Danielle Ch. 02

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Dani and I lay on the bed in a sweaty post-fuck heap. Her hair was matted around her beautiful face. My heart rate was just beginning to return to normal. She turned on her side and looked at me.

“Wow! That was amaaaaazing!” She smiled sweetly at me as I leaned in for a soft kiss.

“I second that emotion.” Five minutes ago we’d been having hardcore sex. Now she looked like an innocent college student. Well, she was a graduate college student, but she was hardly innocent.

“So what time is your flight tomorrow?”

“Five pm,” I replied. I could see her mental calculator working as she furrowed her brow.

“That means you don’t have to leave Boulder til one tomorrow afternoon. Which means we have thirteen and a half hours left for…….sex. You’re gonna be one sore dude when you get on that plane tomorrow.” She giggled.

“God I hope so.” Her giggle was so innocent, but so sexy. I could listen to it all day.

“You are hereby a captive until released. The bathroom is there, the kitchen is over there…” She pointed dramatically around her small studio apartment.

“The bed is here, of course, and this is where you will be held until further notice. Of course, I might release you long enough to fuck me on the floor or on the counter.” She giggled again. Damn. She leaned in for another kiss, this one a bit more wet and willful than the last. She was a fantastic kisser. Her lips were so soft and pliant and her tongue was constantly probing for mine. And best of all I could tell she really wanted to kiss me.

She lay back and I propped my head on my arm so I could take in the beautiful view. Her exquisite body lay before me in all its glory. I gently traced her curves with my fingertips. I’d be ready for round two soon, but I wanted to talk for a bit. I began to query her on her sex life and for the next twenty minutes I probed gently. She was a willing interview.

I asked her about any secret sensitive spots I should know about – (she loved to be kissed on her lower back – mental note). Did she masturbate much? – (pretty much every day when she wasn’t in a relationship). Hands or toys? – (fingers in a pinch, but she loved her pocket rocket.). Ever been with another woman? – (three times, once in high school, once with an art professor in college, and most recently with her friend Marisa.)

Our conversation was punctuated by soft deep kisses, maintaining a certain level of sexual arousal. I was slowly getting turned on as she revealed herself to me and she seemed to be getting off talking about herself.

Ever done a threesome? – (just once, with Marisa and her boyfriend at the time. It was incredibly hot). Boy, this Marisa was all over the place. I’d have to find out more.

“So this Marisa sounds like a hot ticket?”

“Oooooohh. She is. You’d love her – and she’d love you. She’d love your big cock. Maybe next time you come to visit, and there will be a next time, I can invite her over. She has an incredible body and she’s so into sex.” Dani smiled this wicked smile and squeezed my stiffening cock.

“How’d you meet?”

“Well, she tends bar at the place I work. We became friendly and one night we went out for drinks, got drunk and started talking about sex – men in general, what we liked, how we got ourselves off, etc. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were in bed and she was eating my pussy – I mean really eating my pussy. She’s one of the few women I’ve met that loves sex as much or more than me. Anyway, we have fun together, but we’re both really into guys. We save our little trysts for when we’re really horny and there’s no good man around. I will definitely introduce you next time you visit. Trust me – you would love her.” Another giggle.

Somehow I didn’t doubt her. I would have to be in touch with my travel agent as soon as I got home. All of a sudden Dani jumped off the bed.

“Gotta pee. I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” Not likely, I thought to myself. I would have to continue the interview later. Much to learn about, I could see.

I watched Dani scoot toward the bathroom; her cute little rear end twitching tightly. What a site! Her butt cheeks were so well-defined and perfectly proportioned. They jiggled so cutely when she walked. She had the kind of ass you’d want to follow anywhere.

I popped up and threw six CDs into the changer and hit shuffle. I dove back onto the bed. I thought about how lucky I was to be here at this moment. In a minute that bathroom door would open again and this beautiful naked woman would run back to bed. And that woman would be Dani, of all people. Damn lucky, I’d say.

I lay on my back, my cock flopped to the side on my stomach – not hard, but getting rejuvenated. My balls rested languidly between my thighs – resting up for the next round. I heard the toilet flush and Dani flung open the door. Now I admired the full frontal view as she approached the bed. Her exquisite breasts bounced fluidly and swayed as she strode toward the bed. The rest of her body was taut and smooth – only her tits seemed to have a mind of casino siteleri their own.

