Fire of Lust II – Ch. 09

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Once the three of them had caught their breath following their unplanned encounter at the nature preserve, they had quickly pulled themselves together and left the temple. Heading back on the more popular route with other people around, they did not get a chance to discuss what had happened.

Now in the car headed towards the shopping district Seema had mentioned, Sonali was giving the two younger girls a piece of her mind.

“Are you crazy? I can’t believe that the two of you would be so bold.” scolded Jina. “What if we had been caught? It was a public place anyone could have walked in on us at any time.”

Sonali and Seema stayed silent, keeping their eyes down as they listened to Jina vent, once she had finished, all three of them sat there lost in their own thoughts, going over the events of the morning.

“You didn’t seem to so worried about it at the time.” observed Seema from the backseat.

Jina looked into the rear-view mirror catching Seema looking at her with a smirk, while Sonali smiled at Seema’s words.

“That is not the point.” said Jina.

“You could have stopped us any time, all you had to do was say so.” jumped in Sonali, “Jina, we love and respect you, and would never do something that makes you uncomfortable or you don’t want.”

Seema nodded in agreement with Sonali.

Hearing those words, Jina felt a great relief, she had been worried that two sexed up vixens were letting their hormones get the better of them and would eventually do something that would get them all in trouble.

“I really appreciate you saying that, but we have to be careful, if people found out about us there is no telling how they would react.” said Jina.

“We understand, but if I recall correctly, you were fully participating and enjoying yourself.” said Seema.

“How could I not!” exclaimed Jina, “You two vixens had been teasing me all the time we were on the trail.”

“Yes, we were, but you were the one who started it when you started feeling up Seema on the walk up.” Sonali reminded Jina.

“That was different.” replied Jina, weakly.

“How?” asked Seema, “If you are going to start something like that, you had to know that it could escalate.”

Jina, could not argue against that. She had been the one who had started the teasing. She had been the one who had made the first advance. It was just that she did not expect things to escalate so quickly. Once again, she wondered about her niece’s sexual appetite, and in Seema she seemed to have found another girl with an overactive libido.

Thinking back to her own sexual appetite she could not complain, the last few days had been the first time in her life that she had felt sexually satiated. She did not want to be cruel to Jai, but he could not hold a candle to these girls.

Based on what she had heard from her other friends, she knew that Jai’s sexual drive was above average for men, but had felt that there was something wrong with her for not feeling satisfied after their love making. Now she knew that there was nothing wrong with her, it just took more than Jai could provide to fulfill her needs.

The realization worried her, once this little interlude finishes, she would not have Sonali or Seema to fulfill her sexual needs, and she did not think she could be satisfied with the sex life she had before them.

A part of her blamed Sonali for opening her eyes to what she had been missing, but another part was grateful to her, for finally helping her experience sexual satisfaction. Shaking her head, she cleared her mind, these were problems for another day, for the moment she would do her best to enjoy herself for as long as possible.

The fact that she was cheating on Jai, with these two girls, did not seem to bother her much. Feeling that as long as she did not sleep with another man, it was not ‘really’ cheating on Jai.

“Okay, I will concede that point.” said Jina, “But from now on we have to be careful when out in public. Something like this cannot happen again. We got lucky this time.”

Sonali and Seema nodded their heads in agreement.

“So, what can you tell us about this shopping district, Seema?” asked Jina, indicating that they should move on from discussing the events at the temple.

“Oh, you will love it!!” replied Seema, “It’s in the old colonial section of the city, a couple of years ago the local government renovated the entire neighborhood, now it looks like one of those old city areas that you see in pictures from Europe.”

“Anyway, that lead to a lot of small shops, boutiques and cafes opening up in the renovated houses opening up, now it is a hotspot for most of the neighboring towns and a tourist attraction.” she continued.

“Sounds lovely.” said Seema.

After a short drive they pulled into a parking spot at one of the small parking lots set around the shopping district, since most of the streets were narrow and pedestrian only.

A cool breeze was blowing as the three of them stepped out of the car. Jina felt the bedava bahis cool wind on her exposed crotch, and realized that she was still not wearing her panties or bra. Looking around she realized it was too late to do anything about it.

