Ela’s First Time

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Ela concentrated on the pale paving stones. They had been worn smooth by generations of feet. She stepped slowly from one stone to another, not looking up. She felt very alone, even though she was surrounded by dozens of people, all of whom were celebrating. But it was not her job to dance and sing with them. Her only job was to keep her eyes down and try to look beautiful. She had no trouble accomplishing the former, but she certainly didn’t feel beautiful tonight, despite her elaborate dressings. She felt scared and sad and unloved.

Finally, as the first streaks of pink announced the dawn, the festivities were over. She was married… But she didn’t feel any different than she had the day before. Just very tired. Her mother escorted her to a car waiting outside, kissed her goodbye and tried to hide her tears.

The past 10 days were a blur. A stranger had come to see her father, some livestock were delivered and she was told that an arrangement had been made. At 25 she was not highly sought after as a wife, and she’d assumed she would take care of her parents until they died and then move in with one of her sisters’ families. She was comfortable with this plan. But just a few days ago, her father’s words had changed all of that. “A man has made an offer for your hand.” He’d told her. “His name is Manu.”

Ela followed Manu into the house, her house now. She had been tense the whole journey from the ceremony, and she walked stiffly. She looked around, but all she could think about was sleeping. “I know you are tired, you can sleep if you’d like.” She cautiously lifted her eyes, unsure of what she had just heard. She had assumed that she’d be cooking a meal, since it was late morning, but Manu had just told her she could sleep. She moved her gaze slowly up towards her husband’s face. He was smiling at her and she couldn’t deny that he looked very kind. She felt an urge to smile back at him, but she wasn’t quite ready for that. “I would love to take a nap.”

When Ela woke up it was dark outside and she was disoriented. She had no idea what time it was, or even what day. But when she felt someone lying next to her, it all came rushing back. She looked over at Manu, sleeping beside her. She now had a chance to study him. He appeared to be about 10 years older than her. Ela couldn’t deny that he was handsome. This thought surprised her, but what surprised her more was that she was not scared of him. She was comfortable so close to him, even excited.

Ela slowly reached over and touched Manu’s hair. He didn’t stir. She touched his cheeks and his nose, fascinated by his nearness and the fact that she was allowed to touch him. She brushed her fingers lightly over his lips, exploring their smooth curves. He responded by parting his lips slightly and barely touching her fingers with internet casino the tip of this tongue. Ela’s pulse quickened, but she didn’t remove her hand. Manu reached up and took her hand in his and began to cover it with tender kisses. Ela had never been touched so lovingly. She closed her eyes and relaxed, enjoying the sensation.

Manu continued to kiss Ela’s hand, and then moved his lips to her wrist. She felt hot and couldn’t seem to get a full breath of air. Then he moved up to her inner elbow, tickling the soft skin with his tongue. She sighed. He made his way to her shoulder, taking his time. Ela was wondering what would happen next. Could it get any better than this? Manu moved his lips up to the curve of her neck and answered that question for her. She wished he’d never stop. But eventually he moved up to her ear. He sucked gently on her lobe and then whispered, “That’s enough for tonight my wife.” Manu laid back down on his side of the bed with his back to her. Ela lay there for a few moments unsure of what to do. She knew she couldn’t ask him to do that again, no matter how much she’d enjoyed it. Eventually she fell back asleep.

The next day Manu showed Ela where everything was in the house. She cooked their meals and tidied up. In the afternoon he walked her around the village, showing her where everything was and introducing her to the neighbors. He didn’t seem to be like the men Ela was used to, who treated their daughters, sisters and wives like their livestock- something they owned, that had better obey them and serve them. Manu seemed to care about Ela’s feelings and preferences. And every time he looked at her, he smiled. Even though they’d just met, she felt a growing affection for him.

As the day cooled and the evening breeze began to dance through the open windows, Ela yawned. “It has been a full day, let’s go to bed.” Manu suggested. Ela agreed, unsure of what to expect. They lay down next to each other. Ela waited. Nothing happened. After a few minutes she glanced over. She couldn’t tell if Manu was sleeping or not. She reached out and touched his arm. He took her hand and began to kiss it, just as he’d done the night before. He continued on much the same path- over her wrist to her inner arm, up to her shoulder, then to her neck- kissing and sucking gently as he went. He got to her ear and tickled her with the tip of his tongue. Then, before she knew what was happening, he moved to her mouth and placed his lips against hers.

She didn’t know what to do, but everything inside of her told her to respond, to participate. She imitated his movements, opening and closing her mouth slowly against his, sucking tenderly on his lip, and then receiving his tongue into her mouth. Ela completely lost herself in Manu’s kisses. She ran her fingers through his hair canlı poker oyna and pulled his head down closer to hers, making the kisses more intense. She had no idea how much time had passed, she felt that she could kiss him all night. And then those same words, “That’s enough for tonight my wife.”

