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“Oh, fuck me, Shane!”

Shane and Ann were in Ann’s bed. Fucking, to be precise. Shane had Ann pinned to the bed, pounding into her roughly. She had her arms around him and moved up to meet his passionate thrusts. Her legs lay limp on either side of Shane’s body as he pumped into her repeatedly at an accelerating rate. Both were covered in sweat and on the verge of hitting an orgasm. Finally, Ann began breathing more heavily than before. She stared up dreamily at the ceiling as the orgasm’s rich and luxuriant waves possessed her. “God, Shane, you’re so good…”

Shane squeezed Ann’s ass viciously as he licked her breasts hungrily. Soon Shane felt a twitch in his balls. “I’m gonna cum soon,” he whispered hoarsely. Ann immediately pulled Shane’s cock out of her and shoved it in her mouth. Shane stood on his knees with Ann underneath him, and he sighed as he felt her hot mouth take him in. Ann’s head bobbed back and forth in quick motions on Shane’s manhood. She sucked on it hard, sliding her lips on it, tightening their grip, swirling her tongue all over its flesh, toying with his balls with her hands. This was more than Shane could take. He let out a sharp cry as semen flooded Ann’s mouth. Shane felt himself explode and his essence pouring down Ann’s throat in tendrils of warmth. When he was done she licked his cock clean and She lay back on the bed alongside Shane.

“That was pretty damn good,” he marveled. “Honey, you use your tongue better than a twenty dollar whore.”

She slapped him angrily. “Don’t you ever compare me to a whore,” she snapped. Shane put his hands up in defense. “I’m sorry, babe,” he protested, “it was just a joke.”

“Well don’t fucking joke with me,” she mocked. Ann was forty two years old, and though she was very good looking her age showed greatly in her tired brown eyes. Her strawberry blonde hair was all mussed up and slight wrinkles were visible when she frowned, like she currently was. As she got older, her sense of humor deteriorated further. Shane was three years younger than Ann, but looked considerably more youthful than thirty nine. He always had young girls flirting with him, and though he ignored them, this greatly angered Ann. As it was, she was naturally grumpy. The last thing she (or Shane, for that matter) needed was something to piss her off.

Silence permeated the room for a while until Shane looked at her innocently with his bright green eyes. She looked on at him, unimpressed. “My daughter is coming home tomorrow from college,” she told him.

Shane was startled. “You have a daughter?”

Ann slowly regained a more pleasant look on her face. “Yes, I never told you?”

Shane grinned. “Is she as gorgeous as her mother?”

Ann blushed slightly. “She’s very pretty, Shane, which is why I’d appreciate you not talking to her. At all.”

She looked at him sternly as Shane looked at her with a confused look on his face. “As it is, I already have to deal with those dumb preppy little high school bitches who want you to nail them. I really don’t want that with my daughter.” She looked at him even more seriously. “And if you even touch her..” “Whoa, wait,” Shane interrupted. “Why are you telling me this bullshit? Have I ever been in another woman’s arms in the time we’ve been together?”

Ann looked down. “No,” she mumbled. “Then why are you worried?” Shane asked. She smiled and they hugged.

“Okay,” she said, “let’s get some sleep.”

That morning Shane awoke to noise downstairs. “So, Alicia,” he heard, “what classes are you taking next semester?”

Then it hit him. Alicia must be Ann’s daughter. He lay there in bed briefly wondering what exactly she looked like. Though she could be a bitch, Ann was a rather attractive woman. Blonde hair, brown eyes, not too many signs of aging, and a very nice frame. Alicia had a very cute voice, and it aroused him a tad. He remembered what Ann had told him, but he just had to see what she looked like. It’s not like he was going to fuck her, or anything. So he thought.

Shane clothed himself and slowly headed downstairs, not knowing what to anticipate. He reached the end of the stairs and turned into the living room, where he saw Ann and a very lovely Alicia. Her eyes were green like his own, her pouty lips blood red, her hair a radiant light blonde. She was sitting on the couch across from Ann in a chair wearing a short white skirt and a tight white top. She had her sexy legs crossed when she looked up at him. Ann got up and greeted Shane with a kiss. “Alicia,” Ann told her, “this is my boyfriend Shane.” Shane smiled and gave a weak wave. Technically he wasn’t talking to Alicia, so how could Ann get mad?

