Finding Truth

Ocak 6, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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I’m looking for my thoughts on all of this. I’m looking for an identity that I’ll soon discover. I’ll find myself in these passages. What will it be this time? Where is my moment now?

There’s an undulating that I want to continue. There’s a reason for this suspense. There’s a particular something that I’m looking for with these words. It’s an itch I love to scratch. Where is my mind on the brink of this discovery?

I wait in what I’d like to call nothingness. I wait in a pool of this mystery that I’m trying to create. I’m writhing in its truth and can hardly wait to realize it once more. I love this moment. I love the fact that I’ve found it. I want this experience like nothing I’ve wanted all day long.

I am in the orgasmic way of life. It is exactly that intense to just be right now. If I could hold onto my patience at this very moment then I would drink in the experience. My whole body is flushed. I’m going with it like a cherry bomb with its fuse thrown and lit. It’s not going to hit me that hard though. It’s not going to pop all at once. It’s going to make me sweat for a little while. I’m going to have to earn it.

I’ve been building canlı bahis on a succession of moments to get here. They are replaying in my mind like a cool rhythm that knows its own beat. It’s hard to stop the images. They are so sweet that I get lost in the melody of their subtle trances. I saw a hot girl in the movie store. She was with a dude, but circled back to check me out. I usually don’t care, but the girl in the parking lot set me off. She was flashing her man in the parked car. When she got out I yelled “Thanks” and kept walking. She had an ass just like the girl that was circling. These subtle events set my head spinning. All at once sex seemed like it was all around me.

My juices had started flowing before I had left the house. It wasn’t much then and it really doesn’t take much to get me going anymore. I’m there now. Images of ass and the girls that I know I’ve seen on the movie box covers are spinning the wheel. I’ve gotten off twice today and now I’ve got another coming. It’s been a big deal to get off like this. So now I’m trying to take my time and see what comes up. I’m caught between pushing and going with it. My mind is circling on other bahis siteleri obligations as well. Am I going to loose the turn on if I just let it go?

It’s so hard to say that when the orgasm builds within me. I’m being honest with myself. I hope that this is published someday and the woman that flashed her man reads it and keeps this energy spiraling. I say thanks and hopefully more will say “thank you” along with it all. There’s an energy churning and I can’t help but feel my way through its mesh.

Patiently I await the arrival of this newest orgasm. I have that lost feeling again. It’s the one that says “Can I really get it up?” It’s that one that makes you fuck harder because you still want to cum even though you know that you’re loosing interest. I’m trying to be patient with it now. I’m trying to wait it out because I know the way this stuff works. I know that the energy has been released and there is no true turning back.

I can’t tell if what I’m writing has any real sex appeal to it or not. Right now I’m in the throws of what’s going on inside of me. I’m laughing at the fact that the keyboard is an outlet. I’m grateful for the fact that bahis şirketleri I’m not going to spray cum all over it. I see the image of her porn star back in my head. I look at my spell check going to town. I look at my heavy breathing and clenched teeth. Will I ever get off this time? I’m searching for the images of the other girl that kept this imagery churning. Did she really do anything? All I can remember is eyes and ass. Those were asses that you can take your finger and run it across where the cheek meets the thigh just to match the obvious firmness. My clenched teeth have already been swallowed through.

Turned on is a good word for it all. Turned on and set on fire with out a match to set it ablaze. I get off now. It’s hard to let it just go. I get off and walk away just to start writing all over again. The orgasm picks up where I left off and the words are an intimate part of this internal ejaculation. Heavy breathing is through tight lungs right now. I’m trying to relax the muscles in my chest. I’m smiling at her back right now. She had a tattoo that went all the way across it. Her hair danced playfully in the wind. She was proud of herself in that moment. It was heart warming to see. My girl does that stuff too.

I smile at these findings. This is what I was looking for. For a while there I wasn’t sure if I’d loose it or not. It’s good to know that I can still cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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