Fiftieth High School Reunion Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Alex and Mackenzie discover the value of experience.


Mackenzie and Carol loaded the dishwasher together.

Mackenzie asked her mother “I can’t believe you and Alex do anything together. He seemed like a real dweeb to me. I tried to talk to him and got one word answers. He was totally disinterested in me and didn’t even want to dance, yet he danced with you. Now you’re giving him cooking lessons and playing basketball with him. What gives?”

“I don’t know. I’ve found it very easy to talk to him. He is naïve but witty. My impression is that he’s never had a real girlfriend.”

“That doesn’t surprise me at all. But while you dribbled the basketball I saw him staring at your legs, so he’s not a total dweeb.”

“Oh, I know he does that. It makes me feel like a girl again.”

Mackenzie couldn’t resist a little teasing. “Oh ho! A little romance going on? Maybe you show him more than your legs.”

Carol blushed and was tongue-tied.

Her daughter gasped. “It’s true?! Ohmygawd! Have you taken off your clothes? Have you fucked?”

“Mackenzie! Such language!”

“But you don’t deny it! I am almost speechless, yet at the same time I’m happy that you are finally getting in touch with your physical side. Who made the first move? Oh, of course, it had to be you. Way to go, mom!”

Carol blushed again.

“Okay now mom, in the spirit of total fairness here’s something about me. I’ve fucked Chris. How about that?”

“But…but he’s…he’s your grandfather’s age!”

“Couldn’t tell that by me. I bet he was a stud when he was younger. Do you know, he gave me three orgasms? Three! I’ve never had more than two before. And he knows how to use it all — hands, tongue, cock. Are you going to teach Alex the finer points of sex?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. And I don’t want to hear any more of that language out of you.”

“You don’t want to talk about it because it’s true and you’re embarrassed?”

“No more.”

Mackenzie sighed, but later that evening called her grandmother Susan.

“Grandma, would you like to meet someplace? There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Why, that would be lovely. I don’t get to talk to you nearly enough.”

“I only work half a day on Friday. How about we meet at Fitzgerald’s Café? We can have a glass of wine and even sit outside if we want.”

“Certainly. About two? It should be less crowded then.”

“I think that will be perfect.”

Friday afternoon Mackenzie, still wearing the conservative dress she wore for her summer public relations job, arrived first and found an out of the way table with an umbrella for shade at the corner of the café patio. Susan arrived several soon after and they exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes.

After they each ordered a glass of wine Susan shook her head. “I can’t believe I’m drinking with my granddaughter. You look so young.”

Mackenzie sighed, “It’s my curse; I’ve already been carded.”

“So, what is it you want to talk about?”

“At the reunion I noticed the interaction between you and grandpa and Chris. Did you and Chris really go out?”

“Oh my, yes. He was a handsome one. We went steady for nearly two years. And why are you asking about things that happened so long ago?”

“Did you know Chris lives in our neighborhood? Mom and I knew we had seen him somewhere. He’s lived here about three years. How about that?”

“He’s lived here the same time your father and I have been here and we never knew it? Amazing.”

“Here’s the thing. One day I was out on my hover board…”

“Those things are dangerous!”

“…and I happened to run into him. We had danced a couple of times at the reunion and recognized each other, and by the time we parted we had arranged for him to teach me to water-ski and I’m going to teach him to dance like we do today.”

Susan became very quiet. “Did he come on to you, Mackenzie?”

“I must say he has been a perfect gentleman with me. However I’m afraid I have been less than a lady with him. But I want to know something about your history with him. You were a cheerleader, right?”

When Susan nodded Mackenzie continued “I know what the girls who were cheerleaders at my high school were like, so that’s why I’m asking. Did you and Chris have sex?”

“Mackenzie! That’s personal. Very personal.”

“Well, I heard Chris ask you if grandpa won you over because he has a ten inch cock. I noticed that you didn’t slap him or contradict him. Neither did grandpa.”

“Why is that of any interest to you?”

“It just is. I want to know what he was like back then.”

Susan gasped “Have you had sex with him!?”

Mackenzie folded her arms across her chest. “Look, grandma. I invited you here to talk. Not grandmother to granddaughter, but woman to woman. What I want to talk about I would only talk about with you. There are no men here. Mom isn’t here. It’s just us. You are the only one I can talk to.”