The next day Ela was preoccupied wondering what the evening would bring. Everything was new to her and she didn’t know what to expect, but she could hardly wait. As she went about her daily tasks, she daydreamed about the previous night. Manu had left for the day on business. Even though it was only their second full day of marriage, she missed him. He made her feel important, and needed, and when he kissed her, she felt desired. He didn’t get home until after dark and when Ela saw him, her heart beat faster and she felt as if her legs were going to collapse under her. After talking briefly about his day, Ela yawned conspicuously. “I’m exhausted; I think I’ll go lie down.” She said. “Ok.” Manu smiled. “I’ll be in soon.”

Ela didn’t have to wait long. Manu joined her in bed and she immediately held out a hand to him. He didn’t disappoint her. He began the familiar route from her hand to her neck and continued by kissing Ela deeply. She wrapped her arms around his neck, wanting to feel him closer. As he kissed her, Manu caressed her face with one hand, the other buried in her hair. He moved his hand down her neck, tickling her lightly. She continued to kiss him desperately, enjoying his touch. He brushed his fingers down to her breast, causing her to gasp quietly. He stroked her lightly through her night gown, and then increased the pressure. He took her whole breast into his hand and squeezed. Then he cupped it underneath and rubbed his thumb across the hard nipple. She moaned into his mouth as they continued kissing. She felt an unfamiliar ache in side, below her stomach, in a place within her body as yet unknown to her. Manu continued to rub and knead her breasts and she kissed him with increasing desire. Then without warning, he pulled himself away, “That’s enough for tonight my wife.” He said quickly, turning away from Ela.

She knew she shouldn’t argue, but she felt utterly empty as she stared at his back. “What if I want more?” She asked quietly. “Wait until tomorrow Ela.” He replied. We mustn’t rush this. She trusted him and eventually fell asleep.

The next night started much as the previous ones. Manu showered Ela in kisses, then allowed her to join in the kissing. But tonight, after he’d rubbed and teased her breasts, he slid his hand down her stomach. She responded with a sharp intake of breath. He slowly gathered the fabric of her nightgown and pulled it up to her waist. He touched her very lightly between her thighs. She spread her legs apart slightly. He rubbed her poker oyna clit and she gasped, “Yes!” He continued to massage her, finding a rhythm. Then he slipped a finger inside of her. She realized that it was all wet, and it felt wonderful when he moved his finger in and out and touched her clit at the same time. He began to move his fingers faster and Ela felt herself losing control. She gritted her teeth and moaned loudly, feeling a wave of pleasure sweep through her body. She couldn’t move. She was completely relaxed and satisfied, though unsure of exactly how it had happened. She fell asleep a few minutes later.

The next evening Manu and Ela were sitting on the veranda enjoying the cool breeze. Manu leaned over and whispered in Ela’s ear, “I’d like you to go into the bedroom, take off all your clothes and wait for me to join you.” Ela didn’t hesitate. After all that they’d shared the last few nights, she trusted Manu completely and was excited at the thought of what the night would bring.

When Manu entered the bedroom, Ela was lying face up on the bed. She was relaxed and ready. He began by kissing her fingers. He continued with the whole process, showering her with kisses, ending with her mouth, then beginning his exploration of her body with his hands. But tonight there was no nightgown barrier. Ela enjoyed the feel of his hands on her skin. She couldn’t wait for him to get to her clit, and he didn’t disappoint.

But after only a few minutes of pleasuring her with his fingers, he stopped. He stood up and began taking off his clothes. Ela watched him. He looked strong and she found him beautiful. When he took his pants off his penis stood erect. Ela couldn’t take her eyes off of it. She tentatively reached out and touched it. Manu grimaced slightly and she pulled her hand back. He lay down next to her, took her hand and placed it around the shaft of his erection. She followed his guidance and began stroking him. He reached over and resumed pleasuring her clit. She felt herself grasping him tighter, pumping her hand faster, communicating her own desires to him through her movements. She felt the pleasure in her loins begin to swell and she let go of Manu’s penis. He withdrew his fingers and was crouching over her in one swift motion. “Are you ready?” He asked her gently? “Yes. Yes. Please.” She urged.

He positioned the tip of his penis right between her legs, heat seemed to surge through her. He slowly pushed his hard sex into her wet opening. He filled her up completely. She felt herself stretched around him. She embraced his tightly, feeling closer to him than she’d ever felt to anyone. He began to move in and out of her slowly and she groaned. His pace increased and she moved her hips up against him, taking him deeper into her. Suddenly he began moving in short quick pumps, she felt the room swirl around her and she cried out indistinctly. Manu gritted his teeth and moaned, as he exploded into his wife.

They lay in each others’ arms, exhausted and satisfied. Ela had never imagined marriage could be so good.

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