Doin’ the Boss: The Park

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I, like most people, have a number of pet peeves. For instance, those unaware drivers who hang out in the left lane while traveling 10 miles-an-hour under the speed limit, the people who take 20 items into the express lane at the supermarket and those coffee drinkers who take forever to add a squirt of cream and a packet of sugar into their coffee at Starbucks then block others while endlessly and aimlessly stirring their beverage.

Of course, as those who have read my other stories about my affair with my ex-boss, K. Linford Little, know, the man doesn’t escape my ire in the pet peeve department.

Back in the days when I worked for the man 10 years my senior we had several adventurous escapades on his desk and his office couch before discretion took over. Since then we’ve spent our intimate time together in his car or other away from the office locations. The fact that we would rendezvous away from the office didn’t bother me, it went a long way toward keeping our affair away from the watchful eyes of co-workers, away from suspicion from his wife or my boyfriend. Yet what bothered me, my pet peeve as it was, is Mr. Little’s unwillingness to completely drop his pants when I would go down on him.

Now to some it wouldn’t be a big deal. A blow job is a blow job, right?

Wrong. For me, I like to savor them, I like the feel of a cock in my mouth, and I like to play with the throbbing meat, stroke it and make love to it. But I also like to feel the guy’s ass, stroke his thighs, play with his ball sack and do my best to give him a toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasm. But Mr. Little is too cautious, he won’t drop his pants for me when we nocturnally nookying. He’s just too afraid of being caught with his pants down, so instead the majority of the blow jobs he gets from me are of the zipper down, cock out of his undies variety.

The man loves my mouth, I love his dick, we have a great time together, but there are times when I wish he would simply let go and let me have my total way with him, even if it meant his pants would be down around his ankles.

Sometimes he lets go and I get what I want, but I do understand his reluctance to “let it all hang out.” But not too often, as my boss was the cautious type. “Robyn, I know it’s crazy,” he’d say, “but if someone did come by and you were pleasuring me it would be easy to zip up and sort of leave it as you were just laying your head in my lap.”

Yea, right, like some lame brain would actually go for that excuse! Still, I understood his reluctance, and the fact is that several times when he was sans trousers and boxers and totally nude from the waist down and all mine he had trouble in the performance department, blaming it on not being comfortable about the potential of being caught in the act.

Turns out there was an occasion during the early part of our relationship where it might have been better to be a bit more discrete than adventurous.

As mentioned in prior stories, we have mess around in his car along a lover’s lane, in a mall parking garage, a baseball dugout and behind a Circuit City store. We also messed around a lot in a local park, where there was a long, meandering pathway which made its way through the woods around a large lake. We found out own secret spot behind an old abandoned grist mill. There, about 50 yards from the pathway and well away from the mill was a secluded spot under a grove of chestnut trees where we could do out thing well away from the watchful eyes of passerby’s. What was nice is that we could hear those coming nearby as the brush would rustle and warn us of intruders. It was a great place to be alone.

We’d generally make out in the car a bit, but wouldn’t get bahis firmaları down and dirty there because of the number of people walking by. After a bit of kissing and hugging and feeling and playing we’d make our exit toward our “spot”, holding hands, stopping to kiss when the coast was clear. Every once in a while the kisses would get a little longer and more passionate, and, with an eye up and down the path, we might sneak a feel in each others pants while making out.

On the cloudy spring day in question Mr. Little was totally hot and bothered before we left the car, causing him to adjust his hard on in his pants as we began our deliberate trek. We stopped and kissed a couple times as we walked through nature and his excitement got higher and higher as we strode among the foliage.

We had stopped at the park after work, leaving just a little early in separate cars. He told all he was going to work out while I supposedly had a doctor’s appointment. We were wearing work clothes, so he left his jacket and I my sweater in the car. My wardrobe included a smart looking light blue blouse, a dark blue knee high skirt, pantyhose and comfortable black pumps.

The path was relatively quiet, although we did pass a young mother of about my age pushing her baby carriage and had several riders fly by while furiously peddling their bikes. The new mom looked at me with knowing eyes almost as if she knew we were having an illicit affair.