Susan pursed her lips and considered. “Okay, woman to woman. But have you been intimate casino şirketleri with him?”

“Here’s the deal. I’ll ask questions and you answer truthfully, then I’ll let you ask me anything and I’ll answer truthfully. I want to know about you before I tell you about me. Deal?”

“Okay. Deal,” Susan sighed.

“Think of it as a gossip session at the hairdresser’s.”

Susan grinned. “Juicy stuff, huh?

“Yes. So…did you?”

Susan took a sip of wine, put the glass down and stared at it as she twirled the stem. “He was my first. He talked a good game, but I don’t think he knew a whole lot more about it than I did. We probably learned by doing. That was so long ago.”

“Back seat of his car?”

“Cars were much larger then.”

“More than once?”

“A few times. Once we were at the beach. Yuk. Sand in your privates is not pleasant.”

Mackenzie laughed. “Indeed it is not. But over two years of dating you must have done more than just have sex. What did you do before you started having sex?”

“Oh, we fooled around, petting, quite a bit. I kind of liked that.”

“Over clothes or under?”

“Over at first, but gradually under. We thought when we were eighteen we were mature enough. Why do you want to know all this, anyway? From what your mother tells me you are way past that stage.”

“I want to know about him. Why did you break up?”

“Despite what he said the other night at the reunion, it was just time for it to be over. I wanted to settle down and raise a family but he wanted to go to college. Your grandfather saw us drifting apart and swooped in.”

“But he was sexually experienced.”

“Oh my, yes. He could make me feel like…”

“I get the idea.” She leaned forward and asked in a whisper “Is he really ten inches?”

“Oh, we’ve never measured it.”

“Bullshit. Sorry about the language. Yes you have.”

“Okay, we did once. It was about nine and one quarter inches.”

Mackenzie leaned back in her seat and laughed “But that was just an approximation, huh?”

Susan put a hand over her mouth to hide a laugh. “I guess it was pretty exact. He’s proud of it”

“Did he know how to please you in…other ways beside straight sex?”


“Like with his hands or orally.”

Susan blushed. “Well, certainly with his hands.”

“And the other? If he was experienced don’t tell me you didn’t try it.”

“We…ah…um…experimented a little bit.”

“I assume he did it for you. Did you like it?”

“Oh, I’m going to ask you some good questions. Of course I liked it. So did he.”

“Men like to do that and we like how it makes us feel. But did you do him?”

Susan hesitated.

“Come on. Did you do him? I know he liked it if you did.”

“Okay. I can’t believe we’re talking about this. He certainly likes it.”

“You said ‘likes’, not ‘liked’. That’s a juicy tidbit of information. Do you like doing it to him?”

Susan sighed. “I guess in the spirit of total honesty, we still do it. I’m not a huge fan of doing it to him, but he likes it and I love him, so I do it for him.”


“Certainly not! When it’s time I finish him in other ways. To be honest, he’s asked me if I would try it, but I don’t know if I can. It seems nasty.”

“But it’s not nasty when he does it to you? Maybe you should try it once.”

“I’ll think about it. You know, ever since the reunion our physical activity has picked back up again. It took a few times for us to get back up to speed, if you will, but we almost feel like we are younger again.”

“Thank you for your candor. Okay, now it’s your turn. Fire away.”

“Have you had sex with Chris?”

“Right to the point, aren’t you? Yes. But before you disparage him you should know that it was all instigated by me. He has always been a perfect gentleman, as I said before.”

Susan raised her eyebrows questioningly. “Details? It’s your turn to spill.”

“I wore a very skimpy bathing suit and contrived to take it off so he could rub lotion on me. He said I remind him of you, hence the questions.”

“Your mother and I have often remarked how photos of you resemble photos of me when I was your age. Your grandfather says your eyes are just like mine. Funny how that skipped a generation. Your mother favors him rather than me.”

“That’s exactly what Chris says.”

“Can he still do it at his age? I mean, he’s been divorced for some time and he didn’t mention anything about dating. I would think he was probably out of practice.”

“How about this — one day he gave me three orgasms and used all three ways of pleasing me to do it. I liked everything he did, and he liked what I did.”

“Now you have to tell me what that was, although I shudder to think of what your answer will be.”

“First I noticed how his body reacted to putting the lotion on me, so I gave him relief. Orally. And yes, it happened in my mouth and I swallowed it. I sort of like it — it’s all warm and a bit salty. It doesn’t taste bad at all. Hence my questions casino firmaları to you about it.”

