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“Oh, hey,” I said to you. “Nick, I have a video you might like to borrow.”

“What is it?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, just a little something,” I answered, handing you an unlabeled VHS tape and sauntering away. I tossed an additional comment over my shoulder. “You could watch it in your VCR during your plan time today. Catch you later.”

I turned the corner, but peaked to see you staring at the video, bemused. One class period later, it was your plan time, and I had a music class to teach, but I called over to another teacher and asked if she could cover my class, so I could go to an emergency meeting. I explained in excessive detail that I had a disruptive student who was out of control and I needed to bring him to the principal, call home, and write him up, and that it may take a while. She covered my class and I walked out, walking to your room and glancing in.

You sat at your desk, facing away from your door window, legs propped up on the desk and twirling a pen between your fingers. Every so often, you’d write something in your grade book and then twirl the pen again. I watched as you graded papers and muttered to yourself comments about some of the less stellar responses on student papers. When you stood up to stretch and happened to glance at the video tape, I held my breath in hope. “What the hell,” is what it looked like you muttered and you walked to the VCR, sliding the tape in. As you turned the TV on and the volume blared at full blast, I sneaked into the room, scampering behind a lab table and drawing my knees up to my chin, curling my arms around my legs and settling into a ball to watch and wait.

You turned the volume down to low and changed the channel to 3 before hitting play. Black and white static crackled on the screen for a moment until the scene came to life, a still life of my bedroom. The cherry wood four poster bed with a red comforter dominated the screen. And for a moment, all that was in focus was the bed. However, soon you saw me walk in, followed by a tall, willowy blond woman.

The two women: Jessica and the blond woman, a stranger to you, peeled back the sheets of the bed. Jessica carried in some towels, spreading them across the bed and unloaded a brown paper sack. Out came a paint brush and two jars, one of raspberry red and the other a chocolate-y brown. “Melody,” Jessica turned to the blond. “I really appreciate your willingness to do this. I want to surprise Nick and you’re such a talented artist. I can’t even draw stick figures, so you are helping me immensely.”

I peaked out from behind the lab table to see a flash of recognition on your face. Oh, so you’re remembering! I remembered too! And that was the night I refused to answer all your questions. I turned back to the video to watch the scene unfold.

Melody sat edirne escort on the bed, uncapping the jars of body paints while I undressed. Tight jeans were peeled off of a round, chubby butt. A ballet slipper pink blouse found a new home on the carpet and a pink bra and panty set joined the pile on the floor. I walked over to the bed and laid down on my back No sounds emerged as Melody dipped paintbrush into the jars and drew dainty designs on my still body. A rosebud was painted in raspberry along one cheekbone. A chocolate and raspberry outline filled in cupid’s bow lips. Melody painted swirls and fruits and hearts and symbols along my clavicle, chest, arms, belly, and legs.

The tip of the paintbrush tickled along my nipple, painting it a raspberry red and I involuntarily groaned. You could tell by watching the video how turned on I was getting.

In your classroom, I stretched out along the floor, staying hidden behind the table, but turning on my stomach, resting my chin on my hands and peeping out to see what you would do next. Your face never left the screen. I glanced at your crotch to see the burgeoning growth making a tent in your pants. I giggled a little, and then covered my mouth, my eyes wide, but you never looked my way. I think I could have turned on a bunsen burner and lit a match, exploding your lab, and you still wouldn’t have noticed that I was there. You continued to watch the screen, watching as Melody painted my entire body. The video continued.

“Hold still, Jessica,” Melody cautioned. “I want to let this dry before you can move.” Melody leaned forward and started to gently blow on the brown and red paint. I shivered, groaned some more and went to bite my lip, but Melody warned me not to ruin the face art. Goosebumps appeared on my creamy flesh painted chocolate and raspberry, and Melody continued to blow. “What time is he coming tonight?” she asked between breaths.

I panted a little, taking a deep breath. “He should be coming in about 14 minutes. I invited him over for dinner, but he said he already ate. So, I asked if he wanted some dessert. He wanted to know what dessert I made.” I chuckled. “What an ass! Anyway, I said Chocolate Mousse and he said he’d be here at 9:30 p.m., and so I called you. Et Voila! I can’t thank you enough.”

“Well, I’m not done exactly. I have a little more to add. I am going to unlock the door, so when Nick gets here, he can walk right in and you can stay still. And as soon as I garnish my art work, I will sneak out the back door and lock it behind me. Ok?”

“Sounds good to me,” Jessica said.

You’re engrossed in the video and your hand is on your crotch. Seeing how focused you are, I have the courtesy to quietly lock your door and cover the window with your corny chemistry be back in five minutes sign edirne escort bayan thingie, and I return to my hiding place.

I hope you love what you see next.

