First Time Ch. 04

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First Time Ch 04 – The Horny Wife

After dropping off Jake at his Chinatown home, the taxi continued the short journey to Lek’s place. He paid the four-dollar fare, but was too tipsy to walk to his flat and had to be supported. Lek’s wife, a middle aged woman of forty, helped him into the flat. I assisted her to place him on the bed given that he was in a drunken stupor. She closed the door of the bedroom and followed me to the hall. I was about to take my leave when she suddenly spoke in a very warm tone.

“I am Suzy. I am so glad that you had helped him home safely. This rascal is always drinking and getting drunk every night. He spends all his earnings on drinks and women outside. Let me offer you a hot drink and do stay as it is only ten thirty. Do you have much distance to travel to your own home.”

“I am Robert and I live in the next block.” I replied politely.

“Oh, no wonder you look so familiar to me. I have seen you walking down the road before and it’s nice to get to know you.”

Soon she was seated on her comfortable sofa in her one-piece nightdress drinking hot coffee with me. I could see that despite her age, she was an extremely attractive woman and must have had her share of admirers in her youth. Unlike most hawkers’ wives who worked with their husband and who had never really taken care with their outer appearance, Suzy was slim and petite and obviously had a good taste for life. The furnishings in her modest flat was done with good taste despite its simplicity. Her personal appearance was characterised by the fine jewellery she wore and the make-up she had on her face even at this time of the night.

“I suppose Lek took you to a girlie bar. He is always drinking and boasting of the fun he could have outside. I have been married for twenty-four years and have tolerated him all this time. He is quite good and generous, but he is seldom at home and we have no children. So when he is out, I really don’t have much of a company. Other than playing majong in the neighbourhood, I don’t have many other vices to while my time away. You men are so lucky as you can go out freely and play around while the wives stay home.” Suzy continued in her extroverted style. “You looked so youthful and I suppose your wife must be quite young?”

“I am not married and I am just turning eighteen and still in high school. Tonight is the first time I have set foot in a bar. It was quite an experience for me with those older women.” In my usual straightforward manner, I could see no point in hiding the fact that I was present during her hubby’s drinking session.

“Oh, I knew you were young and good looking, but I didn’t realise that you are still single and actually only eighteen years old. At my age, it’s not possible for me to get to know such young friends as you. Was Jake with you both tonight?” She asked as she moved her body to lay down on the long sofa to rest her foot. I felt it strange that she should at that moment showed so much familiarity during the first visit of her husband’s new friend. But I adopted my normal posture and told her that Jake indeed was in the party.

“As a woman, I have heard about the sexy things that go on behind the door of a bar. I haven’t been into one yet. Lek told me that I would not be welcome by the owners inside. Tell me more about the bar. Lek had never said a single thing other than that it is a place to drink. But from his condition every night after his drinking session, I think he must be having fun with those ladies there. He is too worn out to attend to his wife most of the time.” Her inquisitiveness took me by surprise, and I was hesitating about the right reply to give so that I would not get Lek into trouble when she added with a grin, “Oh, I know that you won’t tell me much because you are also a man.”

“Suzy, it’s really quite tame inside. Except for one girl who was quite young, the others were old, fat and ugly. There is no sex at all inside and we spent the time talking and drinking.”

“I don’t believe you. While the drinks are flowing, the hands must also be exploring. I know what men are like, especially when the ladies are so willing because of the tips they can get. Sometimes, I think that it would be fun for a lonely woman like me to work inside a bar and get all the attention which a man can give and also be paid for being stimulated by them.”

As she spoke, she innocently raised her nightdress to her thigh and began to scratch gently. I felt embarrassed by her actions, but she appeared so natural when I feasted my eyes on this most alluring sight. Her skin was of a fine tone and silky looking and when she saw that I was looking at her actions, she changed her scratching actions to a more gently massage of the thigh. Her eyes met mine as she spoke again.

“Tell escort kocaeli me, are you still a virgin? You should not be going to such naughty places. They are not clean for an innocent man like you. If you must learnt about the facts of life, there are other ways. I am sure that there are many good women who will be most happy to teach you.”

I nodded sheepishly in reply and then added, “Jake’s daughter Hung is my girl friend and I want to remain good to her.”

“Robert, you can be good to her and still learn about the ways of life. A girl must be a virgin before marriage, but there are really no outward signs to tell whether a man is a virgin or not. In fact, when I was young, most of the boys whom I petted with were discharging sperm. Hence they were not real virgins if we considered that virginity is about the first time to get a sexual experience.”

The conversation was developing into a most unexpected manner and the clock on the wall was showing that fifteen minutes had passed since I first entered the flat. Suzy was quick to realise my intention to take leave from her and immediately added, “It’s still early and you are living close by. Stay for a few more minutes to keep me company. That old fool is sleeping soundly in the bedroom and I am really quite pleased to have your company.”