Susan nodded silently, although her head swam as tried to visualize Mackenzie and Chris.

“After that he ate me good. In your terms he did oral on me until I almost screamed, and used his hands, too. We had actual intercourse later and I came again. We think he may have come a second time, too.”

Susan struggled to comprehend Mackenzie’s words.

“Look, I know he’s older, but he looks and acts younger than he really is. I actually urged him to spend time with mom, but he thought that would be too close to you and didn’t want to do anything to make you or grandpa think he was getting back at grandpa for winning you away from him.”

“But he’s okay with our granddaughter?”

“No, he’s not, not really. He’s especially uncomfortable because I look so much younger than I am. But I’ve found out that he’s just a man. A man with a lifetime of experience.”

“Just why are we having this conversation, again?”

“I don’t know. I guess I want your understanding for me spending time with him. He’d like to get together with you and grandpa, but doesn’t want me to be a wedge between you.”

“I see.”

“Look, you three have a history. You were all friends. Now we find out you all live in the same town. He moved back here where he grew up when he retired. You and grandpa moved here shortly after that. How could you know you would end up living so close?”

Susan drained her glass. “Charles and I have discussed getting together with him, but didn’t know how it would work out with us having a daughter and granddaughter here and he having no one.”

“He has Alex. I think he’d like to renew your friendship.”

“Do you plan to continue to see him?”

“He’ll teach me more about waterskiing and how to sail a sailboat. He’s talked about a moonlight sail. Maybe it would be fun to have all of us together. Oh, and I’m going to teach him how to surf after I get back to school.”

“That’s a long drive there and back in a day.”

“It would be a weekend. Would it bother you if he stayed with me?”

“I don’t know how much more information like that I can handle.”

“It’s all part of being honest and truthful. Oh, and here’s something else to make your head spin. I don’t know for sure, but I think mom may be having sex with his son, Alex.”

Susan gasped. “What has the world come to?”

Mackenzie rested a hand on Susan’s. “I think the world is exactly where it has always been. Some things are just talked about more openly now. Think about what you told me you did with Chris and grandpa. What’s so different? You say age, but I say what’s age got to do with it? We’re just men and women doing what men and women have always done.”

“You have certainly given me some things to think about.”

“Ooh ooh, I just had a brainstorm! How about on the way home you stop by the bookstore and get a copy of the Kama Sutra? Or if you’re embarrassed I’ll get it for you. You and grandpa read it together and let it give you ideas for reigniting passion.”

Susan laughed as she picked up her purse to leave. “I might just do that.”


The rest of the summer Mackenzie continued waterskiing and sailing lessons with Chris. Carol played some basketball with Alex and continued kitchen instruction as well as lessons in the art of sex.

In early August Chris and Mackenzie sailed around the lake all afternoon, docking in the marina afterwards. Alex, Carol, Susan and Charles joined them as dusk gathered.

Chris let Mackenzie show her sailing skills until darkness began to settle in, then he turned on the red, green and white boat lights and took over to navigate by the lighted buoys. The moon rose full and stars twinkled in a cloudless sky. Mackenzie snuggled against Chris and whispered something to him. He laughed, shook his head and wagged a finger at her. Carol openly had an arm around Alex. Susan and Charles observed the pairings and shook their heads. How had they managed to raise such a family? Yet, the pairs seemed to genuinely care for each other and that’s what counted in the long run. Was it inappropriate? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Before Mackenzie and Alex left for school the six gathered in Chris’ driveway. Charles and Susan sat in lounge chairs as the others shot baskets.

Mackenzie said “How about we play strip HORSE? Whoever gets ‘horse’ stays in and then begins to lose clothes.”

Chris laughed, but Alex and Carol looked horrified. “We’re outside in the driveway!”

Carol countered seriously “How about we play a little game for real? Me and Alex against Chris and Mackenzie.”

Mackenzie said “I haven’t really played since ninth grade. But okay. How about we play boys against girls — shirts and skins? The guys can be shirts.”

That was met with howls of laughter, and they all took a swig of their various drinks before the game began.

Alex said “Play to twenty five. Susan and Charles can be referees and settle any disputes.”

