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Greta was walking away up the drive now, towards where she had parked her car on the street. Rob watched her go from his doorway, standing there in the chill of the morning with just his jeans on.

God, Greta had a nice ass. And she always smelled so good in the mornings, even before she showered and got ready for work.

Rob sighed as Greta waved at him one last time and slipped into her black sports car. She drove away and Rob closed the door, turning and walking into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, he pulled out the carton of milk, opened it, and tilted his head back, drinking deeply.

When Greta stayed over, he always woke up weak and spent. That girl could fuck like a machine! He was a lucky guy, Rob knew.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Maybe Greta had decided to stay the day after all, like he was always trying to convince her. He’d love to have her just lay around his house naked, so he could take pictures and paint her. But the 24-year-old businesswoman always insisted on going to work, every morning of every weekday.

Rob jogged to the door, opening it to find —


“Hi Rob! Is Greta around?”

Rob frowned.

“You know she leaves for work at the same time every morning.”

“So I missed her, huh? That’s too bad. Well, can I come in?”

Rob frowned more.

Dannica was Greta’s best friend. She was tall, slender, and surprisingly busty. Greta said the girl had always had big tits, ever since high school. But Rob thought tits like that had to be special made, “if you know what I mean,” he’d say to Greta.

“Sure, I guess. Need to use the phone or something?”

Rob walked slowly back into the kitchen, letting Dannica close the door behind her.

“No, I need to use your bathroom, actually. I got called off my shoot today, and I decided maybe I’d do an audition or two. You know, find some spot work to tide me over till the shoot comes back up.”

Dannica was the same age as Greta, but where Greta was quiet and reserved, Danny was very outgoing and extrovert.

She walked into the house behind Rob, and as she found her own way to the bathroom, he eyed her long legs. Dannica was dressed to the nines again. It didn’t matter what time of day it was, you could count on Danny to make your eyes pop.

Today’s ensemble was a tight black dress, short, to the middle of her long thighs, with a bolero-type of jacket that barely went over her shoulders and didn’t even meet over her chest. Her black hair was piled up high on her head, pins sticking out each and every way in an imitation of a geisha’s bun. Her lips were darkened with red lipstick, and her pumps were high heeled and black.

You could be sure that Danny didn’t wear much more than that but perfume.

Greta always insisted that Dannica wasn’t a slut, but Rob could tell a girl like that a mile away. He’d had enough of those kinds of girls, right up until he’d met the blonde haired Greta while teaching an art class at the local community college. Greta’s sense of calm and poise lured Rob in immediately, and he’d had to have her. But there was no ‘having’ of Greta to be had without a serious commitment.

Having to choose between Greta’s great bod, every night, or the risk of having someone less appealing, every once in awhile, didn’t make a hard decision.

Rarely did Rob regret his choice, either.

It was only at times like this, with luscious ladies like Dannica wandering around, that Rob thought twice about Greta.

“Thanks, Rob,” Danny said as she came out of the bathroom, fussing with her hair.

“I had hoped to find Greta today and see if she’d consider hanging out. But I guess she’s just too quick for me.”

“Yeah,” Rob eve gelen escort said, eyeing Greta’s legs again as he drank more milk.

“Wow, you sure are thirsty,” the flirtatious girl said.

Danny leaned over the counter in the middle of the kitchen, arms crossed beneath her, pushing her tits almost out of the low edge of her dress.

Her eyes were bright and blue as the sky, her eyebrows plucked, painted, and arched perfectly.

“Uh, yeah, kind of,” Rob said.

Suddenly, as his cock jumped in his jeans, he was glad he’d installed this counter island. It was now quite effectively hiding his raging hard-on.

“You sure look like you need some rest, too,” Danny said thoughtfully, her eyes openly roving up and down Rob’s chest.

“Yeah,” he said. “Greta keeps me up late.”

He winked at Dannica, trying to remind her subtly that he had a girlfriend, that maybe she shouldn’t be leaning over the counter just so. But the girl didn’t seem to pick up on the hint — or she just didn’t care.

Dannica came around to Rob’s side of the counter, leaning her bottom against the edge of it and eyeing Rob.

“Oh, I’m sure she does. Why, the things a mouse like Greta can do to a man, it’s a wonder you aren’t in bed, right now.”

Dannica was practically purring as she mocked her friend. Then her eyes wandered down Rob’s chest, to his waist, to his groin.

