Druids#13d – Another Encounter

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Another encounter for Eileen and Walter.

Meagan drove back to her house where Eileen got into her own car and drove home. Meagan went on into the office. It was already open when she got there. The old dude, George, had opened up and was just pouring his second cup of coffee when Meagan arrived. She was so happy for Eileen that, try as she might, her concentration on the business of the day slipped back to the night that Eileen described for her. Finding herself ‘involved’ again, Meagan waited until the usual twelve fifteen to put in a call to Walter.

This time, when Walter answered, instead of saying ‘hello’ he said: “Meagan. Thank you, thank you, thank you for arranging last night. It was probably the best night of my life. You’re sister is great.”

Meagan had to break in, she thought that Walter would just keep talking: “Walter! I’m happy to hear that everything went well. I picked up Eileen this morning and she shared a lot of the lurid details. I’m so happy that everything worked out. So, you liked her?”

Walter: “Wow! Meagan, your sister is the sexiest and best-looking woman that I have ever been with. Do you think, that after meeting me like she did, that she would ever want to see me again? Not for the same thing, although that would be nice, too.”

Meg: “I think that she just might. What are you doing this weekend, say Saturday or Saturday night?”

Walter: “I have to do the PT formation on Saturday morning, but after that I’m free until Monday Morning. What did you have in mind?”

Meg: “That’s up to you. Why don’t you give her a call? I’ll send you her number as a text, you can ask her yourself; but guessing by what she had to say on the ride home, I’m thinking that she might be willing to ‘see’ you again. You won’t know unless you ask.”

Walter: “I will. I’ll call her tonight. Will she be home tonight?”

Meg: “I think so. Call after about eight thirty, her son Ian should be in bed by then and she will be able to talk.”

Walter: “She has a son? How old?”

Meg: “Ian is just over four years; he is a nice little boy. He lives with Eileen and he sees his father every other weekend.”

Walter: “Thanks. I will call her, and Meagan, really, thanks you for setting this up. It was a really exciting adventure. Have you heard from Jim?”

Meg: “Briefly, there is some issue with communications, we only had a five-minute call the other night.”

Walter: “Oh, yeah, I know a little about that. Don’t worry, the commo issue is only temporary, it’s an equipment problem that should be fixed in the next couple of days. The internet connections will also be back and the phone calls should be back to unlimited, soon.”

Meg: “Good to know, I better get to work. Aren’t you eating?”

Walter: “I had to run back to the BEQ to shave. I went straight in this morning and the boss is giving me the evil eye so I better go back after lunch looking clean shaved. I’ll grab something from the snack shack on the way.”

Meg: “Good luck, let me know how it goes with my sister, OK?”

Walter: “Roger that . . . Sorry, I’m going to have to find something else to say instead of that, right?

Meg: “No, don’t let it bother you, I’m used to it from Jim. Bye now.

Walter: “Bye and really, thanks again!”

Meagan rang off and went back to the Real Estate business. Was she a matchmaker? Both of these kids seemed to like each other. But why wouldn’t you like someone if the first time you really meet them you fuck each other’s brains out? It would be nice if it worked out, though. Eileen deserves a good man and Walter is such a nice guy.

Eileen’s day off was mostly as normal except for the grilling that she got from her mother when she went to retrieve Ian. Ian was happy to see his mother but a little distracted by Pappy’s fiddling around with his fishing gear. Ian went out into the backyard and helped his grandfather put new string on his spinning reel and generally interrogate him about all things fishing.

Mum: “So, how was your date last night?”

Eileen: “Oh, everything went well. I met this really nice man. A soldier that works with Meagan’s Jim. They knew him from when they were in Japan. He is a really nice guy.”

Mum: “So, what did you do?”

Eileen’s first thought was: ‘What didn’t we do?’ She wasn’t about to tell her mother that they fucked all night and again this morning. So, being creative and not wanting to tell too many lies to Mum, she said: “We enjoyed some of the activities on the base.”

Mum: “So, you slept over at Meagan’s last night?”

Eileen: “No, we stayed at the guest house on the base.” Hoping that her mother would think that she and Meagan stayed on the base.

Mum: “Eileen, dear, Meagan called me from home last night to see if she could borrow my Dutch oven. She didn’t stay on the base, with you.”

Eileen: “Right, Meagan booked a room but then she had to go home to be with the boys so I stayed there.”

Mum: “So, how did you get home? Did you both drive to the base yesterday?”

