Discovering True Lust

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Ashley Alban

Ash never thought he would find anyone to spend forever with. And quite frankly that didn’t bother him. He enjoyed the life of a bachelor. At the age of thirty two he was still considered a pretty good catch. He had a tall lean body with broad shoulders and nice strong arms. He made sure to stay in shape to keep the young ladies looking his way.

One night as Ash was at the gym getting in a last minute work out he noticed a woman doing leg presses in the corner of the room. He sat up and looked over. She was wearing a black sports bra that had been lightly doused with sweat. Her abs were defined but not too muscular. The short spandex shorts she was wearing showed her long muscular legs. Her hair was pulled back into a high pony tail and the soft sea green color of her eyes was visible even from across the room.

Ash had never been the first to approach a woman but this one he thought was too good to pass up. He could see a couple of the other men checking her out and had the confidence that he could out do any of them. He stood up real proud and walked over to her. His chest was sticking out the way a rooster would as it approached a hen.

“Well hello there.” Ash smiled. His deep almost baritone voice was enough to catch the woman’s attention. She made sure to look him up and down before smiling and responding with,

“Hello.” Even her smile was perfect. She grabbed her towel from the seat of the leg press and wiped her face lightly. Her abs were glistening with the sweat. “I’m Terry but everyone usually just calls me Tee.”

“I’m Ash. So you um… you seem like you can do a lot with your legs.” As the statement left his mouth Ash knew he wanted to take it back however the words were already out. Tee smiled and moved her body in a little closer.

“Oh you have no idea. But’s not only my legs that I have the skill and the strength in.” Tee lightly tossed her towel over her shoulder and started walking away.

Ash was watching as she left then realized that that was not how he wanted the conversation to end. He jumped forward and walked over to Tee who was wiping her forhead again. She stopped at her duffle bag and bent over. Ash gazed at her perfect ass end as she fumbled through the bag and pulled out a brush. She brushed the pony tail and placed the brush back in her bag before turning around.

“Was there something you forgot to say?”

“Besides the fact that this is the first time I have chased a girl in over twenty five years. Plus I realized that you never gave me any way of contacting you.”

“That’s not usually something I give up to strangers that I just meet at the gym. A guy has better luck getting head from me before he gets my number or even my email.”

“Oh really can I test that little theory?”

Tee looked down at the slowly forming bulge in Ash’s pants. She lifted one eyebrow at him and a small half smirk came across her face. “Well it looks like you’re carrying the right equipment but I think you’re gonna be one of the lucky ones to get my number before we do anything.”

“So you take home men from the gym regularly or you just get on your knees for a lot of them?” Ash made sure to make the statement as jokingly sounding and sarcastic as possible as not to offend Tee. He looked in her eyes trying to decipher whether her look was of humor or of hatred. Finally she cracked a flirtatious smile.

“Oh fuck you.” she said her tone matching the same joking caliber that Ash’s comment had. The two made eye contact and just formed large grins.

“I plan to have you do that for me very soon. But if I have to wait until after I make a phone call then that’s just what I have to do now isn’t it.”

It didn’t take long after they started talking on the phone for Ash and Tee to start sending pictures of one another. After a little longer they set up their first official date. They had continued to see one another at the gym from the point that they met up until the time they had planned to get together for a date. However most conversation between them was limited leaving every thing to be said in private behind closed doors.

Ash was lying in bed the night before their date when he received a picture of Tee. She was lying on her back with her legs spread open as she wore a see through black lace neglige. There was a hole in the neglige in the crotch region and through that hole a long dark blue vibrator was shoved inside her pussy. Tee had accompanied the lingerie with a pair of black fish net stockings and as Ash looked at the picture he could feel himself growing harder and harder.

The following night Ash and Tee were barely able to make it past appetizers before they were feeling over the others leg and further up. They had chosen a booth and were sitting side by side. Tee had her hand on Ash’s knee and would ever so casually and slowly run it up til it reached the most upper part of his inner thigh before bringing it back down. Ash would return the gesture with equal vengeance.

