Emma 7, A new Awakening

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Years have gone by, We catch up with Emma now married to James. At 35 Emma is still quite beautiful but very curvy. Most would describe her as a BBW. Her Husband James has no knowledge of Emma’s earlier years in service to ED, being a whore who’s body Ed frequently sold to depraved Doms and Dominatrix. Or so Emma believes. …..

For weeks now James has been becoming more aggressive with Emma around the house and in bed. His demands more forceful, his lovemaking that used to be so sweet and caring now becoming rough. On a few occasions James has tied Emma up in several different positions using her pussy and ass as he pleased.

Emma has wondered about this change in her husband, but to herself admits that she feels so much more fulfilled when he dominates her and uses her like the slave, cum slut she used to be. Emma continues to put on a front, complaining about the abuse, asking what has gotten into James as he plunges his cock deep into her ass. He never answers but grunts and fucks harder, making Emma’s toes curl, her heavy large tits sway wildly as she screams and moans out her pleasure.

It is a Thursday evening. Emma and James have just finished supper. James excuses himself to his den saying he has some work to finish for tomorrow. After doing the dishes and putting the house to order, Emma is walking down the hallway. The den door is ajar and she hears moans and screams. Curious, she peeks in. James has the big screen on his den wall on, hooked to his laptop. On the screen there is a large white female ass being caned. Red welts are rising with every strike making the woman scream again then moan in pleasure. A set of hands reach into the picture and spread the ass wide exposing the puckered asshole, and the very wet pussy that is gushing huge amounts of pussy cream.

Emma gasps in surprise. The ass and pussy are hers. She recognizes the clit and labia piercings on the screen. Then as to confirm this, the camera angle changes to her face that is hung over the edge of a bench. A huge black ball gag stuffed in her mouth. Tears stream from her face. The camera goes lower to show her massive pierced tits hanging through holes cut in the bench. Very heavy weights attached to the rings that run through her nipples making them stretch out and sway.

Emma sees her husband sitting in his high back chair. His pants around his ankles. Stroking his cock slowly and grinning at the crack in the door. A shiver of excitement and fear shoots down Emma’s spine. She knows she is caught. She knows her secret is out.

James’ evil grin deepens. He tells Emma to get her whore ass into the den. The years of conditioning and training from Ed kick in automatically and Emma swings the door wide entering the room looking at the floor. Without thinking she replies to James, What do you desire, Master.

James, pleased with the response, orders Emma to strip her top off and kneel between his knees. Emma wastes no time shedding her shirt and bra, freeing her massive tits for her husband. She sinks to her knees between his and awaits his demand.

James acting like a cruel dom, grabs Emma’s hair and tells her to suck his fucking cock, and she better do it right.

Emma opens her mouth, tears in her eyes, knowing once again she is being pulled into the lifestyle she worked so hard to leave behind for a normal life. Emma, using all the skills she learned in her youth sinks onto James’s cock taking him to the back of her throat gagging hard then letting her husband have her throat for the very first time in their 10 Years of Marriage. James howls his pleasure thrusting hard holding Emma’s face tight to him. Her nose smashed into his pubes, and his balls on her chin. She has his 8 inches of thick cock throbbing in her throat as she milks his shaft. James only lets Emma up when she struggles and looks like she will pass out from lack of air, then shoves back deep after a few needed breaths.

As he uses her throat to stroke his cock he starts growling out to her how she was discovered, and her new role in life.

That’s right slut, I know. I know all of it. How you gave your 18 year old cunt to that dirty pervert. How he trained you to be such a good little whore. How you fucked your own mother and father at his direction. No, no do not stop sucking my cock bitch. I do not need you to explain anything. You should have told me long ago. Now you are my slave. My bitch, My whore. James roughly face fucks Emma’s throat a few times to make his point, and she settles down and accepts her fate sucking her husband’s cock meat.

James goes on to explain a chance encounter a few months ago. He had a very important business meeting in his office with a powerful rich client. The client saw the pictures on Jame’s desk of Emma, and asked about her and how she was doing. Curious how the client knew his shy, quiet, wife, James started asking questions.

The client told tales of wild parties they had been to. Kinky wild stuff James had only ever dreamed he could take part in. In fact he had tried to talk Emma into some of the acts on several occasions only to be denied. This client come to find out used to be into the adult video production business. Not only had they produced and filmed the video now playing on the screen behind the gagging sucking Emma. They had also fucked Emma on several occasions, abusing her for the crowd to enjoy. The client was a woman, tall, fit, and very strong willed. In fact the very same woman that had tortured and fucked Emma at her very first BDSM party that ED rented her out to for a party favor.

