Dallas to Boston

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‘American Airlines would like to announce the departure of their flight 055 to Boston. Would passengers proceed to gate 17 for boarding’

She took her seat, 19C and finding 19A empty, spread herself onto that too, not expecting anyone to fill it. She travelled a lot by air, but in the past year, she couldn’t remember having anyone next to her on an aeroplane. Most people would say she was very lucky. But actually, she longed for a stimulating travel mate. But the seat next to her was again empty.

But not for long, as it turned out.

‘I think this is me.’

She looked up into the dark brown eyes of a cowboy. She knew he was a cowboy by the way he was dressed – dark blue jeans, shirt the same colour and a large metal belt buckle. And they were in Dallas, after all. But the dead give away was his hat.

‘Oh. Sure’ She said, and gathered up her book and Walkman off his seat.

She stood up and waited in the aisle while he sat down in the window, put his small carry on under the seat, and took off his hat and held it on his lap.

She sat down again, and pretended to be very interested in the on going boarding, looking backwards and forwards down the aisle while stealing a couple of glances at her seat – mate. He was about her age, nice looking with short dark brown hair, and quite slim. She smiled in anticipation.

They were talking even before the aircraft started taxiing.

‘Are you from Dallas?’ She asked. She thought it was a safe bet, given how he was dressed.

New Hampshire, he said.

‘From your accent, I take it you are also not from Dallas!’

‘Well spotted! She said.


‘Right again!’

By this time the aircraft was on its take-off run, and soon they were airborne. They both looked out of his window.

‘Am I hogging the window? he asked.

‘Not at all. I prefer an aisle seat’. She said. ‘I hate having to climb over people to get to the bathroom’.

She looked at him to find him smiling broadly.


‘Sorry’ he said. ‘You’re probably sick of hearing this, but I just love that British accent, especially on women! I could listen to you talk all day’

Well! It was pretty cheesy, but he had such gorgeous white teeth and amazing dark brown eyes, she figured he was allowed the odd naff remark!

‘So what were you doing in Dallas?’

‘Oh, I was only changing planes. I’m on my innovia escort way back to London from Phoenix’ She said.

He smiled that smile again.

‘So what were you doing in Phoenix?’

‘I’m a pilot. I fly for a small corporate airline from time to time. It’s only part time really, but it’s so well paid, I commute from London. The guy who owns it has more money than God, so he pays me to be at his beck and call. And even though I like America, and adore Arizona, I couldn’t live here for good. I’d miss Europe too much’

As soon as he’d sat down, their legs were just touching. She didn’t move and neither did he – and both their arms were on the armrest, so they were touching, too. After take off she’d reclined her seat (it didn’t go back far, they were in economy, after all!), and he had tried to do the same, but his didn’t work.

‘How’d you do that?’ he’d asked.

They’d felt along the armrest, looking for the button, and he’d let her lean over him to feel the outboard arm. And they’d touched again. It was curiously intimate, like they’d known each other for ages. And as she’d leant over him, she’d caught the intoxicating smell of clean man – no cosmetic scent, just the smell of him and clean linen.

Normally, that first touch is the most difficult and is probably what keeps strangers just that.

They’d already made contact. What next?

‘So how about you? What were you doing in Dallas?’ She bounced his question back.

‘I was in Texas and Wyoming for the rodeo. I have a friend who’s on the professional circuit, and once a year I go with him’

‘Do you do all that stuff, too? She asked.

‘I do, but just for fun. I’m actually a police detective in Massachusetts.’

‘But you live in New Hampshire.’

He chuckled. ‘You were listening!’

‘Of course’

‘We live there for tax reasons – New Hampshire has lower taxes than Massachusetts’

‘Ah!’ She said. ‘We?’

He told her he lived there with his wife and four(!) children, the youngest born only six months previously.

She gazed out of the window in a silent moment and felt his eyes on her.

‘What’re you thinking?’

She hesitated, should she admit what she was thinking? Or play safe and say ‘nothing’ like people usually do when someone asks you what you’re thinking. She looked directly into his eyes.

‘I was thinking how attracted istanbul escort I am to you’.

