Dawn Finds Love, Perhaps

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It is 5:30 in the morning and Ed turns right on red and proceeds southbound into the city. At this hour of the morning traffic is thin and the traffic lights accommodate the southbound traffic flow. The car crests the small hill that preceded the long steady incline into the city. Instinctively he scans the streets for traffic and the occasional pedestrian. In the background he is looking for the blond. Her regular site is the next corner, slouched against the newspaper box. Every now and then he has spotted her walking up or down the street, but normally it is the corner. Ed is not really sure why he scans for her; he is not interested in getting involved with a hooker. It’s more of a fantasy or curiosity – tall willowy body, long blond hair, sensuous pose with a come hither look. At least from a distance.

Her corner is vacant, maybe tomorrow he thinks as he continues with the traffic. Suddenly, the traffic slows to a crawl. Traffic light problem, illegally parked car, someone picking up a rider. The delay causes Ed to catch the next light. He takes advantage of the break to take his eye off the road and switch the radio dial off a commercial. Instantly out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of her. She was walking on his left, pulling her long blond hair over her shoulder with her left hand and trying to catch the eye of an interested commuter. As if in a trance, he stares. She meets his eyes with her glance, lingers then turns away. Immediately she glances back and makes eye contact with his continued stare. Sensing a score, Dawn steps quickly into the stalled traffic and approached the passenger door of Ed’s car. She taps on the windows to insure his attention and she notices that the door is locked. She needs an effective pitch. “Please can you help me, I need a place to stay.” She doesn’t wait for a response. “Can’t you help me I haven’t had anything to eat and it’s cold.”

Ed reluctantly starts to reach for his wallet. Dawn steps up the pitch “Let me in the car; It’s cold; Just let me in for a minute.” Ed reaches across and opens the passenger door. In a heartbeat, Dawn is in the car and slouched in the seat. “I don’t want to take your money, I’ll pay you back or I’ll work for it.” Ed hesitated. “How much you got, I could really use thirty dollars.”

“I’ve got ten. I need the rest for parking. Thirty dollars! what do you need thirty dollars for?”

“That’s what it costs for a room. Thirty-eight really. Twenty-eight and you use the bathroom down the hall. But you do have privacy.”

“Where is that? I don’t have thirty dollars.”

“The Albion Hotel on St. Paul Street. How much do you have?”

Ed thumbed the thin fold of bills counting silently. “I’ve got seventeen, but I need six for parking. How about ten?”

Dawn churn the math. “OK. If I get lucky a couple more times I can get enough for a room tonight. Take a left at the light.”

Ed didn’t even think, just took a quick left.

“Slow down! You’ll go right past it. Turn here.”

Ed pulled into a narrow alley with tenant parking areas on either side behind old townhouses separated by an occasional garage. He stopped.

“Not here. Christ do ya want the whole world to watch?”.

Ed steered the car apprehensively down the narrow alley, waiting obediently for his next command.

“Here. Right there between those cars.”

Ed responded and directed his car between a parked pickup truck and a stationwagon, set the parking brake and turned off the headlights. He felt a sudden chill, so he idly reached for the heater control and pushed it to MAX.

Dawn sat back in the seat, rolled the window down about an inch, took a long drag on her cigarette and tossed the butt innovia escort out the opening. After holding the smoke in her lungs for as long as she could, Dawn placed her lips to the window opening and exhaled fully.

“Don’t want to stink your car up, ya know.??Lots of people don’t like the smell of cigarettes in their car.?

Ed smiled appreciatively. “Thanks.”

“Where’s the money.?”

Ed looked at his left hand in surprise. He still had the bills he took from his pocket when she first approached the car. He separated two fives and handed them to her.

“You sure you don’t have fifteen?”

“I do”, Ed said as he stared at the seven dollars still in his hand, “but I need to pay for parking and the subway.”

With a sigh of resignation, Dawn sat back in the seat. This one is different. He had a pleasant face and a polite manner. She couldn’t recall any of her current list of customer who had the same attributes. She stared at him for a few seconds, while Ed evaluated the situation. Up close, Dawn wasn’t as alluring as Ed imagined. Her hair was blond, and probably naturally so, but it has not been washed or set for some time. Her skin was smooth, but slightly pasty. He wanted to evaluate her body to see how willowy it was. Tentatively, he reached for the hem of her sweatshirt and raised it slightly.