The entire time Alicia kept her eyes on Shane, admiring his eyes and short black hair. She found him extremely handsome. She also couldn’t help but notice how the tight shirt he was wearing showed off his well built upper body. Shane was having difficulty ignoring Alicia himself. Ann invited him to sit in the living room begrudgingly casino siteleri and he sat in the couch next to the one Alicia was sitting in. Shane didn’t pay any real attention to the conversation, he was just trying desperately to ignore the beautiful thing sitting a couple feet from him.

Soon Ann excused herself to go to the bathroom, and as she disappeared, Alicia pulled a hair tie out of her shirt pocket and dropped it in front of Shane. She got up and picked it up, bending over before Shane’s eyes, displaying her perfectly rounded ass. He had to suppress his yearning, and he watched her tie her hair back as he tried repeating mantra to himself; things like “Ann would kill me” or “Shouldn’t fuck outside my age bracket”. It didn’t work too well, and when Alicia smiled at him, he nodded nervously and smiled back, knowing that if Ann didn’t return shortly, he would jump on this sexy girl and fuck her brains out.

Thankfully, Ann came back just then, eyeing Shane suspiciously with one of those “don’t you dare” looks. He got up off of the seat. “I should really get home,” he shakily announced. “I think I, uh..left the stove on, or something.” He headed to the door. Ann waved and Alicia softly said goodbye. “Nice meeting you,” she told him in that cute voice, looking right into his eyes. He averted his gaze. “Yeah, you too. See you guys.”

As he locked the door, he could very faintly hear them talking.

“That’s a nice catch you got there, mom,” he heard Alicia say. “How old is he, twenty something?” Shane figured that he should get to the car before he start jacking off on the front door. He walked to his car and got in the driver’s seat, sitting there for a while. Eventually, he stuck the key in the ignition, turned it, backed out and drove home. The whole ten minute drive he could think of nothing but Alicia. His mind was plagued with the thought of drilling into her, hearing her scream out in ecstasy, feeling her taut body pressed against his.

Soon he realized that he had gotten very hard thinking about all this. Soon, however, he drove up into his apartment complex parking lot and was heading toward his apartment. There he could think all he wanted about banging that hot little piece of ass and relieve himself. When he got into his apartment, he threw his keys on the table and headed into the bathroom. He dropped onto his knees before the toilet, pulled his almost fully erect shaft out and started stroking madly. The vision in his head was quite clear. While Ann was in the bathroom and Alicia bent over, rather than sitting there like a dumb ass he got up and pulled her panties down and started nailing her from behind.

He imagined himself fondling fer tits and her screaming “Fuck me, Shane” repeatedly. He came in no time, his jism hitting the toilet water harder than it ever had before. He cleaned up and walked out into the living room and collapsed on the couch. He was sexually relieved now, but he was still thinking about Alicia. Shane pulled his pack of Marlboros out of his pocket and lit up a cigarette. He needed some relaxation after that. He tried to get himself thinking about something else, but he really couldn’t. The most annoying things were the ones that you could never have. He wanted so bad to be able to simply write it off as nothing at all, but he just couldn’t. ‘Maybe a shower is what I need,’ he thought. He finished his cigarette and put it out in short, vicious strokes. Shane got up and looked out the window for a while, cursing his situation. Then he began walking towards the bathroom. He was just about ready to disrobe when he heard a knock at the door. Swearing softly, he went to answer it. It was Ann. She smiled. “Hi, Shane,” she said. “Hey,” he smiled.

She came in and sat on the loveseat in the middle of the living room. She was wearing a simple white shirt and blue jeans, the same ones she was wearing this morning. Shane closed the door behind her and saw an unpleasant look on her face. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Shane, I came over to apologize,” she told him. “I should have trusted you more…”

Her voice trailed off. He walked over to her and sat next to her. “It’s alright, babe,” he told her and kissed her neck. “I was about to take a shower right now,” he continued, “but it would be a lot more fun if you joined me.”

Ann smiled. “I told Alicia that I had to go run some errands,” she whispered into his ear, “so we can fuck all afternoon.”

Shane picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. They ripped off each other’s clothes ferociously as Shane made his way to the bathroom with Ann on top of him. When they got inside the bathroom Ann got off of Shane and sat on the toilet while he turned the water on. When the shower was on, he beckoned her inside. She followed and they stood there kissing in the water for a while. He dropped slowly to his knees and began gingerly kissing Ann’s pussy. She moaned as the water rushed down her body and Shane ate her. She placed her hands on güvenilir casino the shower wall to brace herself as Shane progressed in his licking.

