Eric’s Screening Pt. 01

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Mallory had been asked by her boyfriend Eric to accompany him to his screening physical. He was applying to be a test patient for the local teaching hospital. It sounded like a great idea. You got free healthcare and all you had to do was let medical students watch your exams and any procedures you underwent. Today though was just the screening. When Eric had called to schedule, the receptionist had cautioned him that the screening was intensive and usually took an entire day. He should bring someone with him. Mallory, his girlfriend of four years, and a former pre-med student (she had opted to pursue law instead) was an obvious choice.

Eric was handsome and in good shape. He was however, without health insurance because he worked as a freelance IT consultant. Mallory was hopeful that they’d be married within the next few years or so and then she add him to her insurance. But in the meantime, this sounded like a good alternative.

Eric drove them in his car. They had been instructed to go to Building 4 and to head straight for the second floor. Mallory noticed that this part of the hospital was even more non descript than usual. The walls were beige, the floors white tile, and there was little signage and no decorative elements at all. The only sign read “Demonstrator Screenings-please check in at the front desk.”

Eric checked himself in. Mallory sat on one of the chairs they had provided and watched as a patient was wheeled down the hallway. This one was female and appeared to be quite tired. Her eyes were barely open as she was wheeled down the hall and through a set of double doors. The nurse pushing her wheelchair moved quickly.

Eric sat by Mallory and his legs started to shake. This meant nervousness. She studied him. He gave her a small grin.

It only took a few minutes before his name was called. “Eric Montgomery,” a nurse called.

They stood and walked over to her. The nurse glanced at Mallory. “Looks like you have someone accompanying you. That’s completely fine, I just want to make sure that you’re comfortable with her sitting in on the day’s procedures,” she said to Eric.

“That’s fine,” Eric said.

“Alright, follow me,” the nurse said. They walked through the door and into the hallway.

“Take off your shoes and stand up on the scale for me,” the nurse instructed. Eric did so. The scale was electronic and fast. “187 pounds,” the nurse noted. “Go ahead and turn around with your back to the wall.” The height chart was placed on the wall just to the right of the scale. “Okay, six feet even,” she said. “You can step down and follow me.”

They were lead to Exam Room 6, which was at the end of the hall. This exam room seemed typical from the ones Mallory had seen before, but it was slightly larger and had an attached bathroom. There were more cabinets and drawers than the usual as well.

“Okay Eric,” the nurse said. “You’ll need to take everything off. ” She took out a hospital gown from a drawer. “You can put this on if you’d like. The doctor will be in with you shortly.”

She closed the door behind her. Mallory sat on the plastic chair by the exam table. Eric started removing his clothes. Something Mallory had seen him do before many, many times just never in this context. Eric was naked for only a moment before putting the gown on. He fumbled with the ties before finally loosely tying it behind his back.

“Nervous?” Mallory asked him.

“Yup,” he said. Eric wasn’t often so quiet, and Mallory was starting to get nervous for him.

There was a knock on the door. “You can come in,” Eric said.

The door opened. A doctor entered. She was young, probably around Eric and Mallory’s age and pretty. She was also wearing scrubs as opposed to the usual business casual outfit with a white coat. “Hello,” she said. “I’m Dr. Hayes. How are we today?”

“I’m alright,” Eric said.

“Same,” Mallory said.

“And you must be… Mrs. Montgomery?” Dr. Hayes asked Mallory.

“Just his girlfriend for now. I’m Mallory,” she said, reaching out her hand.

“Ah, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to presume,” Dr. Hayes said. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri They shook hands.

“Quite alright,” Mallory said. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you as well. Eric, you are okay with her staying here? Some of the procedures today are a bit involved and I just want to make sure you have the privacy you need.”

“It’s fine with me,” Eric said.

“Excellent.” Dr. Hayes went to wash her hands. She then sat down at the computer towards the foot of the exam table.

“I’m just going to ask you some questions to go over your health history. You are 31 right now, correct?”

“Yeah,” Eric said.

“Okay, and it looks like your last physical exam was… nine years ago?”

“Yup. I mean, I did go to the doctor a few years ago when I broke a couple of fingers playing baseball. But I haven’t had an actual physical since college.”

“Got it. And that injury healed well?”

“Seems to have. Broken fingers aren’t a big deal really and they work just fine now.”

Dr. Hayes nodded. “Any other changes to your health recently? Any illnesses, injuries, any causes of concern?”

“Eh, not really. Nothing comes to mind.”

Dr. Hayes then launched into a long list of questions that covered everything from family history of cancers to how much sleep he got per night to when he had last had a bowel movement. He barely mumbled his answer to that last one. And when Dr. Hayes asked when he had last had sex, he got quite flustered. He glanced at Mallory quickly before saying quietly, “Saturday.”

