Disappointment Turns to Joy

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I was so excited. At nineteen, totally gay but still a virgin in all practical respects, I was about to meet the man of my dreams who would change my status. I was going to be fucked!

I’d known since an early age that I was different from the other guys I knew. They talked about girls and cunts all the time whereas I could only think about men with gigantic cocks and how it would feel to have one locked deep inside me. I had acquired a good-sized dildo and more often than not, had it inserted in my arse hole as far up as it would reach whenever I jacked off, which was frequently.

I loved looking at gay porn on my computer and then I found I could chat on line with guys with similar interests. One in particular, Sandy, really turned me on and we started a regular exchange of hot sexy chat.

Sandy told me he was 24, single and a ‘top’ which I took to mean that he liked to fuck but didn’t take it up the arse himself. He sent me a photo and he looked to be everything I’d ever wanted in a lover. At my request he also sent me a photo of his cock, two in fact. Both showed an erect cock with a ruler alongside showing it to be just over seven inches long. It curved up sexily the thickness at the base thinning out giving it a dart-like look.

The first photo showed Sandy’s cock head partly covered by a tightly stretched foreskin, the second the head standing proud, a much deeper shade of red than in the first shot. Sandy said he had a very tight foreskin and if he didn’t peel it back before he got hard, he had to leave it partly covering his knob. When he skinned it back before he got hard the skin band under his cock head was so tight the head turned purple.

Sandy asked ‘Which one would you like to be fucked with?’ I quickly replied ‘Both!’

Sandy and I exchanged fuck-messages for nearly two months and I was getting increasingly frustrated as he failed to respond to my pleas to get together. Finally I told him if he didn’t agree to meet me I wasn’t going to chat with him any more.

He quickly replied saying that he loved our exchange of fuck-messages and really did want to be with me but it was difficult for him to get away. He said however that he had some holidays coming up and had arranged to book a room at a motel not too far from where I lived. He gave me the name of the motel and said he’d text me on my mobile with the room number after he checked in.

The day Sandy had nominated came and I waited impatiently for his call. I’d bathed carefully and shaved my arse hole and my balls (Sandy had told me he loved smooth skin). I left untouched the quite heavy growth of pubic hair around the base of my cock hoping that he’d like the contrast between the dark hair and my fair skin. I hadn’t jerked off for two days and was ‘primed and ready’.

When the call came I sped off on my motorbike and soon arrived at the designated motel. I quickly found the room Sandy had indicated and knocked on the door.

The door opened and there stood a big guy who I reckoned to be about 50, certainly a lot older than my 24 year old Sandy.

I mumbled a ‘Sorry I must have the wrong room” and made a move to leave.

‘You’re Danny aren’t you?’ said the stranger.

‘Yes. How did you know?’

‘Sandy sent me to apologise for not being able to make it today. He also asked me to tell you he’d told me all about you. Why don’t you come in? I’m Tom by the way.’

I stood there not knowing how to react. I felt such disappointment that Sandy wasn’t standing in the doorway but rather intrigued by the stranger who called himself Tom. Although much older his manner was very pleasant and his smile broad. His hair was greying a little at the sides and he seemed to be carrying a few extra pounds but altogether not unattractive.

As I hesitated Tom said ‘You’re here now so you may as well come in and chat for a while. Don’t worry, I won’t bite.’

Tom stood to one side and it seemed natural to move into the room moving to sit on a chair he directed me to. Tom moved to sit on the bed facing me.

Leaning back on his elbows Tom said. ‘Sandy has told me about your exchange casino şirketleri of hot messages. He says you’re a very sexy guy. Now I see you I believe he got that right. Is it true you’re a virgin?’

‘Sandy shouldn’t have told you that. It was between us only. But yes it’s true.’

‘And you want to stop being a virgin right?’

‘With the right guy, yes.’

‘By which you mean I suppose someone a lot younger than me.’

I didn’t reply but that indeed was the thought running through my head.’

Tom continued. ‘Have you thought that an older man might be best for your first fuck. After all he’s likely to have a lot more experience than someone nearer your own age. And of course it’s really his cock that’s important, not his age. Wouldn’t you agree?’

I remained silent for a while and then asked. ‘Are you offering to have sex with me? Is that what you want?’

‘Well it would be a pleasure and a privilege to be the first to enjoy your virgin hole but it’s up to you and nobody else to decide who takes your cherry.’

Tom’s words and logic helped calm my doubts about where this was going but I still wasn’t prepared to make the first move. Tom spoke again.

‘Sandy tells me you like to kiss. So do I. Why don’t we lie down on the bed together and see if we enjoy each other’s lips. If we do we can take it from there. No pressure. You stop whenever you want. OK?’