As they readied sınırsız escort themselves to pay for their food and leave Ash and Tee found it near impossible to stop kissing. They had attracted most of the surrounding table’s attention however it was far from bothering them. Tee could feel herself getting wetter and becoming more bold on where she put her hands the more she felt the peering eyes looking at her.

Ash was growing more unable to control himself by the second. Tee had already managed to unzip his pants to stick her hand inside to play with. He was one twitch of the cock away from popping right out to where everyone could see his hard dick.

At the house Ash completely let all feelings he had of Tee loose. Every thought he ever had of her and every minute she had teased whether it be through flirtatious smirks or running a soft hand up his leg making his entire body shiver, he threw into passionate forceful movements. He pinned Tee to the front door and kissed her wildly; pressing his hard cock into her with the embrace.

Tee playfully tried to push him back to get more of the upper hand but Ash had been teased one minute too long. He let his pants drop to the floor where his dick poked out of the front flap of his boxers. He again pressed his body as far up to Tee’s as it would go before moving his hips back. Tee took the opportunity to slip her hand down and gently massage the hard piece of meat.

Ash let out a small satisfactory moan before pushing Tee’s hand away. He re-pinned her to the door and kissed down her neck onto her chest. Lightly he would bite at her and she would grasp his hair. She attempted to pull her body away but she was stuck between Ash and the door.

“Just let me do this.” Ash smiled as he moved his way closer and closer to a kneeling position. Tee kept her hand on his head and her fingers lightly lingered in his hair running through them and slightly strumming his head. She was mesmerized but the embraces over her body she barely realized that Ash had unzipped the back of her skirt and it had fallen to the floor. She now stood before him in nothing but a pair of black knee high stocking and pure black cotton thongs. A small lacy design was on the front of the thongs looking to be in the shape of a flower.

Ash let out a small passionate growl and rubbed the front of the thongs with his thumb before switching over to his index finger. The light touch was enough make Tee shake where she stood and he watched as small goosebumps appeared on her legs. He took this opportunity to kiss her thighs and run his tongue along the inner sides til her reached her wet sex. He brought his tongue up and skimmed it across the bottom of the thongs before running it back to her thigh.

Tee grabbed his hair again, this time rather forcefully and jerked him back. Ash looked up at her with surprise. He had always had the upper hand in sex and never had a girl be the one to set the rules. However the desire to control him glowed on Tee’s face. With every second Ash stared up at her begging to return to what he was doing Tee could feel herself soak more.

“Why are you stopping me?” Ash asked out of frustration after being pulled back every time he attempted to get near her.

Tee let go of Ash’s hair without saying a word and stepped over him. He sat on his knees and watched as she walked further into his house. Her large bare ass in the skimpy panties mixed with the black stockings were enough to tease Ash as bad as the picture had done. He couldn’t bare the wait any more and with a second attempt tried to rush upon her. With more passionate kissing Ash was able to get Tee’s shirt off and get her into the bedroom. But the minute they stood before the bed Tee was back attempting to take command. She pushed Ash to the bed and kissed down his body.

Ash laid on his back letting up on attempts to control Tee. He let out small moans as Tee kissed down his body and neck. The bites she inflicted were a little harsher but carried no ill affect. Ash glanced down at his cock which was now pulsating and begging to be sucked, played with and fucked.

Tee looked at the anxious member and smirked at the affects of her actions. She continued to kiss over Ash’s chest and down around his waist line before moving back up to his neck and mouth. Ash pulled her body in close to his and forcefully grabbed and rubbed her tits before she retreated back to where she was.

“Am I gonna be able to do anything tonight?” Ash snapped.

“If you’re gonna be like that I’ll just leave and you won’t get anything and certainly won’t have to worry about giving anything.”

The two sat in a dead lock stare. Neither moved and Ash wasn’t going to say anything to incriminate himself further. He slowly let his body go limp and gently placed his hand on Tee’s back. She arched into his hand and positioned herself above him. She kept her ass end toward the side of the bed and just moved the upper half of her body skim taksim escort across Ash’s as she kissed all over him. Her hair fell loosely brushing against his chest and making him flinch.