Eileen: “Mum, please topkapı escort stop. You know the story; I know that you know the story. Can we just let it be for a while?”

Mum: “Sure, I was just practicing. I’m still your mother, don’t forget.”

Eileen: “I won’t, Mum. Send Ian home when Pappy gets tired of him, OK?”

With a smile worthy of a triumphant detective Mum nodded her agreement and Eileen went back home, next door.

The afternoon was uneventful and Eileen had dinner with Ian. A few cartoons, two short stories, a bath, pajamas and so to bed. Ian was in around eight fifteen and Eileen was watching the TV when her cell phone began its chirping noise, indicating a call from a number that is not in her contact list. Expecting a charity request, machine selling something or something else, she answered with less than full enthusiasm. “Hello.”

Walter: “Eileen, this is Walter, how are you?”

Eileen’s heart rate immediately increased, it might have doubled. Walter! He’s calling me, Walter! She was completely taken by surprise. Thank goodness that she didn’t ignore the call from ‘unknown’ this time. It was Walter! “Just fine, and you?”

Walter: “I’m great. I was thinking about you and wanted to make sure that you got home OK. “

Eileen: “Yes, home safe and sound; thank you. Meagan picked me up at the guest house this morning and brought me back. No problems . . . .” She caught herself starting to rattle on, and decided to shut up before he thought her an idiot.

Walter: “Well, I’m glad that you got home safe. I had a really great time, last night.”

Eileen: “Me too.” She had so much more to say but didn’t know how to put it. She was afraid that she might scare him off or something.

Walter: “Eileen?”

Eileen: “Yes?”

Walter: “Would you like to go out with me, some time. Really go out, not just what we did last night. Not that last night wasn’t terrific, but would you consider seeing me with the lights on?”

Eileen thought that he had put it so well, she quickly responded: “Yes, when?”

Walter: “Well, how about Saturday night? I could pick you up and we could go see a movie or something?”

Eileen: “Saturday night would be great! Do you know where I live?”

Walter: “Well no. I know that you live somewhere near Meagan, but I will need your address.”

Eileen gave him the address and told him that it was a duplex house. He could come to the door on the left, as seen from the street. Walter read the address back to her and she confirmed that he had it correct.

Walter: “Eileen, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but. . . I had the time of my life, last night with you.”

Eileen: “Oh Walter, I feel the same way. Last night will be a special memory for me, as long as I live. It was definitely special and I am so happy that it happened. And yes, I would like to get to know you ‘with the lights on,’ too.”

Walter: “OK, I’ll see you Saturday, around seven?”

Eileen: “That would be perfect. Should I look to see what’s playing at the movies?”

Walter: “Yes, please. But anywhere you want to go is OK by me. It doesn’t have to be the movies, that was just the first thing that I thought of. Anything, really.”

Eileen: “I understand. I’ll look in the paper and have something planned when you get here. Drive safely.”

Walter: “Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing you again. See you Saturday, Bye.”

Eileen: “Yes, See you Saturday, good night.”

As soon as the line cleared Eileen was dialing Meagan’s number. Meg picked up on the second ring: “What’s up ‘Leeny.”

Eileen hated that name but there was no time for that crap now: “Walter just called me and he wants to see me again and we’re going out Saturday night and what should I wear and I have to come up with some place to go and Walter called me!”

Meg: “Whoa girl, slow down. So, he called you, good. Did he sound like he is serious, or what?”

Eileen: “I don’t care if he’s serious or not. He called and we’re going out!”

Meg: “You sound like a teenager again. Calm down and we’ll talk this through. But I could not be happier, Walter is truly a nice guy.”

The sisters talked on for over an hour. Meagan was happy for her little sister and decided to include their other sister, Jenn, in the good news. She would only share the upcoming date with Jim, whenever he called next. Details of the ‘rogering’ set-up could wait for the best time to tell Jim. Eileen would be asking Mum and Pappy to look after Ian Saturday night so Mum would know soon enough.

Eileen had almost three days to get ready for her ‘date’ but she had to work on the first two of them. First, what to wear? No, first, where were they going and what would they do. She knew what she would like to do, but she really wanted to get to know Walter in more than a ‘biblical way’. Decisions!

She had a little trouble getting to sleep that night. She had been almost reluctant to take a shower, knowing that the water would remove all traces of her türbanlı escort night of ‘exchanging body fluids’ with Walter. Before she climbed in to the shower, she dipped her finger into her puss and brought it up under her nose to see if she could smell his scent. Unfortunately, all she could smell was a stinky pussy so she climbed on in and gave herself a good wash. Somehow, as she watched the water swirl down the drain, it made her think of the sheets that they left on that guest house bed. What a mess; what a happy mess.

