Deal Closer Ch. 07

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Binggum gave a little squeak, seeing those four fingers of CJ’s finger fucking my ass, and in a self-congratulatory voice, CJ said, “Didn’t think it could be done, did you? Don’t worry. No damage. It will tighten right back up after I’m done. Well, maybe not exactly right afterward, but certainly in time enough for you to have your jollies.”

Quick as a wink, CJ was back up on his feet. He strode over to Binggum’s chair and laid it down on the floor, with Binggum on his back pointed up.

“What? Why are you doing that?” Binggum asked in an uncertain voice.

“Ringside seat, that’s why,” CJ answered. “You’re our honored host, and you get the best seat in the house.” He pulled me over until I was standing over Binggum’s face. “Tent yourself over him, with your chest on his legs and your piece just out of reach about his mouth,” CJ told me, and I did as he asked. I looked back to see CJ behind me, lubricating his flagpole. “Spread ’em,” he commanded as he walked in behind me, and I dutifully complied. No matter how opened he’d made me, I knew I’d want my legs spread as far apart as possible. He laid his dong inside the crack between my butt cheeks and gave it a couple of strokes and beat it against my cheeks a couple of times.

“So, how’s the view down there, Johnathan?” CJ called down to Binggum.

“Just fine,” he answered.

I expected his big dick head to approach first, but I was surprised to feel him kneel and give me some tongue again, followed by various fingers and puffs of air. But then, there it was, as I remembered it. It felt like the end of a broomstick and about three times as big as it had looked—and it had looked like a monster head, overflowing the thick rod that backed it up. That, at least was solace. Once the head was in, nothing wider was to follow.

I grunted in slight pain as the glans pushed at the hole, and my legs trembled as it slid in up to and a bit beyond the rim. Binggum, who had a close view of it all, let out a little squeak of pleasure. I could feel one of CJ’s hands come around in front. He pulled my cock ring off and swirled it around Binggum’s mouth and nose, to Binggum’s great pleasure. Tossing that aside, CJ cupped my balls momentarily and then wrapped his hand around my cock close to the root and replaced the pressure the ring had been providing. I moaned, and my legs began to feel like jelly. Binggum moaned at the sight of what was going on just above his face. I could feel CJ take his own cock with his other hand and rotate it inside me, gently stretching the hole. He was whispering encouragement for me to relax and telling me how nice a fuck I was. Binggum was whispering his agreement. The cock had found the prostrate casino şirketleri and, as before, I felt myself just releasing, and the cock slid in.

“Ah, good, nice,” CJ murmured. That’s got a couple of inches in. It should be easier going now. A couple of inches?! I moaned again. It was painful, but possibly not as painful as the previous day’s fucks had been. “Ah another inch. It should slip on up now,” CJ was saying. “Now come back up to me, arching your back, chest out, and wrap your arms around my neck.” I started to come back up, but CJ told me to stop, as I could feel his dick losing some ground. With one hand on my lower stomach and the other gently pushing my lower back into an arch, he brought my butt closer into his crotch, and I could feel his rod pushing in further—even a little further than it had been before. I moaned—and Binggum moaned—but I rose back up, my back arched as well as I could, and wrapped my arms around CJ’s neck. I felt CJ’s hands go below my knees in front of my calves, and he smoothly and effortless pulled me up in front of him as if I were sitting in a chair, but with my asshole arched back and up to provide an angle for a full-dick fuck. I could hear Binggum catch his breath. The half-buried cock and its receptacle must have been right over his face, giving him a full view of what was happening. And what was happening was that CJ’s cock was slowly but surely snaking its way up my innards. No inching and waiting now; he was gliding right on in. Even so, it seemed to be taking him forever, and I couldn’t feel his pubic hair tickling my ass yet. But then he pulled my folded legs a little bit closer, the angle on my ass increased just a smidgen, and he was in all of the way.

“So, what do you think, our dear host? Do you agree now it can be done?”

“Yes, yes,” Binggum whispered. “Now me. Now, give him to me.”

“In a bit, in just a little bit.” I want to show you how good he is. And then CJ began to rock the chair he had made of me, pushing me out so that an increasing amount of his dick root could be seen and then pushing back in. I was trembling and moaning, and Binggum was trembling and moaning as well. If anything, I felt CJ was getting bigger inside me. But I had stretched to where I could manage him, and, feeling this, he chose to give Binggum one last thrill. First he let one of my legs down and then the other. He still held me to him in position, skewered on his bludgeon, like a rag doll, in front of him. He told me I could let loose of his neck with my arms and let my chest and arms fall before me. Then he took a step back and lifted Binggum and his chair back upright. He stepped away from the chair, and, in Binggum’s view, while holding casino firmaları me in place across my stomach with one hand, took his other hand, and slowly spun my body around so that now my chest was suspended below him. Binggum was be able to see the root of his now floor-pointed cock rising out of my ass. He’d done all of this without losing purchase in my ass, and the sensation of him rotating inside me hadn’t been all that unpleasant.