The attempt at submission worked only briefly for Ash as he felt his cock let out a small trickle of precum in anticipation. He placed his hand on the back of Tee’s head and pushed on it as it neared his waist line again. She pulled away from him and he was quick to let his hand fall to the bed.

As if to reward him for good behavior Tee placed her mouth over the head of his hard cock and sucked the precum off. Ash was so relieved to have receive the touch he clenched the blankets in his fists to keep himself from pushing Tee’s head down.

“I want you to deep throat my cock so fucking bad right now. I want to hear you gag and I want to feel it on my dick.”

Tee smiled, removed her mouth and started giving Ash a hand job. He decided it would be better not to fight it and accepted the gesture. The feel of her hand sliding up and down his shaft was enough to make him give in and as he neared coming Tee placed her mouth on his cock and he blew the load straight into her throat.

Ash looked at Tee panting as he tried to recover from his orgasm. It was nothing like he had hoped but it had been close. Tee rested on her back beside Ash and lightly stroked his chest with her hand. She smiled at him keeping his eyes locked with hers as she began rubbing herself.

With a grin going from ear to ear Ash rolled over on his side and ran his hand down Tee’s chest to her stomach and finally to the sex which had let out its own trickle of anticipatory cum. He went slowly making sure Tee would actually allow the action. When she showed no sign of disapproval he continued and let his fingers slowly slip into her. He was able to thrust them in and out of her a few times before she pulled his hand away.

Again Ash was confused. He had no idea why this woman refused to let him do anything with her. Although he had been satisfied he couldn’t help but insist of making Tee satisfied. He could only think that this was another, odd attempt at playing hard to get.

Just as Ash prepared himself to try again Tee rolled onto her side and cuddled into him. He decided it’d be best to let it go and pulled her into him. It certainly had not been the night he had hoped for. It hadn’t felt the way he wanted and the actions were nothing like he thought they were going to be.

Ash laid awake with a full mind that night while Tee slept soundly beside him.

The following morning Ash woke up to Tee climbing over him on the bed. He yawned and stare at the clock.

“Where you going?” he asked, not completely sure why he even cared.

“I um have to get home.” Tee said lightly.

“I was hoping we could do a little more of what we couldn’t do last night.”

Tee stared for a few seconds before returning to getting dressed. “I really can’t.”

“Why, do you have a husband I don’t know about?”

“No but I do have somebody waiting for me at home that I’m pretty sure I didn’t just set the best example for.”

Ash was shocked to hear this. His eyebrows shot up and his eyes were wide open. Taking a second glance at Tee’s perfectly trim body and no sign of any stretch marks he asked, “You you have a child?”

“Well she’s a teenager but yes.” Tee’s face was a bright red color. I had her when I was in the eleventh grade. She just turned eighteen about three months ago. Her father and I haven’t talked since she was three and it took until just now to get over it. I feel bad about what happened last night and I feel bad for not telling you.”

“You should introduce me to her. Maybe I can show you guys that not all men are like that.”

Tee gave a small grin before putting on the last article of clothing. She nodded her head toward the door and Ash jumped out of bed to get dressed. He made two to go cups of coffee and they were out the door.

Tee’s house was located in a miniature colvesack. It was right toward the loop and had tannish yellow paneling that made it stick out from the other houses in the group. It was a regular two story with four windows facing the street. All the curtains on the window were closed except for the one in the upper left corner which had been tossed over the rod.

Ash stared up at the window as he saw motion flick past it every so often. Tee checked where he was looking and let out an annoyed grunt.

“What’s the matter?” Ash asked.

“My daughter has her boyfriend over. She’s always sneaking him over when I leave even when I’m only gonna be gone for a minute.”

“I don’t see his car here anywhere.”

“He don’t need a car to get here. He lives three houses down.”

Tee got out of the car and slammed the door. Ash followed slowly behind her and stepped cautiously as they entered the house. Small giggles could be heard from the upstairs. Tee stood quietly for a minute before yelling tesettürlü escort out “Tiffany I’m home.” Her face bore the smirk of someone fed up

“Oh hey mom.” Tiffany called out. She hadn’t exited the room yet but was skittering around. She finally started down the stairs wearing a pair of skinny jeans that had not been zipped or buttoned. The baby tee she was wearing read, ‘Bad girl at heart, good girl only when I want to be’. It came down just about to her naval and was skin tight.