“Get up,” she demanded. I stood up. “Grab the other end of the bedspread.” I leaned over and followed orders. As we pulled the spreads down to the end of the bed I looked again at her body and relished the view of her tits swaying below her torso as she bent over. We pulled the covers to the end of the bed and tucked them down on the floor. Before us was a bright white sheet – like an empty canvas or a blank page – waiting for what was to unfold. I sat down on the corner of the mattress and felt the smooth Egyptian cotton.

“Come over here, Dani.”

She walked over and stood in front of me. My head was breast high and I had perfect access to her amazing body.

“I just need to look at you and touch you.” I whispered. She purred and smiled sweetly.

I reached up and touched her beautiful face – outlining the sculptured edges of her jaw and chin. I used the lightest touch I could to touch her cheeks and push the errant strands of hair behind her ears. She stroked the back of my head. I gently touched her lips and she turned her head slightly to grab my fingers with her mouth – slowly sucking in my middle finger. I felt her tongue lashing the end of my finger as she looked me in the eye.

“Your finger is nice, but I need something a lot bigger to suck on, Ben.”

“Soon enough, baby. I’m not done exploring.” My cock twitched as I thought about what she’d just said.

My fingertips wandered down the taut muscles of her neck, came to rest on her shoulders, then continued their feathery journey down her upper arms. Her skin was so soft, her face so incredibly innocent and pretty. I stroked back up to her shoulders, then slowly inched my way down toward her succulent breasts. I languidly draped my fingers over her full tits. She looked at me with a fire in her eyes. I looked back and twirled my fingertips around her nipples. They were rock hard and standing up stiff against her soft breast. I put my hands under her tits and lifted them, feeling their weight and fullness.

“Dani – you have the most beautiful tits I have ever seen – or had the pleasure of touching. Absolutely incredible. Do you ever get tired of men staring at your beauty?”

She looked at me seductively. “I love my breasts. And I love men looking at me. It turns me on, to be quite honest. I like to think about men jacking off to me……fantasizing about me. I like to show off my body.” She paused for a minute as I continued to massage and caress her boobs while I looked into her beautiful eyes.

“You know, Ben, back when I interned with you as a senior in high school, I used to love the way you looked at me, while you pretended you weren’t looking. I used to get so turned on. You used to wear this old pair of tight faded jeans and you’d sit in your chair with your legs crossed and your package looked so round and full. God, I used to wonder what it would be like to get down on my knees, pull your cock out and suck you right there in the office. I wondered how big your cock was and what you looked like when you came. You were old enough to be my dad! I couldn’t believe I was having those thoughts at the time, but I did.”

I looked at her dumbfounded.

“I had absolutely no idea. I’m glad I didn’t know at the time. It would have been too hard to handle the thought.”

I remember how she would come into the office her last semester in high school – wearing these tight little tops, bra straps exposed, tight little belly exposed as well. You could usually see her taut nipples through the fabric of her top and what usually seemed to be a very sheer bra. She’d wear either skin tight low-cut jeans or short little skirts that showed off her shapely tan legs. It used to be very difficult not to stare and think about her innocent beauty. Now she stood before me allowing me to touch her anywhere.

I stopped stroking her and looked into her deep dark eyes, her eyebrows cocked in an inquisitive expression. I left her breasts, hard as that was to do, and began to slowly run my hands down her stomach. Her tummy was solid, but her skin was soft. I glazed my hand over her belly button piercing, then splayed my hands out over her hips. God, they were smooth – a perfect hourglass shape with skin like silk. I moved my hands slowly to her pubis – her beautiful pussy mound. I cupped her mons with my hand. It was round, full, and hairless, and just slightly moist.

“Did you ever masturbate and think about me,” she asked in this shy little voice.

“Well, yes, to be quite honest. Many times, in fact. You had an innocence about you, yet you were totally hot. I fantasized a lot about you, Dani.”

She smiled in a very sexy way. “What would you think about when you looked at me in the office, Ben?”

I looked straight into her deep brown eyes. I could only speak in a soft low voice. “I used to look at you in your short skirts and I wondered what kind of panties you were wearing. I wondered what you tasted like. I used to wonder what it would be like to güvenilir casino run my fingers up your smooth thighs and touch your pussy.”

