Doin’ My Sister Ch. 01

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Incest Fuck Fun… Totally Fake And Totally Filthy

“Oh my God. She really just did that.”

I like watching my sister Gina watch porn. Especially since it always leads to us fucking.

“Oh crap. That’s a big one. Whoa!”

Gina’s eating a hot dog while she watches the smut film on my TV. We’re having a few beers too. Watching her suck down that hot dog while she focuses in on the big titty blonde getting pussy plowed by her boss on TV is really turning me on. I’ve got my big ass cock out. I’m slowly stroking it while I watch my gorgeous, big titty sis. Her 36Ds swaying around inside her red pajama top. I fucking love Gina’s full, pouty tits! I’ve sucked and fucked those super soft beauties so freaking much. It’s gotta be some sort of freaky incest record or something.

Gina glances over and sees my dick out. She smiles. Seductively licking the ketchup and mayo from the hot dog, from her lips as she does.

“Damn, James… you’ve got such a pretty dick. It’s the fattest dick I’ve ever seen. Even fatter than the old guy in the movie.” Her eyes sparkle with desire. Her naughty grin does too. Gina hungrily gulps down the last of the weiner, then she moves her full, weiner eating attention to me… and to mine.

I reach over and grab her right titty through her pajama top. Squeezing it nice and rough, just like she likes. Her pleasantly horny moans escaping her lips letting me know that she definitely approves.

I flick Gina’s raging hard nipple tip through her loose, soft top, grinning mischievously at her as I manipulate that big, gorgeous breast.

She gets up from her chair and moves over to mine, kneeling before me, then leaning up to kiss me. My hand still locked on her boob, roughly cupping and kneading it as she drools her spit all over my tongue, kissing me nice and dirty… just like we both fucking love.

I grab both big titties, squeezing them both as rough and rowdy as I can. Damn, they’re soft. So freaking soft. Natural tits are ways better. The feel and look of them. And my older sister’s knockers are two of my all time favorites.

Gina grabs my ten inch long, ten inch thick, dick, slowly stroking it between us as we keep on making out. Spit swapping like two sleazy champs. My sis and I kiss a lot. All the time. Kissing is right up there with fucking as far as I’m concerned. Well… almost right up there. (Horny grin and 1xbet yeni giriş smirk)

My half hard dick throbs hard in Gina’s hand, making her moan with happy, horny delight as she lovingly sucks on my tongue.

We’re both smiling. Not even paying attention to the porno at the moment. It’s a pretty good one. I’ve watched it like five times already. A young, 20 something blonde beauty getting railed at work by her fat, old, sleazy boss. A simple, but effective, plot. The chick is super hot. She looks like a younger Kate Upton. Maybe 21 or 22. Tall and really gorgeous. Same style of tits and everything.

Anyway, Gina pushes me back into my chair, smirking devilishly at me. She blows me a super slutty kiss, then she lowers her head, licking her glossy lips so seductively, and almost totally engulfs my dick. About nine of the ten, insanely fat inches. Right down her fucking throat. Only a slight gag.

I growl my immense delight, leaning my head back and grinning from ear to ear as my big titty sis bobs away in my lap, her mouth stretched ridiculously wide around my man meat, slurping away on my constantly twitching dick. Spit racing from her mouth, down my trembling shaft, right to my hefty nuts. Gina slurps it all up, her tongue a spit licking whirlwind as her mouth and throat ravenously suck away. Gina spits all over my cock, then dives in and feverishly sucks my monster. Her spit hangs from her lips, and from my cock, all the way to the floor. Long stands of saliva that she messily slurps up… nice and loud. Oh yeahhhhh.

Dude, I’m in love with my 23 year old sister… I’m 19. She’s really popular. You can understand why. Her sloppy blowjob skills are top drawer, for sure. Bitch loves it in the ass too. Her thick ass badonkadonk can take a plowing, and keep on growling. Ha.

Her wide ass is trained to take my massive cock. No lube necessary anymore. It just opens up, and welcomes in my mighty meat stick. That’s so fucking nice of it… and of her. (Naughty wink)

Gina’s dirty blonde, mixed with brown, just below shoulder length hair swaying as she bobs on my cock increasingly fast. My left hand rests on top of her bouncing head as I chug down my beer, and try and not cum. Gina’s very skillful ball massage makes the sloppy bj even more enjoyable.

I happen to notice the Kate Upton look alike on TV, bent over her sleazy boss’ desk, taking 1xbet giriş his fat, old, wrinkled cock right up her poop chute. She’s banging hard on the desk, screaming in ecstasy. I smirk. Oh yeah. It’s booty banging time, sis.

