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She was kneeling behind him, wearing just her panties, thinking.

Their positions, their roles, were reversed: he was on all fours, in front of her, and she was on her knees behind him on the bed, looking down at his back. His ass was in the air, and she studied the muscles of his spine and shoulders, watching him breath. It was different and kind of confusing, this switching of places.

She noted again his softness; he was pale and not very muscular. From her new vantage point he looked weak, and to her internal shock she felt a glimmering of contempt.

He lowered his head, and she thought, “Is that how I do it? Is that what I look like when he’s fucking me from behind?”

Tentatively, she reached out and placed her right hand on the small of his back, rubbing his hip and thigh with her left. He twitched a little, and she had a flash of power, and had a glimmer of what he felt when she was in his place. Reaching around with her left hand, and pushing down on his body, shoving him gently into the bed, she felt for his cock. When she found it, pointing almost straight down and only slightly hard, she touched the tip with her thumb and index finger, stroking and pinching softly. Thinking of what he would do, she moved closer and made contact with his ass and thighs with her belly.

He pushed back against her, and she returned into him, feeling another little shock of powerful control. Rubbing her panty-clad pussy against his ass she continued stroking and rubbing his cock, moving down along the shaft lightly and cupping his balls. She kept her other hand on his back, making circular motions with her palm. His skin felt hot and smooth.

She leaned over until her belly was fully against his naked skin, and then folded forward far enough for her swaying breasts to brush against his back. He shuddered when her nipples touched him, and she did it a few more times, sashaying from side to side to just barely touch with the tips of her tits.

His cock got hard, very hard, and she could feel him pulsing in her hand.

She wished, in a sudden, shocking image, that she had ucuz escort a cock and could fuck him, penetrate his body like he fucked and penetrated hers. The realization surprised her so much she stopped moving for a minute, to think and absorb this new part of herself she hadn’t known was in her at all. She felt aggressive and sexual, not exactly ‘masculine’, but certainly desirous, and with a sense of near-violence.

Rolling with the sensation, she shoved against him harder, and he bashed back against her. She’d neglected the rock-hard cock while she’d been thinking, and leaning over some more she grasped the entire shaft in her hand, squeezing. Her breasts pillowed on his body, and he reared up slightly to make more contact.

Stroking the cock in her hand, making as much of a pussy as she could, she removed her free hand from his body and quickly tugged off her panties, awkwardly yanking them over her feet. She tossed them on the floor and reached her arm around him, covering his body, hugging as hard as she could while shoving against his ass with her pelvis.

She wanted to be a man, a male of the species, to have a raging cock to impale and fuck the body below her. She almost laughed at the incongruity and slight craziness of the thought, but made a conscious decision to simply let her mind and emotions free. Almost involuntarily, her movements and acts got more aggressive. She roughly stroked his cock, making it her own.

“This is mine,” she thought. “This is MY cock.”

It was hers by proxy, the throbbing shaft in her own hand; his body was her body, his maleness was hers. He wasn’t himself, but only a part of her own body, and a physical possession.

She stroked and rubbed the cock until she felt it spasm, then stopped momentarily, waiting. It was too soon, too fast. She wanted it to last, to pleasure the female pussy she also possessed.

This had been his idea.

She’d asked, curious, and innocently enough, “What does it feel like when you’re behind me?” and he’d answered she should try it and see.

At first she misunderstood ümraniye escort and thought she was supposed to somehow do him in the ass, but realized he wasn’t suggesting that at all. He’d just meant to switch positions for a brief bit so she could maybe feel a similar experience.

She doubted he’d meant for her to feel the explosive things she was feeling.

Rubbing and bouncing against him, she tried to position herself to contact some part of his body with her clit; and after some experimentation she found a spot that allowed her to slide up and down, and she started that. The effect was immediate: she felt, for whatever reason, a series of shocks that wormed through her lower body, whirled around, and made for the top of her head. When they got there she gasped and then yelled a little, and gripped the man’s cock, hard.

The man below her groaned and bucked, and she grabbed his side, digging into his flesh with her hand and fingers, holding him in place, and shoved and moved against him. His cock pulsed and flipped upward, and she backed off with her hand, instead holding the very base of the shaft with two fingers and a thumb, holding him while she stayed behind him, performing her own actions for herself.

She did that for a while, feeling herself building.

The cock moved and she felt it through her hand, and somehow felt it in her own body, a transference, and she wanted the cock, HER cock, to orgasm, to shoot come out into the world. She removed her hand from his side and slithered it down her front, between his body and hers, and stroked herself. Her fingers touched the man’s balls and he grunted, then arched his back. The cock in her hand pulsed again, and this time she didn’t back off, instead grasping the entire shaft and stroking the head with her thumb. She stroked both parts of herself, steadily and consistently, until it was right there.

She felt the shocks again. They merged into one, and went into her head, right behind her eyes, exploded, then fired back down to her pussy. The resulting orgasm shut her breath off for üniversiteli öğrenci escort a couple of seconds and made her freeze solid in hesitant anticipation. She moved her fingers again, the ones fitted between their bodies, and got hit with a shattering, convulsing orgasm, harder than the first one.

She involuntarily gripped the cock- HER cock- and it pulsed, jerked violently, and erupted in whipping ribbons of come into her hand and onto the bed. The thing attached to it groaned loudly and moved weakly, helpless and in her power.

When she was sure, absolutely sure, her cock was done coming, and she wasn’t going to be hit with another orgasm (she wasn’t sure she could handle another one), she moved away from the man and off the bed, standing naked in the room.

The man rolled sideways, avoiding the slashes of her semen, and collapsed. She couldn’t help making a face about the action.

“Pussy,” she thought. “Pussy.”

She was standing, alone and complete, done for the moment, and she felt powerful despite (or perhaps because of) her nakedness. The man on the bed rolled slightly, and suddenly looked weak. He raised his head and looked at her, weak eyes shining, a smile on his face. He said something, but she wasn’t listening.

Instead of talking she put her clothes on while he watched quizzically.

She almost laughed out loud in contempt, and she knew she was feeling something usually men feel after fucking some girl they didn’t care about. It was powerful and crazy at the same time. She got fully dressed, coat on and everything, and she noted the man was beginning to look concerned and confused. She turned and walked through the bedroom door, headed out. The man followed.

When she reached the exit, the door to the hallway of the apartment complex and her escape, she turned and looked at him. He was standing naked in the room, looking like some bit player in a school production of OLIVER TWIST. She had to smirk, and turned the knob.

As she went out the door, she had to say it, it was imperative, and it popped into her head with no conscious urge or anything of the sort.

She said, without meaning it at all, and knowing beyond any doubt she wasn’t going to do it, “I’ll call you…”

The door was open and she was free, gone, rid of the other person she no longer needed, and she finished it up with a final insult:


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32