The strong dominant woman, on their third meeting, dropped a thumb drive on James’ desk. With a wicked grin she told him to watch the videos of his whore wife in action. Then went on to explain the terms of the current deal they had been negotiating with James’ company. She went on to say her terms were not open to negotiation any longer, take it or leave it.

After James sampled the videos on the drive, his chest fell seeing his wife used, abused, and begging for more. James agrees to the terms.

The dominatrix, grinning, produces the papers to be signed plopping them on the desk then leaning in inches from James face. She tells him that Emma will once again be subject to domination, and the life she trained for. To bring her to the address she quickly scribbles on a sheet of paper, on the date she provides. If not, a copy of the videos of Emma will be distributed to James’ partners, his neighbors, and anyone else of importance. James gulps, then just nods in agreement. He will have to find a way to make Emma perform the acts.

Grinning widely, the dominatrix pats James cheek and tells him how very pleased she is that the deal is now done. Seeing the worried look on his face she encourages James to enjoy the new life, in escort bayan fact if he can dominate his slut well it could be quite profitable.

Pushing Emma back roughly, before exploding down her talented throat, James orders Emma to strip her pants off as he finishes the story of her being outed.

Still crying almost hysterically, Emma strips her pants and panties off exposing her bare pussy.

James stands and pushes his naked wife over his desk facing the screen where the video from years ago still played. In the video, Emma is deep throating a huge fake strap on dong that is being thrust down her throat by a dominatrix. Emma tries to close her eyes and look away, completely humiliated. The old feelings of excitement are taking over her pussy no matter how hard she tries to deny she loves to be humiliated and used.

James rams his hard cock between her cunt lips and impales his wife. Ramming hard and deep. Between thrusts he grunts out what life will now have in store for Emma.

James tells Emma of the many fantasies that she will now make a reality. Tells her she will fuck anyone he tells her to. That she no longer has any other purpose in life but to be his fuck toy. Pulling her hair back hard making Emma squeal loudly, he asks her if she understands.

Emma pants out a quick yes Master. James can feel her slippery wet cunt contracting hard on his cock. He rips his meat from Emma. Oh no whore, you do not get to cum yet. You only cum when I allow you to. Arrrrghhhh ohhh Emma groans out. The combination of the rough fucking, and his words driving her over the edge. Try as she might, it was just too late when James had ordered her to withhold her pleasure. Her hips hump the air, and she strains against the pulling of her hair as she cries out her pleasure into the room. Her pussy squirting her slick creamy pussy juices.

SMACK!!!!!! James smacks Emma’s ass cheeks as hard as he can, raising hand print welts across her milky skin. Fucking whore, he growls out. I told you not to cum. The punishment, just intensifying Emma’s orgasm and making her howl more. Not waiting for her to calm James lines his cock up with Emma’s asshole that is throbbing in time with her pussy contracting. He spears the head of his cock in roughly prying her hole open to accept him.

Emma cries out in pain and pleasure. New levels of bliss that she has not felt since Ed, spread through her inner core and the unending orgasm seizes her body. Her muscles lock up, she gurgles and moans as her eyes roll back. Her breaths are ill-regular as she cries out. James has never felt anything like this before in his life. He feels Emma’s asshole milking his hard cock as he thrusts deeper, instead of resistance and complaints as she always voiced in the past, she is now humping her fat ass back as hard as she can trying to take his whole cock deep in her guts.

Emma begs pathetically for forgiveness, telling James that she could not help cumming, to please fuck her worthless asshole.

James slams hard and deep with slow strokes, loving how Emma’s fat ass cheeks ripple with each impact. He growls out to Emma to shut the fuck up and take his cock. The tight ring of her ass gripping his cock and pulsing on it is too much for James, he thrusts deep. His ass clenches tight, and he arches his back with the force he is drilling his cock to its base in Emma’s cumming ass. Pulses of his own orgasm wash over him and his cock jumps and pumps deep in the whining groaning Emma as he fills her ass with his hot cum.

Finally finished pumping his slut wife full, James pulls from her ass and, panting, walks around the desk. Emma is lying limp on the desk panting, moaning and still twerking her ass. James picks up her head and shoves his ass covered cummy cock in her mouth. He tells Emma to suck him clean.

While Emma goes on auto pilot slurping and sucking every bit of filth and cum from her husband’s cock without complaint, James lays out a new plan.