“You can drape your legs over my shoulders again,” he said. And then he asked, “Do you think you can rise up and give us a kiss?”

“Sure, I said.” It took really strong stomach muscles to pull myself up, but I did so, wrapping an arm around his neck and giving him a kiss. While we were kissing, though, he surprised me by, first, putting one foot up on the chair stool beside Binggum’s leg, and then the other one, so that he was standing facing the sitting Binggum.

“I think we can all manage now, if we’d all like to be in the finale of this course,” said CJ. “If you go back down, Craig, I think you’ll be able to reach Binggum, and Binggum will be able to reach you as well.” I slowly dropped my trunk back down, and, sure enough, there was Binggum’s cock just about perfectly positioned for my mouth. I slid my mouth down over his stiff rod just as if I was sheathing him with a condom, and I felt that he, indeed, was able to do the same for me. As I felt CJ stiffing in preparation for shooting his wad into me, I snaked one hand around Binggum’s cock and dove for his balls with the other one to bring him to climax sometime close to CJ. Binggum came just a fraction of a second before CJ let loose his first load. I didn’t come then, but after CJ carried me into the lounge and gently settled me down in the couch and he’d returned to let Binggum free, Binggum had run into the lounge and knelt before me, buried his face into my crotch, and covered my body with caresses and tiny scratchings and probings until I had come in three big spurts as well.

He then pulled me up from the couch and out onto the patio and pulled me down behind him into the pool. He then turned to me, and I let his hands and lips wander all over me, as if I was some sort of new toy, while we drifted in the water and up against the side of the pool. At length, he lifted me out of the water and up in a sitting position on the side of the pool and gently gave me head until I was hardening again. All the time his hands were wandering around my chest and down my back. He lifted his lips from my dick and looked into my eyes with a questioning gaze. He then took the palm of his hand and placed it on my chest, and he hardly had to apply any pressure at all for me to lie back, pillowing my head güvenilir casino on one of my arms. I scooted my butt out over the lip of the pool and brought both of my knees up so I was open to him. With a contented sigh, Binggum began to tongue my asshole. It must have closed back up nicely after the exercise CJ had given it, because Binggum was clucking and slurping with obvious pleasure. His tongue seemed longer and thinner than CJ’s—more like a cock than CJ’s actually—and his fingers were thinner and more sensitive and experienced than CJ’s had been. So, the experience, helped by the slowly moving water and the play of the lights on the pool, was quite pleasant.

When I felt open enough, I pushed my legs back in the water, sat up, and entered the water between Binggum and the wall. Taking his mouth into a kiss, I laced my hands around his butt cheeks and pulled him to me. Our hardened cocks chafed each other between our bellies. I walked him back to the shallow end of the pool and pushed him down into a seated position on the wide step at the shallow end, His legs were extended out in front of him and his heels were on the floor of the pool below the steps. His back was pushed up against the rim of the pool. I straddled him, facing him, his legs between mine. I took his mouth in mine in a lingering kiss as I positioned his long, rather thin cock at my backdoor with one hand and slowly, ever so slowly brought myself down into his lap, his hands found my balls and cock. And we sat there in the evening breeze, water flowing around us… and in us… and through us. I gently tightened my asshole around Binggum’s cock and gave him the sensation of a slowly yielding, yet close-fit, deep, languid fuck. When we were finished, I rose from the pool and went over to a lounge chair, lay down and closed my eyes to nap. But that was not to be, as I awoke to two exploring hands on my chest, Binggum straddling me as I had straddled him, and my hardening cock slowly being engorged by Binggum’s much looser, but still very inventive, ass. I looked up to see that CJ had come out to the patio and was standing behind Binggum.

“Here, let me tighten this situation up,” he said, I felt his fingers probing inside Binggum and around my cock. He pushed Binggum down on his elbows just above me, encouraging us to kiss, and I felt CJ’s rod gliding in, this time above mine, and Binggum giving sweet little sighs and moans. I was tired enough that I just held my dick in place, plowed up to the root, and let CJ provide all of the friction action. CJ and I gave Binggum an added thrill by taking his cock in both our hands and giving it and his balls a double hand job. We still all came fairly close together and just laid there entwined as the night deepened.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I heard Binggum ask softly, “Can I keep him?”

“Not on your life,” CJ answered, “But he’ll be back the next time we have a deal to close.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32