They headed into the nearest street, which was lined with small boutiques and cafes. The three of them spent the next hour browsing through the various shops. More than one person gave Jina a second look, her braless breasts hard to disguise in their current state. Jina was well aware of the looks, and caught both Sonali and Seema looking at her bouncing breasts, with naked lust in their eyes.

Thankfully none of them chose to act on their desire, the incident and risk from earlier still fresh in their minds. However, this did not prevent them from touching each other whenever the opportunity presented itself.

The mutual touching was most blatant whenever one of them would pick up a piece of cloth to try it on, leading to the other two to crowd in and run their hands over the fabric, pretending to check its fit, but taking the opportunity to run a hand over breast or ass.

All three of them were feeling the heat rise in their loins from the constant flirting. Jina’s aroused nipples were clearly visible under her thin blouse. Jina became aware of her state when she noticed one of the pretty sales girls give her breasts a long look.

The sales girl looked at Jina boldly holding her gaze and when no one was looking slowly ran her tongue over her lips. Jina blushed at the girl’s boldness, but did not break her gaze, continuing to hold girls stare until she looked away. Feeling a thrill run down her spine at the sexual stare down.

For Jina walking around, braless, in her aroused state was no longer tenable so she picked up one of the blouses to try on and turned to Seema.

“Give me back my panties and bra.” she whispered to the girl.

Seema looked at her and shook her head.

“This has gone on long enough, plus I can’t walk around like this anymore people will notice and it will create a scene.” said Jina.

Having over heard the whispered conversation, Sonali indicated to Seema that she should return Jina’s under wear.

“Ok, but you have to do me a favor.” said Seema.

Jina felt that a trap was being laid for her, but did not know how to side step it.

“Fine. What favor?” she asked.

“I will let you know later but in the mean time you promise to fulfill it when the time come?” said Seema.

“Ok, ok. Hand them over.” said Jina.

Taking the offered bag from Seema’s hand Jina entered one of the trial rooms, where she quickly put on her panties and bra. Since she was already in there, she decided to try on the blouse she had picked up. It was a deep blue in color that fit her like a second skin ending just above her waist, leaving a tantalizing bit of her stomach visible.

Liking how the blouse fit her, Jina decided to buy it. Putting on her blouse she exited the trial room to find the sales girl from before standing outside.

“Find anything you like?” she asked, her eyes raking over Jina’s impressive breasts.

“Yes, this blouse.” said Jina.

“Are you sure I can’t interest you in anything else.” said the girl, suggestively, her finger running over her exposed neck and chest.

Jina noticed that a couple of buttons on her girl’s shirt had been undone, showing a good amount of skin and cleavage. Giving her a longer look she noticed the plump lips, cute button nose and deep black eyes set over high cheekbones. Her body was also tastefully displayed in the tight trousers, that showed off her ass and the blouse that hinted at her flat stomach.

“No…no…thank you, but this will be all.” stuttered Jina.

“Ok, I will just ring this up…and if you ever need anything please do ask, I will be more than happy to help you…with anything.” replied the girl, looking into Jina’s eyes.

Turning the girl headed towards the sales counter, making sure to put in an extra wiggle in her walk, which Jina did not fail to notice. Before she could think more about what the girl had said, she noticed Seema and Sonali having a whispered conversation, as soon as they noticed her, they stopped talking.

The smiles on their faces made Jina feel like a dear just before a lion’s pounce. She knew that they had been talking about her. She shuddered at what the two girls had been planning, at the same time felt herself get damp with expectation.

Heading towards the sales counter, Jina paid for her purchase, as the girl handed her receipt their fingers touched lightly.

“It was pleasure having you here.” said the girl, “Do come again soon, I will be more than happy to provide you with anything you need. Anything.”

Jina nodded, as she was putting away the receipt, she noticed writing on the back, looking closely she saw that it was the sales girl’s name, Puja, and a phone number. When she looked back at the girl, in surprise, the girl winked at her bedava bonus and ran a hand over her breasts. Blushing at the proposition Jina quickly followed the other two girls outside, but made sure to put the receipt in her purse.

“Well, I see that you picked up another admirer.” said Sonali, when Jina joined them.

“What do you mean?” asked Jina.

“Oh, come on. You think we didn’t notice the sales girl fawning all over you.” replied Sonali.

