First Time at Hedonism – Day 01

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Hedonism II in Jamaica. The party destination for adults looking to take a walk on the wild side. World famous for nude beaches, free booze and wild overnight parties. A must see destination for couples looking to experiment away from the prying eyes of civilization.

Sherry and I went there oh so many years ago. So long ago that Hedonism wasn’t famous (or infamous) yet. A travel agent told me it was an all-inclusive beach resort that included hard alcohol and a beach where you could swim without clothes if you wanted. (This last part made her blush.) Oh, and no kids allowed, which for people that worked for a national park would be the big selling point. (We tended to see kids at their worst – either excited or tired and always loud and out of control.)

I had a big bonus at work and was looking to really do something big, so I booked the tickets based on the limited information I had. We had booked vacations with less info that than and had a good time.

I guess I should explain that this was well before you could look up just about anything using Google – which wouldn’t even become a company for another dozen years or so.

We didn’t have internet in our cabin anyway and very few homes did. We knew that the food, drink, etc. would all be inside the resort and our past experience with all inclusives was that we didn’t ever leave the property because there was so much going on. so we didn’t buy any of those guidebooks to Jamaica or anything. We just went.

When the time came we packed our bags with the same vacation clothes we had taken to Hawaii and Cabo and jumped the flight east towards the Caribbean with an overnight layover in Florida. The next morning at 7AM, we got on our connector flight from Miami to Jamaica.

Everyone on the flight – literally everyone – was going to “Hedo.” Just about all couples and a lot of them seemed to be very good friends. We figured perhaps there was a business convention at the hotel or something and didn’t think anything of it, but it was a loud boisterous group so we figured it was going to be fun anyway. The flight was loud and everyone was drinking. It wasn’t a long one trip and we never had a chance to get bored.

I had been in 3rd world airports before but nothing at all like the sheer pandemonium of the exit from customs/immigration gate in Jamaica. The inevitable people promising tours, offering condos, and generally looking to find a way to get dollars from tourists were there in abundance, and we only got where we needed to be by following the crowds of people that we recognized from the plane.

I will always remember there was a rasta man sitting among the peddlers, taxi cab drivers etc and he had a sign advertising a tour to “See the pot fields.” Right above his head was a sign saying that possession of any controlled substance was a mandatory prison term in Jamaica. I wish I’d taken a picture, because that single photo pretty much sums up Jamaica at the time in a nutshell.

The ride to the resort was a rickety old bus and it was hard to figure out whether the passengers or driver had a better buzz. Sherry was horrified and scared the whole bus trip – the roads were narrow, pockmarked and at places next to steep ravines and cliffs. We badly needed a drink when we got to the resort. One was delivered to us as we waited in line to check in which made things better.

The woman at the desk was so happy and delightful. Just a bundle of joy, providing a first good impression after a long journey. We got through check in and I asked her for directions to the business center. She looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about. (This was before Jamaica had cell phone service to the states and you could do just about anything on the little devices.)

I tried to clarify, explaining that I needed a place to do business and call my office.

“You can call America from up here but you doing business you going about this all wrroonggg!”

She laughed, and gathered high fives from a few bystanders, and handed me two keys.

“Go take a right down at da sign and you and come up later if you still want to call your aw-fisss. Y’all go have a good time.”

We had been dismissed and she was showering her love and attention on the next couple before we could get out of the way..

The check-in desk was at the top of the property and the walk down the hill took us closer to the beaches and “da sign.” It was a simple one that said “Nude” and “Prude” with arrows to the right and left. We were told to go right – the nude side.

That was perhaps our first real clue of what we had gotten ourselves into. Sherry and I shared a look. She took a picture of me next to the sign and gave casino siteleri me a wink and we were off again.

Clusters of 70’s style duplexes blocked the view of the beach. They looked kind of like summer cabins at the camp I used to go as a kid. As we got close to an open window on one I smelled the unmistakable stench of marijuana. Again, just like summer camp. (I’ve been told that Hedo has changed out of the condos and now has a more of a standard hotel accommodations, but this was then.)

We entered our room from the door which was located on the side of the duplex away from the beach. The location was close enough that we would probably be right on the beach, and Sherry wondered if perhaps the sound of the people on the beach might be distracting.

Inside we found a room that was serviceable but a bit Spartan. A big bed, small closet, your basic bathroom with a shower and that was pretty much it. No tv. No alarm clock. What it did have that was interesting was mirrors on the ceiling and all around the bed. Sherry noticed this before I did, jumped onto the bed and glanced up at what the view would be and laughed. It was so sleazy that it was just amusing.

The curtains out to the beach view were closed, and so Sherry opened them and immediately stopped cold and let out a small gasp. I was peeing so while I heard the opening curtains and the gasp, it took me a few shakes to get out there to see what was up.

We were very close to the water. The water line was maybe 30 yards away. A gorgeous beach with small waves and a giant bowl shaped inlet beyond. Picturesque. Just perfect.