I did just that. I slowly slid my hand up her inner thigh, then felt the heat of her pussy as I came to touch her outer lips. I lightly stroked and flicked her lips with my finger as I looked for her opening. She was getting wetter and I slowly inserted my finger up into her vagina – sliding the full length of my finger into her slick pussy. Dani gasped and pulled my face into her breasts.

“And I wondered what it would be like to suck on your nipples while I fingered you.”

I slipped her nipple into my mouth and very gently sucked her. Her nipple was very hard and I could tell they were very sensitive right now. Dani moaned and clutched me to her body. I slowly wiggled my finger deep in her vagina walls.

“Ooooh Ben. I used to fantasize about you bending me over the desk, ripping my panties off and shoving your big cock into my pussy – fucking me hard right there in the office on my desk.”

This talk was making Dani incredibly wet and me hard as steel. I withdrew my finger, detached my lips from her nipples and told her to turn around.

“Spread your legs a little, bend over and put your hands on your knees.”

Dani complied. She always followed directions well. I massaged her supple ass cheeks, exposing her asshole. The view of her pussy from this vantage point was like some kind of internet close-up. The supple pouch of her pussy lay spread between her upper thighs. Her full labia peeked out seductively from her crevice. I reached through her legs with my hand until my palm cupped her pussy mound. It was so full and round, her wet labia squishing against the palm of my hand. I inserted my thumb into her pussy, then leaned in to lick and tongue her compact little asshole. I heard her catch her breath.

“Oh Ben. You bad boy,” she whimpered. I pulled back and extracted my finger.

“Lay down on the bed, Dani. Time for a massage.”

She plopped down face first on the clean white sheet. She put her arms under her head and lay there ready for me. She looked scrumptious – her cute little bubble butt protruding so nicely from her lower back. Dani’s body looked great from just about any vantage point. But seeing her lying prone on the bed was exquisite. Her back tapered down to her tiny waist in two ridges with an indentation at her backbone. Her lower back then sloped up sharply into the protruding globes of her perfect ass. Her ass cheeks tucked in quickly at the bottom into the tops of her long smooth thighs. It was an absolutely perfect ass.

I straddled her butt, pulled her hair back from her shoulders and began to massage her neck. I kneaded her shoulders and upper back. As I did so I let my cock, rub along the crack of her ass, back and forth. Smooth hard cock against the fine skin of her ass cheeks. I could feel her push her ass up to meet my cock as I ground it into her soft buns.

“Mmmmmm,” Dani moaned. “Big Ben is back.”

I continued a deep tissue massage of her back while I rocked rhythmically along her ass. It was so smooth and silky. I moved forward just slightly and let my balls hang down and graze her ass – back and forth. Her body felt so good under mine. I continued to drag my balls back and forth along her ass, my erection aching to get back in on the action.

I scooched back further and worked her lower back. I told her to spread her legs and I moved to kneel between them. I massaged her lower back with the pressure of my weight, her breathing and soft moaning sounds letting me know I was on the right track. I moved down to her sweet little butt. She had the softest skin on her butt cheeks and I squeezed her globes of flesh while exposing her asshole and pussy to my view. So hot. I could not believe this beauty was at my fingertips. As I massaged her ass her labia opened and closed with each squeeze. I could hear little wet sticky sounds emanating from her pussy. I could smell her sex. Her little gasps and moans were my reward for the fine job I was doing.

I moved to kneel on her left side and recalled one of her comments. I began to massage her shoulders again with my left hand, reached down to lightly touch the inside of her upper thighs with my right hand, and bent down to kiss and lick her lower back. She began to squirm and coo with delight. Thanks to her earlier tip I had found a secret spot and I was going to mine it for all it was worth. I licked up and down her lower spine, alternating big sloppy kissed with a twirling tongue. Meanwhile my right hand found its way up to her pussy, which was absolutely soaking wet. I slid my thumb in and curved it forward to mine for her G spot, all the while caressing her shoulders and kissing her lower back.

“God, Ben. That feels so good. Don’t stop. Mmmmmmm!”

I straddled her again, this time in reverse, she still on her tummy. I used my hands to pull her hips up from below so her ass was sort of lifted up slightly from the bed. I kissed my way down her lower back, up the sharp canlı casino slope of butt cheeks and enjoyed the view of her completely exposed ass and pussy lips. I buried my tongue into her asshole. She squirmed and hissed under me. I felt like I was playing a fine instrument and was learning all the nuances of her body.