“She was hot, no doubt. Did she give you, her number?” asked Seema, joining the conversation.

“Err…yes she did.” replied Jina, hesitantly.

“See I told you she would.” said Seema to Sonali, smirking.

“Ok, enough about this.” said Jina, changing the topic. “I am hungry let’s get something to eat.”

“There is a really nice café a couple of streets over, let’s go there.” said Seema.

“Ok lead the way.” said Sonali.

Taking a seat at the café, they ordered coffee and snacks. When they were having their desserts, Jina decided to broach the subject of the favor.

“Sooo…what was the favor you wanted, Seema?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing major. I want you to call my father and ask him to let me stay over with you guys tonight.” said Jina.

“Oh…that’s no problem. But I can’t guarantee that he will agree.” said Jina.

“Well…you can persuade him. We could have a lot of fun. Just the three of us. All night long.” said Sonali, with a suggestive leer.

Jina immediately felt herself get wet at the implication of spending the night with Seema. She internally shuddered at the thought of what the three of them could get up to. A vision of three naked, sweaty bodies intwined on the bed came unbidden into her mind.

Seema, and Sonali, closely watched Jina’s face, her lustful thoughts quite clear on her face, and smiled at each other.

“Why don’t you talk to him now?” suggested Seema, handing over her phone to Jina with her father’s number already dialed.

“Hello?” came a voice from the phone.

Flustered, Jina put the phone to her ear.

“Hello. This is Jina Jai; Seema dialed your number for me.” said Jina.

As Jina talked, both Seema and Sonali, listened to her side of the conversation.

“Yes, she has been very helpful. We are really enjoying her company.” said Jina.

After listening to the other end of the conversation.

“Would it be possible for her to spend the night at our place. We are planning…to…watch a couple of movies…and it would be late. So, I was thinking that it would be better if she stayed over and we can drop her back by around lunch tomorrow.” said Jina, quickly running through her pitch.

Once again, she listened to what was said on the other end.

“No… no. It is not an imposition at all.” replied Jina, to the asked question.

“Don’t worry about it, I am sure she can borrow something from Sonali.” replied Jina.

Once again listening to Seema’s father say something.

“Thank you. You are very considerate, but that won’t be necessary. We will manage. Its settled I will drop her back tomorrow. Bye.” said Jina, quickly ending the call.

Both, Seema and Sonali, were grinning broadly.

“There, done. So, what are you two vixens planning for the evening festivities.” asked Jina, with heat in her voice.

“Oh…so much.” replied the girls in unison, laughing.

“Then shall we get to it.” said Jina. Grinning. Now that the plan was coming in focus, she too, could not wait to get naked with these two again.

Hearing Jina’s words, Seema raised her hands and loudly said.

“Cheque, please.”

They quickly paid the bill and headed towards the car, eager to get on with the real event of the day.


When Reeva and Raj caught up to Nikita she was just turning away from the front desk, having been talking to the desk clerk about something.

“The club is that way.” she said, indicating towards the elevators. “It’s already open but we are a little early, so it should not be too crowded at this time.”

“Great, you know how I hate dancing on a crowded dance floor. Is Reeva okay to go inside?” asked Raj.

“Yeah, I already checked. But she is not allowed to drink any alcohol.” replied Nikita.

“Great, so what are we waiting for?” asked Reeva, excitedly.

The three of them took the elevator to the basement level where the club was located.

The room was quite large with a bar along the back wall and a large dance floor to the right and tables and booths straight ahead and to the left. Raj led Nikita and Reeva out onto the dancefloor and pulled them in tight as the song was a slow one. He kissed Nikita and she clung to him tight and moaned into the kiss.

When he pulled back her eyes were slightly glazed, she put her arm around Reeva and kissed her, her tongue boldly thrust into her mouth as she pressed herself against her. She smiled happily at Raj when she pulled back.

Both Raj and Reeva’s eyes went wide in shock at Nikita boldness deneme bonusu but before they could say anything the next piece of music started and while Reeva didn’t recognize it, the beat was driving and they moved apart to move to the music. They danced for over an hour straight before deciding they’d like to sit down for a bit. Raj led them to an empty curved booth, which was in a small alcove and provided a good degree of privacy.

Raj slid into the booth across from them. “Reeva, put your feet up on my lap.”