Carol and güvenilir casino Chris were good at making outside shots if not well defended, but Mackenzie and Alex were faster and made layups. Carol swished a couple of foul shots after obvious fouls, and that was the difference as she and Alex won 25 — 24.

Afterward in the kitchen Alex brought out a pie he had made from scratch, crust and all. Carol kissed him and told him she was proud of him. Susan shook her head in disbelief.


Alex lifted the lid on the roasting pan and sniffed. “Damn that smells good, doesn’t it?”

Carol handed him an instant read thermometer. “Here, stick this in and let’s see how done it is.”

They peered at the readout. “Perfect!” Carol said. “Now take it out and let it rest. You can use the liquid in the pan to make gravy for the potatoes. It’s time to start the corn. It should be ready by the time the meat is ready to be cut.”

She looked up at the clock. “Our guests should be here any minute. You make the gravy just as I showed you and I’ll start the guests with a glass of wine before we eat.”

As if on cue the doorbell rang and Carol welcomed Charles and Susan.

“Something sure smells good!”

Carol laughed “It will be ready in a few minutes. My kitchen student is finishing it up.”

Charles looked at her quizzically and Susan pursed her lips, wondering if there was a germ of truth in what Mackenzie had told her. When she looked at Carol she saw her with different eyes – as a woman, not a daughter. A very attractive woman, too.

Alex and Carol brought everything out, set it on the table and the four sat down to eat.

“Mom, dad, – Alex has been learning to cook this summer. I’ve been teaching him and this meal is entirely by his hands. In return for cooking lessons he is getting me back in physical shape to play a little basketball again. Our little game the other day didn’t wear me out as much as I expected; I never realized how much I missed it.”

Susan said “Mackenzie told me something about that arrangement. By the way, where is she?”

“Um, I think she went for a sail with Chris. She apparently likes sailing almost as much as opening up the throttle on our boat. She’s learned to water-ski, too.”

Charles frowned as he remembered the moonlight sail, but Susan nodded knowingly.

During the meal Charles noted the little teasing jokes Alex and Carol made with each other.

On the way home after dinner Charles asked “Did you see the way Alex and Carol looked at each other? They’ve been spending a lot of time together. You don’t suppose there’s something going on between them, do you?”

“Well, they’re both adults. And Carol’s mood sure has lightened since the reunion. I’m certainly not going to pry, but whatever is going on apparently has had a positive effect on Carol. And compared with the way he looked and acted at the reunion, it seems to have helped Alex, too.”

“But she’s old enough to be his mother.”

“And she has a new spring in her step lately, like she feels years younger.”

At a stop sign Charles looked at her. “Do you know something about this? And Mackenzie with Chris! They seemed cuddly on the sailboat when we all went out on the moonlight sail.”

“I can’t say anything about Carol and Alex for sure. Anything I would say would just be hearsay, and we all know how things change as they pass from one mouth to another.” She conveniently left out reference to Mackenzie and Chris.

Charles shook his head as he started up again. “Things are certainly different today. When we were the age of Mackenzie and Alex…”

“We were ready to get married. I do think that has changed. Nowadays kids don’t seem to be ready to settle down until they’re older.”

“Well, I don’t like what appears to me to be going on with them.”

“Like I said, they’re adults and can make their own decisions.”

“Well, Mackenzie is way too young to be around someone like Chris. He’s probably trying to seduce her.”

“Like he did with me? Is that what you’re implying?” When Charles shot her a look she patted his arm. “I don’t get that feeling about him. Frankly, I think Mackenzie is the more adventurous of the two. It doesn’t seem to me that he could lead her anywhere.”

“You think it’s her leading him on?”

Susan shrugged and shook her head. “I try not to think about it. I talked to her not long ago, and some of the things she said are things I never thought about until I was much older. Kids do seem to grow up faster today.”

They pulled into the garage and Susan leaned over to kiss him. “I’m glad I ended up with you. How about we go inside and I’ll show you just how much.”

He kissed her and stroked her hair before fondling a breast.

“Well, look who else is feeling frisky tonight.”

“Let’s take it inside and see how frisky we can be!”

“Remember how we used to do it in the car?”

“Cars were bigger then. I don’t want to throw my back out contorting in the back seat, but we could kick start things right here.”

“Ooh, petting? Mackenzie asked me about what petting in the car was like. How about we refresh our memories?”

He kissed her again and caressed a breast. She stroked his face and he slid a hand up her leg under her dress.

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