Take your ass to the salon tomorrow and get a makeover. We are going to that club I have been trying to take you to for years tomorrow night. Emma just looks up while she sucks James’ balls. Good I see you remember how to be a submissive little whore James tells her. Before that night is done we will have new videos of you to enjoy. As I told you in the past when you told me no over and over again, it is a swingers club that caters to the BDSM kink. Emma just nods her head with a mouth full of softening cock. She knows the club well. Ed took her there many times to whore her out in the past.

James pushes Emma from his cock. Reaches down into a desk drawer and hands Emma a collar. Here you wear this at home and to the club tomorrow night. James hands Emma another small box. Put these in also. I know you were pierced in the past from the holes in your pussy and tits. Emma starts to shake her head no.. What is that slut? Are you daring to tell me no? Emma draws a breath and tears stream from her eyes, how could this be happening, she thought she closed that chapter in her life. It will be done Master, Emma says. Emma opens the box and a thrill rushes to her pussy. Inside the box are heavy gauge titanium rings with blue bead closures. They are much thicker than her old jewelry, and she has not worn rings for years so she knows the new rings will be very painful to slide through.

James waves a dismissive hand to Emma. Go take a shower and put those in slut. I will inspect you after you’re done. Dropping her head to look at the floor Emma shuffles from the den to go do as she is told. James turns back to the video still playing where Emma is on screen jacking two large black cocks while she opens her mouth to take a load of cum from a third.

In the shower, Emma soaps her body and lets the steaming water run over her body as she sobs. She considers her choices. She can leave James, and try to start again. Or she can submit and accept her fate in life that she is a desirable submissive whore. She had thought she escaped the lifestyle when Ed passed away all those years ago. She was still his slave at the time of his death, and true to form he had suffered a heart attack while fucking Emma. To Emma’s surprise Ed had provided for her in a modest way but left most of his estate to family. It was enough for Emma to live comfortably for years until she met James.

Letting the memories flood her mind, Emma realizes she had not escaped the lifestyle at all but had been hiding from it because she missed her old master so very much. Her sobs turn to a wide smile of delight, realizing she can again live to please her man.

The shower done, Emma stands in front of the mirror. Using a bit of lube she forces a thick ring into one of her tit piercing holes. The pain is fiery and intense as she slowly forces it through her rubbery nipple. kocaeli escort bayan The pain sent shivers of delight to her throbbing clit. The old feelings flooding into her. She repeats with the opposite side, moaning in pleasure when it is finally in and the beads in place. Lifting one leg to rest her heel on the sink, Emma rubs the clit ring between her wet pussy lips lubing it then takes a deep breath pressing it hard into the almost sealed hole from years ago. A shriek of pain, followed by moans of pleasure escape Emma as the ring slides through. She repeats the process for her inner pussy lip piercings. The job done Emma puts her new slave collar on. The tag hanging from it simply reads “Slave”.

Emma walks to the bedroom and lays back on the bed, waiting for her master to inspect her work. Her tits, and pussy on fire throbbing pleasurably. Her cunt sloppy wet and running down over her used asshole.

The Club.

The next day Emma does as her husband had commanded. She visits her favorite salon and gets the works done. Nails, hair, makeup, she even gets an anal bleaching done. After the salon, Emma went to the adult clothing store she knew of and picked out several revealing items. The day wearing long Emma returned home to get ready for her husband to take her out tonight.

Emma finds herself blushing as she puts on the sexy clothes she was requested to wear. Starting with the fishnet stockings, then a garter belt to hold them up. No panties for Emma tonight. Then the lacy shelf bra makes her tits stand out from her chest, making her already curvy figure stand out more. Then she slips into the skin tight leather mini skirt that is so tight it hugs her large ass like a second skin. For her top she puts on a black sheer lace top that shows plenty of her tit cleavage. Lastly she slides her fresh painted toes into a pair of 6 inch spike come fuck me heals.

Emma’s face burns bright red as she straps on her own slave collar. She remembers the days when this was normal life for her. Now she is feeling shy, not knowing if men and women will still want her after putting on a few more years and pounds.

James walks into the bedroom finding Emma finishing the last touches to her outfit. His cock hardens in his pants instantly. He never dreamed he would be able to get his sexy but reserved wife to dress like a whore and go out into public this way.

The ride to the club is not eventful, mostly silence. The only demand made of Emma is to hike her skirt So James can glance over to watch her finger her already wet pussy. By the time they park, Emma is breathing hard, and groans when she is told to remove her fingers.

Walking behind James on a leash attached to her collar the pair enter the club to a noisy crowd chatting,  and drinking in the main room. Everywhere Emma looks she sees slave women, and some men attending their masters. Some on leashes, some not. Some partially dressed with tits exposed or often for the male slaves their chests and crotches bare.