Reeva’s eyes lit up and she glanced around furtively, slipping off her shoes and stretched out her long legs to lay her feet on Raj’s lap. Before she could move them, he took a grip on them and began to massage them in his strong hands.

“Ohhhh Raj! That feels sooooo goooood!” Reeva whimpered.

“I assume those shoes are more for looks than for comfort, especially when dancing,” he replied.

“Nikita, your turn,” he said as he moved Reeva’s feet over onto the bench next to him.

Her feet were immediately resting on his lap and Nikita had a broad smile on her face which quickly melted into a look of ecstasy as Raj worked the aches out of her feet.

“Have you been to this club before?” Asked Reeva.

“No, not this club but we have been to others.” Nikita volunteered.

Reeva looked over at the area before the bar and saw that at least half of the patrons appeared to be circulating there. The club had filled up somewhat since they had arrived but was still not very crowded.

“What is up with that?” she asked.

“Probably early comers like us, waiting for their friends or getting a little drunk before they hit the dance floor.” replied Raj.

“Would you care for some drinks?” asked Nikita.

“I’d like a bottle of water.” Reeva said.

“I will have a Dirty Martini. Would you mind getting it for us, Raj?” asked Nikita.

“No problem, will be back soon.” said Raj, as he left the booth to get them all something to drink.

As soon as Raj was out of ear shot, Reeva turned to Nikita.

“What was that all about?” she asked.

“What?” said Nikita.

“Kissing me in front of Raj like that?” responded Reeva.

“You are not the first woman Raj has seen me kiss.” smirked Nikita, “Besides he knows that we have done a lot more than just kiss.”

Hearing Nikita’s words, Reeva’s eyes went wide in shock.

“What!!” she exclaimed, “He knows about us? How?”

“I told him.” replied Nikita, nonchalantly.

Reeva’s eyes went wide in shock at Nikita’s words.

“Besides he has more than heard about what we did.” continued Nikita, “He caught our little show from this morning.”

“What!!” exclaimed Reeva.

“Don’t worry about it, Raj and I have no secrets. He is well aware of my weakness for other women. We have even shared female lovers, separately and together. Besides he liked hearing about what we did, he hasn’t been that excited in bed for a while.” said Nikita.

Reeva’s mouth fell open in shock, hearing about her brother’s sex life. She always considered him to be very conservative, but now his wife was telling her something completely new. Her perception about her brother were changing by the minute.

Finally, finding her voice she spoke.

“Ok, but why are you flaunting our relationship in front of him today.” she asked Nikita.

“He is going to be away for the next two months, it would be the longest I have been away from him since we met.” said Nikita, “I want to give him a going away present that he will never forget, and tick something off my personal fantasy list.”

“What would that be?” asked Reeva, suspiciously.

“A threesome with you and Raj.” replied Nikita.

Reeva’s mouth once again fell open in shock, before she could say anything Raj returned with their drinks. Setting the drinks down on the table, Raj sat down next to Reeva.

“The drink prices here are insane.” he complained, without waiting for an answer he continued, “So what do you guys think of the place, it’s pretty great, right?”

“Yes, this is great, but then it’s the first club I have ever been to, so I don’t have anything to compare it to.” replied Reeva, trying to have a conversation while her mind went million miles a minute trying to process what Nikita had just told her.

“Yes, it is very good.” said Nikita, “And you looked lovely on the dance floor, didn’t you think so to Raj?”

“Yes, you are a very good dancer Reeva. I had no idea.” agreed Raj.

“With a hot body like hers, it’s no surprise that she can move so well.” added Nikita.

“No comment.” laughed Raj, at Nikita’s statement.

“Oh, come on. I know you. No way you missed appreciating her lovely full breasts, the tightness of her firm ass or the plumpness of her incredibly kissable lips.” said Nikita, as she softly ran her hands down Reeva’s arm.

“Of course not, she is my sister.” protested Raj, weakly.

Moving in closer to Reeva, Nikita sensually draped one of her legs over hers, running her finger over her lips softly.

“You really seemed to enjoy my stories of all the naughty things we had been up to. Imagine these soft sensual lips running over my body, kissing my nipples, moaning as I suckled her gorgeous breasts.” Nikita spoke huskily.

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