At that moment, I noticed that she had already pulled the hem of her nightdress upward to expose her sexy black panty. Her slim and attractive legs were totally unclothed. I knew my face was turning red from this total lack of modesty on her part. She could sense my deep feelings of discomfort, but at the same time, she was not slow to also catch sight of the swollen bulge, which was protruding, on the front of my trousers. The little monster that I had tried so hard to conceal had been so captivated by her silky mannerism. And by the sight of such alluring skin on her thighs, it had broken its self restraint and developed into a hardened tool shaft to provide firm evidence of my heightened state of mind. I was feeling randy and yet scared, but with her forty years of experience, Suzy was not so easy to let an opportunity for seducing her first virgin out of her hand. She could see through the extent of my randiness as she reached out for my left hand and place it gently on her bare thighs. “Feel me, please. I want you to touch me with your hands.”

As I furtively and shyly began a gentle massage of her seductive thighs, she added more fuel to the fire by pulling her hem even further to completely expose the panty. I felt my heart pumping furiously as I tried to make out the shape and size of her feminine charm. She could guess the naughty fantasies that was creeping into my mind then as she began to massage the bulge on my trousers. I was feeling totally confused and my sense of righteousness told me that I should not be fooling around with a friend’s wife. But her actions were so natural and so encouraging that I proceeded on the natural instincts so imbued in the male species and my actions became more automatic. After all, Uncle Jake had only just told me not to let a chance passed by when a lady is so willing and horny.

My manual efforts proceeded with a sense of urgency accompanied by an increasing level of male aggression. As my hands came into contact with her cotton panty, I took no time to place my middle finger to depress my index finger on the middle point where the slit laid well hidden from view. I was surprised that Suzy was already discharging a profuse stream of love juice to wet that critical area of her apparel. And I knew at that moment that she was potentially a very willing partner for my education in the ways of the adults.

I found that Suzy was sizing up my secret weapon as she groped and pressed the object with her hand. At that moment, I was certainly very interested in what she was doing even though petting with Hung at home was quite a common occurrence whenever her parents were out of the house. But we had not had the guts and the temerity to mutually explore beyond our outer cloth coverings. Suzy was another creature and there would be no danger of damaging her virginity even if I were to unintentionally probe her ‘yin po’ since her hymen had disappeared long ago. But there was another concern in my mind. Much as I would like to lift her panty to have a close look at her feminine assets, and concurrently showed mine to her, I was very conscious that Lek was in the room and could accidentally see us if he should wake up to go the toilet. Hence I moved Suzy’s hand away when she tried to unzip my fly and whispered, “It’s not nice if Lek should see what we are doing.”

The wily wife had every move planned out for she quickly provided an answer. “Come with me to the spare room. I always sleep alone when Lek is drunk. He sleeps gölcük escort well like a log after his drinks. He would never know what is going on behind the doors if we don’t make too much noise.” Saying so, she dragged me into the next room. It was more spartanly furnished. Besides the wardrobe, there was only a double bed. Suzy took my hand and dragged me to the bed. In no time we were lying next to each other and kissing passionately. Just like a couple who had known each other for a long time. Indeed she had a very sweet mouth. Her breath smelt fresh as she brought her lips to bear on mine. She could kiss well with her years of experience and her tongue could move in a more titillating manner than Ying’s when I kissed her in the bar.

As we nestled together, I was flustered and scared. My mind froze. I was fearful that she would reproach me if I feel her panty without her invitation again. It was perhaps a silly fear after what had happened in the hall, but then Suzy was only an acquaintance of half an hour history. She knew that I was timid and hesitant and as if to reassure me that she had the full intent to make love all the way, she gently held my hand. After a moment, she placed it to rest on her panty.

I was silently jubilant that she was permitting me to touch her so intimately. In a most gentle manner, I stroke per pubis as I nipped her nipples with my free hand at the same time. She was feeling reposed again and closed her eyes as I continued to feel her private area. The black panty was soon soaking wet with her feminine secretions.

That night, I was to learn something about the behaviour of a Chinese housewife who had been neglected by her hubby. She did not resist my clumsy efforts to take further liberties with her body. Lifting her waist- band, she asked me to slip my hand inside her underwear to stroke her pubic hair. I found that it was coarse and profuse at the top, but further down there was no hair alongside the slit of her private area. My sexual awareness was raised an additional notch under her tutelage that very night.

Suzy removed my clothing after undressing herself and returned to my side. While I was still toying with her pubic organs, she had reversed her body to pay tribute to the hardened cock that was furiously twitching before her face. She brought her lips to give it a light peck and then opened her mouth to swallow the monster after first giving it a thorough licking like a girl would do with an ice cream cone. She was ever so gentle and I was totally intoxicated by the horny feelings that were fast swamping my body. She was so good. So much better than the fat whore Sally who had earlier than evening given Lek a similar treat for a fee.

I had in recent years often fantasized about my own mother sucking my father’s prick in the middle of the night when I masturbated in the next room. I was sure she was doing it because I could see her face coated with dried semen in the morning when she went to wash her face. I always imagined she was such an expert and had not harmed him by biting him or surely he would have screamed. Hence when Suzy had my cock in her warm and moist mouth, I knew that she would not be hurting me. Any fear that she could bite it off was absent as my mother had never bitten Dad’s cock. I was happy then that Suzy was going to suck me and to teach me another aspect of the secret things that perhaps she had been doing with the adult males. She sucked gently at first and then became more vigorous with her tongue and mouth.

