Doctor’s Office

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I am a 46 year-old man that is not exactly a perfect specimen. I am 5’10” and am pushing 225 pounds. I have a wife and 2 daughters that are both in college. I was past due for my annual physical and my wife was bugging me about getting it done.

“While I’m there should I talk to Dr. Osborn about getting a vasectomy?” I asked my wife as we were getting dressed.

“Either that or you can continue to wear a rubber, because you know how the pill messes with my system.”

“I’ll see if he does them or whether he can recommend someone.”

“Just don’t let him cut this off,” she said as she squeezed my soft dick and gave me a kiss goodbye.

“I’m a little nervous about having a knife anywhere close to my pecker. It’s short enough already.”

“It keeps me happy so don’t worry about it. See you tonight.”

I left work at noon for my 1:30 appointment and told them I would not be back for the rest of the day because you never know how long a wait there will be at the doctor’s office. Since it was Friday, I thought I might as well make it a long weekend. The waiting room was almost empty and I only had to sit for 5 minutes before Dr. Osborn’s nurse, Sandra, called me in. After taking my blood pressure, she took me to the examination room and told me to strip to my shorts and the doctor would be in soon. Sandra is about my age with short brown hair. She is only about 5’2″ and a little on the pudgy side. She has been our nurse for as long as I can remember. She came back into the room after I had stripped to my boxers with a cookie.

“A pharmaceutical rep brought these in for us today and there are some left over,” she said as she handed me the cookie and a glass of water.

“Thanks,” I said. In all the years as our nurse I have never been this undressed in front on her so I was a little embarrassed sitting there in my shorts talking to her. She continued some small talk until Dr. Osborn entered. When he came in she left.

The exam went well and the doctor said I was doing fine but I could stand to lose a few pounds. I knew this already and told him I would try.

“Time for the fun stuff. Why don’t you hop off the table and drop the shorts.”

I did this as he slipped on a glove and lubed up his finger. It sure seemed like he had big hands. I leaned over the exam table as he inserted his finger up my ass. I enjoyed my wife doing that when we were in the midst of lovemaking, but was not thrilled when he checked out my rectum. He handed me a couple of tissues when he was finished and got rid of his glove. Next he checked out my balls and noted that I still had a slight hernia, but it was kadıköy escort nothing to worry about. I pulled up my shorts and hopped back up on the table.

“Looks like that’s it for another year,” he said as he noted some things on my chart.

“I do have a question for you.”

“What is it?”

“Who would you recommend for a vasectomy?”

“Dr. Jones does them right here in the office and he is very good.”

“How do I go about setting up an appointment?”

“I’m done for the day so Sandra is free to help you out setting up that appointment. See you again next year.

“Thanks doc,” I said as I started to get dressed.

I was just slipping on my socks when Sandra walked into the exam room.

“I don’t know if this would work for you, but Dr. Jones is available for that procedure in an hour. Would you have someone available to pick you up at 5:00?”

“I’m sure Jane could do that, and we could get my car later this weekend. Might as well do it so I don’t chicken out. Let me call her to make sure it works.”

“Have her bring you some sweat pants and a jock strap when she comes for the trip home.”

After I called my wife and made the arrangements, Sandra lead me back to the exam room.

“You can get completely undressed and slip this on and we’ll get you ready for Dr. Jones,” she said as she handed me one of those gowns without a back. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

I had just sat down on the exam table when Sandra returned carrying a tray containing shaving cream, a razor, and some scissors. It was then I realized what was about to happen.

“Since Dr. Osborn has left for the day and Dr. Jones’ nurse is with him, I’ll get you prepped for surgery. Lie back on the table and we’ll get the stirrups in place for you.”

She adjusted the stirrups and placed my right foot in one then moved between my legs and positioned the left foot in the other. She then moved my gown up to my navel leaving me completely exposed. Very professionally she started to snip away at my pubic hair. Her hands brushed against my penis causing it to stir and lengthen a little. She put the scissors down and went to the sink to fill a pan with water. She put her hands in the water then started applying the water to my pubic area. I flinched a little as she rubbed her warm wet hands all over my crotch.

“Too hot?”

“No it feels good.”

“I can see that,” she said with a smile as she eyed my growing erection.


“It’s only natural and it makes it easier to shave when it’s üsküdar escort erect. You’ll need it in a little while anyway because we need a sperm count before the procedure.”

“What for?”

