Enslaved Ch. 03

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Mike’s heart sank like a stone. He felt almost sick with pure horror. There had to be another key, surely there was? His mouth tasted of the toilet water and her squirt, his neck was hunched from his head being crushed down the toilet by her sweet butt. Now he lay on the ground, listening to Heather laugh at him, while she played with her pussy. To his disgust, his dick was straining to grow, inside the prison that he had just lost the key to. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head round so that he could see her get off. Her pussy glistened as she toyed and pleasured it, thrusting her fingers in and teasing herself. She looked him straight in the eye the whole time, with a devious grin that made him feel terrified. How much sicker could she be to him? He decided not to imagine, but she read his mind:

“What should i do to you next slave?” she sneered.

He couldn’t reply, he just couldn’t bring himself to.

“Anything i want?” She asked sweetly, with a cute smile. Still fondling herself and nearing orgasm.

He knew that not replying would cost him, it had in the past.

“Yes,” he croaked, a wave of terror and humiliation swept over him as she burst out laughing as she worked harder on her dripping cunt.

At this she orgasmed intensely, squirting her hot juices all over his face and moaning in pleasure. All he could do was watch this stunning blonde Goddess who had enslaved and abused him, erupt with pleasure, while he lay helpless on the ground. She thrust herself on top of him and started grinding her smouldering body over his locked cock, before moving onto his face.

“Lick me clean slave!” She snarled as she smothered him with her dripping cunt.

“Yes Goddess,” he gasped. She purred with dominance, as he spoke.

“Will you miss your freedom?” She taunted as he cleaned her up.

“Do you think i have another key?” Her voice rippling with pleasure as she gümüşhane escort rode his stricken face.

He practically sobbed, “i hope so Goddess!”

She rode him until she came to another steamy orgasm. He licked and cleaned for all he was worth, hoping for mercy. In his mind he clutched at straws, she had to have a spare, she was just playing him.

She finished and stood up, towering over his body, gazing at her prey with that cruel glint in her eyes.

“Your going to be my slave, from now on.” she commanded.

He whined, “please, let me free!”

“You had your chance and you blew it.” her voice was acidic as she delivered the painful truth to him yet again. He panicked, worrying that he was locked forever.

Heather knew though, that if there was no key left, then his immediate loyalty to her was gone. She had a spare, but before she used that against him she had another wicked move to play.

“I may or may not have a spare.” she said deviously, pulling his head out of her crotch and towards hers.

“But i have all of this on video,” her words laced with venom. She stood up and pointed to a partially concealed camcorder that was angled towards the toilet. It would have caught much of his predicament. Enough for her to use it against him. Although, Mike considered, it may have caught her in shot too.

“Stand up.” her sweet yet serious voice commanded. He obeyed, but was now thinking of an end game. An exit from this could surely be possible.

She went to a drawer and took out a pair of cuffs.

“Hands together slave.” she snapped. He decided to play it safe and obey. He reasoned that short term set backs would help him get free in the long term. Mike knew he had to destroy the camcorder.

Heather led him through the quiet back exit of the gym to her car, a small hatchback. He started to protest but she silenced escort gümüşhane him with a sharp kiss and a sly grin.

“Get in slave.” she hissed seductively. Mike was amazed at how bossy yet hot Heather could be. She opened the boot and pointed in to it. Mike baulked at the idea, but his idea of a long term escape, spurred him on. Cooperate now, escape later when she is off guard. He was also finding himself increasingly attracted to her and couldn’t deny that he was aroused, thinking about what she may do next.

Heather was elated. She had always fantasised about domination, but now she was bundling a cuffed slave into the back of her car, totally in control of him and his orgasms. She felt power drunk, she could do anything to him. Anything. It made her wet and tingle with excitement and power.

Mike clambered into the boot, with just enough space to curl up and lie down. He hoped it would be a short trip.

After about ten minutes they pulled to a stop, outside Heather’s apartment. It was a quiet, reasonably new area, with several houses still to be bought. The dark street was peaceful and deserted. She went in to her flat and came back with a black scarf, which she tied around Mike’s eyes when the boot was opened. Mike was stiff and sore, and could hardly stop her. The tantalising smell of her perfume made him giddy as it washed over him. Heather leaned in and bit his ear as she whispered;

“Welcome to your new home slave.”

Mike winced at the pain of her teeth and the impact of her silvery words. A rush of fear and arousal divided his mind against itself. He wanted out of this and fast, but at the same time he was becoming more and more turned on and hooked by his hot young captor.

She grabbed his shirt and led him into the apartment. It was a spacious layout and had two bedrooms, but she used one for storage. Now she grew wet at the thought gümüşhane escort bayan of imprisoning Mike there. Heather opened the door and dragged him over to the spare bedroom, pushing him inside. She had had a lock fitted, because of some of the storage in the room, now it would be used to keep him imprisoned.

Mike stumbled forwards and heard the door clunk shut. Still cuffed and blindfolded, he panicked and fell forwards onto the floor. He started to shout for help, he wanted out, he wanted it over with.

“Heather! Please, let me out!” he cried, to no avail.

“Goddess!” he tried. This got a response.

Heather opened the door and strutted in, ripping off his blindfold and rolling him onto his back, and sat her hot ass and crotch down on his chest, grinning wildly and running her hands over his face and hair. He felt mesmerised by her touch and intoxicating scent.

“Do you want to stay here?” she asked in her sweetest voice.

“With your Goddess?” she purred, leaning in and kissing him intensely. Part of Mike wanted freedom but the other part was in lost in her hot kiss, her scent, her eyes, her hair and her body and would do anything for her. And she knew it.

She pulled away from the steamy kiss. He gazed up at her, totally addicted. Heather’s eyes were cruel once more, but he didn’t care.

She reached behind her and picked up a ball gag and stuffed it in his mouth. Then she produced a second pair of cuffs that went round his legs and put his blindfold back on. Delivering a sharp slap to his face, Heather stood up and admired her handy work.

“Mmmff!” Mike tried to speak. All Heather did was laugh at him. She now stripped completely naked and laid down on him, her body all over his. Mike moaned as she kissed and scratched him at the same time, while grinding on his locked dick, that was now in severe pain as it tried to get hard. Heather then sat up, fondling herself and teasing her pussy, still naked on top of him.

The sight of her prey, trussed up and at her mercy, took her to an earth shattering orgasm.

She strolled out of the bedroom, locking the door behind her, fantasising wickedly about what tomorrow would bring for her slave.

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