Finally Taking a Chance

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We were in our early 20’s, my group of friends and I. I was dating Sera, and we would all regularly hang out and party, especially on weekends. This weekend though, Sera was gone on a trip with her family so I was just hanging out with my friends. Max, James, Victor, and then James and Victors girlfriends, Maryanne and Jennifer. Jennifer happens to be my ex who I was once madly in love with, ugh. Nichole is a friend of Maryanne who is single as well.

We are trying to find somewhere we can go and just hang out and drink beer for the day and Nichole says that her grandparents have a cottage on the lake that we can use any time. it takes us about 3 seconds to agree that’s where we will go.

After stopping for food and a couple cases of beer we arrive at the cottage. Nothing fancy but very well kept with a nice view of the lake.

We quickly settle in and begin some goofy drinking games that get everyone a good start on being buzzed. We end up spending the afternoon and evening getting pretty drunk.

As the sun is going down we decide to head down to the beach to watch the sunset. The two couples head off in one direction so Max, Nichole and I go the other way. Its a nice warm evening even after the sun goes down and I decide to take off my shirt and jokingly tell Nichole she should do the same. “No one is around” I say to her, “Its so nice out you have to try it”. After several minutes of Max and I trying unsuccessfully to get her to take her top off we give up and we decide we better make our way back up to the cottage.

By the time we are all back at the cottage we have been drinking all day and night and everyone is completely drunk and ready to crash. James and Maryanne go stumbling off to find a bedroom as do Victor and Jennifer. Nichole says “I’m going to sleep in the master bedroom, it has a kingsize bed”. Max and I look at each other and nearly in one voice we say “sounds like a great place to crash” and we all three end up in the kingsize bed.

I’m so drunk that within minutes of laying down I’m out. At some point I wake up to hear Nichole saying, “I need to turn the light on to find a blanket but don’t look, I’m only wearing panties and a T-shirt”. When the light comes eryaman bayan escort on I immediately open my eyes to look without moving a muscle. Nichole is a brunette, a little plump but with quite small breasts. I see her legs which look very nice and her cute panties look sexy as well.

Within a couple minutes she has her blanket, the light goes off and she crawls back into bed. Max is on the far left side, Nichole in the middle and I’m on her right. After the quick panty show I’m out again.

The next thing I hear is Max asking Nichole if there are any more blankets so he can go sleep on the couch. That’s weird, I think, the bed is plenty big and comfortable, why would he want to go sleep on the couch? Oh well, what do I care. Again I fall instantly back to sleep.

Sometime during the night I wake again and start thinking about the fact that I am laying in bed next to a woman who was as drunk as me and it’s just us now in the room and she is wearing just her sexy white panties and T-shirt. I’m still drunk, now getting horny but I have never been in a situation like this.

After considering my options I slowly roll to my left side so I am facing Nichole. I can not see anything but can hear her steady breathing. My mind goes back to a conversation I had with another girl where she told me that if you want to get a girl horny and ready you have to gently touch her clit. Once you get there she will be putty in your hands.

My plan is to try and get my hand to her sex without waking her up. So I slowly, very slowly begin moving my hand under the blankets and above her body. Once I think my hand is directly above her I again very slowly move my hand down until I softly touch her. I can tell that I’ve found her upper thigh. With the slightest, softest touch I move up her thigh until my fingers finally feel the smooth cotton panties. I can’t believe how hard I already am.

My first thought is to slip a finger into the crotch of her panties and slip right between her lips but I quickly realize how tight they are around her legs and know I will not get my fingers underneath without waking her up. At this point she had not stirred at all.

Abandoning that plan I once again, escort etimesgut so slowly, gently feel my way up to the waistband of the panties.

“I’m there”! I find the waistband and decide this is my only chance. I have never taken a risk like this with anyone but I know I will regret not at least trying it. If she says stop, I’ll stop.

As gently as I can I work my fingers under her waistband and slowly move my hand down toward my goal. I feel her soft full bush and while slipping my fingers through it I continue down until I find the cleft of her lips. Still no reaction from her. I think to myself, “is she really still asleep or is she allowing me to do this”?

With my finger now softly swirling her clit and still no reaction from her I slide my finger down between her moistening lips until I reach her opening. Slowly but steadily I enter her with my finger to feel the soft, smooth and so very warm interior of her pussy.

My heart is racing, my cock is hard and throbbing and I notice Nicholes legs part slightly. A good sign. My finger continues to slowly explore her inside and out. Finally, my hand tiring from trying to do all this with her panties on I take another risk and begin to slide them off. Without a word her hips lift off the bed allowing me to easily push the panties down to her ankles. “I guess that’s a sign that she is ok with this” I think as my hand slides back up her thigh to find her now very wet pussy.

I take my time and explore her pussy from the outer lips, her now hard little clit to the warm wetness inside. After a while I bring my full attention to her clit and work my fingers around until she starts quietly moaning, her hips beginning to move with my hand. As I bring her closer to orgasm I find myself pressing my cock against her hip.

Suddenly her body tightens, legs close together as her first orgasm washes over her body. She tries to stay as quiet as possible and lets out just a few small whimpers as she enjoys overwelming pleasure coursing through her entire body.

Still without a word spoken beteeen us, after she came down from her bliss, she lifts her right leg up and over my legs. I quickly push my shorts and underwear elvankent escort down and slip my hips down below hers bringing the head of my still throbbing cock to the edge of her wet entance. I take my cock in my right hand and begin to slide the head up and down her slit from her taint to her clit. Up and down making small circles here and there to tease her and get myself nice and wet before I settle it right at her entance. Just as I begin to press into her she whispers the first word, “slowly”. With the head now resting just at the edge of going in, I take my hand and begin to slowly rub her clit again, and then my hips begin a nice steady push and my cock slides into the tight wet heaven between her spread legs.

I continue to push until all 7 inches are inside her. Stopping there, I bask in the wonderful bliss of being fully emersed in her. Her breathing gets heavier with the touch of my fingers and now the added sensation of my cock filling her.

Pulling the T-shirt up to expose her small breasts I take her right nipple into my mouth just as I begin a slow, steady thrusting in and out. My hand now back to her clit, she seems almost ready to explode again. I feel myself approaching my own orgasm and have to concentrate on not going too fast. I know hers is near as her hips again rise and fall with my movements.

All at once her orgasm takes over and she begins to shake and whimper, again trying desperately to stay quiet. I stay still inside her as she cums and I can feel her pussy squeezing my cock as the muscles contract over and over until she finally comes down again. I’m hardly able to keep myself from cumming but I want to stay inside her a bit longer.

I do pull out just long enough to move myself up over top of her and once again grab my now slippery wet cock and guide it back in. It’s dark but I look down and can see her face as she looks up at me still so incredibly turned on. As my hips begin thrusting harder than before I lean down to her and we kiss passionately. Her legs wrap tightly around my hips, pushing me deep inside. After a couple more deep, full thrusts I know I can’t hold back anymore. Pulling my cock out I grab it and stroke it as my cum begins to shoot over her. It hits her face, hair, the pillow behind her head and then covers her chest and stomach. By the time it ends I’m shaking and collapse on top of her.

As my erection fades I roll back to my side of the bed and without another word we fall back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32