Dr. Hayes inputted everything and then washed her hands again. She stood in front of Eric.

“Okay Eric, just need to get your temperature,” she said. “It’s just an ear thermometer so can you just turn your head for me?”

Eric did so and she gently placed the tip of the thermometer in his ear. It beeped almost instantly. “98.7,” she said, removing the thermometer. “Well within normal range.”

Next was his blood pressure, which was also done quickly with the aid of a machine. “It’s maybe a bit high,” Dr. Hayes said afterwards, removing the cuff from his arm. “I think that may be nervousness though?”

“Yeah,” Eric said.

“Very normal,” Dr. Hayes reassured. “We’ll check it again after the exam is completed. Next I am just going to take a look in your ears. Turn your head for me again.” She took the instrument from the attachment on the wall. Mallory tried to remember what it was called. Otoscope, that was it. Dr. Hayes slid the tip into his left ear and took a peek before doing the same to the right. Then she removed the tip and said, “Look into the light please and follow my finger.” She extended a finger from her right hand and slowly moved it from left to right and to the left again. Next came a peek up Eric’s nose, which apparently tickled because he giggled. Then Dr. Hayes grabbed a tongue depressor and said “Open your mouth and say ‘aaaaaaaaahh’ for me, please.”

Eric obliged and said “Aaaaaah.” Mallory always felt kind of awkward when asked to do this in her exams but now being the observer, she realized that it wasn’t awkward at all. Dr. Hayes put down the light and tossed the tongue depressor in the garbage.

“I’ll need to feel your lymph nodes and throat now,” Dr. Hayes said. “Tilt your head back please.”

Eric tilted his head back and held still as she gently placed her hands on either side of his neck. She felt around then had Eric swallow a few times. “All seems well. Can you lower your gown to your waist now?”

“Okay,” he said, struggling with the ties for a second. But he was able to untie the gown. He left the top half crumped in his lap, covering his genitals.

“Deep breaths please,” Dr. Hayes instructed, as she positioned the stethoscope on his chest. Eric inhaled deeply, stealing a glance at Mallory. She smiled at him, hoping to be reassuring. Dr. Hayes moved the stethoscope to a few different places on his back before switching to his back.

“Your heart rate is still a bit fast but that’s perfectly fine. Can you please lie back? I need to examine your abdomen next. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri You can put your feet up on the end here,” she said, pointing to the end opposite Mallory. He quickly laid down, carefully adjusting the gown as he did so as not to expose himself.

Dr. Hayes approached the side of the exam table again. “You might feel some pressure during this phase of the exam. If you feel any pain or discomfort, let me know.” Eric gave a quiet “uh-huh” as his response. And so she began to palpate his abdomen. She did this very slowly and carefully, spending an extended amount of time in each quadrant of his abdomen. Eric was very still and his breaths were shallow. She then listened with her stethoscope to Eric’s abdomen.

“Okay, so I will need you to remove the gown now and stand for me. I’ll be conducting a testicular exam with you standing first and I’ll be checking for any hernias then as well,” Dr. Hayes told him.

“Oh okay,” Eric said. He got up from the exam table and removed the gown. He appeared a bit flustered. His face was pink and he fumbled a lot with the gown. Dr. Hayes put on a pair of gloves and wheeled her stool over. Her face was now basically right by Eric’s penis and testicles.

“Can you open your legs slightly?” she asked.

Wordlessly, he spread his legs a few inches. “You’ll feel me touch you now,” she said. She briefly touched his thigh before gently placing the fingers from her right hand around his left testicle while her left hand held his scrotum still. Eric looked straight ahead. Dr. Hayes was careful and thorough again, taking her time in examining him. After what seemed to be at least a few minutes, she switched to his right testicle and repeated the procedure. Eric’s penis, while previously completely flaccid was now beginning to lengthen slightly.

Dr. Hayes said nothing about this, but did move her fingers underneath his scrotum. “Turn your head and cough,” she instructed. Eric did so. She moved to the other side again and he was asked to cough again.

“Okay great. I’m going to perform a preliminary rectal and prostate exam while you’re already standing. Can you please bend over the exam table for me please?”

“I’ve never done this before,” Eric blurted.

Dr. Hayes smiled. “No need to worry, Eric. It’ll just take a minute.” She grabbed a small tube of lubricant from a drawer while Eric turned around and bent over the exam table. He barely bent over though, so Dr. Hayes gently placed her hand on his shoulder and said, “I need you to lean further onto the table and open your legs a bit. Just like before.”

Eric did so. Mallory could really only see his face as he was on the opposite side of the exam table. But she could picture the view for herself. She had offered a few times to try to stimulate that area for him sexually and he had refused. She couldn’t help but be curious as to what his reaction would be to this.

Dr. Hayes had put lubricant on her right index finger. She sat on the stool again and positioned herself behind him. “You’ll feel some pressure. But if it’s painful, let me know, okay?”