Next thing you know, Gina’s bent over the side of my bed, pounding on it, screaming and creaming like an oversexed banshee, as I rail ten inches of the fattest and prettiest dick you ever saw right up my big titty sis’ thick ass, white rump. Fast and hard. Deep and relentless. I slap those cheeks harder and harder, as I furiously pound her wildly winking anus senseless.

My cock blazes in and out of my sis’ dumper, then slows down, and deep thrusts up Gina’s ass that she’s dancing around beautifully and oh so happily on my invading monster. I speed back up, then slow back down. Alternating each approach, driving my big titty sis wild with ass banging super glee. Her constant cumming signaling my very successful style is making all the right moves inside Gina’s big and bouncy butt.

Gina’s silky smooth, nice and thick booty cheeks are red from my booty thumping slaps. She’s throwing her head around, screaming in pure, unbridled bliss from my magical, ass banging skills. Her clit pounding constantly as I ravage her badonkadonk with my pretty ass, fat dick. I really do have a pretty ass dick. You gotta see it… and fuck it. Ha. (Cocky pimp grin)

I reach under my sis and violently squeeze her flopping jugs. Squeezing them so damn hard, it makes Gina cum again… just from the force of my titty squeezing. That simple. Yep… I got the kavorka, dude. Haha. I keep on squeezing.

Gina’s violently quivering snatch bazooka shoots out her milky delight. Drenching me and the wall behind me. So much pussy cum. God damn, I love it all!

I keep up the hardcore booty banging, watching the Kate Upton doppelgänger take the old perv’s hefty, slimy load all over her smiling face. Dude cums a lot. Damn, it really does look like some random, fat, old sleazeball is cumming all over Kate Upton’s perfect, smiling face. That’s fucking hot.

My dick won’t stop lurching and twitching inside Gina’s tight squeezing dumper. And Good God, it feels fucking AMAZING! I lean over onto Gina’s back, still furiously ravaging her big, beautiful titties with my hands, still slamming ten, super freaking fat inches of overly excited dick meat right up her 1xbet güvenilirmi incessantly wiggling butt, kissing my sister’s sweaty neck, soaking in every last second of the immensely divine sensations racing from my insanely hard cock to my wildly perverted brain. I’m in sex heaven, dude. Right, smack dab in the fucking middle of it!

“I wanna taste it, baby. Cum all over my face, James. Please, baby. Pleaseeeeee!!!” My sister wants… my sister receives.

Next thing you know, she’s on the carpet, me straddling her sweaty, heaving chest. Gina feverishly lapping at my precum as she double hand jerks my mighty cock, pumping it fast and furious, desperately wanting my jizz in her mouth, and all over her freak hunny face. She gets it.

“FUCK!!!” I start pumping pearly white sex cream into Gina’s WIDE OPEN mouth, and all over her enthusiastically smiling face. She jerks my massive, lurching shaft so fucking fast. My cock jumps wildly in her hands, making her laugh and grin, so happy to be covered… and fed… with my extra rich and creamy… and extra good for you… dick milk.

Gina leans up and absolutely devours my meat, swallowing about half of it, growling and roaring like a starving lioness on a fresh kill. She eats my sperm so excitedly. So exhuberantly. Her body trembling. Her tongue feverishly slapping all over the underside of my lurching shaft, her mouth very ravenously sucking out, and down, every single drop of very creamy sex cream left in me. She’s cum famished, and she desperately wants as much as she can get.

Holy fuck! My sister is a cum freak! A card carrying, sperm guzzling, horny slut, cream eating cum freak! I’m definitely in love. And, not just in a brotherly way. I’m in love with her as my girlfriend too. Yep… Gina’s my girlfriend, as well as my ravishingly awesome older sis.

We laugh at each other as Gina loudly slurps me clean, so dramatically popping her mouth off of my cock repeatedly, reaching behind me and so heatedly squeezing my ass. Slapping it hard, then squeezing it again. Nice and deep like. My slutty sis always makes me happy. I fucking love that big titty, big ass badonkadonk bitch so fucking much.

I softly now, play with Gina’s breasts as she loudly slurps me clean, reaching behind me and rubbing her rubbery nips, then softly kneading her lush titties under me.

The porno is over, but we don’t care. We just keep on smiling, laughing, and playing with each other. A brother and sister very much in love.

Check in next time to see how I do my beautiful, big titty sis. She… and I… will be waiting… and fucking.

By : DickThePimp

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32