The next day, at work, Eileen asked her friend Angela for ideas on where to go on a date. Angela, apparently more interested in her lunch than in helping Eileen, could only think of the movies, going to a dance club or just going drinking. None of these ideas sounded that exciting to Eileen, especially after she web searched the local theatres and found that there weren’t any interesting sounding movies playing anywhere nearby.

Almost un-noticed, Louise, the office manager, and general all around ‘clerk of the works’ was pouring herself a cup of coffee in the back of the room. “Why don’t you take him roller skating?” she suggested.

It actually startled Eileen, she hadn’t really been aware that Louise was even in the room, much less listening or the least bit interested in what she and Angela had been discussing. “That’s certainly a different idea” Eileen responded, “Is there actually a roller rink around here?” Angela told her that there was, in fact, a roller rink about six miles south. She passes it on the way to and from work and says that it is very popular with kids and young adults.

So, Eileen decided to at least explore this idea and put it near the top of her list of things that they could do Saturday night. Not completely convinced that ‘skating’ was the ultimate decision, she continued to ‘work the problem.’ But, for now, she could focus on other things; like work. But if they went skating, what would she wear?

By Friday afternoon, Eileen still hadn’t come up with anything better, so it sounded like skating might be the first thing that they did together, with their clothes on. Friday night, after Ian was in bed, Eileen called Walters cell number. She had ‘captured’ it in her phone right after he called her on Wednesday night.

Walter: “Hello Eileen, how are you?”

Eileen: “It’s me, I’m good, and you?”

Walter: “Fine, couldn’t be better. Are we still on for tomorrow night?”

Eileen: “Oh yes, I can’t wait. How do you feel about roller skating?”

Walter: “Roller skating? I haven’t done that since I was a teenager. It was fun, but I don’t have skates or anything.”

Eileen: “Well, I thought that it might be fun, there’s a place not too far from here and we can rent skates there. What do you think?”

Walter: “Sounds like fun. Is seven still OK?”

Eileen: “I hope so, Wear Jeans!”

Walter: “I’ll be there, jeans and all.”

Eileen: “Walter, good night, see you tomorrow.”

Eileen rang off. She was immediately aware that she was getting wet by just talking to him on the phone. Good Gawd, this is a sexy man. Eileen had a hard time getting to sleep again that night but resisted the temptation to use her little plastic friend to get herself off. She found that the events of Tuesday night were a recurrent theme of her daydreams and her thoughts as she waited for sleep.

Saturday morning, about ten, Eileen called Meagan to talk over her plans for that night. Meagan told her that Jennifer had stopped over. Meg put her phone onto speaker so that they could all talk together. Eileen started: “Hi Jenn, what’s new?”

Jenn: “What’s new, my ass, what’s happening with this stud Walter?”

Eileen: “We’re going roller skating tonight, sound like fun?”

Meg: “No, why don’t you just fuck his brains out, again?”

Eileen: “I’d love to, but he said that he wants to get to know me and I’m much more than a little interested in him, too. So, we’re going to do something before I try to get him into my knickers again.”

Meg: “You go girl, what are you wearing?”

Eileen: “I picked out a nice pair of jeans and a ‘girly’ blouse. “

Jenn: “Wrong! You’ve got a killer ass and you need to waggle it in front of him. That should get his interest up and yourself laid.”

Meg: “Yeah, what you need is a nice tight pair of Yoga pants, got any?”

Eileen: No, my jeans are plenty tight.”

Jenn: “Yeah, but they don’t make your ass grabbable like Yoga pants. Grey, get a grey pair. Not black, he won’t see your ass clearly unless you’re real close, not white, they tend to be see-thru and you don’t want him seeing your ‘granny panties’, and not red, he’ll only think that you’re on the rag and trying to hide it.”

Meg: “Oh Jenn, don’t be so crude. But I agree, Yoga pants are the best bet. Get your ass out to the store and get yourself a nice tight pair of grey Yoga pants and prepare to have your ass stared at by all the young bucks at the skating rink. Make sure that you skate in front of Walter tüyap escort a few times, slow down and let him bump into you. I’ll bet you’ll be able to feel a little lump in his pants, when he does.”