“Sure. You want to look.”

Dawn loosed the sweatshirts that had bunched around her waist and raised them up to her breasts. Ed reached over and raised them slightly more for a better view. Dawn passively watched him look at her. Her nipples were large and breasts were small; but appealing. Ed’s hand gently made its way to caress her left breast. There was no bulk, no mass, no fat. The tit felt like a pastry bag after all the confection was squeezed out of it. Ed held her nipple between he thumb and forefinger and rhythmically kneaded it.

“Nice tits”, he lied.

She smiled in appreciation of the small compliment. She was very relaxed. Dawn closed her eyes and blanked out as many concerns as she could and relaxed. This is really a different score she thought. Her nipples began to respond.

Ed noticed the increased firmness and changed his techniques slightly. He lightly gripped her breast about the middle and slowly ‘milked’ it towards the nipple. Dawn let out a soft “mmmm” and intentionally increased her breathing. Ed released his hold and slid his hand, palm down, across her chest to her right breast. Dawn shifted to her left to aid his reach. Then, on impulse, she took hold of him and directed his hand down her torso, at the same time she moved farther to her left and simultaneously unbuttoned her jeans. Ed’s hand continued on its own until it reached the intersection of her legs. The hair was sparse, obviously trimmed. His hand found its way to her labia and without entering explored for her clit by squeezed them together. Dawns reaction was profound. Her clit stiffened under the gentle tugging. She was genuinely aroused. When Ed located the magic trigger, he began to rhythmically jerk her off.

Dawns mind just wandered and she entered and erotic daydream. As she became more aroused, Dawns grip on Ed’s hand unconsciously increased. When she felt his touch fading, she forced her cunt against his hand and rotated her hips. She came in a flash. Pressing both her hands against Ed’s and her crouch, she aggressively rubbed her cunt coaxing as much of the orgasm as she could before she slouched into the seat and relaxed.

“That was nice” she whispered through half closed eyes.

“Perhaps I should charge you!” Ed inquired.

That’s right she thought. I bettered finish him off. Without looking at istanbul escort his face, she rotated across the seat until her head was across the console and directly above his lap. A hardon was straining beneath his slacks. Her desire was real. She expertly extracted his stiff dick from his fly and just stared at it. The head was already wet from anticipation. Dawn drew her tongue across the head. Ed quivered. She pursed her lips, placed them directly over the eye and began to suck. Slowly she expanded her lips and gradually took and more into her mouth. When she had as much as she could get in her mouth she began to bob up and down on his lap. Ed’s dick tensed further when she started. Dawn was in ecstasy. She didn’t want him to come, she only wanted to suck his cock forever. She worked to keep him excited and interested without making him come. As she continued with this sexual lethargy her eyes drifted from his crouch down his pants legs to his sox and finally his shoes. Nice looking clothes. All coordinated.

As she slowly and erotically worked his cock in her mouth she felt Ed work his hand down the back of her jeans and slide down the crack of her ass. She quickly became aroused again as Ed’s finger probed her wet pussy from the back. Unconsciously, Dawn’s sucking became synchronized with Ed’s finger as it worked in and out of her cunt. Her eyes were closed and she daydreamed of spending a long night alone with Ed as she approached a second orgasm.

Dreamily Dawn opened her eyes. “Jesus Christ” she yelled as she sprang up to her knees. “The suns up!” In their reverie neither noticed the lightening of the sky. Dawn looked around. No police. Nobody going to work or walking a dog. Still private but she had to rush.

She dropped down on Ed quickly and violently work his stiff penis. Ed sensing her urgency made no effort to resist. In a matter of seconds. Ed felt an orgasm approaching and tensed his asshole and raised his crotch. Dawn noticed the movements. They all do that when they’re about to come. With enthusiasm she continued working him even as he came in her mouth. Ed’s dick began to relax as if a signal to Dawn. Deliberately she sat up in the seat holding the come in her mouth. Then opening the car door a few inches, she spit on to the blacktop.

“I don’t swallow” she said.

Once again she furtively looked around the parking area and the alley for signs of activity. “I don’t like the daylight. I must be related to a vampire or a vampiress.”

