Debbie’s Awakening Ch. 01

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Debbie and I used to be a typical suburban couple. We had been married for just over a year after having lived together for two years. We had no kids yet, and were anxious to start a family soon in our new home. We were conventional and, I thought, pretty satisfied with our lives. We were apprehensive about moving, but once we did, we were sure we made the right choice.

Our new neighbors all seemed very friendly and they all seemed to socialize together. When we met on our nightly walks, more than a few of them talked about getting together socially, and we were happy when Stan and Amy, our next-door neighbors, invited us over for a cocktail party one Saturday. We were looking forward to it with pleasure.

“What do you think they’ll be like,” Deb asked. “I don’t know,” I replied. “Probably people like us, just trying to live a nice, average life.”

When Saturday arrived, we bought some flowers for the hostess and arrived promptly at 6 PM. Stan greeted us at the door and introduced us to the other people at the party. After about 15 minutes of friendly introductions, the ladies settled into the living room and the men headed out to the kitchen. Joe took drink orders from the ladies before we went down the hallway to the other part of the house where the kitchen was located. Debbie remained with the ladies and I left with the guys.

In the kitchen, Stan was preparing trays of food with help from Sal and Jack. All the guys offered to pitch in and soon the food and drinks were ready. The men were very friendly and wished me a warm welcome to the neighborhood. I was starting to feel really good about our new neighbors. It did strike me as a bit unusual that it was the men working in the kitchen and the ladies lounging in the living room, but what the hell–it’s not 1950 anymore.

We all grabbed trays with either food or drinks and headed down the hall. As we neared the living room, I noticed the unmistakable aroma of cigar smoke. I was glad that smoking would be allowed–I like a good cigar myself once in a while, although I wasn’t permitted to smoke in the house. But who was it that was smoking, I wondered.

As we entered the living room, I received what I can only describe as the shock of my life. The ladies were all laughing, talking, and…puffing away on cigars! And that included Debbie! My Debbie, who had never smoked anything in her life except a little pot in college! And she looked like she was having the time of her life. I didn’t know how to react, especially with all the other folks acting like what was happening was perfectly normal. I reddened a bit and noticed that, despite my consternation, that I was actually turned on by this. Who would have thought?

Debbie turned and smiled at me, but the smile had an ingredient in it that I had never seen before–and it made me a little nervous, despite the effect she was having on me. I walked over to her and started to stammer something and, as I did, she blew a little plume of cigar smoke in my direction. “Would you like to try a puff of my Cohiba darling? It’s wonderful”–she almost laughed as she said the words. The other ladies continued puffing away, and the party continued for the next couple of hours, everyone eating and bahis siteleri drinking, and the ladies, but not the men, enjoying cigars. Very strange.

Around 10 PM, the men got up and started to straighten things up. Not knowing what to do, I joined in, but had the feeling that these neighbors had some peculiar habits. Things were ass-backwards, as they say.


Deb and I walked home in silence. When we got in the door, I asked her “What the hell was that all about? And when did you start smoking cigars? I think you owe me an explanation.” Debbie just laughed. “I had the best time tonight that I’ve had in years–don’t ruin it for me. And anyway, I noticed that you seemed to, umm…like it.”

I reddened again. Caught. There was no point in talking any more about this tonight, and no point in letting letting this come between us, so we joked around a bit and headed for bed. We had a very special time under the covers that night before we finally drifted off to sleep.


A few days later, Deb told me that she was joining a women’s “support” group that was led by Carol, Sal’s wife. Carol seemed to be the social leader of the neighborhood ladies. She is a beautiful brunette, a stylish dresser, an attorney, very smart, and totally self-confident. I asked Debbie what kind of support these ladies needed and she said “we’ll have to see. I just know that I like these ladies and I want to be a part of the group. I’m sure it will be worthwhile.” Something told me that I might regret it, but I told her “babe, anything you want is OK with me–I love you and want you to be happy. Go ahead.”

I soon started to see the effects that being a member of this group was having on my wife. Apparently, it was some kind of assertiveness training course. Deb was becoming very outspoken and no longer deferred to what I said. She even announced one night, to my utter shock, “why do you think that you should control the TV remote? Because you’re a man? Sorry, but that BS won’t work anymore.” The weird thing is that the more assertive she became, the more I felt attracted to her. I was in love before, but now it was like in the beginning–only better.

The group’s meetings continued every Wednesday evening. I began to look forward to them, as that became the only night I could watch sports on the TV. I thought that we had reached a stable point and that things could stay the way they were for the time being. I was in for a surprise.


One Friday evening I was at a bar with some colleagues after work. Noticing that it was approaching 8 PM, I realized I had better get home. I drove to the house, parked the car, and walked in the door. Sitting on the sofa was Debbie, sipping a white Russian and nonchalantly smoking a rather large cigar, as though it were the most normal thing in the world.

“Hello dear, I was hoping you’d be home soon. Get yourself a drink and have a seat.”

I felt almost paralyzed. This was not the typical thing a guy like me expects when he gets home from work.

“Debbie, what are you doing? Cigars! What the fuck? Is this some kind of role playing or are these ladies corrupting you?” The last half of that sentence was only partly a joke. She didn’t smile. canlı bahis siteleri “Sit down”, she said coldly. As I sat, a new look came over her face. No, it wasn’t exactly new–I had seen the look more and more over the last several weeks. The look said “I’m in charge now–and if you don’t like it, too bad.”