Emma feels anxiety rise. She knows James is fully aware of her previous life now, but worried how he might react seeing her preform those sex acts with his own eyes. Will he still want her or discard her like the trashy whore she once was and secretly still wants to be. She feels a tug on her leash, not realizing she was so deep in thought that she failed to notice James start to walk again. Emma hurries to follow.

James leads Emma to an open table and directs her to sink to her knees beside his chair. Blushing and the humiliation feeding her inner desires Emma does as she is commanded, sinking low and looking down. She hears several people stop to talk to James and compliment him on his slave. A few ask if Emma is available to join the fun in the back rooms. James declines the requests but hands out business sized cards to the men and women, he lets them know that in about half an hour in the main play room Emma will be participating in an attraction they are welcome to come watch.

Emma suddenly gets a shiver running up her spine as the next voice she hears speaking to James she will never forget. She knows without looking that it is the bull dominatrix that broke her in at that first party years ago. Emma now knows that this event has been pre arranged between her loving husband and this harsh bitch. Emma knows her limits will be explored, there is no longer any doubt about what James expects their new relationship to be.

After a few pleasantries, and a few drinks James stands tugging the leash letting Emma know to stand and follow. She listens as James and the bitch talk about limits. James happily tells the dom bitch to do anything she wishes to the slut. Just no permanent damage or marks. James hears Emma groan pathetically behind him, knowing her fate before it even begins.

Entering the main playroom, James hands over the leash to the dominatrix. There are already several people in the room waiting for the show. Many have their slaves on knees servicing their cocks or pussies fluffing them. To Emma’s horror she sees several people with cameras on their shoulders ready to record her humiliation. A shudder runs through her body, and her pussy pulses under her skirt.

The Dominatrix, leads Emma up onto the raised platform in the center of the room. And starts speaking to the crowd.

“Welcome friends. Tonight we have a special treat. Some of you may remember her from years past. Others will cum to know the pleasures that this very special slut can provide.” “Though in hiding since her last master left this world, by happy chance she has been discovered again, and her new master is very happy to share her body with us.” “When invited, you are all more than welcome to use the slave anyway you see fit, her master requests you do no permanent damage or marks.” “Let us begin”. The Dominatrix says as she cracks a whip in the air making Emma jump.

The Dom first pulls her form fitting overcoat off, tossing it to the side. Now standing in a black corset that has holes for her large tits to fit through, wearing no panties or anything else to hide her very precisely groomed pussy. There is a 2 inch wide short cropped landing strip of hair right above her pussy. Her ample ass on display. She wears mid thigh high spiked leather boots that are laced from the toes to the top. Her short cropped butch style black haircut, contrasting the light makeup and blood red lipstick she is wearing.

She sets about the task of cuffing Emma’s wrists to chains suspended from a frame. She signals two men at hand crank winches and they start cranking, spreading Emma’s arms out and up. Soon Emma is suspended a few inches from the floor, her legs hanging limp and helpless. The dominatrix pulls hard on the skirt Emma is wearing, it slowly slides down kocaeli escort away exposing her garter belt then her smooth shaved pussy mound, her ass springs free from the confinement and jiggles. Next her ankles are cuffed and the clicking of the winches fills the room as her legs are spread wide exposing her very wet cunt to the crowd.

Emma feels the humiliation burn in her soul, helpless to make it stop. She moans at the discomfort from her shoulders and hips as they are spread. Rivulets of juices run from her pussy dripping from her pussy rings. Glancing up to see if her husband is enjoying her humiliation, she spots him close to the edge of the stage. A young fit blonde slave on her knees gagging and slurping his cock as he watches Emma. James has a very different look on his face than Emma is used to seeing. Steel cold eyes and a wide grin paints his face.

The dominatrix roughly pulls and tears Emma’s new shirt, shredding it from her body. She feels the bra being removed and now she is fully exposed to the room full of strangers.

The dominatrix now starts draping a multi tailed leather flog over Emma’s shoulders letting the thin straps tickle her skin. She trails it over each tit slowly savoring the fear in Emma’s eyes. She rubs the handle lightly through Emma’s swollen pussy lips, then brings it to Emma’s mouth telling her to lick her disgusting pussy from the flog. Emma complies by licking and sucking her sticky thick clear pussy fluids from the offered toy. The crowd cheers and starts chanting whip her, whip her.

