Fantasy Harem Pt. 01 Ch. 02: Mayumi

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Author’s note: inner voice/thoughts are denoted with asterisks, e.g. I was surprised versus *Holy crap that’s surprising!*

Chapter 2: Mayumi

Asa Mayumi, known to those familiar with Japanese culture as Mayumi Onee-san, was 28, single, and smoking hot. She was not, however, particularly outgoing. A homebody by habit, a homemaker by interest, and a caretaker by temperament, Mayumi was a gentle, studious, supremely kind older sister. Except, she didn’t actually have any siblings, though she had always wanted a little sister.

A modest girl after your traditionalist parents’ hearts, Mayumi was very good at making and maintaining social relationships-as long as they were at someone’s home. Thus, she was especially good about greeting neighbors. This habit of hers led to a meeting with a couple of siblings who changed her life.

Several months after affirming our incestuous feelings, I found a better job in a different town, and neither Mia nor I had many attachments to our old place. Mia even managed to transfer to a university close to my new workplace. So I found a nice 3-bed, 2-bath house in the suburbs, a short train commute from both my work and her school.

The move had gone well. No hiccups, no damaged furniture, and nobody died.

Not that I was expecting anyone to die just because we moved homes…I just needed a third thing for my list. Rule of threes. Whatever. Moving on…

The day after moving, there was a ring at the door. I answered it before Mia could make her cheeky self known, and nearly failed to keep my jaw from dropping as I opened the door to reveal an absolute bombshell of an asian woman. Before I could even say hello, Mia crashed into my back and peeked her head out to see who was there.

The woman’s expression was cheerful before, but as soon as she saw Mia, her smile brightened into barely restrained joy. “Hello! I’m Mayumi, I live next door, welcome to the neighborhood!”

“Hiya! I’m David and this is Mia, thank you so much! It’s good to be here!” Noticing that she seemed to be carrying some sort of food container, I acted quickly, “Here, come on in! We just got all our stuff settled, there shouldn’t be any tripping hazards other than Mia.”

Mayumi giggled, and it sounded like bells chingling. I was instantly enamored. ‘Could this woman get any more amazing?’ I thought as I led her inside, Mia somehow managing to stay halfway behind me the whole time, sneaking glances at our visitor. When we got to the kitchen, Mayumi revealed that she had brought japanese-style curry rice. It smelled heavenly. I thanked her sincerely just as Mia decided to cut in, “You’re really really pretty, Mayumi!”

The impromptu and sincere compliment caught Mayumi off guard. She looked shy for a moment as she looked down and blushed. She squeaked out a “Thank you” and Mia was apparently sold, because she turned and discreetly whispered in my ear, “Yup, she’s a keeper”.

I was a little surprised. Mia had never indicated any possessiveness for me-she was just needy for my attention-but I never would have predicted her actively supporting my attentions with another girl. I made a mental note of it and got back to try and keep the conversation from stalling.

“So Mayumi, how long have you lived here?” I asked.

“About 4 years. I moved here after college to be near my workplace, but now I work from home. Well, except for visiting project homes-I’m an interior designer.”

“That sounds like fun, have you always wanted to do that?”

“Well, I got my degree in Graphic Design, and started working for an ad agency, but working in the office was…um, not for me. I never felt welcome there. Don’t get me wrong, the people were nice, but the building was just so uncomfortable. After making some suggestions to my coworkers on how we could spruce up the place, someone joked about me being “Miss Interior Designer”. I realized after that that not everyone seems to be as…affected, by a building’s decor, as I am. After looking into it a bit, I realized the job was perfect for me. I could spend my time making people’s houses feel like homes. Working with colors, textures, shapes, and furniture placements all day. And I can frequently redecorate my own home to use it as a model and show off my style to potential clients. It’s really a dream job for me.” Mayumi’s eyes shone as she expounded on her clear passion.

“Wow, that’s awesome! It really is nice to have a job you enjoy, huh?”

“Yeah! …oh, but I’m just going on and on about me! How about you? What do you, um, do?”

