Felt Up on the Train Ch. 02

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All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.

Amy pushed her way onto the train, squeezing between two largish gentlemen in suits, and finding a gap just inside the carriage. As she settled herself into position leaning against the back of an occupied seat she felt her eyes subconsciously scanning the faces of her fellow passengers, as they had done every day since ‘that’ morning.

It was an experience she’d never even contemplated she could have had, and would never have imagined she would have enjoyed, but being stroked and teased almost to orgasm by a teenage girl, in the middle of a crowed commuter train, had re-awakened feelings that had long laid dormant inside her. She hadn’t been able to get those events out of her head for the whole of that day, reliving time and again the feeling of those warm fingers pressing against her clit. Twice she had to leave her desk and make her way to the bathroom, locking herself into a cubicle and placing her own hand deep into the fur between her legs, stroking and rubbing in a vain attempt to satisfy the deep urges within her.

So strong was the effect, indeed, that she had even initiated sexual activity that night with John, who had seemed at first distressingly surprised, then incredibly eager, too eager in fact as even in her highly aroused state he had been finished almost before she was started. She had been forced to resort to her fingers again, waiting until he was asleep before plunging her hand between her legs and bringing herself to 3 quick orgasms in succession. It took the edge off things just enough for her to fall into a fitful sleep, from which she woke after many vivid dreams to find herself still dripping wet.

She had dressed carefully that next morning, choosing an outfit to maximise the possibility of a repeat occurrence, but there had been no sign of her schoolgirl tormentor that day, or the next, or the next. Now over two weeks later she had all but given up hope of seeing her again, but the habit of looking out for her was now fixed deep into her subconscious routine.

Carriage scanned she turned her attention down to her Kindle, but something made her look up again. Her heart stopped in her throat. Down the carriage an elderly woman shifted position and behind her, sat at a table, was the face which had been etched casino şirketleri onto her brain for the past two weeks. Instinctively she looked away, as if she’d been caught spying, but the girl was looking down into her lap, oblivious to Amy’s presence. She looked again. Definitely her – same shoulder length bobbed hair, same glasses, same pristine school blouse and neatly fastened tie.

Amy suddenly realised she didn’t know what to do. She had imagined their meeting again so many times, but it was only now that she realised that in every fantasy she had conjured up it had always been the girl who had taken the initiative. But if anything was to happen today Amy was going to have to make the first move. And her options were limited – the girl was half a crowded carriage away and Amy had no legitimate reason to move any closer to her.

As chance would have it the train was coming into a station, and there was a commotion towards the centre of the carriage as two passengers wriggled from their seats and began to move towards her, complete with not insubstantial cases which they were struggling to pull behind them. There was muttering and grumbling as toes were trodden on and rolled over, and her fellow commuters contorted themselves into every imaginable position to get out of the way. Amy realised this was her opportunity, and as they pushed past her she grabbed her bag and began to move down the carriage, slipping past other passengers with an “Excuse me please.”

Drawing close to the young girl she slowed her progress and eventually stopped right by her seat. She was a little squashed between a large older man on one side and a tall young guy in a suit on the other, but there was just space. She put her bag down and leaned against the schoolgirl’s seat, her back to her, and waited.

For what seemed like an eternity, nothing happened. Questions began to flow through her mind. Had she got the wrong girl? Had the girl not noticed her? Was it possible that it hadn’t even been her who had felt Amy up last time anyway? Or was it just a once off that she had no desire to repeat? Amy was frustrated – in her masturbatory fantasies it had all been so easy to pick up where they had left off last time. But in real life she was powerless, just waiting, waiting, waiting.

The touch when it came casino firmaları was so gentle as to be almost non-existent. Amy held her breath. Had she imagined it? Was this just her over-active imagination willing fantasy into reality? But no, something was stroking across the back of her calves with a feather-like gentleness. She willed it to be real. It moved slowly up her leg, getting stronger to the touch too as it moved past her knee and began slowly to inch up under her skirt. Oh, how she’d missed those fingers. The soft caress, the stroking, the sensual touch.

Amy closed her eyes and concentrated all her attention on that hand. It had made its way up to her arse now, and was running all over her knickers just like it had last time. She felt a finger trying to push it’s way between her legs, and adjusted her position slightly, widening her stance to give it better access. God that felt good. The finger was moving back and fore between her legs, stroking the full length of her slit, from the wet hole at one end to the nub of her clit at the other. She began to rock gently against it, begging it to press harder deeper.

Instead the hand withdrew, and Amy almost cried out with frustration. But it returned, running up over her arse again, this time right up under her dress. She felt the hand hook round the top of her underwear and then it pulled hard, yanking her knickers down from her arse. She felt them stick to the wetness of her pussy as the hand kept pulling, only stopping when they were half-way down her thighs. She felt a momentary panic about how she was going to be able to move from here, but dismissed it as something to worry about later. For now she was just going to enjoy this.

The finger returned to between her legs. With the restriction of the wet fabric of her knickers removed it was free to push into Amy’s slit. Coating itself with her wetness it glided easily through her pussy lips. Stroking, teasing, sliding forward almost to touch her clit, then pulling away again. In desperation Amy thrust her hips backward, pushing her arse into the seat behind, and allowing the hand to slide that bit further, coming to rest against the throbbing button. She shuddered involuntarily as contact was made, and gasped as the fingers began to rub in gentle circles over the head of her clit. The intense güvenilir casino physical pleasure she was feeling now was like nothing she had ever felt, or even dreamed was possible.

The fingers continued their movement, gently sliding back the hood of her clit to expose the throbbing centre beneath, running themselves gently, ever so gently, each touch sending shivers up her spine. Then she felt something prodding further back between her legs. The thumb of the hand, pushing against the tight opening of her pussy, pressing gently but firmly, squeezing itself in. As the fingers moved on her clit the thumb pressed gently in and out of her. The pleasure now coming from both sides, Amy was lost in the sensations she was feeling, being wound higher and higher, the tensing in her stomach which she knew signalled movement towards an impending orgasm. Was this little schoolgirl going to make her cum?

The sound of the train tannoy broke into her thoughts, the driver’s voice, “Ladies and Gentleman, we are now approaching London Victoria, where this train will terminate.” No! Amy screamed silently to herself. She felt the hand beginning to withdraw, and without thinking reached her own hand down and grabbed it through the front of her dress, holding it, not letting it escape. She pressed the fingers harder against her clit and clamped her thighs tightly round the wrist, pulling the thumb deep into her dripping pussy as she did so. Oh fuck, that had done it, she was past the point of no return now.

The hand responded positively, pressing hard against her clit, rubbing fast, pushing her higher, higher… and over the edge. She bucked and twisted, riding the hand that was pleasuring her. A flood of her juices poured out, soaking the hand and her thighs. A series of tiny explosions inside her, pleasure spreading out from her engorged clit and pussy to the end of every nerve of her body.

As she came down from the peak she felt the hand pull itself away and the schoolgirl push past her and make for the door of the train. Amy wanted to shout after her, stop, wait, but somehow the words didn’t come. She was breathless, panting, shaking. As the train pulled to a stop and the doors opened she reached under her dress, and made an undignified and ineffectual attempt to pull her underwear more back to where it should be. Then she picked up her bag and stumbled for the door. Red faced, sweating, pussy juice running down her legs, her head in a spin. How could a teenage girl make her feel like this, so good and yet so confused?

To be continued…

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