Tiffany had some of the same attributes that her mother had. She was very slender but muscular where she needed to be. Her hair had the same jet black coloring although it had more of a wavy feature to it. Her skin was the same tone as her mother’s being between white and a light tan.

However there was some major differences that Ash couldn’t help but notice. Tiffany had a very petite waist but when it came to her chest and ass she was a bit disproportionate. Her breasts looked to be a large C almost a D and her ass was about a size five or six with a waist that looked to be a size zero or one. Tee had an all over gymnast’s body. She was petite being only about a B for breasts and wore size twos that fit her perfectly. Basically everything on her was built with muscle which gave it a more firm look however for size it didn’t do much.

“I need to have a word with you in private.” Tee said as Tiffany stepped off the stairs and zipped her pants up.

Tiffany looked at Ash, checking him up and down before turning to her mother and saying, “I think I need to have a word with you too.” She gave Ash a quick smile and a wink before going into the kitchen with her mother.

The two sat across from one another at the counter. Tee looked long and hard at her daughter before saying, “Look I know you and Doug are in a relationship and I know you guys want to have sex.”

“Oh god mom I do not need the sex talk. Doug and I fool around and we have done some things but not everything. I know all about condoms and prevention and pulling out and all that good stuff. You don’t have to talk to me about that. What I do think we need to talk about is that guy out there.”

“Never you mind.”

“Have you fucked him yet?”


“Come on Mom it’s not like I don’t know you’re not a virgin. Unless if I’m really adopted than I think the secrets out that you may have had sex before. Plus that guy out there is really cute and I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to have sex with him.”

“Would you stop. Look I just need you to promise me that you’re not gonna keep sneaking Doug over here. If you want him to come over just ask me like an adult and I will have no problem with it.”

“Thanks mom.” Tiffany left the room and started back up the stairs. Ash couldn’t resist taking another peak at the ass and bouncing breasts as they went back to their room.

Tee came out of the kitchen and Ash quickly turned his attention back on her. She didn’t even seem to notice where his eyes had wandered to and Ash was relieved to keep it that way.

It didn’t take long for Ash to become a frequent visitor and camper at Tee’s house. They rarely ever went to his house after that first night and the times they were there was only to get things and have a quickie before making their way over to Tee’s house.

Ash couldn’t deny his attraction for Tee’s perky daughter. With every thought of her and her large tight ass and big succulent breast he could feel himself get harder. However he had to hide the fact and would resort to pounding Tee’s pussy til the thought left his head. Tee never seemed to be none the wiser to the diversion and enjoyed what she got when she got it.

No matter how many times they had sex and no matter how vigorous, spontaneous and pleasuring it was Ash couldn’t shake his thoughts. He hated Tee taking charge every time they went to bed and at night he dreamed of bending Tiffany over and making her submit to him. He wanted all the control with no possibility of being teased. He could only dream of it for as long as he was with Tee she would hold all the control.

A couple months into their relationship, Ash was sitting in the kitchen sipping slowly at a glass of whiskey when he heard screaming outside. He just sat and listened as Tiffany yelled back and forth with Doug before coming in the house and slamming the door. Ash didn’t hear her go up the stairs and decided to go check on her.

“Hey are you alright?” Ash asked stepping into the living room. Tiffany had her face down in a pillow on the couch and her legs were hanging off the side. She didn’t appear to be crying or anything but as her ass rested slightly in the air and her legs hung down over the arm of the couch he could see that she was not wearing any panties. He shook his head to concentrate and sat on the available section of the couch, crossing his legs to hide the ever increasing hard on. “You had a fight with Doug I see.”

“We didn’t fight, we broke up. He’s too busy accusing me of wanting and sleeping with other men to even really give a damn about me.”

“Well that’s not right. Usually though when a guy is accusing you of that he is basically admitting to doing it himself. Plus even if he’s not you can’t really blame him for being a little jealous.”

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