“So they can compare it to an after specimen.”

She lathered me up and started to shave my pubic area. She shaved my balls and even did the area between my balls and ass hole. My pecker had softened a little until she moved back to that area. Sandra held the end of my prick as she shaved the staff causing me to go completely hard. When she was finished she grabbed some lotion and rubbed the entire area she had just shaved causing me to go entirely erect.

“Keep the area moisturized so it doesn’t itch as bad,” she said. With that she handed me the bottle of lotion. “This is the only moisturizer we have in this area. You can get started and I will see if I can find a personal lubricant that will work better for you. Here is a bottle for the sample, and I will lock the door when I leave,” she said as she walked out the door.

My erection was dwindling in a hurry as I lay on the exam table with a bottle of lotion in my hand. I thought I may as well make the most of it and squeezed a handful of lotion from the bottle. I was rubbing the lotion into my prick but couldn’t get the environment out of my head. My cock was semi-hard when I heard the key in the door. I started to cover myself when the door opened.

“It’s only me,” Sandra said as she entered the room carrying a bottle of lube. She grabbed a towel and proceeded to wipe the lotion from my groin. I was still not hard until she poured a handful of the lube and started rubbing my cock. “We need to get that sample. Dr. Jones will be ready for you in about 15 minutes. Would you like me to help?”

“It looks like you are having better luck than I was”, I said as I eyed my hard cock.

“Just lay back and enjoy, but let me know when you are getting there so we get the sample.”

With that she started going to work on my dick in earnest. She used both hands as she stroked my cock and massaged my balls rather roughly. She didn’t stroke too fast and had a nice firm grip, which I was really enjoying.

“Do you do this often?”

“It’s the first time I have masturbated anyone in the office in three or four years.”

“You are very good at it.”

“Thanks, I practice at home every once in a while. Tonight will be another one of those times if I can wait that long”

“Does it make you horny to jack me off?”

“Very,” she said as she looked me in the eyes while standing between my legs.

“Move tuzla escort to my side and I will help you out.”

“That wouldn’t be very professional.”

“And playing with my cock is professional.”

She moved to the side of the exam table and placed my hand on her crotch.

“Just on the outside of my clothes,” she sighed as I started rubbing her pussy through her pants.

I could feel the moisture start seeping through her pants and she was pumping my cock and humping my hand. I was getting very close to coming and reached over with my other hand and grabbed her boob, pinching her nipple hard.

“I’m coming,” I said as she reached for the bottle and placed it at the head of my prick. The first spurt almost knocked the bottle from her hand. She continued squeezing my dick until she emptied my balls. I had backed off my rubbing of her cunt while I climaxed, and she squeezed her legs together, trapping my hand.

“Sorry, now it’s time for you to get off.”

“I’ll get us cleaned up and see when the doctor will be ready for you.”

“That’s not fair for you.”

“I’m working and you don’t know how dearly you just paid for that hand job.”

She cleaned me up and washed her hands before heading for the door. I sat up on the exam table and covered myself with my gown. In a minute she returned.

“It will be about 15 minutes yet. Would it offend you if I finished myself off in here?”

“I would be glad to be of assistance.”

“Just sit back and watch.”

She moved a chair close to the exam table and sat back in the chair putting one leg on the step of the table. Her hand moved under the elastic waste band of her pants and went to work. She groaned as her fingers found her pussy. She rubbed her clit hard as her other hand started fondling her breasts. She sped up her actions and I could tell she had inserted at least one finger in her pussy.

“Make yourself come. Finger fuck the cunt of yours harder,” I said as I moved off the table and walked behind her chair. I moved my hands over her shoulder and reached down her blouse grabbing both nipples and squeezing hard. Her tits were small but her nipples were like rocks.

“My God, I’m coming,” she hissed as I rolled her nipples in my fingers. She continued to gently rub her pussy as I fondled her breasts.

“Thank you for the helping hands,” she said as she pulled her hand from her pants.

“Let me clean that up for you,” I said as I grabbed her sticky hand and moved it to my mouth. I breathed in deeply before I started licking her fingers clean.

“Thanks, but you better settle down or they won’t be able to tape your cock out of the way for the surgery,” she laughed as she eyed my growing prick.

“Make sure you ask for me when you schedule your appointment to have your next sample tested. We usually have you bring the sample from home but I’m sure you can think up an excuse as to how that one got ruined.” With that she left the room smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32