Melody disappeared from the room for a moment and I lay there, impatiently waiting. Melody returned with a plastic bag of fruit and a paring knife. Melody positioned my legs, bending the knees and splaying the thighs open, exposing a gleaming clean shaven pussy, glistening with excitement. Melody cut an apple with the paring knife and designed a sunburst around my navel. She traced a chocolate vine along my pussy and took a strawberry from the bag. She inserted two fingers into my cunt and pushed the fat, juicy strawberry inside, leaving a touch of red and the green leaves peeping out. Several raspberries and some more chocolate sauce garnished the fruity cunt. More berries garnished my belly and a green kiwi slice was placed over each nipple. At this instant, a doorbell could be heard ringing. Melody shoved all the jars, the bags, the extra items, the paring knife under the bed and with a whispered “have fun!”, slipped out the back door.

“Come in,” I yelled and the faint sound of your voice called from the foyer. “Hey, Jess, where are you?”

“I’m in the bedroom, could you come in for a moment? I need a hand!”

“You naughty girl, I thought we were having dessert,” your voice got louder as you traveled down the hall. “I thought you were making chocolate moo…” the words trailed off as you entered the room. Your eyes widened as you took in the sight of a chocolate, fruity me lying on the bed.

“It’s chocolate,” I said, “and I’m the moose.”

“How did you do all this?” you asked.

“Aren’t you hungry?” I asked. “Want some dessert?”

I think it took you all of three seconds to shed your clothing. “I must say your clothes look better lying on my floor,” I said with a chuckle.

“Smart ass,” you muttered before looming over me and kissing the chocolate off my lips. “Mmmm, it is chocolate mousse. Tasty.”

“Hope you’re hungry,” I whispered as I pulled your head down to one breast. Your teeth bit into one green kiwi slice, grazing my nipple and making me give a little moan. Your tongue made tiny swirls along my breasts, licking up the chocolate sauce, and taking the fruit into your mouth, each time making sure that your teeth tickled the skin where the fruit was resting.

I took your hard cock in my hand, smearing some chocolate sauce on as lubricant and pumping my hand along your shaft, squeezing towards the tip and loosening towards the balls. As we rubbed against each other, chocolate smeared everywhere, covering your body in smudges and slurring the art work into crazy lines and blobs of paint. I licked some chocolate off of your shoulder. “Mmm, I am pretty tasty,” escort edirne I giggled, and you gave a little grunt acknowledging my sassy comment.

With another grunt, you rolled over, pulling me on top of you, smearing more sauce and scattering some fruit garnishment. “I can’t wait,” you sighed, and situated my legs around you, thrusting upwards, spearing me on your rock hard shaft. I gasped as your heat thrust the cold, fat strawberry inside me, crushing it and spurting red juice along your cock, inside me, and between my thighs. We established a sticky, sweet rhythm, me rocking my hips and you plunging deep inside of me. I rode you hard, my chocolate covered breasts quivering and bouncing. You swiped some chocolate off of one breast and reached your hand between our rutting bodies. With your knuckle, you rubbed at my clit, taking me right over the edge, so that as you shuddered and came inside me, I would also reach my climax. With a shout and one last deep plunge, you came. We stayed connected and I leaned forward, laying on top of you and giving you sweet, fruity kisses along your neck and chest.

Watching you watch the video is making me hot. Your hand is stroking yourself now and I have to shift to my side, so I can rest a hand between my legs. I do, however, glance up at the clock, and say a silent thank you for block scheduling. We have plenty of time to finish the video. Of course, when the bell rings, you’ll have to pretend as if you are not a raging horn ball and teach a science class. I give a silent giggle and know that you’ll have some sweet revenge all your own. Back to the video….

We lay on the bed, connected, me on top, and fruit and chocolate are smeared on us and scattered around us on the bed. I stay on top and lick my way down your body, disjoining us, only to replace my cunt with my mouth. I start to suck on your cock until you give a little whine, telling me you’re hungry. Feeling entirely naughty, I reposition myself, swiveling my hips and body so that we are in a 69 and I straddle my dripping, fruity cunt above your face. We both begin to feast, slurping at the fruits of each other and of the supermarket variety. You nibble at my clit as I suck hard on your shaft.

As we both start to come in the video, you and I, in the science lab stroking ourselves beneath our clothes, also start to come. With whispered shouts in the lab and loud shouts on film, the four of us simultaneously orgasm. The film ends with us curled up in each other’s arms, chocolate and fruit, haphazardly covering us and the bed. And the film turns into black and white static. With a frantic look, you look at the clock and then at the wetness on the crotch of your pants. “Damnit, Jessica,” you mutter. “That was hot, but these pants….” With a sigh, you pull your lab coat closed, rummage in your belongings, thankfully remembering that you had brought another pair of khakis to school for whatever reason. As you are changing your pants, I sneak up and unlock your door, uncovering the window. As the bell rings, you turn just in time to see me creep out your door and head to class.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32