“I teach English at the local high school.” Mayumi smiled as I continued. “Just started teaching, actually. Previously, I worked in the medical device industry, and while it was lucrative, it didn’t really give me any sense of purpose in my life. I wasn’t really helping anyone. It also got pretty boring after I proved to myself that I could be good at it. So I thought about taking a whole new career path. After being asked to tutor some of my cousins, I realized that I found teaching relaxbet güvenilirmi to be immensely rewarding. So I thought: teaching. I’m gonna need an education degree to be a regular K-12 teacher, a Masters or PhD to become a college professor…what can I teach without getting a whole new degree? English. At the time, I had already been planning a long trip to Japan. So I took the two ideas and combined them: teaching English in Japan! And here I am.”

“That’s so great! The world always needs more good teachers. Have you had to deal with any troublemakers?”

“Haha, this is Japan! The “troublemakers” here wouldn’t even be noticed back home…”

Mayumi and I talked for a while, covering all the little things. Family, career, home life. Occasionally, Mia chimed in with either a well-placed relevant addition or a totally random complement, always leaving us guessing as to what she might say next. Mayumi seemed to like my sister’s cheekiness though, as she either beamed, blushed, or giggled at everything the girl said.

Eventually, it seemed we were about to run out of discussion topics, so I decided to start closing the conversation. “We have some more work to do this afternoon, but I’d love to see you again. We should have a party or something-“

“Oh, oh, we should do it at my house!” Mayumi blurted out. She looked surprised at herself and then blushed. “Um, I mean, I like hosting dinner parties, so um, if you want, you should come over…”

“Yay! Party at Onee-chan’s house!” Mia cheered.

Mayumi was flabbergasted. She thought, ‘How many times have I dreamed of having someone to call me Onee-chan?! And she’s so freaking cute too! I need her in my liiiiife!’

Mayumi stood there stunned, unsure whether to cry tears of joy or laugh at the absurdity of the situation or any number of other things. When Mia started running at her, she broke out of her stupor and didn’t hesitate to open her arms wide, swinging the smaller girl around and hugging her tight, like they had been family for years.

Having decided to just run with it, Mayumi smirked at me in faux-confrontation. “She’s mine now!”

“Tough luck, big bro, I like Onee-chan the best!”

Goddamn, my sister knows how to play people.

We all laughed at the absurdity of the situation, none of us certain as to whether that whole thing was pretending or not. *Well, Mia probably knows, but I certainly don’t.* I thought.

I was about to respond with, “Hey, you can have her. Less hassle for me.”, but before I could say anything, Mia piped up. “Girl time!” she shouted quickly as she pulled Mayumi into another room. I just raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

My inner dialogue was at odds with my girlish charm, as usual. *This woman is perfect for him. For us. I mean, look at those tits! Damn, I am totally gay for this chick. Alright, let’s work some magic.*

“Hey Onee-chan, what do you think of Onii-chan?” I said, dialing my little sister charm up to 11.

Mayumi’s eyes went wide. “Oh, um…he’s…um..” she looked down and blushed.

“Come on, you can tell me!”

“He’s…handsome…I think…and nice…but…” *She totally digs him!*

“Yeah, I know, we all only met like 10 minutes ago and this is kind of crazy, but you know you felt a connection, don’t lie.” *Switch it up, keep her off balance.* I thought.

She looked surprised for a moment before she gave in. “…Yeah. I felt it.”

I grinned in victory. “Okay, let’s go back to big bro, okay?” Mayumi just nodded and followed.

When Mia and David visited Mayumi’s house later that week, they were shown what excellent hospitality looks like. They enjoyed their time immensely, and decided to make the dinner visits a regular thing. Over time, Mayumi relaxed as they got to know each other, and her shyness receded somewhat, revealing a confident but modest woman. They got closer and closer, until they were visiting almost every day-usually at Mayumi’s, but sometimes at David and Mia’s house.

After about two months of spending time with the older woman and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, Mia decided to go for it.

*Mayumi has been nothing but perfect for both bro and me, and she clearly likes us. Let’s do this. Time for some skinship.*

Placing a mug of tea on the edge of the table between Mayumi and me, I reached for the pile of tonkatsu in the middle of the table. I grabbed one of the delicious morsels with my chopsticks, and on the way back, “accidentally” smacked my elbow into aforementioned precariously placed cup of tea. And, according to plan, the splash zone covered both my lap and Mayumi’s chest.

I gasped, “On no, I’m so sorry! Here, let me get it.” Completely ignoring my own clothes and her weak protests, I grabbed a napkin and began pressing it on Mayumi’s wet clothes. Clearly her chest needed to be dried right away. And thoroughly. But not too hard. And…damn her tits feel great!

