For Ivan Ch. 02

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Big Cock

You force yourself inside me to watch me squirm. We both give sighs of our delights away freely. One firm tug and my headphones were off so that you could instruct me. Pulling out you feel my wetness drip off you and onto the bed.

I am positioned to stand with my ass in the air, bent over with my palms on the bed as you slide in me from behind. You grab me by the hips and voraciously slam your cock hard into my needy pussy. I feel that I have wetness squirting out and running down my thighs as I mindlessly am driven closer to another orgasm.

You hear the crackle of my moans interrupted by gasps for air. You tell me to get off of my hands as you reach for a handful of red curls at the nape of my neck and pull me to stand. Again you pull out of me, this time to give a long hard bite on the back of my neck. You are alarmed by how loud of a tortured and yet pleasurable scream I let out and continue to bite and kiss my neck while reaching around to cup my breasts and twist my nipples. I teeter on my 4 inch heels trying not to lose my balance. “On your knees,” you tell me sternly.

I find the edge of the bed, get on my knees and start to bend over when I feel your cock throbbing against my ass. You run your hand up my back and to my neck. “Face down,” you tell me while pushing me into the bed. I can feel cold wetness my face, smell my nectar on the sheets.

I begin to freeze, compelled yet again to cum hearing your voice fill the silence, your cock pumping my cunt, “I’m a fucking stranger. You allowed me into your room for me to use you.”

“Not completely a stranger,” I try to object between hurried istanbul escort breaths.

“You haven’t fucking seen my face and you have my cock in you after driving hours to meet me.” You pause to hear if this fact was up for further debate. “You did not even know what I thought of the picture you sent me did you? Whether or not I would be fucking you or just reducing you to use of your mouth if you were not particularly to my liking.”

My body tenses up and my moans turn into those cherished whimpers you have grown so fond of hearing. My eyes clamp shut and I hold my breath as the intensity inside me that has been building shoots ripples across my stomach, down my legs, coursing through my back and petrifying my face as I become helpless to stop it.

“You’re cumming again….you fucking slut,” you muse. You keep your cock inside me as my muscles involuntarily tug and pull your cock. You take deep breaths in while I finish cumming on you. Dazed, I clear my throat and try to come back to reality.

“You can still use my mouth,” I coax effortlessly.

Instructed again to stand up, I am spun around and pressed up against you. You stare at me as I still fight to regulate my breathing and control the tiny quivers that make me tremble. Leaning down you kiss me softly before forcing me down to sit on the edge of the bed.

Grabbing your cock with your hand, you are saturated with my wetness. Nursing some pre-cum out of the tip, you rub it on my lips. “Clean me,” you say pushing into my mouth a little.

I pull you out and lick the shaft, avcılar escort tasting myself along with a hint of your cum. I am eager to spoil you. I firmly wrap my hand around the base of your cock as my mouth bobs the tip in and out, my tongue blocking your entrance before snapping across the tip and giving way before bringing you in a little further each time. My hand also labors, milking the shaft, working in unison with my mouth. You are pushed to the edge as I grab your hips and slam your cock into the back of my throat. You feel me gag and push in even a little farther. I hold you there cutting off my air supply until I feel my lungs burn. Releasing you, I do it once more before you grab the back of my head and start fucking my mouth. You would love to pulse your cum straight down my throat, but know my pussy needs more attention.

Ready for my cunt, you push me back to lay on top of the huge wet spot in the middle of the bed before eagerly making your way back into my swollen slit. “I’m going to send you home in this sweater tomorrow even if it is still all wet from soaking up your cum,” you say before entering me.

I rock my hips back and wrap my legs around you trying to share the very intimate way I have grown so needy of you, “I need you to fill me….I’m yours.”

You bury your head into my shoulder as we grind and surge to make ourselves and each other cum. “I won’t…” you project quietly before sighing at how fucking amazing my pussy feels at it pours for you.

“Please…” I beg.

“No,” you say even softer, trying not to succumb to my whims.

“Please…” şirinevler escort I manage to get out before your hand covers my mouth and you say practically whispering, but very curt, “Shut the fuck up.”

My hands clawing into your ass, I thrust my head back and am driven back into halted breaths and moans. Harder for you to push your cock inside, you know an orgasm is coming over me. You no longer want to fight back the aching to release. In your mind you know you shouldn’t, but I feel too good not to. You ingratiate my pussy with thundering thick pulses of cum. Saving it up for days as I had requested, makes you instantly a little light headed when you empty into me.

Already towering on what was an intense orgasm, the spasms of your cock and the feeling of warmth inside me propel me into a deeper, more fulfilling orgasm. I keep cumming on you even as your cock softens. After my release, my forearms burn and I am exhausted.

Both breathless, we share a passionate kiss before you roll off of me. “I thought you weren’t going to,” I baited still trying to calm myself as a huge smile enveloped my face. I hear you express a guilty laugh.

“Yes,” I goaded for further explanation, looking in your direction with my blindfold inexplicably still in place.

“Where are your toys,” you ask mischievously. “I am not done with you.”

“It’s a good thing I slipped the guy at the desk $20 to put me in a room without anyone to each side, above or below. I told him I was a screamer with a very naughty man coming to play with me and that I did not want to disturb other guests or be interrupted.”

“Ha,” you let out followed by, “no shit.”

“Always thinking ahead,” I say with a smile.

“Such a dirty fucking cum slut,” you cannot help but say in an endearing and appreciative way.

(Ivan….as life moves on, I’ll leave it with just a “thank you”. Much appreciation for the connection and inspiration.Yours~¦,K.)

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