“Boy, she must be something if she got you all hard just talking about her,” Dannica said observantly.

“Oh, uh, yeah, that’s right.”

Rob was flustered, blushing as Danny moved to stand in front of him. She was tall enough to be able to look him in the eye.

With one long nailed hand, she played with Rob’s hair, pushing a long lock of it behind his ear. He quivered, closing his eyes and gulping, helpless.

“Yes, I’m sure Greta does all those wonderful things that the girls in some of your pictures do, doesn’t she. Does she like to go down on you, Rob?”

Danny smiled and Rob winced as he opened his eyes and looked at her, looking down at his cock, bulging through his jeans.

He couldn’t answer.

Greta hated oral sex.

But he could tell Dannica was just the kind of girl who loved that sort of thing.

“Are you sure she did this to you? This huge thing in your pants, you sure you got excited because of Greta?”

Dannica was pouting prettily, her hands now on either side of Rob as she pressed against him.

“I bet that it wasn’t her, at all. I bet that Greta’s a great lay in bed. But I bet I’m better.”

With that, Danny flicked her tongue over Rob’s smooth chin. Suddenly, he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

“I’d like to show you, Rob, just how good I can be.”

And Dannica lowered herself in front of her best friend’s boyfriend, beginning to fiddle with his zipper.

“Danny, you shouldn’t. Greta’s your best friend.”

“We’ve shared everything since high school. And I do mean everything, Rob.”

His pants were undone, and her soft, cool hands were pulling his cock out, stroking him gently. He couldn’t get any harder, he was sure.

“Dannica, come on. Stop it. I can’t…”

“Oh, I beg to differ. Look at this. I think you can. And I think you should.”

The dark-haired girl fondled his cock almost lovingly, like a girl who knew what she was doing. Rob cringed, knowing he was going to hate himself if he didn’t stop her, right now. But he couldn’t.

He hadn’t had a woman touch him like this, so openly and expertly, in over six months. Greta was the kind of woman to whom you made love, not the kind that lusted for you right back.

Not like Dannica.

Rob looked down, convincing himself fatih escort he’d only let her touch him a little bit, but that he’d stop her before she got too far. But when he opened his eyes, Danny was opening her mouth. And she was looking up at him, watching him as he watched her put his cock into her mouth.

His head dropped gently onto her hot tongue, and he could feel the wetness of it, feel her mouth closing around him, driving him insane. Reflexively, his hand reached out and squeezed her shoulder, and his hips pushed forward.

Before Dannica had gone any further, Rob was cumming inside her mouth. And she was swallowing. That amazing little bitch was swallowing around his cock!

Rob let himself cum, waiting until he was done to regret it all.

“Danny, you shouldn’t have — I haven’t — please…”

“Don’t worry. I have no intention of telling Greta. I just knew you needed this. Greta’s men always need me, Rob. That’s just how it goes.” Dannica stayed down on her knees, removing her bolero jacket and letting it fall behind her. Then she picked up Rob’s half limp cock and began to kiss it, stroking it again.

“Dannica -?”

“Oh you don’t think I’m done, do you? You know you need more. And you know I can give you more.”

Rob gulped, running a hand through his dark brown hair. This was incredible, this was amazing. And it was so wrong — maybe that’s what made it feel so good.

No, he thought, watching as Danny moved her mouth over and around his shaft.

What made it feel so good was that Dannica was a fucking expert at sucking cock.

Her hand cupped his balls, tugging on them playfully, willing them to tighten and fill up again. Her mouth slurped his cock inside, suckling him hard. He was getting thicker, again, making it difficult for her to keep her mouth around him. But she was so good at this, she knew just what to do.

Danny focused on his head, eyeing him and grinning as she flicked her tongue against the wet slit there. She stroked him with one hand, her other running over his stomach, up to his chest, and back down again.

“Mmmm,” she moaned around his cock.

“Fuck,” Rob whispered.

The bitch was enjoying it! Greta would never enjoy something like this!

Danny moved both her hands to Rob’s hips, pulling him forward, then pushing him back, encouraging him to fuck her face. Unable to resist, he began to do just that. Back and forth he went, sawing in and out of her lips. And she sucked him hard, not letting him slip out.

Rob put his hands against Dannica’s face and hair, caressing her cheeks. Then he was pulling her back against him, forcing himself so deep into her mouth he could feel the back of her throat.

