Erotic Games Ch. 02

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My wife Meredith and I had finally discovered that our sex life had gone stale because of routine and familiarity with each other. When I somewhat accidentally discovered some websites containing erotic stories I left a site open one evening. Meredith discovered it. She was not angry nor appalled, but rather settled in and we read one of the stories together. That was the beginning of some new found vitality for us.

We had gone shopping together for some sexy outfits. Meredith had selected a rather casual looking knit dress. However, the material was thin, the hemline short and the bust line low. In addition it was a size too small for her. Every asset was going to appear to be bursting the seams of the flimsy dress. She had already stated that she could not wear underwear with this dress. She did buy a pair of outrageously high heels to go along with the dress. Some thongs were purchased also to wear on other occasions. Once the shopping trip was over, I was sure that she was ready to go through with our little charade.

We were to go to a bar or club in town. However the scenario was that we would not go together. I was going to UBER while she would drive our car. We thought that might be the safest way. If anything went awry, we could hop in our car and disappear. The buildup was excruciating. We went through Friday night and Saturday morning as if nothing was on the agenda. I had to work in my garaged on Saturday to take my mind off the coming event. Every time she would see me, it appeared that she was searching my eyes for a sign of reluctance. I was nervous, but my cock was intermittently hard all morning.

Around four in the afternoon, Meredith asked if I wanted to watch her get ready for our big date. She even said that I might be able to help her a little. We made sure that the evening before and all day Saturday we did not touch or kiss each other. She asked me to run a hot bath for her. I poured in some scented oils and watched as she removed her shorts, panties, bra and top. She wet a washrag with hot water, applied shaving foam to her pussy hair and proceeded to shave herself completely hairless. I loved her soft blonde pubic curls, but I loved the new slick look even better. Her pussy lips were full and pink on the outside. Her pussy was hot pink on the inside and showed a bigger than normal clitoris. It was on full display now and easily seen.

In the bath, she carefully shaved her legs and soaked quite a long time in the tub. She had her long straight blond hair up in a clip. After she had soaked and shaved, she rose up and asked me to help her into her terrycloth robe. As she cooled off, she went over to the bathroom vanity and took out nail polish and grooming tools. She touched up her nails and then applied a dark red coat of varnish. Her nails were her own and she kept them very well. They were moderately long, but not too long for she had nursing duties to attend to. After she touched up her toenails, she asked me to paint them a matching deep red color. I was shaking, but steadied myself enough to keep from slipping. The toenails looked pretty good for my first time on the job.

While I was doing her toenails, she spread her legs and the robe fell away from her long tanned legs. I was staring directly at her beautiful bare pussy lips. It is a wonder I didn’t screw up the pedicure with my attention riveted on her womanly parts. She had dividers in her toes until they dried completely.

She then sat on her vanity stool and started her makeup. Now Meredith is a natural beauty and she could easily get by with no makeup. Many days in her volunteer work, she did not wear any and kept her hair in clips. She would dress in unisex type scrubs and a little baggy at that. She wanted to downplay her overt feminity as much as possible. Tonight was different. We were about to step into a different level of sex play and she was going to look the part. Still she did not need to overdo the makeup too much. She went a little heavier on the eyeliner and shadow. Her foundation was a little more artistic than normal. When she was finished, she painted her pouty lips with hot red lipstick to match her new stilettos.

She added a slight amount of curl to her long blonde hair. The only thing left was the dress and the shoes. We still had two hours before we could even think about going out. We planned on arriving at around eight pm. That would give us plenty of time bahis firmaları to circulate, have a few drinks, see what our little adventure would bring and then hopefully go home and fuck all night. The tension was palpable. We decided to have a drink and relax until time to go. We had nervously eaten a small snack before she started getting ready. I was all butterflies in my stomach and had to force a little food down.

As time drew near, I called for my UBER. Meredith was going to wait another half hour to allow me to get settled in at the club we had selected.

“Don’t get any ideas, Mister. You better not pick up some slut and leave before I get there.” She teased me.

I laughed, “That would be a sudden turn of events, wouldn’t it? To get picked up before you did.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Brad, you are a handsome, sexy guy. Besides, you probably need to mingle some with the ladies so you won’t be staring at me all the time.”

I was a little encouraged by this exchange. It had me charged up even more. She was suggesting that I talk and possibly dance with some women to keep my cover intact. It was a good point. If I only focused on Meredith, it might draw too much attention. I was going to have to force myself to do that. I knew that she would be the focus of attention and I might not be noticed, but I decided to try to look as inconspicuous as possible. The prospect of some woman picking me up invigorated me to the point that I became nervous. What if I lost focus on Meredith? Well, I would deal with that when the time came.