It was a completely new sensation to me. It was so different from being held by her hand and being stroked by her. I was doing the same thing that I imagined my Dad had been doing to my mother in the secret world of the night. I could feel that having the warmth of the mouth was definitely more enjoyable than the relatively cooler hand. And the wetness of the mouth excited me each time as I imagined that I was poking her other watery organ.

I have now become accustomed to the wetness of the ‘hai’ in a woman’s body after my recent experience with Ying and then Suzy. But Suzy’s mouth was a perfect substitute until she could teach the technique of placing my cock inside her delectable pussy. At that moment I dared not ask her to allow access to her ‘fa hai’ then. As an experienced mature woman, she would know what was best for me and would surely want me to do it if it was good for me. I was in a world of my own and I closed my eyes as the tingling feelings soon gave way to a complete feeling of pleasure that I could not amply describe in words.

I felt a new awakening in my body and achieved a much higher level of sexually sensitive feelings in my cock. As she licked and sucked, I could not control myself and I desperately wanted to push my full six izmit sınırsız escort inches into the deepest recess of her mouth. I was reacting to my inner instincts to her actions. I found it so thrilling and pleasurable to rock my buttock and try to pull the stiff organ in and out of her mouth like Lek did to Annie. And Suzy was also enjoying it for she became more intense in her sucking and tried very hard to accommodate the whole organ with her mouth. I sensed that she was near to choking and she could have pulled it out to lessen her discomfort. She did not and continued to work on it even though sometimes she came near to being suffocated. In no time, I climaxed. And instead of spitting out the spunk that was flowing into her mouth, she swallowed every precious drop that my throbbing peter was jetting into her oral receptacle. Indeed she relished swallowing my sperm and sucked hungrily when my discharge ceased. She was also aroused by my innocent behaviour. Holding my left hand she guided it to her wet pussy and asked me to rub and massage her with three fingers inside her fiery cleft. And as I complied with her request, she was soon swooning.

Strangely, I was shy of touching her there so soon after my orgasm. However, despite my sudden shyness, I did as I was told. I had to return to her all the intimate favours she had then granted me. I had become an expert in the art of masturbating her intimate possessions after my lesson with Ying and I brought on all my skill and experience to give her the best. She climaxed a few times before asking me to stop. Feeling very obliged to give reciprocity to her taking my cock in her mouth, I lowered my head towards her fanny to smell her wet and watery twat. Thinking that I was going to lick her there, she pushed my head away.

“That’s enough for the night, dear. Let’s go to sleep. You must be tired after discharging your sperm.” She murmured.

“I am so happy to learn so much from you. Please don’t let Lek know or he will kill me. I am leaving now as it is late.” I rose to dress myself while she replaced her clothing and sat with me on the bed.

“It’s your first time and I am so thrilled to be able to take your sperm. It’s like the essence of chicken. Only better and very few women would have the luck to come across one like you. You must be longing to put your handsome cock inside my ‘fa hai’. I would really love to have you inside my body, but since this is the first time for you, you must not over exert yourself. Come again tomorrow morning after Lek has left for his stall at eight and I will teach you more about love making with a woman.” She said with a glint of complete satisfaction in her face.

“Suzy, was it the first time that you have sex with someone other than Lek.”

“Silly boy, not the first time, but I am very careful if I should go for outside company because I am a married woman and cannot risk damaging my reputation.”

“How often do you have it with others?”

“Not very often, maybe a few times per year and I don’t invite men to my house. Lek gives all his sperm away to other women and I may have sex with him about two times per month. That is not enough to fully quench the heat in my horny body. Perhaps it could be my fault for I am very fearful that he would pass on diseases to me ever since I got to know that he was having his fling outsides. I can’t stop him because he is my husband, but I had made him wear a condom each time he wanted to have sex with me. It’s not that enjoyable, but it’s safer and he complains about it sometimes. Even though without having any baby to pass through my female channel, he felt that it was not as nice as having it bare. I told him that I would allow him to have bare sex if he stops having women outside and have a complete medical check-up.” She held my hands lovingly and I could not resist kissing her for being so open and frank to me about her secret life.

“Are you scared that you may catch some diseases from your male friends?”

“No really, because I made them wear condoms too. And they also would like to be safe because they don’t want me to get pregnant. It’s been three years since I started to ‘thau kai’ (cheat on my husband) with two old married boy friends from my childhood day. I saw them in a hotel room each time in the afternoon and have sex with each of them about once every three months when I got real crazy. Those times, I need a man’s cock and they were most willing to offer me their body. It’s a good arrangement because I am having sex with someone I could trust.”

“I will come back tomorrow. Is it safe to come when Lek is out of the house? Someone may see me and report to him.”

“No, the neighbours are out of the house then since they all work in the mornings and it will be quite safe to come if you are free. If you cannot make it, then I will not wait for you after three as I have to go to visit a relative in the afternoon. Lek usually only comes back after five, so we have at least two hours to play with.”

We made our appointment and I left her home.

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