this time she made no effort to pull it down. By the time that they reached Steve’s house, he was able to see not only at her stocking tops, but a little tanned thigh as well.

The next morning Steve called for Katie. He was a little disappointed to see that she was wearing normal pantihose when she climbed into the front seat next to him. Before long he could no longer resist. “So, did the stockings work?” he asked casually.

“Oh yes,” Katie said, istanbul escort smiling. “Twice. And again this morning.”

“Boy, I wish that Jane would wear something like that, once in a while,” said Steve.

“Doesn’t she?” asked Katie, surprised.

“No,” said Steve. “I’ve hinted and hinted, but no luck.”

“Then why don’t you buy her some nice underwear?” she asked.

“Me? I wouldn’t know what to buy. Or what size,” he said.

“The ‘what’ is easy,” said Katie. “You just buy something that you would like to see her wear. And as for the size, Jane is about the same size as me. I could help you buy something, if you like.”

“That’d be great!” enthused Steve.

“We could go out at lunchtime today” said Katie.

“Yes,” said Steve. “Thanks very much.”

And so at lunchtime, Katie took Steve to the store where she had made her purchases the previous day. They chose some black stockings, a suspender belt, and two pairs of lacy black panties. But when they came to choose a bra, Steve hesitated. “Jane’s a bit — um — larger than you are in this area,” he said. “I don’t know what size she is.” “Then we will buy her a camisole top,” said Katie, and she chose one to match the other things. Steve paid for the items and they went back to the office, where Steve spent most of the afternoon imagining his wife wearing the sexy clothes that they had purchased.

The next morning Katie called for Steve, and as soon as he climbed into the car, she asked, “Well, how did it go?”

“Total disaster,” said Steve glumly. “Jane refused point blank to wear any of them. She said that they would make her look like a tart.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” said Katie sympathetically.

“And she said that she would have to shave to wear them,” added Steve. “I didn’t think of that.”

“Jane doesn’t shave her pussy?” asked Katie, surprised.

Steve’s eyes opened wide with surprise. It was the first time that he had ever heard a woman use the word ‘pussy’. He gulped hard, and said, ‘No, never.”

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on,” said Katie. “I just love it when Richard eats my smooth shaved pussy.”

Steve thought that his brain was going to explode. In his wildest dreams he had never imagined that he would hear a woman talk about having her pussy eaten out. All he could do was sit there and think about Katie lying back on the bed with her legs apart, moaning while her husband ate her pussy. But suddenly it wasn’t Katie’s husband who had his head between her legs; it was Steve himself who was doing it.

Steve had been toying with an idea, and Katie’s explicit talk gave him the courage to try it. “Jane’s angry about me wasting money on those things, and she insisted that I return them to the store,” said Steve, indicating a package that he had with him. “But I thought that you might like to have them, just to say thanks for your help yesterday.”

“Oh, thank you, Steve,” said Katie.

“I know that they will look good on you,” said Steve.

Katie said nothing, but she thought about the sexy clothing that was in the package. And then she imagined that she was wearing it, and Steve was looking at her, and the dampness started between her legs once again.

The next morning, Steve was still feeling pretty despondent as he called for Katie, but he brightened up as soon as she gave him her usual cheery ‘good morning’ as she climbed into the car next to him. “Well, did Richard like the new underwear?” he asked.

“He hasn’t seen it yet,” replied Katie. “I thought that I would wear it to work today.”

Steve glanced at her legs and saw that she was wearing the black stockings. Immediately he thought about the rest of the avcılar escort underwear that she would be wearing — the suspender belt, sheer panties and camisole top. In his mind all of Katie’s outer clothing disappeared and he saw her in just the sexy underwear. It was then that he had to adjust his driving position to give his rapidly expanding cock some extra room in his trousers.

Steve was kept very busy at work that morning, and he didn’t have time to think about Katie at all. But during the afternoon she called him, asking if he could help her with a problem that she was working on. He told her to come over to his office.

Steve admired Katie’s legs, resplendent in the black stockings, as she came into his office and sat in a chair across the desk from him. They discussed her problem and Steve suggested a couple of possible options. She thanked him for his help, and as she closed her notebook her pen dropped onto the floor.

“Oh, it’s gone under the desk,” said Katie, sounding annoyed. “Do you think that you could get it for me please?”

Steve pushed his chair back, and dropped down onto his hands and knees, crawling under his desk. Then he glanced up, and jerked so much that he almost hit his head on the desk. Katie was sitting back, her legs slightly apart with her skirt above her knees, giving him an excellent view of her stockings and thighs, and just a tiny peek at her black panties.

Steve just stared. And stared. He wanted to reach out and touch Katie’s legs, to run his hand up the silky stockings and feel the bare flesh of her thighs, even to slip his fingers inside her panties and touch her pussy. But he wasn’t completely certain that Katie had her legs apart on purpose, so he couldn’t take the risk. So eventually he retrieved her pen and emerged from under the desk.

“Found it!” he said, holding up the pen.