Looking over at my sister “drying” Mayumi’s clothes-it relaxbet yeni giriş couldn’t really be called that, as the napkin was in only one hand-before she dropped it, leaving both of her hands groping Mayumi’s luscious bust with all pretense of cleaning also dropped.

“Oh, these clothes are going to stain if we leave them! Let’s go put them in the wash right now.” Mia grabbed Mayumi’s hand and started dragging her out of the room. Before she left, she turned her head back and winked at me. I just raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

*My, this girl is forward. If she wasn’t ~so damn cute~, I might even have had a problem with it.* Mia led me to the laundry room, where she promptly stripped. I hesitated. *Should I…?*

Before I could decide whether to join her, she started undoing the buttons of my blouse. *It really will stain if we don’t wash it soon.* I thought. *Here goes.*

Turns out it had soaked into not only my shirt, but my bra and even my panties. Without me resisting, Mia managed to strip me completely before I could react. As soon as she got the washing machine running, she grabbed my arm again, this time dragging me out into the hall. My anxiety about being seen by David was short-lived as Mia brought me to the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

“Bath time!”

Mia quickly sat down on a stool in our Japanese-style bath and started washing herself. Starting to feel a little normal, I sat on the other stool and began washing as well.

“Hey Onee-chan, can you get my back for me?” Mia looked over at me and asked sweetly. How could I resist that? I stopped washing, stood up, and kneeled behind her, grabbing some soap to lather up her back. Her skin was smooth under my fingers, and her small, cute body didn’t take long to cover. She leaned back into me as I worked, and sighed contentedly.

“Thanks, Onee-chan. This is really nice.” I smiled at the simple pleasure of helping a friend…maybe a sister? Was this skinship? The thought excited me for some reason.

When I was done lathering, I rinsed her back. Finally clean, Mia sprung up. “Your turn!”

I shrugged and sat back down on the other stool. Mia grabbed some soap and got behind me. She started lathering, and her tiny hands felt good on my skin. She worked it in good, and the massage relaxed my muscles.

I was brought out of my stupor of comfort as her hands wrapped around my belly. “Oh Mia, you don’t have to do that, I can get my front.”

She brought her arms all the way around my middle and clamped herself to my back in a hug, bringing her face near my shoulder. “No, I got it. I want to do this for you, Onee-chan.” Mia’s voice was just too sweet. How could I say no to that? Even if I had the feeling she wasn’t going to stop until she washes every…inch of me… I shuddered in excitement at the thought. *Is this what I really want?*

Mia continued to rub my belly, but then she moved to my arms, starting from my hands and working up. When she reached my shoulder, she moved to my other hand. Both arms done, she brought her hands around to my belly again. I knew what was coming, and my nipples hardened in anticipation.

Slowly, her tiny hands worked up from my tummy, and pushed on the bottom side of my breasts. Her hands seemed to disappear as they pushed on the underside of my H-cups. She continued pushing up, and the soap made my skin slick as her hands slid slowly up the bottom of my bust.

As the reached the crest, my tits suddenly dropped past her hands, and my firm nipples flicked past her palms. My eyes rolled up from the sensation as she repeated the motion, lifting and dropping my breasts, allowing my nipples to brush against her palms as gravity pushed them to slide down.

Then she started working my breasts from the sides, slowly pushing until she reached between them, then pushing them back out, brushing my sensitive buds each time. *Have my nipples always been this sensitive? Or is it…because of her?*

She continued to grope my chest, soaping it up much too thoroughly for hygeine’s sake alone, and I just sat, along for the ride as this tiny girl played with my body. It didn’t even occur to me to ask her to stop. I was too wrapped up in the pleasure of it.

Then suddenly her hands stopped. I didn’t have to wonder why as I felt the water run down my back as she rinsed me. Then she came around and knelt in front of me. Her face looked like a kid on Christmas morning as her eyes roamed over my body. I just looked back at her with half-lidded eyes, feeling content but excited. Her petite form was exciting to me in ways I didn’t understand, and at that moment, I didn’t spare any thought to try and understand. I just enjoyed having this girl here. My own little sis. So little. And so cute.