He covered her clit with his tongue and licked it so quickly that it left Ann totally out of breath. Still, all Shane was thinking of was Alicia. In his mind he was tasting Alicia’s pussy, he was fondling Aicia’s tits and ass. He was hearing Alicia moaning in unbridled pleasure. He licked his way up Ann’s body to her mouth and his tongue intruded her mouth hellaciously. He fingered her as they kissed with one hand and fondled her left breast with the other. He was rigid, and he decided that it was time to take care of it. Her hands were still on the shower wall, so he decided to take her from behind. He eased his cock into her wet cunt and began his thrusting. She writhed about in front of him as Shane pulled her hair slightly. He fondled her breasts and almost whispered “Oh Alicia” into her ear.

“Oh, god, I’m gonna cum, baby,” Ann managed out. “But I wanna see your face when I cum.”

‘Fair enough’, he thought. He couldn’t very well tell her that he didn’t want to see her face because he was imagining himself fucking her daughter. Besides, Ann was nowhere near ugly, just not a goddess like Alicia. Shane pulled out and turned Ann around. He pushed Ann against the wall and inserted himself into her juicy cunt. She encased her legs around Shane and squeezed. Shane grunted as he fucked Ann, thinking of Alicia the whole time. He humped her harder and harder into the wall, driving himself as far as he could go inside her. He kissed her hotly and groped her tits fervently as he slammed into her. Desire overcame him as he pictured Alicia’s face before his, moaning “fuck me” and everything that Ann was groaning now.

“Oh, Shane, I’m cumming!”

Shane felt cum and water trickle down his legs and then sperm began to rush up his shaft. He finally burst, having the best orgasm he’d ever had with Ann simply by thinking of Alicia. Suddenly, Ann shoved him off of her. “You asshole!” she yelled. ‘Shit,’ Shane remembered. Ann had a thing about guys cumming inside of her. He forgot about that. Now she was all pissed. She stepped out of the shower and started drying herself. “Ann, wait,” Shane began. “Shut up,” she snapped back at him. “You know I hate it when guys cum in me. And you fucking did it anyway!”

“Babe, I just couldn’t help it this time,” he said softly. Ann held up her hand as she dressed herself hurriedly, her hair still wet. “Ann,” Shane tried to speak, “every time we fuck you get pissed for no real reason.”

Ann’s face got red. “No, you dick!” she yelled. “I get pissed because you do something to piss me off!” With that, she headed out the door. Shane heard it slam and sat in the shower, the water still running. “Goddammit,” he muttered. Once his anger began to subside, he began to think about the sex he just had. ‘Imagine actually fucking Alicia,’ he thought. Then he shook his head. ‘Nah, I’m in enough trouble already.’

He decided to follow Ann back to her house and try to talk to her. He had to do something. He dried himself and started putting his clothes on. He ran a comb through his hair, put a blow dryer on it, and headed out. For the first time of the day, he wasn’t thinking of Alicia. He was trying to save his crumbling relationship. He got in his car and headed down to Ann’s house.

When he arrived there he stood out in front nervously for a while. He lit up another cigarette and sat on the hood of his car. ‘Thank god Alicia’s not here,’ he thought, noting the absence of her car. ‘I hope she’ll listen to me,’ Shane continued in thought as he took a long drag off of the cigarette. “This feels like fucking spinning plates,” he muttered as he put it out and headed to the door. He knocked three times and soon there was an answer. He couldn’t see Ann through the screen, but she just answered the door so he knew she was there. “Can we talk?” he asked. The door opened, but Alicia was standing there instead of Ann. Shane was bewildered. “Where the hell is Ann?”

Alicia looked up at him innocently. “I don’t know, she asked to take my car because she was low on gas or something. She said she had errands to do.”

Shane sighed. “Did you want something to drink?” she asked. Shane thought about it, scanning Alicia’s perfect body and knowing that she was scanning him. “Yeah, I would, thanks.”

She walked off to the kitchen, moving her ass in a mesmerizing motion. At least it hypnotized Shane. “What do you want?” she asked. “Anything with alcohol in it,” he answered. “Alright,” she responded. “You’re having what I’m having, then.”

Shane was taken aback by this. “How old are you?” he asked. He watched her mix Jack Daniels and Coke with startling expertise. Then again, she was in college. “Twenty,” she answered. She came back with two glasses and handed him one. “Thanks,” he said lamely. He sat at the table in the middle of the room with his, and she downed hers canlı casino somewhat quickly. Then she walked off without saying a word. Curious, he walked after her stealthily and saw her go into the bathroom. Across from the bathroom was a bedroom door. He walked in, since it was open. A closet was right in front of a very comfortable looking bed. It was a nice looking room. Then he heard the bathroom door open. Upon hearing that, he jumped into the closet and shut it.