“Thanks,” said Katie. She took the pen from him and stood up. Steve walked over to open the door for her, and as she walked out.

That evening, during the drive home from work, Steve found it hard to make conversation. He so desperately wanted to know if Katie had opened her legs for him in his office on purpose, or if it had been just accidental. But try as he might, he just couldn’t think of any way to bring up the subject casually.

Katie noticed his discomfort. “Thank you for helping me this afternoon, Steve,” she said.

“Anytime,” said Steve.

“And thank you for finding my pen on the floor,” she added.

She was giving him an opening! He just knew that she was! And still, Steve couldn’t think of how to capitalise on this, and he said nothing. And so Katie said, “Did you like the view from under your desk? I just thought that you might like to see what those things looked like when they were being worn.”

This was it, Steve thought excitedly. It wasn’t an accident! Katie had deliberately parted her legs for him while he was on the floor. “Oh yes!!!” he stammered. “I liked it very much. Your husband is a lucky man.”

“Maybe you should tell him that,” said Katie wistfully. “Sometime I think that he doesn’t appreciate me.”

“Then the man’s a fool!” said Steve angrily. “Why, if I was your husband, I ….”

“Yes?” said Katie expectantly.

“Let’s just say that you would be late for work every day,” said Steve.

Katie giggled. “You were just turned on by the black stockings and panties,” she said. “Could you see my panties, by the way?”

“Just,” said Steve.

“Maybe when we stop at the next red light I’ll give you a better look,” Katie said.

Steve felt his cock start to harden. He peered ahead at the next set of traffic lights, which were green. And so were the next two sets. Steve cursed his luck. şirinevler escort Why is there never a red light when you need one, he thought?

The next set of traffic lights turned red just as they approached it, and Steve rolled the car to a stop. He looked at Katie expectantly. She smiled at him and pulled up her skirt, revealing all of her thighs and her panties to him. Then she licked her finger seductively and ran it over the slit of her pussy.

Suddenly Steve was jolted by the blaring of the horn from the car behind them. The lights had turned green and all of the other traffic had moved off. He quickly put the car into gear and drove away.

Katie did not pull her skirt back down, and as they drove, Steve wanted to reach out and touch her legs. Finally, when they had almost reached her street, Steve reached over and gently put his hand on her leg, he could feel the heat from her body through the soft nylon. Katie reached down and took his hand, sliding it up until it was on her bare thigh. Then suddenly they reached the end of her street, and Steve had to put both hands back onto the steering wheel to turn the corner. As he did, Katie smoothed her stockings and pulled down her dress.

The car reached Katie’s house and stopped. “Have a nice evening, Steve,” she said as she climbed out. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

The next morning, Steve was pleased to see that Katie was wearing black stockings once again. She saw him looking at her legs, and said casually, “You know, a woman is really vulnerable when she’s driving. Why, a man in the next seat could put his hand on her leg and she couldn’t do a thing about it.”

Steve took the hint and placed his hand on her leg, slipping under her skirt and onto her thigh. She quivered with excitement as he touched her bare flesh. “Like this, you mean?” he asked.

“Yes, just like that,” she said huskily. “A man could even touch a woman’s pussy and she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

Steve slid his hand up until it cupped her pussy. He could feel the heat of her pussy through her panties. Then she gasped as he slipped his fingers under her panties and touched her pussy lips.

Suddenly Katie turned off the road and pulled into an almost deserted parking area. Steve thought that she was angry with him and he pulled his hand away, but she reached out, took his hand, and placed it back over her pussy. She came to a stop at the back of the parking lot. “Take off my panties, Steve,” she whispered. “Hurry!”

She lifted up her hips and Steve pulled her panties down over her knees, and gazed in wonder at her bare pussy. Then he reached out and rubbed his fingers over her slit, slipping his middle finger between her lips. “Can I taste you?” he asked. “Oh, yes, please!” she gasped.

Katie tipped the back of her seat down. Steve bent his head down, and for the first time in his life tasted the delicious nectar of Woman. Katie moaned as his tongue worked her slit, instinctively finding her clit and working it between his lips, until she gasped with pleasure as she came.

“Oh, Katie, that was wonderful!” Steve gasped. “Thank you! Thank you so much!”

“No, thank you!” said Katie.

“Was it OK for you?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she purred. “Very, very nice. You must have been practising.”

“My first time,” said Steve. “Honestly. Did I do it right?”

“Definitely,” she said.

Katie adjusted her clothing and put her seat back up. Then suddenly Steve wondered if anyone had seen them. He looked around the parking area, but there was nobody anywhere near to them.

Katie started the car engine. “Maybe I could return the favour sometime,” said Katie, brushing her hand over his cock.

For the rest of the trip to work, Steve closed his eyes and thought about Katie’s words and the possibilities that they held. But it was Friday, and he knew that next week, both Matt and Christie would be back, and the car pool would have to return to normal. And since Katie picked up Christie before she called for him, he knew that they wouldn’t have any time alone at all.

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