Erotic Anticipation

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The party was ok, but they were feeling distracted. After a few minutes, she made an excuse, and they both discreetly left the room. Neither spoke, but there was definitely a tension in the air. Both of them knew that the “right” thing to do would be to say goodnight and head to their own rooms.

When the elevator door opened, they quickly stepped in and almost breathed a sigh of relief. As the elevator headed for the top floors, he quietly put his arm around her and pressed her against the wall as he kissed her deeply.

That was it. This was going to happen.

She hungrily kissed him back, feeling his tongue and pressing her mouth harder against his. Not satisfied, he stroked her face with one hand as his other slid down her arched back to her ass. As he pulled her closer, she could feel his bulge between them pressing against her, and she felt flush with excitement. When he slid his hand between her legs and pressed hard against her jeans, the excitement turned to pure lust and she pulled him closer as they continued to kiss.

When the elevator door opened, he took her hand and quickly guided her down the hall. Her mind was spinning. Should she stop? Was this inevitable? At that moment, she wanted nothing more, but still she was nervous.

They stopped in front of his room. As he fumbled escort izmir for the key she kissed him again and ran her hand down his shirt and pants. The door opened and they spilled into the hotel suite.

When they were just far enough into the room so that the door would shut, they embraced again. He stroked her hair and as they kissed, he unhooked her bra. She closed her eyes as she felt him kissing her neck and shoulders, and she felt his hand roaming over her body. When he cupped one of her breasts and slowly squeezed her nipple she softly sighed.

She kissed his neck then ears, and then, at barely more than a whisper, said “I’m going to make you so hard…” Slowly she sunk down to her knees and unzipped his pants. When she pulled it out, it was already stiff, and clear, sticky pre-cum was oozing out, and she knew that he was already ready. She licked the head, then sucked it, then took it into her mouth. As she licked and sucked, he moaned and stroked her hair. She could feel it grow harder in her mouth.

After a minute, he pulled away and lifted her up. Without a word he pushed her onto the bed and in one motion, pulled off her pants and underwear. He spread her legs wide and started to kiss and lick her thighs, alternating between them… each time moving closer. She closed her eyes again as, for escort izmir the first time, she felt his warm tongue slide between her now wet lips.

She put her hands on his head as she focused on his tongue and how it made her feel. He used his fingers to spread her lips apart and then he licked long, hard strokes up and down her clit. The sensation was building but then he suddenly started licking hard circles, then he sucked and kissed just her clit. She squirmed. She wanted him inside her, but his tongue was increasing the intensity of her lust. He slid a finger deep inside her and started to lick hard and fast again, and this time the sensation was too much. It hit her like a wave, and she started to cum, her body spasming. She wasn’t loud, but it was obvious that she had climaxed and he stopped for just a second to watch her clit twitch before he quickly pulled her up.

She hoped that he remembered her off-hand comment about wanted to be dominated in bed.

She stood for only a second before he bent her over the desk. She was still feeling her orgasm when his hands were on her hips and she spread her legs to eagerly take him inside her.

When she felt him press against her, she reached back and grabbed his stiff shaft to guide him. When she pushed back towards him, he slowly pushed forward and she felt each inch sliding deep inside her. He pumped slowly at first, long, slow, deep strokes, building in intensity. He leaned forward and grabbed her shoulders, starting to thrust more deeply – harder and faster. They build up a good, hard rhythm, and she put her hands on the wall to push back against him.

She could not believe that after all this time, all the flirting, all the teasing and long phone chats, that he was actually now really inside her. Just that thought brought her to the edge and she moaned “fuck me!” as he pumped her faster.

Suddenly he grabbed her hair and pulled it as she squeezed him, and when he put his other hand to her face she started to suck on his finger. When he pumped his finger in her mouth, she bit down on it and moaned.

This was too much for him and as he heard her breathing faster, he pulled his finger out of her mouth and reached around to stroke her clit while he pumped harder. In less than a minute she was there. He looked down and watched his hard shaft disappear inside her and when she squeezed him again, he felt himself losing control, and he came too, squirting hard while deep inside her.

He continued to pump her, his pace slowing, before stopping and kissing her back. In a few minutes, he slowly slid out of her, and she turned around to face him. Still sitting on the desk, she wrapped her legs around him and they kissed again.

“Finally” they said simultaneously…

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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