Alicia walked in and closed the door behind her, locking it. She walked over to the bed and lay on it, her arms at her sides. She was on her back, and Shane could see through the blinds in the closet door. He saw up her skirt and saw her gorgeous lumps of flesh on her chest. Then he noticed her putting her hand down her skirt. Excitement gripped Shane; just seeing such a lovely creature masturbate was almost enough to make him explode. She spread her legs a little as her other hand began fondling her breasts vigorously.

Shane’s cock was throbbing. He pulled it out and without a second’s thought started beating away. As he did this, Alicia started gasping for air, and he could see the wetness consume her panties. “Oh, Shane,” she moaned, and Shane just started cumming right there. His jism was splashing off of the inside of the closet door, but he didn’t care. This gorgeous girl was writhing on a bed a couple feet from him and she wanted him. The only thing that kept him from fucking her right there was Ann. For all he knew Ann would be home in minutes, and it would take more than a couple of minutes to properly fuck this young goddess.

After a few minutes her fingering and moaning subsided and she sat up. She licked her cum off of her fingers while looking at the closet door, to Shane it felt like she was looking right at him. She got up, opened the door, and went back into the bathroom. Shane quickly placed his dick back in his pants and rushed back into the living room. He almost jumped over the table to where he was sitting and downed what was left of his drink. Then Alicia came back out and sat next to him. “So, you wanted to talk to my mom?” she asked, that innocent look in her eyes. Shane nodded. “Yeah, we’ve been having some problems.”

“Is it because my mom’s got no fucking sense of humor?”

Shane laughed. “Kind of, yeah.”

“I swear, I’ll say some sarcastic comment and she’ll get all bent out of shape,” she went on, laughing with Shane. Alicia stopped laughing and started to look at Shane; she looked at him for a long while, and Shane struggled to not return her stare. “You know,” she began, “you need a girl who would appreciate you. Not all guys look as good as you at your age.”

Shane smiled. “Thanks, but I like your mom.”

“I’m not sure about her, though,” she went on. “I was telling her that I thought you were pretty attractive, and she just said ‘eh’. I don’t know if that’s all that positive.”

Shane shook his head. “Probably because she’s been pretty mad at me lately. I don’t know why, but I seem to be able to get her mad without even trying.” Alicia developed a sly stare into Shane’s matching eyes of green and Shane eventually looked back. They shared a gaze looking into each other’s eyes for a good while. ‘If there are a greener pair of eyes,’ Shane thought longingly, ‘then they’re not on this fucking planet.’

“I would appreciate you,” Alicia told him softly. It was then that warning sirens went off in Shane’s head. He got up. “I better go,” he said to Alicia’s disappointment. He put the glass his drink was in in the sink and began heading out. “Thanks for the drink,” he told her. She looked up at him, sad that he was leaving. “No problem.”

“Tell your mom I stopped by okay? I’ll see you later.”


Shane walked off to his car. ‘Goddamn guilt,’ he thought.

Not more than ten minutes after Shane left Ann came back. As she walked in, Alicia was sitting at the table. “Shane was just looking for you,” she informed her mother. Ann was stunned. “He was?”

“Yeah, he was.”

Ann walked up the stairs to her room pondering this. Alicia got up from the table and headed to her room, aching for Shane. She wanted him possibly in the most horrible way, and yet he wouldn’t do anything with her so long as he was with Ann. She laid down on her bed, thinking again about what it would be like to fuck him. She pictured herself lying on her bed, her legs outflung, with Shane moving in and out in between her thighs. She decided to just take a nap and temporarily cleanse her mind of thought. It was the middle of the damn day, but you don’t think about too much when you’re asleep. ‘If only sleep transcended time,’ she thought miserably. Meanwhile Ann was upstairs on the phone, trying to get a hold of Shane. Her first call got the answering machine, but the second one a few minutes later got him.


“Hey, it’s me.”

“Look, Ann, I’m really sorry. I just-“

“Shh…babe, why don’t you spend the night here tonight?”

Shane was suprised, but happy. “Sure, whatever you want.”

“Okay, what time do you want to come over?”

“How about like eight?”

Ann looked at the clock in her room. It was two in the afternoon. “Whatever suits you, I can wait.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32