James watches intently, shoving the slave off his cock so he will not cum to soon, the bitch on stage draws back her arm and wales a strike of the flog across Emma’s ass. The wet meaty slap of the straps is quickly followed by the wail of pain from Emma struggling in her suspended bondage. More slaps of the flog and the wails quickly turn to grunts of pleasure from his slutty wife swinging from the chains. He watches as her clear pussy juice turns creamy dripping from her swollen excited pussy.

When Emma’s screams of pain turn to grunts of pleasure, the dominatrix moves around front, and flogs Emma’s large tits. Welts of red rise up across her white flesh. Her nipples catch several of the blows making her cry then moan.

The dom holds Emma’s chin up with the flog, asking her if she is cumming without asking for permission? Emma sobs and moans out a yes Mam. The Dom grins wide and snaps her fingers. A slave quickly approaches handing a short stubby device to the dom. She clicks a button on its side holding it up for Emma to see the raw electric arc jump from point to point. She touches the live toy to one nipple then the other making Emma convulse and scream. Her pussy loosing all control and gushing her pussy juices in jets as the pleasure from the torture overwhelms her. The dom laughs cruely and pushes the toy against Emma’s clit while she tries to hump her hips. Fresh wails of pain and pleasure as the toy shocks her sensitive pulsating clit.

Emma’s head rolls limply as her orgasm fades. The Dom, pleased with the reactions, turns back to the crowd. She invites anyone that wishes to sample the whore to use her. The crowd surges towards the stage. The dom takes the time to reposition Emma’s restraints so that she is still suspended off the floor but lower, bent at the waist. Her wrists now bound behind her back. A thick belt around her ribs just under her tits holding her upper body up. Clipped chains are hooked to Emma’s nipple rings and secured to the floor stretching her nipples down and tight. Any movement causes them to stretch even more painfully.

The men circle Emma stroking their hard cocks, listening to her whimpers. A dom orders his female slave to hold Emma’s head up for him and then he drives his cock into Emma’s open mouth stroking hard. While she gags, Emma feels a cock spreading her cunt and rough hands spreading her ass cheeks wide. Fingers invade her tight asshole. Gurgling and groaning, Emma gives herself to the pain and pleasure. Her nipples burn like they are on fire as the men push and pull her body making her own weight painfully stretch her piercings.

The first few men are so worked up after watching her abuse it doesn’t take them long to pump her pussy and mouth full of their hot thick cum. They are quickly replaced by more men. Some quite well hung and others so small that Emma can not cum from their thrusts.

Time becomes a blur to Emma, she loses count of how many cocks have pushed their loads of cum into her body. She can feel their combined sticky hot seed flowing from her gaped pussy down her legs. The next two men renew her suffering and pleasure, forcing their huge black cocks deep into her asshole. They rock into her hard, stretching her tender flesh sending shocks of pleasure through Emma’s guts. Emma desperately tries not to cum, as the convulsions of her own body bring agony to her tits. Feeling the huge cock pulsing and throbbing in her ass is just too much, and Emma cries out around the cock in her mouth cumming hard. As her world narrows to that blissful little point of fuzzy vision the last thing Emma sees is her husband arching his back growling as he fills a pretty young woman’s pussy full of his cum.

Recovering Emma feels cock still invading her cunt. A dom is slapping her face to wake her up then shoves his cock in her mouth as her eyes flutter open. Gaining focus Emma tastes cum and tangy pussy. Looking up the dom is her husband sawing his softening cock into her mouth to be cleaned up.

The last dom pumping her pussy stiffens moaning and thrusts deep causing globs of cum to squash out around his dick. He humps, pumping his own load of thick seed to mix with all the others. He pulls from Emma and turns to a fluffer slave to suck him clean.

Emma pants and groans, very sore but happier than she has been in years.

Emma hears the Dominatrix and looks around the room now that her face is free. She sees the bitch wearing a huge red strap on, pushing deep into one of the male slaves’ assholes making him grunt. She calls out orders to several female and male slaves to tend the bound slut on stage and clean her.

Again Emma is surrounded and she feels the caress of warm wet tongues lapping at her legs, ass cheeks, asshole, and pussy. An attractive female slave kneels in front of Emma’s face and licks the caked on loads of cum from her face, then kisses Emma deeply sharing the combined cum treat.

Now cleaned the slaves return to their masters. Emma is left to hang as decoration as she watches and hears the sex acts taking place throughout the room. Spotting James again he is balls deep in a woman’s ass as she rides a large black cock, her hands bound behind her and a gimp mask over her face. The mouth of the mask opened and a dom pushing his cock into her mouth.

Emma sighs in contentment. She knows this life, she belongs here. She knows her life has yet again changed, and will willingly submit to her husband, now her master.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32