Delivery Gal Ch. 02

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I had my fun day off and went back to work the next day. I told them all that it must have been the one day flu or something. Everyone seemed to be glad I was back since work was starting to back up. Taking a day off in the middle of the week is much better than taking a day off on a Monday or Friday. It mixes the week up and gives a person almost two weekends off in a week instead of only one.

I didn’t forget about my new friend, the Delivery Gal. For the rest of the week, my memory of our meeting would cross my mind and I would break-out in a big smile, and a hard-on. A few co-workers would catch on to me smiling and ask what I was thinking of. I would just tell them that I was looking forward to the weekend. Sure…they would say.

The end of the work week came and was I glad! I had nothing planned for the weekend and decided to let things happen as they would. Sleeping in and catching up on my rest always helps. A good long hot shower and shave made me feel wide awake and refreshed.

A light breakfast and a once over thru the morning paper made me ready for a comfortable Saturday. Now all I needed was a good woman to share it. With that thought, the bell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I wondered who it was. Opening the door made my day. It was the Delivery Gal and a sexy co-worker friend.

“Hello there. What a nice surprise!” It really was. Getting a blowjob from her a few days ago and seeing her again now has made my day. Her friend, a nice looking younger woman, was also all smiles. “Come on in” I told them. I closed the door and followed them into the living room.

“You didn’t call me back and I wanted to make sure you were ok” she said. “I told my friend here all about what happened with us the other day, and she wanted to meet you. We’re ahead of schedule by about an hour, so we thought we would stop by and say hey.” Her friend said, “So…this is him…Mmmmmm…I see the attraction” in a very sexy voice. This woman, I thought, is a turn-on.

My Delivery Gal friend came over to my side, touched my cheek with her hand, and brought her lips up to mine. We started to gently kiss. Her lips parted, and she pushed her tongue thru my lips to find mine. I pushed my tongue to hers as we began to “communicate”. Her soft touch with her lips were soothing and I welcomed her affection.

I had almost forgot about her friend until I felt her hand on the curve on my back. With her light pressing, I felt it move down to my butt and felt her squeezing my cheek through my gym shorts. With her other hand, she started at my belly, and worked it down over my cock. When she felt him growing, her hand stopped and squeezed him.

I started thinking to myself, this is going to be my lucky day.

With the Delivery Gal on my left kissing me so gently and her friend bonus veren siteler squeezing my ass and cock on my right, I was getting turned on…and fast. As her friend let go of my ass and cock, I felt her kneel down and pull my gym shorts down and off. My cock was now free to grow its full length and to be spoiled by their attention. As I felt the Delivery Gal pulling up on my shirt, I broke away from our kiss and let the last of my clothing come over my head and onto the floor.

I looked down just in time to see my cock being engulfed by the cute smile of red lips. I then looked to my Delivery Gal friend and started to remove her top. With her smiling at me, she stood there and let me take off her shirt and bra. Stopping only long enough to squeeze her nipples, I reached down and unzipped her pants and to push them and her panties down.

My mouth dropped when I saw her bare pussy. Her lips were all swollen as lust overcame me. With her friend kissing and licking on my cock, I remembered the Delivery Gal asking me to lick and suck on her the next time we got together. Well, now was the time.

Looking to her friend, I saw she had removed her clothes while keeping me in her mouth. Placing a hand on each side of her head, I told her to let me sit down in front of her. After doing this, I opened my legs as I laid down on my back. She just smiled and bent down to grasp my balls and bring them to her lips.

Looking up at the Delivery Gal, I motioned for her to get in a 69 with me. After kicking off the rest of her clothes, she smiled and said she had been waiting for me to give her some attention since we meet. She got down on all fours and moved over to me. I reached up, grabbed her ass cheeks and guided her pussy to my lips. As my tongue touched her clit, I felt her lips open on my cock as she drew me in.

I’ve been in a three-way before, but that was with another friend of mine and a woman. Now, I was the only guy and this was my first time with two other women at the same time. I love being in a 69 with a woman, especially when she is on top of me and moving around. I like the feeling of breasts pressing on me. That and their pussy rubbing all over my face makes it a must do in love making.

The Delivery Gal was wet. And I mean soaking. This pleases me alot since I love swallowing all the wetness that a woman can give to me. I like the way her honey coats the inside of my mouth and tongue. To show her my pleasure, I gave a little extra attention on her clit.

Bare pussies also turn me on. I have always loved to taste a woman, but if she has a lot of pubic hair, it tears up my face. Bare or shortly trimmed pussy hair is great. There is just nothing between my tongue and a woman’s clit when she is smooth, and my tongue rewards her bedava bahis when she keeps her pussy hair shortly trimmed or shaved.