“Unf,” he groaned. “I’m going to cum. Fuck, Dannica…”

Dannica didn’t move, just let him go forward and back, in and out of her mouth.

Again, Rob felt his balls tighten, his dick throbbing. Then his cum exploding into Danny’s mouth, pouring and gushing down her throat. He didn’t even watch her swallow this time. He just held her face close to his groin, forcing her lips to the base of his shaft as he came.

At last, he released her, leaning heavily against the counter’s edge.

“Greta — Greta is going to kill me,” he whispered.

But he wasn’t sure he cared, just now.

Dannica sat back on her ass, legs spread slightly as she leaned on her hands, panting.

“You needed that, Rob. She should have been doing that for you.”

And the dark-haired girl grinned.

“Yeah, but what did you need it for?”

Dannica smiled up at Rob.

“Do you know what it’s like being friends with perfect, precious Greta? All the men I get want me for only halkalı anal yapan escort one things. The one thing I’m really good at. But they all want Greta for the things I’ll never have.”

She leaned back, casually laying on the carpet, knees up.

“Every once in awhile, I get to have what Greta has. And every once in awhile, I get to give them something they can’t get from her, only from me.”

The look of pleasure on Danny’s face was pure and sublime. She liked seducing her best friend’s boyfriends. It turned her on and made her feel good in a sick and twisted way.

From between her legs, Rob could see the naked curls of Danny’s privacy. And for a moment, he actually did wonder what it must be like for a girl like Dannica to be around a woman like Greta.

Greta was the kind of woman you made love to. Dannica was the kind of girl you fucked.

A moment of pity passed through Rob. He lowered himself to his knees, his hands on Dannica’s thighs. Gently, he lifted her skirt, not looking into her startled gaze.

“Rob, what are you doing?”

He didn’t answer, just lowered his face to her pussy. He moved his arms beneath her legs, up around her thighs. From here, he put his hands down onto her mons, pulling her swollen lips apart.

Dannica gasped. This wasn’t the way things usually went for her, obviously. But Rob didn’t care.

He’d felt so good when she’d buried her face against his groin, when she’d been sucking him off. He would have to tell Greta, unlike the other guys who probably had never admitted what Danny had done with them. And he’d lose Greta, that was a definite outcome. But for what it was worth, Dannica was a beautiful woman who deserved something for what she gave. It may be wrong, and it may be twisted. But Rob felt deeply that he owed her.

As only an artist could, Rob began to make love to Danny’s pussy. Her dark hair was fine and sparse, and he used his thumbs to part it away. Then he pulled her lips apart with his fingers, and exposed her blossoming clitoris. He plucked at it gently, with his teeth. Dannica squealed in delight, her fingers clutching his hair.

Lower went his tongue, seeking her honey. And he soon found it, flicking his tongue over her smaller labia, until he was ready. Then he thrust his thickened tongue into her pussy, pushing it up inside her and wriggling it around.

Dannica moaned, and Rob imagined what her face would look like, flushed and full of heat. He ran his tongue up and down her length again, then thrust inside her. He moved one hand down to the floor again, and pushed a finger inside Danny’s crevice, just beneath his tongue. As his tongue wriggled snakelike inside her, his finger thrust like a cock, in and out, deeper and deeper. Then he moved another finger insider her, putting his tongue against her clitoris.

Dannica couldn’t resist anymore. She came over Rob’s tongue, practically gushing her nectar into his mouth. And he drank from her, slurping hungrily, still tonguing and fingering her, making her orgasm last forever.

Then he sat up, looking at her and sighing.

Danny was crying, weeping quiet tears.

“I’m sorry I messed up your relationship with Greta,” she said, sobbing.

Rob lifted her and held her.

“Nah, it’s my fault too,” he said, and she looked up at him.

“I should have been stronger and said no, right? But damn, you looked so good down there.” Danny stopped crying and chuckled. She put a hand on Rob’s cheek.

“I do what I do best,” she said.

He was surprised to see a gleam in her eyes. She was hungry, again. God he missed having chicks like Danny around.

“Maybe I should put that to the test,” Rob said, leaning down to kiss Dannica full on the lips. He forced his tongue into her mouth, letting her taste herself.

Perhaps he could use his cameras and canvas today, he said to himself as Danny’s hand sought to make his limp dick hard again. If he was going to go to hell for cheating on a great girl like Greta, he may as well enjoy the ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32