Ed noticed her demeanor and felt a sure of panic. “I thought this was a safe place. We could have been arrested.”

“You worried about your wife finding out?” acknowledging a fact about most of her clients.

“No. I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking that’s all. I don’t want you to get into any trouble.”

God, Dawn thought, he apologizes.

They visually inspected each other as they sat in the car. “You’re very attractive, what is your name?”

“I’m Dawn” she said feeling very at ease in his company.

“?Dawn. Just Dawn? No last name?”

She pondered the question. “Just Dawn. What’s yours?”


“Ed. Just Ed? No last name?” she mocked.

“Ed Reese” he said, embarrassing her with his openness.

“What do you do for a living?” she asked.

“I’m an engineer” he said feeling maybe he was getting too familiar.

“What about you. Is this your full time occupation?”

“I’m a waitress.”

Stock phrase he thought. Let it pass.

“Where do you work?” she wanted to know.

“The company I work for is north of the city, but I’m on a project in DC.”

“Are you building a bridge?” trying to display her understanding engineering.

“Different kadıköy escort type of engineering. There civil engineers, I’m an electrical engineer.”

The ease of conversation surprised her, but the response left her at a loss. She didn’t know the difference between a civil or electrical engineer.

“Do you like being an engineer?” Ed heard the question as if it was a condition he had no control over. Do you like being Irish? a man? loosing your job?

“I like being an engineer. I like it because I don’t work on one job forever. I work on projects. Each project is different. Projects have a start and the have an end. When the project is over I find another project or I’m out of work.”

“Do you like your job?” He intentionally didn’t put a title on her occupation, but he wasn’t referring to waitressing.

“I need the money. Waitressing doesn’t pay real well and I don’t have a lot of education.” Her tone was confessorial and reflective. “I have to straighten my life out but until something comes along, I’ll keep doing this.”

“But do you like it?”

“Its OK. I really don’t think about it. Mostly just sucking cocks and that is no big deal. I just do it for the money.”

Matter of fact. No emotion.

“What I don’t like about it,”? Dawn was feeling comfortable, “is I don’t get many customers like you. You’re nice.”

Nice. The word grated on him like a flaw.

Dawn sensed a mistake. She feared hurting him. “You know what I mean. You’re not like the rest of them.” Ed smiled faintly and Dawn knew his mind was on something else.

“I usually don’t talk like this. You know. I’m not real social.” Dawn began to feel sad, her gut reaction was to get out of the car and run.

“You have a lot going for you.” His voice snapped her back to the conversation. “Have you ever tried to get a regular job?”

Dawn was encouraged by his interest. “I applied for a job as a dancer once. The manager said I needed bigger tits. An operation would cost me $3,000 and I don’t have it and I cant borrow any money.”

The sky was fully brightened. People were taking short-cuts through the alley or walking to their cars. To most of them Ed and Dawn were a just another couple getting into their car and heading out to work.

“How can I get in touch with you.? Ed felt like he was asking for a date.?Can I see you again?”

“Why don’t you give me your phone number and I can call you”

“That’s probably not best. Can I look you up at the Albion?”

“No. I don’t stay there too much.”

“Where do you stay?”

“With friends mostly. Sometimes somebody lets me spent the night.”

“How do I find you? Cant I leave a message anywhere?”

“This is my turf. Look for me on the corner. What time do you come by in the morning?”


“5:30. I’ll be here at 5:30, just look for me.”

Ed noticed that he was sweating and turned off the car heater. “I must be going. Can I drop you off anywhere?”

“Take me back to my corner.”

“I didn’t pick you up on a corner.”

“Well get out of here. That way” pointing down the alley. “Take a left and loop around the block.”

He followed the instructions even though he knew exactly which corner. He reached the intersection and pulled to the curb. Dawn hesitated. “Just look for me around the neighborhood And Ill watch for you.” She felt like kissing him good-bye on his way to work. Instead she opened the door, jumped out and walked down the street without looking over her shoulder.

Ed watched her until she was half way down the block. She never looked back. He turned the corner to continue to work. As he approached the middle of the block, he instinctively slowed down and looked to the right. She had her head down and her hand in front of her face. He made no effort to attract her attention, but as she caught sight of his car she dropped her hand waved vigorously. Ed acknowledged with a brisk salute and continued on his journey.

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