My UBER driver was a young man who made casual conversation. He asked where I was going and I told him the club. He said that was a very good club. Apparently many singles as well as couples loved the place. He had dropped many people off there.

“He said, “What’s fun is picking up the crowd later in the evening. I have taken some girls there alone and picked them back up with a guy. Some of them just about have sex in my back seat before I get them dropped off. I see a lot of pussy in the rear view mirror. Occupational Hazard. Hard to keep my eyes on the road.” He giggled.

Once inside, I ordered a beer and sat at the bar. With my back to the crowd, I realized that this was not going to be a good vantage point. There were some stand up tables along the side and back wall of the club. I strolled around until I saw a couple leaving one. I settled in. There were some single girls on the dance floor dancing with everyone. I decided to go join in a group dance. They accepted me readily. I was relieved. Other guys bobbed in and out of the group dance. I assumed the girls were just getting started and were making themselves available on the floor. I asked one of them to dance alone. She accepted and we boogied to a fast tune. She introduced herself as Monica and I told her my name. I thanked her for the dance and we moved away from each other.

Back at the table, I was watching the door. It was almost forty-five minutes later when Meredith walked in. She sauntered over to the bar and ordered. I could see heads turning as she made her way over to the bar. The effect was dramatic. I headed off to the rest room so I could pass by her. She barely noticed me, but I did see a slight smile. My looking at her would not raise any suspicion. Every guy and some girls in the room were checking her out. The soft grey knit dress showed plenty of leg and almost all of her upper breasts. With no bra on, she might as well have been naked. Not only were her nipples thick and distended, but even the outline and color of soft pink areolas were visible. If she by chance bent over, her shaved pussy would be on display for everyone to see. She walked demurely toward the end of the bar.

I passed on and did make a pit stop. When I came back out, the first guy was already hitting on her. Apparently he asked her to dance and she accepted. It was going to be hard for her to get too close to any one man that evening. They only guys not interested in dancing with her were the ones who felt totally intimidated and outclassed by her considerable beauty. If they only knew that I was the one she was going home with, they might have reconsidered. Some guys were so intimidated by women that they forget that it is not all physical attraction.

After about an hour and a half of dancing with numerous guys one guy felt bold enough to take her back to a table and sit kaçak iddaa down. She followed him easily and they began chatting. This went on for about twenty more minutes. I watched as the guy moved ever closer to her. He would occasionally touch her arm or hand. She was not responding yet. It was a sexy move on her part. Let him be the aggressor. She could handle it any way she felt. If he was too aggressive, she would cool him down or just leave. He waited patiently and I could see that he was about half way into the mating dance. They danced together a few more times. Each time he got a little closer to her. One slow song came on and I saw him caress her ass through the soft material. He could almost reach the hem in the back; the dress was so short.

By now he knew she was not wearing any underwear. He had to. Any man caressing a woman’s ass while dancing is looking for the telltale elastic. Whether it is bikini or thong, the elastic is the giveaway. He had to be totally hard when he realized that this gorgeous blonde chick with the big breasts was without bra or panties. I could just imagine what he was thinking.

After the fantastic night was over were re-lived the whole encounter from Meredith’s prospective. She said that even though she had danced with several men over a time, this particular guy, Ted, had been the most persistent. He was a smooth talker also. He talked mostly about himself. His background, his athletic achievements, his car. He asked Meredith a few questions, but he seemed to be more into trying to impress her with his studliness. She said that this made him the perfect candidate to lead on and let down.

As they began dancing entirely together, he did ask the usual personal questions. It was funny for she had already concocted a total fantasy. She told him that she was married, but she loved to dance. If guys saw her wedding rings, they would pass her by for a one night stand. Her “husband “was in the Navy and on a long deployment. She was not even able to meet him for his R&R break because her sister was getting married and she had to help with the wedding. When she saw that he was not discouraged, she decided to see how the dancing and touchy stuff progressed. After she did not protest to him caressing her ass, he figured she was hot for a least a one night stand.

She did not discourage him, but she did not reciprocate his touching, either. At least at first. The game would fall flat if she did not at least give him some hope. We had not specifically set any boundaries. I assumed that Meredith would be her own judge. When they sat back down together, he drew his chair up tightly to her.

Again from my point of view, he was making his final pitch. He moved up close to her so she could hear him better. He kissed her on the cheek. She turned her head and he kissed her full on the lips. She smiled, but a little uncertain smile. I watched as she played him like a fish. He was full on in his pursuing routine. She was a nervous hotwife who knew that she should not be flirting with a guy while her “husband was serving the country”. As she started returning his kisses, she placed a hand on her leg just above the knee.