“Okay,” Eric said, his head down between his elbows.

“Try to relax. Deep breaths. You’ll feel me touch you now.”

A second later Eric sharply inhaled and shifted up and away from Dr. Hayes. “Hold still,” she said gently. “It’ll be over soon.”

“Oh God,” he gasped. He was mostly still though. He looked up at Mallory for an instant. His face was bright red and his breathing was shallow.

“Eric I need to fully insert my finger to examine your prostate. Just try to relax for me. You’re doing fine.”

He let out a deep moan. Embarrassed, he shifted slightly again and said “Sorry.”

“Quite alright. You do need to hold still though,” Dr. Hayes replied. She continued palpating his prostate. Eric was still but let out several more gasps and soft groans.

“Are you in pain when I do this?” Dr. Hayes asked him.

“No ummm it’s not painful,” Eric groaned.

“If you’re feeling a sexual sensation, that’s a normal response and nothing to worry about,” Dr. Hayes güvenilir bahis şirketleri said. “Just another moment.”

Then it was over. Eric didn’t stand back up right away though. He looked up at Mallory again. His face was so red that Mallory was concerned. His eyes were wide.

“I ummm I… something came out of me,” he said quietly as he turned around. Mallory could see that his penis was fully erect as well.

Dr. Hayes looked at the exam table. There was a small wet spot. “That’s okay. It’s called prostatic fluid. It’s actually a normal component of semen and is sometimes excreted when the prostate is being massaged, as I just did. Did this happen before your penis became erect?”

“Ummm yes,” he said. He couldn’t make eye contact with her.

“Okay. That’s just prostatic fluid then. Nothing to worry about. Let’s take a break for just a few minutes, okay? You can lie on the table and try to take some deep breaths.” The gloves came off and she started entering notes into the computer.

He practically collapsed on the table. His penis stayed completely erect and there was a small amount of fluid present as well. He turned to Mallory.

“It’s alright,” she whispered. “Feeling okay?”

“Mortified,” he whispered back.

“I know. But babe, trust me, she has definitely seen it all before. It’s okay.”

He didn’t say anything in reply. Dr. Hayes came back over to the exam table, gloves on again.

“I do need to examine your penis at this time,” she said. There was almost no warning. She quickly touched his thigh again and then her left hand was holding the base of his penis steady while her right hand began to palpate. Eric closed his eyes and inhaled slowly. Dr. Hayes was taking her time again. Her fingers moved up and down and around the entirety of his penis. She spent at least a minute palpating the glans. She spread open his urethra and took a peek a few times. His penis was still erect and by the time it was finished, there was a small amount of preejaculatory fluid .

“I’ll get a swab,” Dr. Hayes said. She returned with a cotton swab and gently ran it over the meatus, collecting a generous sample of fluid.

It was then that Mallory noticed that there was also a collection cup on the counter. Was she really going to be doing that? Dr. Hayes put the swab in a small closed tube and grabbed the cup. She then changed her gloves and put a fair amount of lubricant across her right hand.

“Eric, I will be collecting a sperm sample now. I’ll be doing this manually.” That answered Mallory’s question.

There was almost no time to object or question it. Her hands were on Eric’s penis again almost instantly. The left hand held it steady once again while her right hand slowly and deliberately worked its way up and down the shaft of his penis.

“Oh ummm I don’t know if I can,” Eric said after a minute.

“You can, I assure you,” Dr. Hayes replied. “All is okay. Just again, try to relax.”

The pace quickened slightly. Eric let out the quietest moan and his legs tensed.

“Is this pleasurable?” Dr. Hayes asked, but she had to have known the answer.

“Yeah,” Eric panted.

She continued, her hand closing a bit tighter around his penis and working faster now. Mallory saw another drop of the clear fluid emerge from his urethra.

His legs tensed again and he strained against the table and groaned. He was close. Mallory saw his testicles rise and recognized the small groan.

“Oh I’m gonna cum,” he gasped.

The pace of Dr. Hayes’ hand quickened and she grabbed the cup and placed it by the head of his penis. It took only a few more seconds before he shook and his semen was expelled. He let out a loud moan when this happened and as he continued to climax, Dr. Hayes collected everything in the cup. It took a moment, but then it was over and he relaxed. His body was completely still, save for his chest as he took in large gulps of air.

“Okay, you did well. The next aspect of the exam will be in a few minutes. Just relax. You can stay laying down or can sit if you’d like.”

“Okay,” Eric responded. Dr. Hayes sealed the cup with a lid and stepped out of the room with the cup and swab in tow.

“How do you feel?” Mallory asked, studying his face.

“Embarrassed. Tired. Nervous. I mean, how much more can they do to me after this?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m sure it’s nothing too bad.”

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