Farm Girl

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Darla lay in bed wondering if he would do it to her tonight. He came to her bed almost every night now. There had been a time when she was afraid and dreaded the pain, but she was used to it now.

Darla was a cute blonde who had grown up on an isolated farm too far away to attend public school, so her mother had home schooled her. When she turned 18 she was sent to the city to live with a young couple and help with the housework. Jerry, the husband, was a silent, intimidating man with black hair and brown eyes. He seldom spoke to Darla, didn’t even seem to realize she was around. Susan, his wife, was kind to Darla. She was a small, beautiful woman with brown hair and blue eyes. Her breasts and belly seemed to Darla to be a little bit too fat compared to her arms and legs.

The housework wasn’t difficult. Susan did the cooking and a woman came in twice a week to do the laundry and heavy cleaning. Jerry worked late most nights, and after supper Susan often invited Darla to watch television with her. They had not had television on the farm, so Darla was fascinated by the programs. She didn’t understand a lot of the programs, but she was learning. Both women turned in about eleven.

One night after Darla had been in the city for a few weeks Susan went to stay with her sister for a few days, and Darla and Jerry were home alone. Darla was sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, and Jerry came over and sat down beside her.

“What kind of programs do you like to watch, Darla?” asked Jerry.

“Oh, whatever you like. I don’t have any favorites.”

Jerry switched to a porn channel and watched Darla out of the corner of his eye to see her reaction. She seemed stunned, yet interested in the action on the screen. He moved closer to her and put his arm across her shoulders; then he put his hand on her thigh. He moved it up toward her crotch and felt heat emanating from that area.

“That looks like fun, doesn’t it?” asked Jerry. “Would you like to try?”

“I don’t know. It looks like it would hurt.”

“Maybe a little at first, but not much if it’s done right. I’ll show you some escort izmir time,” Jerry promised.

“Well, maybe some time. I think I’ll go to bed now.”

Darla lay there thinking about the movie. She had strange feelings, and her hand involuntarily moved toward her sex until she remembered she had been taught never to touch herself there and moved her hand back under her pillow. After a while she drifted off to sleep, and sometime later was awakened by someone in bed with her. He was actually on top of her and pressing something hard into her belly. He began kissing her mouth. Darla had never been kissed on the mouth before and was disgusted, especially when he stuck his tongue in her mouth. She pushed him off, but he told her to lie still. In the half-light from the window she could see Jerry’s profile. He lifted her nightgown above her breasts and began to suck on them. She had seen animals feed their babies that way and wondered if Jerry was getting milk from her breasts, and if so why he would do such a thing. He lowered his hand to her crotch and cupped her mound with his hand, his fingers pressing against the entrance to her vagina through her panties. He slipped his fingers inside them and pressed his finger into her vagina until it started to hurt. After kissing her again he left her bed.

The next night he worked very late, but after he came home he got back in Darla’s bed again, and again he kissed her and raised her nightgown to suckle her breasts while poking her belly with the hard thing. As he nursed he pulled her panties off and stuck a finger in her vagina. He moved it in and out, and when he stuck it in too far it hurt. He raised himself up, and straddled her. She realized the hard thing was attached to his body between his legs. She had seen penises on male animals on the farm and began to make the connection to the one Jerry had. Her parents had made sure she never saw animals mating, so she had no idea what it was for until she watched the porn movie with Jerry.

Jerry gently stroked her clitoris and between her labia with his penis. Darla was ashamed that she thought it sort escort izmir of felt good because she had always been taught never to touch herself there, but maybe because Jerry was doing instead of her it was ok. He stroked on down to her vagina and paused there pulsing against the entrance. He reared back and pushed his penis into her. She struggled and let out a little yelp from the pain. Jerry hushed her and said it would stop hurting in a minute. It didn’t though, and it hurt even more when he began to thrust in and out. He kept it up until she felt something gush inside her and his penis began to jerk. He stopped thrusting then and collapsed on top of her, his penis continuing to spasm inside her. As the spasms subsided his penis began to soften, and he pulled it out. When Darla got up she saw blood on the sheet, but it wasn’t as much as when she had her period, and she didn’t continue to bleed.

Darla was very sore the next day but was able to do her work. Jerry came to her again that night, inserted his penis in her vagina again and stroked in and out until he shot the liquid into her again. It hurt because she was still sore from the night before, but it felt good in a way too. She thought of it as him riding her, but over the weeks the more he rode her the less it hurt, and the better it felt. Soon she was bucking her hips to meet his thrusts when he did it to her. She liked the feeling when he felt her breasts and suckled them.

When Susan came home Darla noticed she was getting fatter in the belly. It sort of reminded Darla of how farm animals bulged out when they were pregnant. She wondered if Susan could be pregnant.

Meanwhile Jerry had been coming to Darla’s bed almost every night. Darla enjoyed the things he did to her and prepared for him by sleeping with her panties off and her legs spread so he could start riding her with the least delay. She wondered if he would still do it to her when she started her period, but she never bled again after the first night he rode her, and her period didn’t come when it was supposed to.

Now it felt better than ever when he sucked her breasts. They were getting bigger and ached. The sucking helped ease the ache. The soreness in her vagina from the first time he rode her was long gone too. Now she enjoyed the feel of his penis in her, and often she got a most wonderful feeling that caused spasms in her vagina and went all through her body. The first time it happened to her Jerry noticed and asked her if she had climaxed. She didn’t know what that meant but it happened more and more often, and she began to think of the feeling as climax. She thought of it as Jerry riding her to climax, and wondered if his jerking and gushing inside her meant he felt a climax too.

Susan’s belly kept getting bigger, and Darla was certain her employer was going to have a baby. She began to wonder if she could be pregnant too because her belly was swelling. On night after he had ridden her Darla asked Jerry about it. He hefted her breasts, pressed her belly and answered that he thought so.

One day Susan went to the hospital to have her baby. While Susan was gone Jerry rode Darla every night and stayed to ride her once or twice again. She would always wake up in the morning to find him riding her one more time before he left for work. She loved the attention.

After Susan came home from the hospital with the baby Jerry rode Darla less and less often as the months passed. Her belly was getting so big now that it wasn’t comfortable anyway. A nursemaid named Patty – a voluptuous redhead with green eyes – had been hired to help Susan with the baby, and she took over some of Darla’s chores too.

One day Darla began having cramps, and Susan said the baby was coming and took her to the hospital. Having the baby was scary and it hurt, but it was a cute little thing, and when it sucked her breasts it was a different feeling from when Jerry did it. It gave her relief from the fullness, but it didn’t make her want to be ridden like Jerry’s nursing did. Darla was glad that soon he also started nursing her and riding her again, but he didn’t do it as often now.

Darla began to understand that being ridden by Jerry was what had put the baby in her belly, and he had ridden Susan to give her a baby too, and maybe he had given her another one because she looked like she was pregnant again, and so did Patty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32