I slowly moved my mouth over and down to her pussy, totally soaking my face in her juices. I licked back and forth, from her asshole to her clit, back and forth, dipping my tongue deep into her pussy as I went by each time. She was absolutely writhing in pleasure and groaning loudly, moving her hips up and down to the rhythm of my mouth and tongue.

She spread her legs wide giving me full access to her soaking wet cunt. I ended up back at her clit and this time I opened my mouth, sucked in the upper lips of her labia into my mouth and used my tongue to search the folds for her clit. Her pussy lips were long, loose and very suckable. I found her clit and went to town, sucking for all I was worth and rapidly flicking her clit with my tongue. I gently slid my middle finger into her asshole, just up to the first knuckle. She moaned with delight. This was great fun, but a bit of an awkward position.

I stopped and slapped her cute butt. It jiggled. “Turn over, Dani.”

She was so turned on. She flipped quickly and spread her legs – her pussy wet and open like a fresh flower. I wanted to fuck her, but there would be more time for that later. I kneeled at her left side. I slipped my right middle and ring fingers into her sloppy pussy and with my left hand I began to rub her clit. I gauged the speed and pressure based on her moans and body movement. I inserted a third finger. It was a tight fit, but she was so slick with juices that they slid right in. Now I began to jerk her off in earnest, coordinating the rhythm of my strokes to the music playing right then. As I hit a certain rhythmic stride she pushed her ass off the bed and maintained an arched position. I moved my fingers in and out as fast as I could and rubbed her clit furiously.

I looked in the mirror at this amazing site. She was totally into it, groaning and bouncing her hips up and down, telling me not to stop, breathing heavy, eyes clenched tight.

“Fuck Dani! You are so hot! You are so fucking hot! I’m gonna finger your fucking pussy.” I yelled.

Her breathes got shorter and shorter and her body became rigid.

“Fuck me! Fuck me with your fingers! Faster! Ahhhh FUCK!!! Ben!!!”

She opened her mouth wide and nothing came out. Her eyes were closed and her face was frozen in orgasmic bliss. For a few seconds the only sound was the slurpy gush of my fingers pistoning in and out of her soaking wet pussy. I felt her pussy clench in convulsions on my fingers – over and over again. I stopped plunging and wiggled them inside the spasms of her vagina walls. I pulled my other hand away from her clit. Her orgasm lasted a good sixty seconds. She let out a huge sigh and lowered her body back to the bed, her legs spread. I slowly withdrew my fingers and leaned over and gave her big wet pussy lips a couple of licks. She had very large lips for such a compact young woman. I kneeled up closer to her head and gave her a deep French kiss, letting her taste her own juices. I pulled back and she giggled.

“Holy fuck, Ben! You’re not leaving tomorrow. No way”

“Sorry babe. Gotta go back to the real world – much as I would like to stay longer.”

I laid down next to her – she had a post-orgsmic glow. Her nipples were distended and her face had a warm color. I leaned in and gave her a wet kiss. She pulled away and put her mouth next to my ear and whispered.

“Ben – you have given me two of the best orgasms I have ever had. And right now” – she gently rested the palm of her hand on my thick cock – “I am going to do the best I can to return the favor.”

She licked the inside of my ear and pushed me onto my stomach. She straddled my back, sitting on my ass, and leaned down to whisper in my ear again.

“Baby?” Man, I love it when she calls me that. She whispered softly, “I really, really need to suck your cock right now. And I really want you to come in my mouth – if it’s okay with you?”

I paused for a minute while I thought this question over.

“Well, I’ve consulted with my cock and, after careful consideration, we have come to a consensus that we are happy to come in any orifice of your choosing.” She giggled.

She lay down on my back. I could feel her breasts pressed against my upper back and she began to grind her pussy into my ass. Very pleasant. She moved up a little further, spread her legs wide and began to press her pussy against my lower back and put her mouth to my ear. I could feel her wetness on my back.

“I’m gonna suck you, baby,” she said as she gave me a big wet kiss in my ear. She continued to grind her pussy mound into my lower back, right at the top of my ass. She moved her mouth down my back, kissing my back the way, I’m sure, she likes her back kissed. A few mental notes ensued. Then I felt her hover over me and lower her tits onto my ass cheeks. She moved and swayed as her tits draped and slid over my butt. I could feel her hardened nipples grazing the cheeks of my ass. The feeling was incredible. She worked her way down between my spread legs and began to rub my buns.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32