Tom reached out his hand and after a moment’s hesitation I reached out and took it. Tom pulled me slowly to the bed and soon we were lying together face to face. Gently Tom drew my face to him and our lips met in a light, soft kiss. I pulled back and looked at Tom and for the first time realised that I liked what I saw very much.

Once again Tom drew me to him and our lips met again but this time in a deepened kiss which increased in intensity as it lengthened.

‘You have very sexy lips Danny. I love the way you kiss.’

The words were music to my ears and I leaned in once more to engage in another passionate kiss relishing the feel not only of Tom’s lips but also the probing of his tongue. I’d never known anything like it.

Tom stroked my face and I found myself pressed close to him, my erect cock against his thigh, his own substantial length resting against my belly.

‘Would you like me to undress you.’ Asked Tom.

So much of me wanted to say yes but I wanted Tom to take control and do it without asking. I replied ‘You first.’

Tom rose from the bed slowly slipping off first his shoes and socks, then his shirt and trousers to stand beside me. Then very slowly he lowered his briefs to expose the most beautiful thing I had ever set eyes on, 7+ inches of upward curving cock the head partly covered by a stretched foreskin.

It took me all of ten seconds for the penny to drop.

‘You’re Sandy aren’t you?’ I whispered.

‘Does it matter if I am? You told me you just loved the photos I sent you. Why don’t you hold it.’

I couldn’t resist the chance to hold the beautiful protrusion in front of me and leant forward taking it gently in my hand.

‘Squeeze it.’ Instructed Tom/Sandy.

I did as asked and experienced the joy of holding a real live cock in my hand, the only one I’d ever known apart from my own.

‘It’s beautiful. So big and hard. I love it.’

‘Put it in your mouth. Taste it.’ Demanded Tom. ‘Suck on it.’

Again I did as instructed and experienced again for the first time the unique taste of a horny man’s rampant cock.

‘Enough.’ Said Tom. ‘I want to save my first load, always the biggest, for your arse hole. Providing of course that you want it. You can have a mouthful later if you like. Why don’t you get undressed.’

Without hesitation I sprang from the bed and quickly stripped Tom now lying back on the bed watching me closely. I quickly returned to the bed moving close to Tom holding his hard prick while he squeezed mine sending shivers up and down me.

Tom kissed me deeply and then said ‘Now I’m going to introduce you to the best sort of sex in the world, man to man. Lie back and enjoy.’

With that casino firmaları Tom moved down to take my cock in his mouth making it even harder if that was possible than it already was. I bucked and moaned as his tongue did wonderful things to my shaft, my cock head, now dribbling precum, and my balls.

I objected as Tom pulled away but forgave him when he rose to kiss me deeply once again.

‘Danny I’m going to fuck you now but I want your first to be something to remember. I’m going to take it gently but you’ll almost certainly feel a bit of pain for a start. This will fade quickly and then you’ll begin to experience the wonderful feeling of being fucked. First though I have to get you ready. Just lie still while I do all the work.’

Tom then leaned over and picked up an open tube of something which he then spread around my arse hole working it in first with one finger then with two. Soon he was moving his fingers in and out in a fucking motion and I began to feel a longing in my hole for more.

Sensing I was ready Tom reached up for a pillow and put it under my lower back getting between my legs as he did so. He then took the lube tube again and smeared a dollop of it contents over his rigid shaft and the partly covered head, now a very deep red colour, the stretched skin pulling open the piss slit.

Tom instructed me to lift my legs and hold them back with my hands. As I did so he inched closer to me until he placed the tip of his cock, now slick with precum, against my waiting hole.

Holding his fuck-tool in one hand Tom teased my hole with little circular motions while at the same time pushing into my still tight hole. Just as I thought he’d never get it in the head suddenly broke through and lodged in my stretched hole.

I let out an involuntary cry and immediately Tom leant forward covering my mouth with his. Much to my relief the pain faded quickly and I was left with an incredibly full feeling in my bowels. It was like I was wanting to shit but it was just too good to let go.

As I relaxed Tom asked ‘Ready for more.’

‘Yes’ I replied ‘but please take it slow.’

Leaning back again Tom then began a slow fucking motion, pulling back a little then pressing in a little, each time a little further up my increasingly stretched hole. The pain I’d felt as he entered me was now fading rapidly being replaced by a wonderful feeling of fullness.

Tom continued his slow fucking movements until I felt the touch of his pubic hairs against the bare strip between my arse hole and my scrotum. I knew then that Tom had the whole of his seven inches plus deeply embedded in my hole. It felt huge, like nothing I’d ever known before. If this was what being fucked was all about I wanted a lot more of it.

Tom looked at me and asked ‘Like it?’

‘Love it.’ I replied. ‘Give me more.’