My hard-on is rewarded when I felt the Delivery Gal and her friend start working on me. I could tell the difference who was working on my cock. When I’m in a 69 with a woman, she seems to take me down further and easier than if she is kneeling in front of me. But, oh, such sweet pleasure! When the Delivery Gal would take me down her throat, she would use her lips and tongue all over my shaft and cock head. Her friend, when she took me in, was lightly using her teeth on my cock shaft. I had never been worked on like that in such a loving way. The head of my cock is tender and never likes to feel teeth, but the attention she was giving my shaft by dragging her teeth up and down and stopping short of my cockhead was so nice.

I lost track of the time that my two new friends were working on me, but the Delivery Gal did rise up so she was sitting on my face. This allowed me to bring my hands up and massage her breasts while she was spreading her honey all over me. Feeling her friend grasping my cock, I felt her climb up on me and hold my hard-on up to her pussy and slowly impaled herself on it.

It couldn’t have been any nicer. The feeling of my hard cock being surrounded by a hot and soaking wet pussy is indescribable. I felt every inch of her slowly coming down my cock as the tightness of her pussy oozed her overflowing wetness down my shaft, covering my balls. I could feel my cock stretching her pussy as she completely engulfed me. Feeling her squeezing me as she ground her hips into mine caused the mushroom head of my cock to expand even more. She slowly, eased her pussy up my shaft until my cockhead was just touching her clit, then eased herself back down, over and over.

The Delivery Gal and I were getting into a rhythm. I found that special spot on her clit that when pressed and licked just right, was making her shudder and moan. Her friend and I had also started to get into a rhythm. Each time she would lower herself down on me, she would squeeze on my cock, causing her pussy to rise just a second, and then lower itself back down. She would then slide her pussy back up, exposing my cock to the air, then slowly lowered herself back down.

As I was squeezing the Delivery Gals’ breasts, I felt her friend’s hands cover mine. I then turned my hands around and brought them to her chest. Breasts and nipples are wonderful to feel and squeeze. No set of breasts are better than anothers, just different. The Delivery Gals’ breasts were good sized and firm. Her friends were larger, softer and had puffy nipples. Its fun feeling breasts. Especially when presented with two sets at the same time. While moving my hands back and forth between them, deneme bonus I soon felt the Delivery Gals hands on her friend’s breasts. When I brought my hands back to the Delivery Gals’ breasts, I felt her friends’ hands on her breasts. Three sets of hands rubbing themselves on two different sets of breasts is something I have never tried before. This feeling caused my balls to overflow. I’m now very close to my cum oozing and flowing into the pussy I was making love to.

We were all getting close. Especially me. The Delivery Gals’ moans were growing more intense now. Her friends climax, I could tell, was soon to come. It was all that I could do to stop myself from exploding.

It was the Delivery Gal that started it. On our first encounter, she told me she wanted me to give her the attention between her legs as she had done to me. Now she was loosing control. Her pussy lips and clit were engorged to their limits as she started to quiver and lift herself just off my mouth and lips. To make sure she would cum hard, I kept lightly licking that same spot that was causing all her moaning.

Her friend…I don’t know how to explain it. When she came, I felt her pussy quiver on the inside, on my cock. She would stop in different places on the way up my shaft, quivering then stopping, quivering then stopping each time, then re-engulf my cock, all at once…over and over. She also had this sexy moaning sound she was making during all of this as I was now sure my balls were oozing cum.

I couldn’t handle this any more. It was all too much for me and I started to tell them so. At that moment, the Delivery Gals’ friend climbed off my cock and moved back between my legs while grasping my balls and lightly squeezing them. The Delivery Gal leaned forward and took my pussy soaked cock all the way down her throat, coaxing my balls to give her my cum.

It didn’t take much. With a soft cry, I let go with all the restraints I had in holding back my explosions. A sharp jolt of pleasure in my balls forced my cum out of my cock and into the loving throat of the Delivery Gal. As soon as I felt one explosion leave me, another soon followed. The Delivery Gal then lifted her lips off my cockhead and was rewarded with another explosion from me on her face. I felt her friend take my shaft with her hand and she too was rewarded with an explosion on her face. She then took me down her throat where I ended my cum explosions in her cock-milking mouth.

The after-sex moment between us all was so tender. The room was filled with ooos and aahhhs and mmmmmmmmms. We didn’t need any words now. Our touching one another said all there was to say.

All good things end in a nice way. This was no exception. We all got up and got dressed. I thanked each of them with a good hug and a kiss. They, in turn did the same. We all promised to do it again and maybe, I could have one of my friends over to even things up. I told them I thought that was a good idea as I kissed them goodbye.

What do you think? Should I call up one of my buds and set it up for next week?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32