Dinner and a Movie

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Mike had really enjoyed the night at Karen’s new place. She was a remarkably sexy woman, it was not long after waking up that he asked her if she would like to go out to dinner and a movie, which she quickly agreed to. Mike left so that he could get ready, leaving Karen time to figure out what she wanted to wear.

She decided to go with a red cocktail dress, which came down about mid-thigh, She wouldn’t need a bras since the dress had one built in, for panties she opted for a high cut silk pair instead of a thong, she enjoyed the sexy felling the silk panties gave her. She also would forgo the panty hose, since it was a relatively warm night. Last but not least, she decided on a floral fragrance she knew Mike would like.

Mike arrived back at Karen’s around seven, instead of a traditional bouquet of flowers, he had in his hand a Bonsai tree and a single red rose. Karen took the card that was with the plant which read “A bouquet of roses would not stand up to your beauty, but this tree, with some attention, could blossom and live forever like our love”. She smiled and gave Mike a kiss, then took the plant and rose; put the rose in a vase, and the plant on the table. Taking Mike’s arm in hers they left to go to the restaurant.

It was a short drive to the parking lot, where they would have to walk from to get to the restaurant. Mike opened Karen’s door for her, she slowly got out of the car, hesitating slightly knowing he would get a view up her skirt. Mike could make out the pink panties Karen had on as she exited the car. They were seated quickly and Mike looked deeply into Karen’s eyes from across the table, mesmerized by their beauty. The conversation started light but flirty and evolved into a more heavy flirtation over the course of dinner, Karen occasionally taking her foot out of maltepe escort her shoe and rubbing on Mike’s leg, which prompted a slight foot massage and a slight erection by Mike. Karen could sense his growing desire and was enjoying turning him on.

After dessert was ordered, Karen got up, walked behind Mike, placed her hands on his shoulders and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek, saying she had to freshen up. When she returned she again went behind him, this time she slide her arms around him, placing something inside his inner jacket pocket and gave him another kiss on his cheek. Mike instinctively reached into his jacket, feeling the silky material she had put in his pocket. Realizing what it was quickly got his blood flowing to his organ, Karen sitting in her chair feels the sexiness of the dress against her now bare bottom.

They finished the meal and decided to walk along the lake path to get to the movie. They had plenty of time since it was a late show they were going to see, some Vin Diesel movie. The moon was near full and was pretty high in the sky, reflecting off the water, the night sky was clear and full of stars. Karen stopped and looked out into the water, leaning on the railing of the walkway, Mike stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling butt in tight to him. He kisses her behind the ear, and then on her neck, she can feel him getting hard as she slowly sways back and forth, rubbing her ass against his hardening cock. Having teased him enough she says ” we better be getting to the movie”

They take some seats, back row close to the wall, there are not a lot of people for the late show, which suits them fine. Mike puts his arm around Karen and pulls her close; she lays her head on his shoulder. The movie starts, but mecidiyeköy escort after a few minutes Mike feels Karen’s hand rubbing his thigh. She works her hand up his thigh; she can feel the outline of his now hard cock. She looks up at him and smiles a devious smile. Her hand works on the button of his pants, and then she slowly slides the zipper down. She reaches into his pants to discover he is not wearing underwear either. Mike raises his hips a little allowing his pants to slide down, making it easier for Karen to remove his cock. She kisses him deeply as she strokes his cock up and down. She moves to his neck and down his chest until she reaches his shirt. She moves her head into his lap, licking the tip of his cock tasting the precum that has begun to flow. She continued to move her hand up and down his shaft, as her tongue circled the head. Slowly she took him into her mouth, using her tongue and lips; she made his cock good and wet.

Karen could feel Mike getting closer to orgasm, she slowed and stopped, lifting her skirt she sat on his lap, his hard cock in between her thighs, her legs parted. She rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing his hard wet cock on her pussy, his head rubbing her clit, making it swollen. She made her rocking motion longer, allowing the head to spread her pussy lips, pulling lubrication from her pussy, moistening her lips.

Mike reaches around her and placed his hands on her tits, massaging them through the material of the dress. The built in bra was no match for Karen’s hard nipples, Mike could feel them protruding. Mike worked his hand into her dress, cupping her tits; his hands massaging her hard nipple, the massaging forced her tits to pop out of the dress, the cool theater air making her nipples even harder.

Karen merter escort continued her long rocking; putting her hands on the chair armrest to get some leverage, Mike’s cock penetrated Karen’s moist lips and slowly entered her warm hole. Karen pumped his cock deeper and deeper, once in she stopped momentarily, using her muscles to clamp on his throbbing member. She leaned back into him, exposing her neck to his kisses, Mike eagerly explored her neck with his mouth, she turned her head, and his mouth meets hers. Karen went back to rocking her hips, Mike moved a hand from Karen’s nipple to her clit, he gently massaged it as Karen rocked Mike’s shaft in and out of her pussy.

Mike could feel Karen’s excitement as her juices flowed down his shaft and over his balls, slow deep thrust were making both of them approach orgasm. Mike continued to caress Karen’s clit with his finger, Karen continue to stroke Mike’s cock with her pussy. Mike unable to hold back begins to shoot his cum into Karen; she feels his warm fluid being pumped into her as his cock continues to throb. The thought of Mike’s cum shooting into her brings on Karen’s own orgasm. Her pussy spasms forcing some of their combined juice out along Mike’s shaft. His cock slide out of her pussy, he continues to pump her, sliding his shaft between her thighs. He shoots more cum onto her legs, his cock spreading the white stuff over her swollen lips.

Karen fixes the top of her dress, she turns her head and again gives Mike a deep long passionate kiss. She slowly slides off his cock, Mike fixes his pants, and his cock is covered with their juice. Karen moves back to her seat and again puts her head on his shoulder, Mike wraps his arm around her and kisses her on the head. Karen can feel his cum, slowly running out of her and down her thigh and between her cheeks.

The movie gets over and the lights come on, as people walk towards the exit the past Karen and Mike, some with smiles, some look like they don’t know what to think. Mike wonders if they were to loud, but just shrugged it off, he is happy to have this woman in his arms.

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