‘You’ve got everything I’ve got to give.’ Said Tom. ‘You’ve got me stretched to the limit. Your fuck hole is very tight but pliable. It’s wrapped so tight around my shaft. Can you feel that?’

I knew immediately what Tom was referring to as he flexed his cock forcing the head up hard against my bowel lining. The feeling was so intense I cried out, in pleasure, not in pain.

‘So you like that then?’ asked Tom without waiting for a reply ‘Now I’m going to fuck you, slowly for a start then faster. If you feel uncomfortable at any time just tell me and I’ll stop.’

‘The feeling’s so good.’ I said ‘I don’t want you ever to stop. Fuck me however you want. I want you to enjoy me as much as I’m enjoying you.’

With that Tom started a slow fucking motion lengthening his strokes gradually until he was moving the full length of his shaft in and out of my welcoming hole. Then to my added joy on each back stroke Tom slipped his cock head out of my hole slightly before pushing it back in but only to the point where the head was just inside.

Tom proceeded to tease the ring of my hole with the hard ridge of his knob sending streaks of electricity up through my body. The feeling was so intense I couldn’t stop moaning with pleasure.

My virgin fuck continued güvenilir casino but for how long I don’t know for sure. I was concentrating so hard on the pleasure Tom’s cock was giving me I lost track of time.

Tom told me later that he fucked me for nearly twenty minutes before he realised his balls were making demands he couldn’t ignore. I felt the pace of his driving cock start to increase, the inward strokes harder, each one shoving his swollen cock head up inside me as far as it could reach. At the same time I felt Tom lean back slightly raising his belly allowing his hand to grip my own aching prick.

Tom’s face was close to mine and between sucking kisses he began to talk fuck-talk to me describing how wonderful my arse hole felt round his cock and encouraging me to release the cum load which was building up in my balls.

The steady squeezing of Tom’s hand on my cock and the feel of his thumb spreading the leaking cock juice over my knob was just too much and all too quickly but with tremendous relief I began to shoot my load between our bodies in a totally uncontrollable way.

‘Oh shit’ cried Tom.’ That feels so fucking good. I can’t hold it. Here comes my load. It’s all yours darling.’

Despite the continuing jerking of my own spasming cock, I felt Tom’s long prick begin to dance inside me relishing each twitch as he dumped jet after jet of his cock cream high up in the deep recesses of my bowels.

I can’t remember who stopped cumming first. All I have in my mind is the wonderful feeling of achievement, the contentment which follows a mind-blowing fuck, the warmth which spreads throughout your body from the knowledge that you’ve given as much to your lover as your lover has given to you.

I became aware Tom was now lying heavily on my chest, his breath coming in short gasps, his still hard cock deep within me.

Very slowly Tom raised himself up and then gradually withdrew his deflating prick from my hole. Moving to lie beside me, he turned to face me.

‘Well, what do you think? Was it as good as you’d expected?’

‘Better’ I replied ‘Better than I ever imagined possible. You were right, experience does make a difference. Will you fuck me again?’

‘Soon darling but you have to give me a chance to work up another load. The downside of experience is that it usually comes with age and age doesn’t help with getting it up and keeping it up. For you it’s different. You’re 19 and I’m 51, more than old enough to be your father.’

‘I never know my real father. He died when I was very young.’

‘I’m sorry Danny. How would you like me to be your father?’

‘I’d love it. But fathers don’t fuck their sons.’

‘You’d be surprised how many do. Why don’t you call me daddy when we’re together? I’d like that.’

‘OK daddy but only if you promise to teach me all about homo sex. You can do whatever you like with me and I promise to be as good or as bad as you want. I want you to love me.’

‘Darling Danny, of course I’ll love you, first as a son and then as my special fuck-mate. I have so much to give you and it will be a pleasure to teach you everything I know about man sex. I already adore your body and want to get to know that lovely cock of yours so well. Let’s rest awhile. I promise when you wake up there’ll be a very horny cock waiting for you. Consider it yours to do with whatever you want and whenever you want.’

Lying there, now completely relaxed, my thoughts turned to how differently things had turned out.

‘Tell me daddy, why didn’t you tell me how old you really were? Why did you say you were 24?’ I asked.

Tom was quiet for a moment and then said. ‘When we first exchanged emails I wanted very much to get to know you but was frightened you wouldn’t want to go on if you knew I was so much older. The photo I sent you wasn’t of me of course. But the ones of my cock were genuine.

After we’d exchanged some really hot messages I was desperate to find a way of meeting you but it was only when you threatened to end it that I decided I had to take a chance. I wasn’t sure how you’d react when you saw the real me or how I’d play it from there. Thank God I found the right words to persuade you to stay’

Tom’s reassuring words stayed in my mind as I drifted into a deep sleep my last conscious thought being that I now realised my life had changed forever.

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