“We need to get something straight Jay.” I’ve learned a lot about myself and the lot of women over the last few weeks. I’ve learned about how the roles forced upon women are not only oppressive, but actually unnatural…” I interrupted. “You’re out of your mind dear. I’ve never oppressed you and never tried to hold you back. I’ve always been very supportive And, by the way, if you look at nature, the male does seem to be dominant.”

Deb only smiled, dragging deeply on her double corona and blowing the smoke at me. “You’re right Jay. The male seems to be dominant. Seems to be.”

“What do you mean?”

“Think about it. Who really is in charge in the human species? The woman. Who picks the mate? Ninety percent of the time it’s the woman who chooses. Who decides whether to make love? The woman. Men only think they’re in charge. And I guess that in the Neanderthal branch of the human race that’s still true–but only because women don’t realize their power. That’s what I’ve learned in the past few weeks. And as for your being such a nice guy… well you expect me to do three quarters of everything around the house, and I’m supposed to be grateful that you “treat me nice?” Face it Jay. I’ve learned the truth about the way things really are. I’m taking charge of my life now and if you don’t like it, there’s the door.” She punctuated her statement with one last drag of her puro. I was completely at a loss for words.

“And tell me Jay. Why shouldn’t a woman smoke a cigar anyway? We have taste buds just like men. In fact, our’s are more sensitive to the subtleties of flavor. Does my smoking them threaten you in some way?”

Debbie then seemed to soften a bit. “If you’re a good boy, tonight will be really special. If you want me as much as I want you right now, get yourself to the bed. I’ll be up in a few minutes.

I am still amazed that I listened to her, but there was something in me that could not resist. I went to the bedroom and awaited her arrival. I have to admit that I was as turned on as I had ever been.

As Deb entered the bedroom, I was almost in agony with anticipation. She said “I think you’re going to like my being in charge. At least in the bedroom. We’re going to play some games tonight that I think we’ll both enjoy.” With that she took out a pair of handcuffs.

Now I had never thought that I was the kind of guy who would get turned on by handcuffs, but I figured I’d play along. If that’s her thing, I was sure we could have some fun with it.

“Put your hands on the bedposts. Now.”

In another minute, my hands were cuffed to the bed. She then took out some nylon rope and bound my feet to the footposts. I knew then that this whole scene had been planned. I didn’t really like this feeling of total powerlessness, but I was totally horny and ready for almost anything. Deb sat on the chair and lit another large cigar. She smoked silently for a canlı bahis few minutes, almost ignoring me. I was starting to get a bit nervous, but at the same time I was literally in heat. Deb got up and said “you’re going to do exactly what I tell you and then you’ll get the best fuck you’ve ever had. Like I said, if you’re a good boy, you’ll be rewarded.” She then blew cigar smoke in my face and laughed. It took all of my will power to restrain myself.

She walked over to the bureau and took out a couple of papers. “you’re going to sign these”, she said.

“Sign what?”

“One of these documents gives me total control of our finances. Carol had it drawn up this week. It will be completely legally… um, binding, if you’ll pardon the pun.”

“If you think I’m signing that, you are totally fucking crazy. If that bitch Carol thinks that something signed under duress is enforceable, she’s not as smart as I thought she was. No, no, and no!”

Debbie just smiled again, took a deep drag, and blew some more cigar smoke in my face.

“And, tell me Jay, who would believe that little old me had put you under, as you say, duress? And would you be willing to explain how I did so, in a courtroom full of strangers? Let’s get it over with. Sign the papers and get your reward. You will sign it eventually, believe me, but if I have to wait, you’re going to have to take care of that thing sticking up there all by yourself–for the rest of our marriage.”

I hate to admit this, but I knew deep inside right then that she was going to win. Mentally surrendering, I simply stammered, “what’s the other paper?”

“That, darling, is our new personal contract. It spells out your new duties and specifies what you have to do in order to stay in my good graces. This one is not legally enforceable, but I always have the other document in case you break the terms of this one. If you’re a good boy, as I said, you will have your rewards. And you know it’s true that you, on a very deep level, really, really love this. If you disobey, let’s just say you’re screwed in another way.”

The so-called contract required me to do all of the cleaning, cooking, and laundry, in addition to my other duties. I was to basically do what Deb wanted, when she wanted it done. If I failed to satisfy her sexually, she would be free to find someone who could, but I would be required to remain faithful to her no matter what. The contract also specified that for minor “infractions” I would be “disciplined” with a paddle, at her discretion. She would continue to smoke her cigars, which she enjoys immensely both for their flavor and for the womanly power they make her feel, and I would build her a custom humidor in which to store them. And she would smoke them in front of whomever she pleased, including my family.

In return, I would get (and more importantly, give) great sex when Deb was so inclined, and I would be permitted to survive financially.

“No one will know, right Deb?” I pleaded. This is really demeaning and I couldn’t live if everybody knew about all this.

“Well, almost no one will be told. The other ladies in the neighborhood will know, of course, and their husbands.”

“What do you mean?”

“I didn’t think this one up by myself. They all have similar contracts. Carol is a lot smarter than you thought.” She took another self-satisfied puff on her Cohiba. She really did seem to enjoy the cigars.


To be continued

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