In between our window and the water, though, were perhaps 40 people lying around naked sunning themselves. Another dozen were busy “finger painting” each others private parts with brightly colored paints. Everywhere we looked it was boobs, asses and genitalia. We actually recognized a few people who had been on the flight and were already bare-ass playing in the sand.

I was afraid Sherry wouldn’t like it as it was not quite the romantic tropical scene we’d been expecting, but she giggled and I knew it would be okay. We watched the parade of skin for maybe 5 minutes without another word and I think we were finally overwhelmed by it all. Sherry closed the curtains again.

“Honey, think we overpacked.”

“I think we need a drink.”

“Yeah, that’s the answer. Let’s do that.”

We did a bit of unpacking and applied a sunscreen to our faces then ventured out to the bar area at the center of the island. We learned from a small pamphlet in the room that there that this was a “neutral zone” on the island between the nude and prude sides where most services could be found.

We drank. Rot gut liquor – definitely not top shelf – but we managed to put the first one down in a hurry and it was strong enough that we didn’t mind the aftertaste on the second.

“So, you know about this? That it was like this?”

“Promise. Didn’t. I thought Club Med.”

“More like drunken orgy.”

Our bartender who had been listening with amusement piped in “Dat’s Tuesday.” A smile on his face made it clear that he was kidding. Maybe.

“Ah,” Sherry said. “Something to look forward to.”

After that, we really didn’t talk about what was happening too much at all. I think we were still trying to internalize it. But after two decided that it might be good to moderate. We’d been up at 4:30 to make it to the airport, and the sun and alcohol were starting to take their toll. I suggested a nap, and she knew what that meant. She was up and headed to the room before I could take a last swallow of my drink.

On the way back to the room, Sherry was stripping out of her clothes and was half naked before we hit the front door. This turned heads and I was a bit surprised by that based on what we knew was going on beachside. We found out later that nudity in on the housing site was much less prevalent than on the beach side – especially during daylight hours – but no one complained or anything. It was just part of the unwritten code of Hedonism.

Once inside, she was on the bed and out of the rest of her clothing before I had sat the keys down. Hotel room sex is always good sex and hotel room sex with a few good drinks in you can be better. Add on the mirrors on the ceiling and walls – which Sherry found alternatively amusing and creepy – and it was a whole lot of fun.

Sherry was exactly what I would have wanted if I had been given the tools to make my own woman “Weird Science” style. She never failed to make me excited in all of our years together. I actually loved the mirrors as I could see every part of her at once – the large swinging boobs, güvenilir casino great curves and beautiful womanly ass. I saw her from angles I didn’t often get to see her from, and realized I didn’t need a tv in this room. I could watch this all day and night.

Sherry was making a big show of sucking my cock – watching herself in the reflection and putting on a show that she was checking out in the mirrors. I realized that that the curtains out to the beach were cracked just a bit when I saw a bit of movement. I looked up to see that a 50’ish man and his wife were standing outside enjoying the view. They were both naked.

When our eyes met, they smiled like it wasn’t at all creepy that they were watching me. I decided it really didn’t bother me, but I didn’t want to make a fuss as I didn’t want Sherry to get distracted. She continued to go to work on my cock with her mouth, making a big production out of licking me from my balls to the tip and then going down and taking me all in and generally was doing her best porn star impression. I completely lost focus on them. I’m sure they watched a bit longer, but thankfully left before it was my turn to go ass up and face down between Sherry’s legs.

We fucked. We slept. And when we got up we took a shower and noticed that our skin had gotten rather red in places. It was late afternoon and so we decided to really lay on the sunscreen everywhere before we went outside and somehow wound up I bed again. Spreading lotion on naked skin can be very stimulating.

By the time we were finished it was time for dinner.

Dinner was served buffet style, which is never great quality, but this was better than most and the crowd was fun. Served outdoors without assigned seating, we selected a small table with four chairs but many of the big tables that sat a dozen or more filled up fast. As we ate, the older “peeping” couple passed me by and the woman gave me a wink. I almost thought they intended to come sit with us, but I was at least spared that awkwardness.

Instead, a couple about our own age came by and explained we had great seats for the show after dinner and would we mind if they sat with them. That’s now we met Dan and Brenda who would be our first real ambassadors to show us around Hedonism.

Dan was a programmer in Silicon Valley, but not a nerd type. He looked like a Southern California surfer or perhaps could have been a few years before he got a full time job. Brenda was a big brash southern girl that was instantly after my own heart. She and Sherry, I could tell, were going to be like two peas in a pod.

Dan and Brenda had met in college and this was their first trip to Hedonism as well, but they had flown in a few days before and were half done with what would be a one week stay. It was so noisy, but we got to talking and Dan and I hit it off quickly. He was about my same age and though we did very different things we seemed to be about at about the same place career wise. Brenda and Sherry similarly started talking and didn’t stop – always a good sign.

While Dan and I compared notes on what it was to make the jump from college to career, I found out later than Sherry was quizzing Brenda on the whole Hedonism experience. I heard snatches of conversation occasionally over the din of the dinner service, and at one point Brenda was laughing saying “oh, you just wait” and “not that. Not yet anyway.”