Why not! she thought! ‘And how much I’d like to kiss you’.

He held her gaze, saying nothing.

‘May I?’ She asked.

He smiled and nodded.

She touched her lips lightly to his. They were soft and inviting, his breath clean and fresh. She broke away briefly, then took his bottom lip between hers and sucked. He opened his mouth then, his tongue finding hers, and she sucked on that, too.

He let out a low moan, that only she heard over the noise of the engines. The kiss lasted a long time. They parted and he sat back in his seat with a sigh.

‘Now what are you thinking?’ She threw his question back at him.

He glanced out of the window then back at her.

‘I want to fuck you.’

She rested her hand on his thigh, carefully avoiding his obvious erection.

‘I want to fuck you, too.’ Her mouth was close to his ear. Impulsively, she traced her tongue around the lobe.

She felt, rather than heard another moan in his throat, and he took her hand off his thigh and placed it directly over the bulge in his jeans.

He was huge. She outlined his cock with her fingers, admiring its length and thickness.

‘I feel like I’m strangling.’ he gasped, as if talking were too much of an effort on top of trying to hold back his ejaculation. Being constricted in tight denim helped slightly.

‘Bathroom?!’ She gestured to the rear of the cabin.

‘Definitely. You go first, I’ll follow close behind.’

She got out of her seat and headed rearward. As they were well into the flight, the meal service was over and most of the passengers were dozing or watching the movie. The cabin crew had disappeared into the galley –she heard chatting and laughing behind the closed curtains. They may get away without being seen, she thought.

She opened the door of the first vacant bathroom and swiftly went in. He followed on her heels. She closed and locked the door.

‘I’ve always dreamt of doing this, but there’s not much room, is there?’ She giggled as she wrapped her arm around him and kissed him energetically.

He nodded in agreement and grabbed her spare hand and put it back on his straining cock.

She knelt down in front of him and undid the shiny belt buckle and top button of his jeans. He closed his eyes in pleasure, anticipating kadıköy escort what was to come as she teasingly inched the zipper down. Free of it’s restraint, his cock sprang out.

She smiled up at him as she took him in her hand, and teasingly kissed the very tip. She could practically see the blood rush in to make him finally and impressively erect.

With a groan, he put his hands in her hair and she licked around the head before sliding her lips around him and sucking him into her mouth. Up to his balls, down to the tip, she worked on him, sometimes sucking, sometimes lapping with her tongue, sometimes almost swallowing him. He felt like he was going to explode.

‘Stop’ he said urgently. ‘You’ll make me come’

‘But I like doing it. It makes me so horny.’

‘It’s not fair you get all the fun, I want to taste you, too’. And he pulled her up so they were face to face again.

He had to negotiate jeans, boots and the tiniest of white thongs. In the end it was easiest for her to step out of one leg, and he raised her naked leg onto the basin and peered in admiration at her cunt. She knew what he saw. Plump lips, pouting and engorged with blood, red and tempting, and she knew she was wet, that he saw her hole, pulsing and glistening and welcoming.

He brought his head down to cunt level and sighed.

He smelt the muskiness of aroused woman, mixed with her perfume, some faint, but gorgeous fragrance that just enhanced what nature had given her.

He ran his tongue along her wet slit. And she tasted even better. His tongue probed her hole then ran along to tease her clit.

Over and over. She could barely remain standing – luckily airplane loos are so small, she could brace herself against both walls. But she was desperate to have him inside her.

So like he’d done with her, she eased his head up so they were face to face again. She touched her lips to his and tasted herself, and she reached down and dragged his rigid cock up and down her sopping slit, the underside of him in constant contact. She let him go and his cock continued to tease her hardening clit while they kissed. After a couple of passes, getting coated with her juices, he slipped into her.

He couldn’t believe how tight and wet and hot she was. He’d never been in a cunt like this. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last long, and as they heard;

‘Ladies and gentlemen, we have commenced our descent into Boston…’

he erupted into her, as if it was the last and best orgasm he’d ever have.

As they disembarked and waited by the baggage caroussel, he said,

‘You do realise that I’ll never be able to fly this route again without an erection!’

She just smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32