Eileen: “Listen, I’m here to tell you, there is no ‘little’ lump in those pants. He’s fairly well equipped, if you know what I mean.”

Laughter, giggles and snickers came through the phone to Eileen. Meg was the first to speak: “Go get yourself some killer-ass Yoga pants and wear your padded bra, too.”

Eileen: “He’s already seen my tits, why would I want to wear a padded bra? Besides, he already told me that he likes my butt, after all, he did manage to do me from the back once Tuesday night.”

Jenn: “Oh, excuse us, Miss tight ass. We were only trying to help.”

Eileen: “Yeah, I know. Look, let me run, I may just invest in those Yoga pants, after all.”

So, the conversation ended. Eileen took Ian with her and went down to the mall and quickly located a nice pair of grey Yoga pants. Hurrying home, she checked back with Mum to remind her that Ian would be staying over at her house again tonight. Mum suggested that Ian come for dinner and that Eileen should eat there too. “It will give you more time to get ready for your date, dear.”

Eileen decided to take Mum up on her offer and returned with Ian promptly at five. They had a good dinner. Pappy took Ian into the living room to watch TV and Mum told Eileen not to bother helping with the dishes. “Go get ready for your date, and have a good time.”

Eileen flew the few steps back home and began her ‘get ready’ ritual. Stripping off, she jumped in for a quick shower. Blow drying her thick hair took the most time. Then body wash, Lavender tonight. Bra then knickers. But what knickers, she hadn’t thought about the knickers when she bought the Yoga pants. All her knickers had elastic trimming on the waist and the legs. She didn’t want to have the dreaded ‘panty lines’ but she didn’t have any knickers that wouldn’t show under the form fitting pants that were still folded on the bed. She didn’t own a thong, there was no time to go out to get one, and she wasn’t sure that she could wear one, anyway. She didn’t really like the idea of that little strap running down her ass crack and through the rest of her business. So, the only option became the obvious, another ‘knickerless’ night with Walter. She pulled on the Yoga pants and couldn’t believe how she looked and felt. She felt naked. Checking the mirror, she looked good, really good. Her sisters were right, these Yoga pants do make her ass look good. Simulating what she thought it might be like, she reached back and gave her ass a good squeeze, ‘Yep, it did feel good’.

Eileen was ready at about a quarter till. She waited on the couch, looking out the front window while remembering how she waited for him, in bed, on Tuesday night. She was just starting to remember some of the sexy details when a car pulled up in front of her house. Her eyes were ‘glued’ to the car and she was more than happy to see Walter climb out and look at the house. She wanted to open the door and run out to him, but she waited, impatiently, for him to walk to her door and ring the doorbell. She counted to ten before opening the door, to give her heart a chance to slowdown and to be sure that she wouldn’t just grab him, pull him into her house, and have her way with him.

Opening the door, she said: “Walter, welcome to my house, please come in.”

Walter walked in and kissed her gently on the side of her mouth. Not on the cheek, but not square on the mouth. He looked and felt a little clumsy as he stood there: “I’m glad to see you again, Eileen. Am I on time?”

Still very nervous, Eileen leaned up and kissed him full on the lips. Not a long kiss, not a deep kiss, but a better aimed kiss than the soldier had done. Smiling, she said: “Let’s go.” She picked up her house key and handed it to Walter. “I don’t have any pockets; can you hold this for me?”

“Gladly” he replied and stepped to the side allowing Eileen to pass out the door.

Eileen said: “It will lock on its own, just pull it closed behind you.” She said this as she slowly walked toward his car, knowing that he would be watching her ass. And watch her ass he did. He almost stumbled as he followed her down the walkway to the road. His only thought: ‘What an ass!”

Eileen knew the way to the skate rink and Walter was interested in the points of interest that she spoke to as they covered the nine or so miles from her house. They arrived and found the parking lot about half full. Walter found it difficult to walk alongside Eileen as they approached the rink entry. He would much rather be walking behind her eyeing that butt. Lucky for him, there was a line at the ticket window and being the gentleman, he invited Eileen to get in the line ahead of him.

Skating was more of a problem than either of them had anticipated. It had been too many years and they were both very unsteady as they tried to follow the crowd around the loop. Not straying too far from the railing, Eileen and Walter were the obvious ‘newbies’ and attracted lots of stares. Not as many stares as Eileen received that were caused by the reaction to those Yoga pants. After about an hour of trying to skate, they rolled into the refreshment area and took seats facing each other in a booth.

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