Things finally quieted down as the crowds made their way from the free bar with their after dinner drinks, and we as couples re-united in conversation long enough for Brenda to share they might be leaving before the show tonight. They had been out diving all day and they were really tired. Sherry in turn volunteered that we had been up since 4:30AM and had only spent a little time in bed taking a nap. She smiled at me to remind we that we had been in bed a lot longer than we’d been napping, and Brenda snickered a bit. She obviously got the joke.

We asked about the show and were told tonight was going to be a lounge act with dancing – most nights had more variety and theme we would find out later. Dan and Brenda stuck around for a bit, but by song
they were making their excuses.

“We aren’t going out tomorrow on the boats.” Dan said. “Would you like us to show you around in the morning? Lot’s to see.”

“Oh, we can imagine that,” Sherry said with a smile. “You should see the view from our room.”

We decided to meet for breakfast and Dan and Brenda headed for their room, taking a left at the sign, and we decided that after grabbing a drink for the road, we would take the long way home to our room, venturing out onto the beach for the first time. An evening assault covered canlı casino by darkness – and dressed for the evenings dinner – but an adventure none the less.

We hadn’t expected to be alone on the beach. There were a lot of couples and many had left the dining area for a stroll, but actually seeing them was another matter. It was a pitch black night and the lighting out on the walkway next to the beach was next to nil. We decided we’d stroll the “prude’ side of the compound first then circle back to our own room – our way of seeing just how long the resort complex was, and set off with Daiquiri’s in hand.

We bumped into a few other couples as we entered the beach – the first quite literally – but it got easier to see as our eyes adjusted, and pretty soon we could make out the cheap white deck chairs and other furniture on the beach and the beach path was marked well enough that we could walk easily. We spotted a stone jetty at one point and walked out on it for a bit – but heard voices, laughing and perhaps something when we were about half way down the walkway. We stopped to look at the stars – amazed that we could see multiple satellites drifting across the sky which is something we would not see ever at home.

We walked forward and I could plainly see a woman’s white sundress laying in the path and what was either a bikini top or a bra just a few yards further. Clearly the prude side of Hedonism was not so very up tight. We did an about face and heard a woman’s laughter, and smiled at each other as we walked back to the beach.

At the half way point of the beach, the traffic and noise got noticeably louder. We saw multiple sets of clothing hanging off of a set of deck chairs and heard laughter and talking out in the surf. (We later discovered there was a floating deck out there that you could easily swim to.) The smell of marijuana seemed to drift from every open window, and more than once the unmistakable sounds of passionate sex.

As we got closer to what we were guessing was our own condo, Sherry spotted a man and woman on the sand together – him on his back and her straddling him and I wanted to walk a little faster but Sherry slowed down. “Looks like fun” she said loud enough for the lovers to hear.

At last we were back at our own condo and we took the turn inland to our door. Sherry was again undressing as we went – I think she really liked doing that – and when we got to the door she was down to her panties. She padded across the room and opened the curtain and window and stood nearly naked in the dark. I warned her that I needed to turn on the light and she just laughed and said go ahead. She continued to stand for a while as I put away my wallet and keys (hiding them as I have never trusted hotel staff in even first world countries) and generally tidying up a bit.

She made no attempt to close the curtains but crawled into bed and pushed the covers – thin as they were – to the bottom with a huff that made it plain those would not be necessary. I turned off the light and into her arms. I had thought she wanted to fuck there with the windows open and so many outside sharing passions, but instead we made love. Slow, sensual and thoughtful of each other, we made our way into our favorite positions and then the crest and slowly off the to sleep.

I did get up over night to close the window – I was worried about bugs – but not the curtains. In the morning I felt the sun early as it brought the morning heat. I let Sherry sleep and dug into my shaving kit for a few aspirin then slid on some shorts to walk to the dining area to see about coffee. It was just me and the servers – they looked slightly annoyed I was there – and I watched the sun come up drinking actually quite good Jamaican coffee as morning service started and the very early risers who would be taking tours off property filled their plates.

When I went back to the room, Sherry was still naked and still asleep sprawled out across the big bed. We had slept together for years and she was a very considerate sleeper but when allowed to I knew she had a habit of spreading arms and legs across the bed. I had brought her a cup of joe, but thought twice about waking her,, instead just drinking her in. The hot curvy body with the skin the color of my coffee with heavy cream. Her closely shaven pussy there between her spread legs available for any passer by to see had there anyone on the beach..

It was too early though. Too early for the revelers who would soon inhabit the nude beach just outside of our window. Too early for the old couple who would peek into our curtains a few more times over the next days, and too early for Sherry to realize she was on display and close her legs or perhaps the curtains. So I had the beautiful sight of my lover all to my self in the quiet of the morning. If it had ended there, it would have been a great vacation.

Little did I know that it might be the last morning we would enjoy this solitude for a few days to come.

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