David Story

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Gone and fucked things up again, yeah. Why must I feel this way? Just make this go away. The words echoed through my head as I walked through the rain, despondent from what had occurred a few hours earlier. I stood at the edge of the bridge and closed my eyes and let the rain completely surround me.

(four years earlier)

“Ren! Wake up! We’re here!” A voice woke me from my slumber. “Huh?” I answered sleepily, slowly opening my eyes.

“We’re in New York City! Woohoo! Carson Daly here I come.” Kelli said as I fully actualized myself to my surroundings. “I am so glad you convinced me to come here on spring break. We woulda been stuck in boring old Palm Beach Gardens for yet another spring break. Thank god for your brain Ren!”

“Thank myself for my brain, interesting concept there.”

“You’re strange.”

“And you’re just realizing this? Tsk, you should know me by now, being my best friend and all. I am one strange cookie.”

“Obviously. Now let’s get off this plane before I break it in two.” Kelli stood from her seat and ran to the front of the cabin before anyone else got up. I shook my head slowly and stood up to get my bags from the overhead compartment. A few moments later I was on the floor with my bag falling on top of me.


“Are you ok miss?” A voice laced heavily with a British dialect said.

I rubbed my eyes, regaining my composure. I sat up and took a quick look at myself. “No bleeding, internal or otherwise. Um, yeah I’ll be fine. Just got the wind knocked out of me.” I commented as I took the outreached hand he offered me. “Thank you for your concern Mister…” I trailed off, waiting for him to tell me his name

“Osan. David Osan.” He said as he helped me off.

“Nice to meet yah. I’m Ren. I’ll be the resident klutz bizimkent escort for today.” I said, straightening my clothes and picking up my bag.

“We best carry this conversation off the plane because I believe we are holding up traffic and I fear they will feed us to the wolves if they don’t get out soon.” I nodded in agreement and we proceeded to exit the plane.

Once we entered the terminal we stopped at the first available seats. I scanned the crowd looking for Kelli, but she was nowhere to be seen. “Aw hell I think my friend went searching for stars in the airport. I hope this time she doesn’t break any laws.

David chuckled. “Interesting pair you lot. Not too many times you see friends as strange and yet similar in your strangeness.”

“Heh that’s us, Ren and Stimpy. Don’t leave home without us.” I smiled. “Anyways, let me properly introduce myself. I’m Ren Jakuc, klutz extradonaire.”

“Certainly better then some other residents don’t you think?”

“Well yeah, but I only got this job because the moody bitch part was taken.” We both chuckled.

David and I continued talking until Kelli came back, arms filled with souvenirs. We agreed to meet up later that night at a club David knew of after Kelli and I had a chance to check into our hotel.

“So who’s this David guy? He’s kinda cute.” Kelli asked as we were getting ready that night.

“He was on the plane with us. Helped me up when my bag fell on me.” I said as I slipped into my black skirt and put the final touches on my outfit. “He seems cool. I like his dialect.” I giggled.

“Oh yeah the ‘dead sexy fuck me now’ British dialect. He have a younger brother? Or a clone?”

“Not that I know of. You never know. He may have 10 brothers and they bostancı escort all be like him.”

“Nah. I’ll just cruise the club and find someone.” We both gave each other a knowing glance and continued to get ready

Twenty minutes later we were flagging down a taxi and headed towards Club Rio. When we arrived we scanned the line in front of the club searching for David. He was talking to the bouncers. I waved to him and he acknowledged seeing me and headed over to us.

“Hey! Glad you could make it. Was afraid you wouldn’t come.” He said, smiling.

“You kidding? She wouldn’t shut up about it.” Kelli commented. I turned and glared at her and she quickly got quiet. David chuckled

“Of course I came. I said I would, didn’t I? Always live up to my promises.” I smiled. “Shall we go in?” I said, intertwining my arm with his.

“We shall.” David and I walked arm in arm while Kelli ran ahead of us saying she was on a manhunt.

The next few hours was filled with a mix of alcohol, dancing, and getting to know David. Kelli came up to us and told me not to expect her back at the room tonight. I only had to assume she found the man she was hunting for. In the corner of my eye I saw David give a sly grin when she said this.

“Shall we go to a quieter place so that we can talk?” He suggested.

“Sure.” I answered.

We walked out of the club and headed towards the back parking lot. As we got closer to his car he put his arm around my waist and held me close to him. He pointed to a silver BMW in the corner. He let go of my waist and took me by the hand. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or not, but as he pressed my body against his car and started kissing me I didn’t protest. He slowly ran his hand over my breast and down büyükçekmece escort my stomach to my thigh, slowly sliding it up under my dress. I moaned softly as he slowly slid his finger past my sheer panties and ran his finger along my slit, which was slowly getting wetter with every move he made. His other hand slowly undid my top. He kissed his way down my neck and to my chest, slowly licking a line down my stomach as he pulled my dress down, leaving me with only my panties on. He traced his tongue along the edge of my panties, pulling them off and slowly kissing his way back up, placing his hands at my hips. I quickly fumbled with his belt as he continued kissing me, gently sliding his fingers into my now thoroughly wet slit. I moaned softly, leaning back against the car and closing my eyes. David leaned over me, slowly sliding his pants down and kissing my neck softly. He removed his finger from my slit and slowly placed it on my lips, making me taste my own juices. Moving in between my legs, his rock hard dick rubbed up against my inner thigh, sending bolts of electricity up my spine. He slowly leaned in and kissed me passionately before plunging his dick deep within my slit. I gasped in pleasure, taking all of him within me. I wrapped my legs around his arms tightly as he soon fell into a rhythmic pattern with his thrusting. I leaned my head back, moaning loudly, nearly coming to climax. He could sense this and he pulled his dick out.

“Not just yet.” He said. My mouth hung open breathlessly as I gave him a pleading look. He smiled and slowly rubbed his dick against my clit, not placing it back into my throbbing pussy. “How bad do you want it?” he asked of me.

I moaned. “Oh god I want it so bad.” Biting my lip, I suppressed the urge to pull him into me with my legs. Mischievously he held his dick just in front of my pussy lips before slamming it into me hard. This alone was the driving force behind my climaxing. He continued to thrust inside of me, my walls tightening around his dick. He began to moan loudly, repeatedly saying how good I felt before succumbing to his own climax.

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