Exam Pt. 02

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I felt my mouth go completely dry as I watched Dr. Shelton place the menacing metal instrument on the tray. Without realizing it, I had unintentionally started shifting back and away from her, and I had locked my knees together and made sure the paper blanket was covering everything it could. But I still felt like I was naked and vulnerable. I was… Cold and starting to shiver from the moisture between my legs. Longing for her to stop the exam and embrace me. Instead I saw her taking out more menacing, cold metal instruments. When I saw the scissors with the curved edge I felt like I might faint.

“How are you doing, Carrie?”

Her voice brought my attention back to her deep green eyes, full of intensity… but I didn’t answer. I couldn’t.

“I’m going to need to check your hymen before we do your PAP smear and swabs…” I felt a lump in my throat and I feared I might cry… “There’s no need to be embarrassed, sweetie… I want you to feel comfortable with me. you’re safe here.” She placed the back of her hand on my reddened face, long enough for a tear to fall…

I was lost in her gaze until I felt the table reclining and I looked up to see nurse Trish beside me, pushing buttons. I tried to sit up straight but Trish laid her hand on my shoulder firmly. “Just lay back and relax.” I reluctantly did as I was told. And she unfolded and placed an absorbing sheet beside me. She had distracted me enough I didn’t notice Dr. Shelton was right beside me, smiling over my trembling body, now laying flat and helpless.

“I’m going to have you turn and lay on your side for me,” she said, and my heart sank as she helped maneuver me… I felt like my rear end wasn’t completely covered and I frantically tried to fix my drape, but Dr. Shelton gently but firmly moved my hand out of her way and removed the drape completely. She then asked me to bend my leg, further exposing myself to her.

“That’s it, just pull your knee into your chest.”

Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more embarrassed she had me lift up slightly as Trish slid the absorbing sheet underneath me. I felt completely vulnerable with my backside to her, the cold draft of the room flitting over my trembling body, cold with a nervous sweat and moisture from arousal… I felt as if I were in a torture chamber, and I might have screamed and run if Dr. Sheltons’ warmth and reassurance weren’t so intoxicating… The only heat I felt was coming from my face, and I was nearing tears again from embarrassment and shame… I wanted her to see me as beautiful.. Not like this…

“Okay, Carrie.” She placed her hand on my thigh. I began shaking. “Just breathe, sweetie. You’re bursa eskort in good hands, I promise.. There’s no need to be embarrassed with me, okay?” I felt my head nod slightly, but it was almost as involuntary as the ache between my legs… Her hand left me for a moment and I heard her behind me: “I’m going to use something called a retractor to get a good look inside of your vaginal opening. This might feel a little uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be painful.” I heard her ask for Trish to come back over. Her touch was nothing like Dr. Sheltons’. She was firm and a bit cold… I think she enjoyed aiding in my torture.

I felt Dr. Shelton behind me again. She placed her right hand on my bent hip, and I felt her delicate fingers of her left hand separating my lips… “There we are..” she said under her breath, and she asked Trish to keep me nice and still as she took her right hand away. I heard clanking on the tray, then I felt something cold touch my vagina… I gasped as I felt her start to push it inside of me. Trish tightened her grip.

“Just relax Carrie, take some deep breaths.”

I tried, but I felt her slide it in deeper, moving it around inside of me, pulling up, then down, then front, then back… Then I felt her fingers slide in and she started pulling me open… I whimpered.

“I’m just palpating a bit, Carrie. I know this is uncomfortable for you.. You are pretty tight and tense…” She gently touched my thigh which prompted me to feel brave enough to look up. She smiled warmly and I feared she would notice the moisture starting to well up again… but she interrupted my thoughts when she reached back to the instrument tray. “I’m going to have to perforate your hymen just a bit so we can use the speculum for the PAP.” She saw the dread in my face. “I know how awful that sounds. I just need to break up some of the tissue, and I’ll also need to stretch your vaginal walls a bit.” I shuddered… “I need to be able to take a good look during the exam and this is the only way, honey. I need you to just take some deep breaths, okay?” I could barely choke in any air before I felt her stretching me open again with the retractor. “You might feel a little pinch.” I let out another whimper and involuntarily shook… and I heard Dr. Shelton ask Trish to keep holding me down… “You’re doing great, Carrie. I just need to make sure you’re nice and still while I open you up…” The retractor was pulling down again, and again I felt the scissor-like tool pinching away at my hymen. “Just relax, sweetie, you’re doing great…” she whispered intently.

