Doctors Orders 2nd Appointment

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The instructions in Dr. Jones’ letter were clear, if a little puzzling and I followed them exactly. At a quarter past seven the next morning I rang the bell on the surgery door. Margaret let me in.

“Morning Chrissie,” she greeted me. “Dr. Jones is in room 3 waiting for you, go right in.”

I went in. Dr Susan Jones was waiting. She looked stunning again. Her blonde hair was tied up in a pony tail and her blue eyes twinkled behind her glasses. She was wearing a black shirt-waist dress, black opaque tights and knee length boots. She had the top few buttons undone giving me a tantalizing glimpse of her black lace bra. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was wearing matching knickers.

“Good morning Chrissie, strip to your panties, I want to see how well you have followed my instructions.”

Soon I stood there wearing just a very dull pair of white cotton panties, with only a trim of thin red lace to make them pretty. I felt her eyes roaming over me, acutely aware of the bulge she was causing in my panties.

“Well done Chrissie, you have followed my instructions exactly and not been tempted to wear something too sexy. There will be time for that later. Now make good use of the toilet next door; I recommend emptying your bowels and your bladder fully. And Chrissie,” she paused then added “keep the door open.”

As I sat on the toilet, naked apart from the knickers around my thighs, Nurse Helen walked past. She stopped and returned to stare at me. She showed no signs of leaving so I had no option but to let loose a stream of pee. It splashed noisily in the bowl beneath me. I could feel my cheeks reddening with the embarrassment of my situation. I had to wipe myself and pull up my panties while Helen watched, smirking.

“Make sure you tuck that tiny little cock of yours in,” she said laughing at me. I obeyed meekly, aware that by tucking it between my legs I increased the femininity of my figure. “Here, let me help you,” she added.

With swift hand she used a wide strip of elastic tape to hold my cock in position. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Back in Dr Jones’ room I was handed a pair of tights, black and opaque like the ones she was wearing. She ordered me to put them on.

She watched me carefully. “That’s clearly not the first time you’ve worn tights,” she observed. “I think that for you the American name of pantyhose seems so much more appropriate, don’t you agree Chrissie?”

“Yes Doctor,” I agreed.

“Hands on your head, Chrissie,” she ordered. “Helen, the tape please.”

As I stood there she pulled the tights up and then, taking the roll of tape from Helen, proceeded to tape around the waistband of the tights, fixing them to me! The three women then took it in turns to sign the tape. Dr Jones explained that this was to ensure I didn’t take them off.

“I won’t be able to pull them down either. How do I go to the loo?” I protested, realizing the answer as soon as the words were out of my mouth. Helen laughed nastily.

“You don’t you little sissy, you’ll have to hold it in all day or put up with wet panties and wet tights!”

As a final touch they made me leave my socks off. Although the tights were opaque, they were obviously not socks, giving me a problem all day.

I drank as little as possible in the morning. At lunch I was surprised to be told there was a visitor waiting for me in reception; it was Margaret. As we walked to lunch I caught myself checking out her figure in the reflections of shop windows. For someone her age she had a good figure! It was a nice day so we walked to the park. There she produced a large bottle of mineral water. I knew what was coming; she ordered me to drink it. All of it! I managed it while she laughingly told me that they didn’t want me dehydrating.

For about an hour I was fine. Then the water began to have an effect and I kept shifting in my seat to try to relieve the pressure on my rapidly filling bladder. One of my co-workers, Alison, noticed. She is a pretty bubbly brunette, very fanciable, but güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she’s married. She looked at me strangely.

“Ben I have to ask you something.”


“Why are you wearing tights and not socks?”

I blushed. “It’s a bet” I lied.

“Of course it is. Is not going to the loo part of the bet as well?”

“Um, yes.”

“Well good luck Ben!”

By the end of the day it was quite painful and I still had a train journey and trip to the surgery to survive. By the time I arrived it was taking all my will-power not to pee. I was even considering trying to just pee a little and put up with the wet panties, when, finally, when I was the only patient left I was called into the consulting room.

I was ordered to strip and soon I was standing there in my taped on tights and white cotton panties. Dr Jones began to feel my abdomen, pressing hard in places that made me want to pee very badly. She handed me a tumbler of water.

“Drink that down, Chrissie, tell me about your day.”

I told her about the discomfort and also about the embarrassing moment with Alison. She seemed disappointed.

“Next time she asks tell her you’re wearing them because you like them.”

I nodded and was acutely aware of my need to pee.

“I know you are close to bursting Chrissie, but I want you to hold on for a bit longer. Come with me.”

She led me to the toilet. Margaret went in, leaving the door wide open. To my amazement she hitched up her skirt, pulled down her tights and panties and sat down to pee. It was strangely erotic. I was struggling to hold mine in and now I was getting an erection too! She invited to wipe her dry with the toilet-paper. I did, wiping her neatly trimmed pubic area very carefully.

Next it was Helen’s turn. In a teasingly slow way she pulled down her trousers, followed by her knickers. Hers were big and black in contrast to the small pale blue pair Margaret wore. She was also clean shaven. I couldn’t keep myself from staring. She unleashed güvenilir bahis şirketleri a seemingly endless stream of pee. I wiped her too. It was difficult not to do more than just wipe, but I managed to control myself. My thoughts turned to the sexy Dr Jones; would she be next, I wondered?

“You have a choice now Chrissie; either you can pee now or you can hold on a little longer. If you pee now, our fun is over. If you choose to wait, it will continue. What do you want to do?”

Though I was desperate to pee, I couldn’t bear the thought of stopping; I chose to continue. Having redressed quickly I was driven by Dr Jones to the local shopping mall where it was late night opening.

We went into a lingerie store and began to look at the outfits. She instructed me to choose a matching pair of knickers and suspender belt, with the added twist that it had to be something I’d like to see her wearing, but would also like to wear myself! I chose quickly, rather than take my time, a simple pair of cream-coloured knickers, trimmed with black lace. I needed a size 14, but Susan needed a size 10. Clutching a pair of knickers and a suspender belt in each size I went to pay.

“Excuse me, do you know you have two different sizes?” asked the shop assistant.

Instinctively I knew what Susan would want me to say.

“They are for both of us, his and hers,” I explained.

The shop assistant tried to suppress a giggle as she finished our transaction. As we left the shop I heard her laughing out loud.

Outside the shop Susan finally gave me permission to go to the toilet. I was bursting by now and as I struggled with the tape round my waist I could feel some pee dribbling out. Pulling the tape off my cock was excruciatingly painful but I had to remove it to pee. It was difficult but I just made it in time. My panties and tights were slightly damp, but not unbearably so.

Back in the mall it took me a few moments to find Susan, but she reappeared behind me. She handed me a bag.

“These are yours” she said simply, adding “be at the surgery at quarter past seven again tomorrow. Good night Chrissie.”

She turned round and walked away, leaving me to make my own way home. I thought about going after her, but she was in charge; I dare not question her or else she might end our fun.

“Good night Dr Jones,” I whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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