Halfway into our walk the path came very close to a passenger train track, one of those commuter rails which take folks to and from work. Mr. Little was a bit frisky this day, as when he heard the train coming he took me in his arms and started kissing me with great passion. His hands were caressing my ass while his mouth was glued to mine. I felt a cool breeze on my backside before realizing the little devil had lifted my skirt and was fondling my ass checks protected only by my thin nylon panties and hose. I remember blushing as I realized anyone looking out the window toward the park could see his hands on my butt. It was embarrassing and extremely exciting. After the train clickity clacked its way down the track we broke our embrace and laughed at the show we gave!

The thought of being potentially be observed brought forth pangs of desire in Mr. Little, and, after looking both ways up and down the path he asked if I’d suck him right there, if only for a minute. I refused, kissing his cheek, and said we should hurry to our “spot”. But my boss was insistent, he actually begged. “Please Robyn, just for a minute. Look, we can see a quarter mile from hear in each direction and there’s nobody coming,” he said, emphatically nodding his head both ways. “Let’s just move over there and you can suck me for a minute or two. Please?”

My mind said “No” but my body said “Yes.” I mean, there wasn’t much traffic on the road this early in the afternoon, and there wouldn’t be a train for a while, and Mr. Little said he’d keep a lookout and, well, why not?

We moved beyond the edge of the path protected a bit by some bushes where Mr. Little could peer above in both directions to ensure the coast was clear. I looked both ways before slipping down onto my knees while unzipping his fly. I looked up at my boss and reminding him of his duty to make sure nobody was coming on the path, then reached into the opening of his boxers and slid his semi-hard dick though.

“Ohhh, yes, Robyn, yes!” said Mr. Little, urgently placing a hand on the back of my head and moving it toward the objective.

“Do you want me to suck this?” I questioned with a sly smile while slowly handling his manhood. “I mean, it’s so big and hard!”

“Yes, hurry. kaçak iddaa Before someone comes.”

I couldn’t help thinking that I bet he was the one who wanted to cum!

Flipping my hair to the side I opened my mouth, extended my tongue and sat his cock directly atop it. I looked up at my boss to give him the full effect of the sensual view of his shank on my wet and willing mouth. Slowly I orally slid my mouth around his manhood, holding it between my lips for a few seconds while just laving it with my tongue. His hand started to push my head toward his dick, but I quickly shook my head and he quickly backed off and let me do it my way.

There was no doubt I was in control of the situation. Sure, he was getting his cock sucked, but I was sucking it my way. I looked up and saw him turning his head from side to side to ensure our privacy, and that gave me the incentive to suck his dick even more. Here we were, in front of Mother Nature, enjoying each other in a special and naughty way.

“Is anyone coming honey,” I asked after releasing his cock from my mouth with a plop.

“I will be very soon if you keep that up,” was his panting reply. “Put it back in your mouth.”

“Maybe we should go to our spot to finish this,” I asked, hoping that he’d just tell me to continue. I stroked his cock as he looked up and down the path once more. He told me nobody was coming and that he really wanted me to continue. “You have me so hot, Robyn. I’m nearly there, please suck it. Please don’t stop.”

Well, I aim to please, and it sure felt good sucking Mr. Little’s pulsating dick… Sucking his dick is an activity I’ve never grown tired of, not from the first time in his office when I seduced him after work one day, and not earlier in the week when I had blown him in his car right before he left for his sweet wife at home. And surely not today, when his dick proudly throbbed in my mouth, grateful for all the first class oral attention it was receiving.

I smiled up at my boss and in a sultry voice told him to keep a lookout because I was going to be busy sucking his cock. Just hearing me say those words caused his dick to pulse, pre-cum escaping to coat my cheek. “It’s all clear,” I heard him say as I vigorously sucked his dick into my mouth again. I reached up and pulled down his pants, then maneuvered his boxers down too. This time I began sucking in earnest, bobbing my head on his wonderful dick. He squirmed and his cock had grown to its full six-inch length. I slipped a couple fingers around the stem of his hardness to begin a stroking action as his thick rod filled my mouth.