I was uncertain whether it was her act or if she was really responding to his touch. She placed her hand on top of his and kissed him a little more passionately. I was now beginning to shake with anticipation. What if she did not eventually stop his advances? Would she allow his hand to reach all the way up to her bare pussy? Why did I ever suggest that she let another man seduce her?

Would she return his caress? It was moving steadily along. He traced circles on her beautiful long tanned legs. Her dress wasn’t long enough anyway. He could easily touch her pussy if he kept going. She was not doing anything to discourage him. Finally the waitress walked up and asked if they wanted another round. Ted shook his head. He was done with the preliminaries and was about to make his final move. Surely it was only a matter of minutes before she agreed to go with him and give him that sweet pussy.

Then it happened. His hand moved up to the hem of her dress. The soft sweetness was only inches away. He leaned in and kissed her deeply. As he embraced her his left hand went fully on her right breast. He had more than a handful of D cup breasts and her nipples were like darts through the thin material. I could almost hear her moan. She returned his kaçak bahis kiss and appeared to move her tongue through his lips and into his mouth. She leaned back and placed her hand firmly on the crotch of his slacks. He was not wearing jeans and she got a much better feel of his hard cock. She said later on that it was considerably bigger than mine. That was all it took. His hand found her pussy. I knew it would be gushing and she confirmed that later on. His finger reached her slick pussy lips and he moved up and down. She grabbed his head with her hands and tensed up visibly.

The firm touch and movement of his fingers had brought her to an orgasm. I saw it and about had a heart drop. She was cumming on his fingers. Her lady dew was drenching his hand. How on earth was she going to get out of this without getting fucked? She continued touching his hard cock as I watched breathlessly.

After she recovered from her orgasm, she looked around and moved his hand away. She kissed him again, but appeared to be trying to convince him that they should cool it down a little before the bouncers put a stop to it. She smoothed her dress and sat up straighter. I was rock hard myself and almost came in my pants. Her arousal had her nipples and areolas outlined in the thin fabric.

I got up to leave, making sure that I walked by their table. I heard his say, “Please, Katy, come back to my place and have a drink.”

She had used an alias and he would have no way of tracing her down. I walked out and got in our car, hoping that she would follow. There was a certain amount of doubt as I waited. Thankfully, five minutes went by and she appeared at the entrance. She was without Ted. She had excused herself to go to the ladies room to freshen up. She got in the car and ran her tongue into my mouth. She searched for my cock through my slacks.

“God, Brad, you are hard. Did you see me, Honey?”

“God, yes, Babe. I almost came in my underwear when he found your pussy. Did you cum?”

“Not only did he make me cum with his fingers, I am wet down my legs. Feel me.”

I reached for her legs. She was so wet that she was running down the inside of her thighs. Her pussy was so wet, I wondered if he had indeed fucked her after I left to go to the car. I wanted to take her there in the car, but we decided to try to make it back home. On the way, she pulled her dress all the way up and allowed me to drench my fingers in her dripping pussy. With her thin dress pulled above her breasts, I could see the puffiness of her areolas and hardness of her pencil eraser sized nipples. God, she was the hottest of all hot wives.

We barely made it inside. Once we scurried through the garage, I lifted her up onto our granite topped cabinets. I pulled her dress completely off of her and left those red stilettos on. I placed my hands under her butt and raised her pussy to my mouth. I drank in her slippery nectar. Her aroma was unmistakable. She had a musky, yet sweet smell. Her juices were like a fine wine to be savored. I licked every inch of her wet slit, even sliding my tongue down to her nether region. She was one wanton woman and I was thrilled to be ministering to her pussy.

“Oh, god, yes, Brad. Eat me out. I am dripping, Honey. That got me so hot. Did you see him bring me off with her fingers?”

“Yes, I saw the whole thing. How did you manage to leave without getting fucked? That was so hot.”

“Oh, ooooh, Baby. His cock was so big under his slacks. It was big and round and hard. God he must be hung. I’m sorry, Brad, that cock might have made two of yours.”

I was still licking her pussy. Hearing about his cock size did not affect me at all right then. Later, I wondered if she would have fucked him if I was not watching. If he was that big, how could I ever compete? Was I getting in too far over my head? I mean all the hot wife stories were thrilling when we read them, but this was for real. I know we agreed on the scenario beforehand, but I could see how this might have gotten out of control. Still, I felt sorry for the guy. He was getting so close to realizing his expectations and then she disappeared. I hoped we never saw him again. I was afraid what he might do. I mean, no one likes a prick tease. From his perspective, that is exactly what happened. I thought we might modify the scenario if we played that game again.

After bringing Meredith to shattering orgasms, with my mouth, we got down on the floor and I took her doggy style. I held on as long as I could until I came in her pussy. I had been trying to reach bottom, but I was woefully inadequate to long dick my own wife.

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