She grabbed some more soap and lifted up one of my feet to begin washing my leg. She worked slowly upward, massaging every inch until she reached the crease of my hips, avoiding my inner thigh. Then she grabbed my other foot and repeated. Feeling relaxed, relaxbet giriş I shuddered in surprise as I felt her hands on my inner thighs push outward. My eyes shot open as I allowed her to spread my legs. Her hands then worked inward on my inner thighs, and the anticipation had me shivering. I’m sure if it wasn’t already wet from washing, my stool would have a puddle of my arousal on it. My lower lips bloomed as my arousal peaked…and Mia, the little minx, just continued to tease me. Her hands stopped right outside my outer folds and started working up and down on either side. She slowly worked inward and I squirmed.

Finally, her fingers met my outer lips and I gasped as she caressed every centimeter of my vulva… the edges of my lips, the spaces between my outer and inner lips… she pushed on my clit from either side of its hood and moved up and down, and my hips twitched as a moan made its way from my lips. It felt so good as she continued to play with me, methodically moving inward with her deft little fingers.

Her face was now inches from my crotch, and without thinking about it, I had put my hands on her shoulders. As her fingers pushed me further into pleasure, my hands and arms tightened and brought her face ever closer. Her fingers approached my opening, and I was suddenly assaulted with pleasure as two fingers plunged in…and her head darted forward, putting her tongue directly on my sensitive button.

The sudden dual assault was intense, and brought me right to the verge of climax. I held on a few more seconds, but her other hand shot up to my chest and her fingers latched onto my left nipple. She tweaked it, and the triple sensations catapulted me over the edge into an oblivion of pleasure. I shuddered and my hips jerked as I rode the waves of bliss, holding onto Mia’s shoulders for dear life. She didn’t let up either, her fingers and tongue constantly renewing my climax and extending it far longer than any I’d everZ experienced. I think I moaned, or maybe I screamed, I don’t know, and I certainly didn’t care as this little girl made me cum harder than I had ever cum in my life.

Eventually, my climax receded, and I caught my breath as I came down. I opened my eyes to find Mia grinning at me like the cat that got the cream, and I couldn’t help but groggily smile back.

“Wow.” That’s all I could say. Still grinning, Mia grabbed the showerhead and rinsed me off. She stood, and grabbed my hand to help me up. She pulled me over to the full bathtub and gestured for me to go in first. I climbed in, and by the time I got settled, I found the little girl settling between my legs. Before I even thought about it, my arms wrapped around her petite form and pulled her up against my front. My breasts pushed against her back, and she wiggled before sliding down in the water until her neck was right at the water level. My breasts parted around her neck as she sunk back against me, and they rested on her shoulders. She turned her head side to side and giggled as my boobs jiggled against the sides of her face.

We sat like that for a few minutes, just luxuriating in the warm water and the feeling of our bodies being together. All the while, my hands slowly rubbed all over her body as I held her close. Her breathing accelerated as I moved up from her tummy and started playing with her perky tits. The little handfuls of nubile flesh felt delightful in my palms as I massaged them. Swiping up, down, inward, and outward, her breathing turned to panting as I grabbed her nipples and gently tweaked them. I then snaked one hand down from her chest, sliding across her smooth tummy until I reached her hairless pubic mound. I worked my hand around the side, down the crease of her hips, to her thighs, then back inward. I reached as far down as I could before putting my hand on her inner thigh and gently pushing outwards. She mewled in arousal as she spread her legs for me. She clearly wanted everything I could give her. I caressed her inner thigh, working inwards on one leg, stopping before I reached her vulva, and starting in from the other thigh. I teased her much as she teased me earlier, and slowly worked inward. I then very gently ran one fingertip across her lips, bottom to top. She shuddered and bucked her hips, trying to get more pressure, but I lifted my hand to deny her. She whined, but relented. I returned to gently titillating the very top of the ridge that her lips made, gently brushing her hood before starting again from the bottom.

Before she could start bucking again, I took my index and ring fingers and spread them as I pushed them against her, spreading her engorged pussy lips wide. I then used my middle finger to gently stroke her wide-open cleft. She mewled at the sensation, and I repeated the movement several times, each time with more pressure. Finally, I pushed my middle finger into her tight opening. She squeaked as her tiny tunnel tightened down even further on my intruding finger.

Still working her left nipple in my left hand, I stroked into her pussy with the middle finger of my right hand, gradually going deeper with every push. Once my palm was flush with her pubic mound, I used my right hand and pulled her body up toward me so I could get a better angle for my hand. She yelped as I manhandled her by gripping her mound from inside and pulling up.

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