Above I heard Mr. Little murmuring something about how good it was and I thought he said the coast was clear too so I lost myself in the work of orally pleasing this powerful man. Deep down I think one of the main reasons I liked pleasuring him was the fact he was an executive and such an act was so wrong. Bosses aren’t supposed to do their assistants, and even if they were there was the small detail of his having a charming wife and children.

His pubes scratched my face and his dick throbbed in my mouth as I sucked and stroked it, and soon I could tell he was nearing the point of no return. My mouth began to ache a bit from the insistent pounding it was taking. While early on in this blow job I was in control, clearly now my boss was over the edge and using my mouth as a receptacle for the satisfaction of his needy cock. His hands cupped my hair and bobbed my head toward and away from his body as I sucked and licked and nibbled and blew his knob.

“Oh yes Robyn oh yes, yes, yes, I’m gonna cum,” he stuttered as I slobbered all over his dick, savoring his hardness as well as kaçak bahis his words. “You are wonderful, you are a great cocksucker. Suck me, don’t stop,” he loudly said, uncaring of who could hear.

I reached around and grabbed his bare ass, caressing it as I sucked his cock. I was in heaven with my other hand continuing to stroke his dick as my mouth worked on the bulging tip. His dick seemed to grow even more and I knew his orgasm was only seconds away.

What happened next would make The Three Stooges seem normal. It seemed like an eternity, but all in the span of a few seconds Mr. Little cried out that he was cumming and I heard a scuffling to my left. I pulled his spurting dick out of my mouth and nearly screamed as my boss’ cock exploded at my face.

No more than six feet away was a middle aged guy on a racing bike, staring with his mouth wide open. How much he had seen is unknown, but for sure he saw the last few seconds. I saw him staring at me as Mr. Little jerked back. His cock continued its pulsing explosion, sending a cascade of sperm onto my face, neck and hair. One glob hit me in the left eye, and the sticky sauce stung. My boss reached down and quickly pulled up his pants, while I scurried to my feet. My boss held me close in comfort as I shook like a willow tree in a strong breeze.

“You two are disgusting, have you no shame?” spat the man. “Get a hotel room next time.”

I shamefully looked over at him, and he said I was a worthless slut before riding off down the path.

My boss and I hung on to each other, shaking and panting. So much for nobody being around to catch us, so much for Mr. Little’s looking out to make sure the coast was clear. So much for us retreating to our safe place where we’d be out of sight. Mr. Little wiped some of his cum off my face, or should I say he spread it around my cheek. “Don’t let him bother you, you are incredible Robyn,” said my boss. “You are beautiful.”

It was nice of him to say, but I knew I looked a mess. My makeup was smeared, my face sticky, and my eye ached. Here’s a note to the file: don’t let a guy’s cum get into your eyes! We began walking on the path we probably should have minutes earlier rather than our embarrassing moments of being caught in the act.

“Thank goodness that wasn’t a park ranger,” I said, Mr. Little nodding his agreement. “That would have been a disaster.”

“I’m sorry, hun, but you drove me over the edge and I just lost track of everything,” explained my boss. “I didn’t hear him or see him until he was right here, and at that point I just couldn’t stop myself.”

“You mean you saw him?”

“Only for a moment out of the corner of my eye, I think we were blocked from his view other than my upper body. Then when he got closer he could see everything but I was too far gone. It was so hot knowing we had a voyeur, I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to.”

“Well you did cum a bucket, but still, it wasn’t a good idea. That was living too dangerously.”

We continued our walk, striding past our special place and continuing around the lake. We’d stop and kiss along the way, but nothing more. When we made our way entirely around the lake, kissed a bit more and went to our respective cars and drove our separate ways. As I pulled out of the parking lot I noticed the rider who caught us in the act hitching up his bike onto the car rack. I attempted to put a hand over the side of my face to conceal my identity, but I immediately saw he recognized me, as he began shaking his head in disgust.

That night in bed, as I thought back to the day’s activities, I fingered myself while thinking of the man on the bike. My fantasy was his being a park ranger, and having to do him to get out of being arrested for indecent exposure. But that’s another story, one I put out of my mind after my boyfriend came home from work and decided he wanted to mess around. Boy, he didn’t know what hit him!

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