I was so aroused and so painfully embarrassed… The nurses’ hold on me kept me in bursa escort place as Dr. Shelton continued to open me up and take my virginity. As violated as I was feeling, and as painful as this was, I felt safe with her and loved that all of her attention was on me. I felt as though she was my first.. and I felt a deep longing that made me both sad and elated…

I felt her move the retractor again, and then her finger slid back inside of me, and she gently moved it around… I had no energy left to stop my body’s reaction to her tender touch… I had never orgasmed before, but I was trembling and I was soaked and even though I was sore as hell her fingers felt so good sliding in and out of me… I barely cared if she felt my walls grabbing on to her… “Okay, Carrie. I’m just palpating again to make sure you’re a bit looser… almost done this part sweetie…” That was the magic word and I fought myself from convulsing as she pressed and felt and slid in and out of me… Whether she knew it or not, she had taken me down hard and I totally gave in…

She stayed inside me until my vaginal walls stopped gripping.. She felt around a bit more as if she hadn’t noticed what I had done… “There is a little bit of spotting, which is normal. But my visibility will definitely be better now and this will be better for the speculum exam.” I looked up at her, wearily. She smiled and raised her eyebrows a bit. “You know I let you slide on this exam for two years now… We need to get a base line to go by. Get you all checked out.” She said the last part with a wink as she simultaneously removed the retractor and playfully patted the back of my bent leg.

At some point Trish had let go of me. I rolled back over so I could be hidden again and have some shred of dignity left. Then the back of the table started inclining again and Trish handed me a cup of water and two tablets of Motrin. “Dr. Shelton wants you to take this before we continue for any soreness or cramping,” she said. I did as I was told, and the nurse handed me a sterile cup and asked me to take it to the restroom with me for a urine sample.

“Carrie,” I heard Dr. Shelton behind me, “Did you remember to drink plenty of water so we can do some imaging today?” I had gone completely blank… Imaging? Seeing the look on my face, she said “It’s okay, we can have you start drinking when you come back from the restroom. We can also change the order of the exam a bit, or…” She trailed off but was sort of half-smiling… Jesus, how much more was there to do? All I could think of was her having to put the speculum in me.. and by now I was feeling the soreness from what she had bursa escort bayan already done.. I was still trembling from what might have been my first orgasm. My face was totally red from arousal and embarrassment. And yet, I was still incredibly aroused and wanted more of her touch…

“Let’s get you a couple of wipes. Make sure you wipe front to back and I want you to let a little urine out into the toilet before getting your sample.” I nodded, but I was embarrassed to even think of her sending me to pee… my paper gown was barely held together by two ties in the front and the back and side were soaked from my own juices… I was afraid to get down from the table. But since both Dr. Shelton and Trish were standing there waiting, I had no choice. I stood and immediately noticed how woozy I felt. Still, I was more concerned with covering up and getting to the restroom for some reprieve from being seen this way.

The door not only did not lock but was taped so it wouldn’t even click shut. So much for reprieve… Now I worried they would just walk right in and watch me. Still, I was extra cautious with cleaning myself up and I did remember to pee a little before placing the cup under myself. I wanted to be as fast as I could… I certainly didn’t want Dr. Shelton to think I was doing anything else in there… The fact that she had already seen my ass was enough embarrassment to last me a lifetime. I hoped against hope that she wouldn’t examine that part of me… but even as painful and embarrassing as this experience had been so far, her touch was all I could think about and I wanted more…

I quickly finished and used a damp paper towel to wipe again to make sure I was presentable… Which was pointless as the thought only aroused me further. I washed my hands and took the cup of pee in my right hand, just as Dr. Shelton stepped in…

“Everything okay in here?” My face flushed as I frantically tried to make sure I was sufficiently covered up. She smiled warmly and reached out her hand for my sample. I handed it to her and she motioned for me to follow her back to the exam room. “I’m sorry if I startled you, just wanted to make sure you didn’t run away.” She laughed lightly and I almost felt at ease until I saw the exam table again… I blushed. Trish had changed the paper that I had soaked earlier. As if she was reading my mind Dr. Shelton smiled and said “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Carrie. You’ve done really well so far. How are you feeling?” I hardly looked at her… She knew… “I’d like for the Motrin to set in a bit before I use the speculum on you. I wanted to get some baseline health assessments as well, but we’ll get those after we do your full evacuation.” I wasn’t sure what she was saying, especially that last word… but her hand was on the small of my back as she guided me to the now-flat table and I knew I would do anything she ever told me….

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